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Name: Kiko Castello
Age: 21
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.
Culture: Native American Japanese
A Short Biography:
Well, hi there, heh. I am Kiko! I was born in Baltimore, and spent most of my life there living with my grandfather. My parents and older sister, Satsu did a lot of travelling, but I liked staying with Grampa most of the time. When I was about fifteen, we moved to a more rural part of the state, and I became very in touch with my Native American background. (I'm a quarter 'Indian' and Italian from my dad's side, and Russian/Japanese from my mom!) In school, I never really fit in. People thought I was some kind of freak, I guess. I sure felt like one! But, my grandfather was always there for me. He told me every day that I was beautiful, and he'd never let my morning be gloomy.
When I was eighteen, he urged me to audition for America's Next Top Model. A week after I had made the casting call, my grandfather passed away. On their way to the funeral, my parents and sister got in a car crash. Times were dark. My mother came out a paraplegic, and my father did not come out at all. My sister, however, managed to make it through with no life-altering injuries. (Thank goodness for a back seat!)
For two years, I sat, having given up on the world and everything in it. One day, my sister came up to me, dragged me out of bed, and took me to an art show. All around us were the lovliest of pictures, and the most fascinating people! It was there that I met the man sure to be my soulmate - Nathan Hanover.
With the support of Nathan and Satsu, I was able to get back on my feet and pursue my dreams again! Hahaha, it sounds really clique, but I totally mean every word!!!

Why do you want to be Miss World?
I want to be Miss World to show people everywhere that, no matter your background, your history, or even your unconventional looks, you are beautiful. Being yourself is the real beauty in life, and being true to your heart. (There I go with the cliques, again!) It's so sad to see some of the most wonderful people have their hearts broken because they don't think that they're good enough!!! I'm here to show them that they are! That there is diversity in this world, and it is fantastical!

- Headshot

- Profile shot

- Body shot
(Haha, this is a wig. My hair isn't really that short!!!)

- Free Shot
("Married to the Man in the Stars")

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