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Kylara was adopted in a blood ritual by Lord Alfric, who woke her up one night saying that she needed to help him recover "the Crown of the Master" before Professor Greymane could use her classmates as spell-fodder to bypass the traps around it. He dragged her back through time, gave her some (very) expendable clothing, and led her into the cave where it was. He then revealed that she was actually there to rescue him before he died in the cave. She balked, the living version gave her the artifact, and she discovered that the ritual was transforming her.

Current Events: Mysterious Past
Previous Events: Makeover, Time Travel, Finding Judas, Kidnapped
Word Count: 1693
CC Used: Legend Isles Lyonesse world by Sookielee, Cmar's ear sliders, Euphoria skin by Fawkes

(Note: the picture of the ghost fading out was taken by using move objects to stick him onto a corner square. It is not Photoshopped. I have a top-down picture of the cave with that scene here Down.jpg if you wish proof.)

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