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Write about your experiences of your country and what you love:

Though I don't live in China anymore, I have been taught and raised with Chinese culture and values, and it is now a part of me. Chinese culture is a unique mixture of traditional Chinese culture and modern influences. So even though some traditional aspects such as sexism, and Confucian education have been altered by these influences, others such as the discipline, family structure and obedience to the state are preserved. Colour also plays a significant role in Chinese culture. I remember that in my younger years, my mom would always decorate the house red and force the whole family to wear red during Chinese new Years and other happy occasions as red is a symbol of happiness, good luck and prosperity.
Though there are lots of good things in China, traditional arts had always been my favorite. I may not be a brilliant artist nor art critic, but it elates me to see a nicely written calligraphy or painting. It also gives me an ecstasy when I play my Guqin, erhu or just hearing the sound of those instruments.

Feelings about the photo shoot:
Getting shots that reflect my Chinese culture is difficult as I don't live in China anymore. I have to find places which have a Chinese atmosphere. I decided to use my own house, as I had used Chinese-style furnishings for both interior and exterior anyway.
I also had to dye my hair black to match the pictures. China isn't well-known for its blondes or brunettes... unfortunately.

Head Shot:

Body Shot:

Free Shots:

Bonus Round: Colour me Crazy

Gold Maiden

Head Shot:

Body Shot:

Free Shot:

Heck. I don't know what is wrong with my Screencaps software. The pictures' a mess. But I hope picture quality don't affect the scoring?