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Default Chapter 4: Crizz-ay
Quick note: For some reason as soon as the Blakely's save loads the game crashes. I've been trying for a week, hoping it would magically resolve itself--big surprise, it hasn't, so I'm just posting the story sans pictures. Sorry Heaven!

It seems like the sad picture taking skills following me through the story--it's just ironic that I can't take any more.

Word Count: 1046
Hero Type: The Atoner
Current Plot Point: Seven Deadly Sins
Previous Plot Points: Last Chance, Pride Before a Fall, Mysterious Past, Redemption Quest
Song Lyric: “Maybe you're strong, but you don't stand a chance.” Volbeat, A Warrior's Call
Bonus: Song Lyric: “I don’t know who made the rules but they’re wrong.” Robbie Nevil, Fifteen Minutes
CC: None