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Designer 1: Bree Chatter-Houses (Mainstream Trendy)

So when I partnered up with Bree, I thought it was rather bland. But at the end, I respected her. She has set high goals for herself, just as I have. She is talented and knows what she is after.
For her collection, she decided to go with business theme. She joint, clean cut lines, with classy woven pieces. This woman is extremely talented, I will be following her till the end of days.

Designer 2: Mary Cho - Theatrical

Working with Mary was a bit different then Bree. She was a lot more fun. This shot was taken in the opening of the run way. Lights had just exploded on. I don't know how long we stood in the darkness for, but it felt like forever. I really wanted to keep that dress and super stoked to lead the runway.


This snap is from one of the girls I shared a changing room with. This was taken just after the final event for the evening. I was first in showers, so while waiting for the other girls, I ended up falling asleep. Thanks girls. It was indeed alot of fun. We all mostly got along. It was interesting working with two very different designers. Bree is not as mean as people say she is. Mary is as nuts as she is portrayed but in such a fun way. Thanks to all the girls for the opportunity. And to Missroxor models, for giving me the experience of a life time.

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