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#367 Old 10th Apr 2011 at 11:35 PM
Please go to for updated versions of this mod.

Here is a new mod to allow adding and removing abilities from Sims. This is similar to the debug option to switch Professions but allows removal of abilities and also adding more obscure ones. The commands can be found under the "Debug..." menu added to every sim.

The list of abilities exposed by this mod are:
Advisor,Combat,Commerce,Constable,Execution,Gathering,Geology,Herbalism,Jester,Lore,Lutecraft,Magic,Magicraft,Medcraft,Medicine,Metalworking,OffensiveSpells,Performance, Poisons,Politics,Royalty,Scoundrel,Selling,Tactics,Treatment,UtilitySpells

The faith abilities were not exposed. Certain abilities are tied to the profession (like memorizing spells, pickpocketing, faith conversion) and are not affected by this. I honestly dont know how many of these are useful but you can add spells to any sim now including Monarchs.

4/11 04:00 UTC
v 1.1 - Added more options to menu
* Edit in CAS - Made a copy here to clean up the root menu on Sims
* Change Faith To - Change between the 3 faiths. Can fix problems with menus not appearing on Sim but must be done with another sim active.
* Add Change Fatal Flaw / Legendary Trait menu
* Add Max Motives (maximizes many good motives and minimizes some bad ones)
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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