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I've just modded this into the Romantic Reputation Recombobulator:

Reading the XML, I would say that the autonomous breakup will probably happen either way. I'll try and concisely explain how it works at default (I say concisely... it's quite complicated).

There are 3 levels of "cheating". The levels are achieved through a points based system. I won't explain that bit, as it wouldn't make sense out of context anyway.

Any Sims within a radius of 10 Sim Meters (approximately the distance at which a Sim will elect to walk rather than run) that observe "cheating" will raise your score.

There are 3 levels of "betrayal" The level is assigned on a points based basis, (actions or being observed accrue points, until the threshold is met) The number of Sims who can observe betrayals before Level 2 is reached are: 9 Sims who don't know either of you. OR 4 Sims who have some kind of relationship with your Sims (even aquaintances) OR 2 Household members (including their household members) OR 1 Fiance/Spouse.

Obviously it is quite likely that a combination of these will observe, so that's why it triggers quickly. (Surely Friends would keep it on the hush hush though?)

Inviting your "partner" over 5 times, or visiting them 5 times is also enough to reach Level 2.

Phoning them, or them phoning you, 9 times will also trigger Level 2.

After 24 hours of no contact with your "partner", the visibility starts to decay, assuming that you are at the minimum required for Level 2, it takes 10 Sim hours for your visibility to completely disappear. (400 hours if you are at maximum visibility, although it is unlikely you will reach this point without being accused)

If your relationship with your partner is at 90 or above, then you have a 10% less chance of being accused, regardless of level.

The following traits in your partner will reduce the chance of accusing you by 10% - Inappropriate,Flirty,Coward,HopelessRomantic,Carefree,Shy

Conversely, these traits increase the chance by 10% - FamilyOriented,Good, Childish,CommitmentIssues,HotHeaded,Neurotic

At Level 1, your partner has a base 10% chance of accusing you. At Level 2, 15% and at Level 3 40%

Once caught, Giving gifts or apologising reduces the time that the betrayed party has the Betrayed debuff by 1 Sim hour, and 12 Sim hours respectively.

The betrayed parties friends have a 300% multiplier on whether to "tell about betrayal" as I don't have any base figures for that one I can't tell you about in game effects...

If your Sim is "Eternally Faithful" then the chance of being accused reduces to 15% regardless of level.

Once accused, your relationship with the accusee tanks by 90LTR points. (NOT 90%)

When the betrayed buff times out, if you haven't managed to repair the relationship by at least 25 points, then the relationship is ended.

See? Told you it was complicated

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