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Originally Posted by littlesheep
2.How to make fog in my world like Twinbrook and Bridgeport?

The fog emitter that is in CAW cannot be seen from world view (from a distance). Your sim can only see the fog as he moves through it. In Twinbrook they use a swamp fog effect object to make fog visible from a distance.

If you use the fog emitters and the swamp fog effect in combination you will get fog as in Twinbrook (as this is indeed how they got the effect).

If you'd like to try this then you can download the swamp fog item, which I modified to show up in CAW metadata.

First you need to set up your CAW for custom content as in this post:
Then download my file:
And put it in your CAW packages folder.
This is just an amended OBJD for that item, so that it shows up in CAW. It is not a new or separate object- the file just allows you to access the existing object. Therefore, you can put this in your world and other people do not need to download this to play your world.

Please note that there is slight funkiness with the swamp fog fx item, if you do not place it on flat ground it may well reposition itself when you next load your world. So you may have to fiddle around a bit to get them to stay where you want them!

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