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Default Blood Red - Chapter 4
ETA: I’ve edited as much as I can with the time I have left so mine is ready for judging now

Jada Greene is the daughter of the Governor and also a member of the guard force employed to keep the Reds subdued and out of the city. When her father declares war on the Reds he sends out teams to strike the suspected Red camps. Jada, is accidentally shot and taken by Rurik to a makeshift Red hospital, deep within enemy territory. Olivia and Rurik from the red camp fail to convince Jada that she’s actually one of them and that her Father knows more than he’s letting on. Frustrated, Rurik forces Jada to confront her father’s handy work by taking her to the emergency room where the survivors of her father’s red raiders campaign have gathered. She’s shocked into realising that there might be some truth in what they said about her father and starts to question everything though the thought of being related to a red(or maybe even being one herself) is still too much for her to accept. Word gets out that the red raiders have decimated several Red camps and are due to reach the hospital imminently.