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Originally Posted by M.M.A.A.
here is a list of most the NPCs:

hopefully this will help us determine whose safe and whose not.
Given that it only lists 4 types (Babysitters, Butlers, Carpool drivers, Exterminators), and given that babysitters don't exist in Sims 2, it's not very useful. My original list from MATY is more complete. Here's an update to that list:

Not safe because these are not real Sims, but are pulled from objects.package:
Shrink, Grim Reaper, Hula Zombie, Pollination Technician, Remote Control Car, Mrs. Crumplebottom, OFB driving robots, OFB flying robots, Birds, Perfect Plant Sim, Santa Claus, Father Time, Toddler New Year, Therapist, Unsavory Charlatan, Wise Old Man, Witch Doctor (Shaman), the Ghost Captain on the pirate ship, and the Human Statue, Genie.

Definitely not safe because of incomplete Sim files:
Drivers (taxi, limo, school bus, carpool, ...), repomen, social workers, social bunnies, Boss (person that you call-in-sick to, but get the phonehack to prevent these from ever being made)

Believed to be unsafe (can anyone provide references or evidence?):
Tour guides

Irritating hardcoded behaviour, but otherwise probably safe:
Drama profs (flirt), nannies (insane), gypsies (spit-polish), diva/mr.big (primp), slob (belch/fart)

Irritating hardcoded outfits, but otherwise probably safe:
cheerleaders, llamas, cows, streakers

Known to be safe:
Bigfoot, maids

Believed to be safe (can anyone provide references or evidence?):

Nothing known at this time:
Coaches (are they the same as Professors?), chefs, fire dancers, breakdancers, massage therapists, hotel staff, hobby lot mavens, landlords/ladies, grand witches, butlers, exterminators, Pizza/Chinese food deliverers, mail carriers, paper deliverers, baristas, bartenders (there seem to be two different kinds, one from University), DJs, police officers, fire fighters.

Here is the list of NPC IDs and NPC Types from the game using SimPE. I've also included the Sim IDs for sims in the objects.package. I suppose that I should correlate this list with the lists above at some point, but for now I just wanted to list these somewhere:

Except for Bigfoot, none of the objects should be playable. I suspect that Bigfoot is cloned if he moves in with a family. Can anyone confirm this by checking the Sim ID on their live-in Bigfoot?