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Test Subject
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Name: Alizee B. Van Daan
Age: 23 y.o
Birthplace: Amsterdam
Culture: Dutch

A Short Biography:
Hello, I'm Alizee Brechtje Van Daan, but call me Alize for short . I came from Netherlands, the windmill country. I live in Amsterdam, the capital and biggest city in Netherland. I live alone in apartement while my mother live at Utrecht with my step father since 10 years ago, when my real father move to America. Even sometimes i work as a model, but i'm still listed as one of psychology student at University of Amsterdam. Actually, rather than be a model, i prefer to work as photographer, catching a moment when the people show their true face in front of camera, and sometimes if you see their face carefully, you can know what they're thinking .

Why do you want to be Miss World?
In the beginning, i just grant my friend wish to be her substitutes when she was sick before she can enter the miss World Contest, yeah~ just for her sake. But Actually when i see how the other girls struggle to be a Miss World, there's challenge and chance for me to see and meet many people in many country, know how complex their personality depends how culture/they live in their country, and you know what? it always be my dream to travelling around the world for free






btw nice entry anyone , and now 8 pic to go @[email protected]