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Write about your experiences of your country and what you love.
Norway's a country with a lot of nature. We're not a very populated country, so it's easy to find your way to a quiet spot on the mountains. I'm not a big wanderer, but sometimes I find myself sitting top of one of them, just watching the green valleys and fjords.. it inspires my art.
.. but about what I love. Watching fotball, enter festivals, party with my friends.. being a bit of a tomboy sometimes. Which is pretty easy in a country that was earlier known for Vikings. It might not be the typical Miss-thing to do, but I'm still a girl who eagers to show originality to the world.

Feelings about the photo shoot
Having to pick to moments that shows my true culture, the shots had to be the completely opposites. One of me supporting my home team, Aalesund FK at a local pub. The other one at Norway's birthay (17th of May). This last event is quite big in our little country.. and almost everyone attends, marching with flags and singing our national anthem. .
For me it means taking a trip to my family's cottage by the sea to eat dinner and hang around with friends and family.

Head and body shot is done with a wig, to show how a typical Norwegian blonde can look.. as our country is known for its natural blondes.

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