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Summary: In the previous chapters our hero, Juliette Johnson, a strange young woman with the gift of mind reading visited “The Doc” for comfort and advice on the recent power surges she’s had to deal with. We learn Liam is not just the doctor, but also her long time lover. He manages to calm her down and they even share a laugh over one of his new projects before he gets a phone call from their boss. Poor Juliette accidentally eavesdrop on his conversation and learns that Liam is actually the cause of her surges, and he and the boss plan to use her as some sort of weapon so they can send in the other freaks to kill her and bring the group into the public’s eye.

Current Events: Good is Boring, BLONDES ARE EVIL (Caps lock emphasis needed)
Previous Events: Finding Judas, Get out of Jail Free
Word Count: 1534, 15 photos
Hero Type: The Knight in Sour Armor
CC Used:
- Allowed: Skin by Ephemera, CC and store hairs, Poses, OMSP, Set was made by me and is CC less.

Edit on July 31: Link to Modern Hideaway, the set used in this chapter.

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