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Default **Quality|8|Meshes - Polygon Count
1:The poly count is extremely high - far too high for the type of object, and will require major reworking to lower the count to an acceptable level.|Tiptorial: Low-Poly Modelling - How and Why

2:We can't evaluate your polygon count as there isn't one included. See the Information section on how to find the poly count and include it.

3:The poly count for the item is somewhat high, but not exceedingly high. If you haven't already, it would be a good idea to put a little warning on it (in bold) for downloaders - something like "The poly count for this item is on the high side, so if you have a weak graphics card, try to use it sparingly." For future meshes, make sure you're modelling things as low-poly as possible.|Tiptorial: Low-Poly Modelling - How and Why

4:The polygon count for your item is good - not too high, and you've used the polys well. Lovely!

5:The polygon count for your item is great! Quite reasonably low, with every poly used just so. Well done!

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