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I just want to add something here, as I've seen some discussion around to this effect and I think it deserves addressing.

This is likely not a malicious move on EA's part to break all our CC. I've seen (here and various other places) folks saying "omg they've done this on purpose just to fuck with us and to make it so we have to buy their store crap!!"

The breaking of CC is an unfortunate side effect, and while it's something they must have known would happen with this change, I don't think they were rubbing their hands together gleefully saying, "Muahaha, now we can get ALL THE MONEY!" with this. Now, I'm not a techy file format kinda gal, but Delphy is, and we were chatting while he was looking at the documentation on the new _RIG format. He said he can understand why they changed it - the old format used the Granny Rig stuff, which is a non-EA format and pretty darn complicated and obscure. The new format is something EA's done themselves, and is much more straightforward and easy to understand (for a techy-brained type) than the old one. It's likely that the EA developers were sick of dealing with the nonsense of Granny and one of them went, "Right, this is ridiculous that we're dealing with this nonsense. Lemme take a bit of time and write something of our own that we won't have to pull out all our hair using, and we can just convert everything to it. It'll be sooo much easier for us!" And, if they did think of CC and the fact that it would get broken, I'm sure that observation was met with a shrug and a conclusion of, "That's not our problem - this will make it easier for us for everything going forward, and they'll figure it out on their own as they always do."

It's also possible this is saving EA money... AFAIK, the Granny stuff is something they have to pay for. I'm sure that, combined with the complex nature of it vs. something they could do themselves had some influence over the decision to change over - paying quite a bit of money for something that was making their jobs harder doesn't make a lot of sense.

In the end, it's possible this will actually make certain animation-type stuff easier for modders rather than harder, as the new _RIG format is much less obscure and is unencrypted. I think we'd gotten far as getting a Granny Rig editor already, but something simpler would be even better.

Of course, as I said, I'm not a techy file format gubbins person - it's possible I've gotten some details here a bit off, but my point about the intent of this change still stands - I don't think it was malicious or greed-driven. If EA wanted to make it so we couldn't use CC, they could do so EASILY, and in a much simpler way than this method.