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Default Free resource sources
Since we here at MTS want to help all creators find wonderful, free-to-use resources, we have a small list of sites which offer great stuff. Obviously there's a lot more stuff out there on the internet, but these sites can be a great starting place. Unless otherwise noted, these websites offer all free content which should be usable in any MTS upload with a proper credit.

Name and linkKind of resourceSpecial notes
Font SquirrelLarge collectionCollects links to free fonts. Does not create the fonts
The League of Moveable Type
Font SpringLarge collectionRequires registration. Some fonts are pay, some free
DaFontLarge collectionMost but not all are free to use

Photographs, Artwork, Illustration
Name and linkKind of resourceSpecial notes
Wikimedia CommonsDiverse collection
Flickr CommonsDiverse collection
US Library of Congress Prints and Photographs CatalogueDiverse collectionMost if not all are free to use
Library and Archives CanadaDiverse collectionMost if not all are free to use
Internet Archive Images LibraryDiverse collection
Nasa Image and Video LibrarySpace, aeronautics, technology focus
Google Arts & CultureFocus on art works, illustration, textilesSome images are copyrighted
Mayang's Free Texture LibraryPhotographs of buildings
PixabayPhotographs, some vector illustrations

Patterns and Textures
Name and linkKind of resourceSpecial notes
WebtreatsSeamless digital patterns and textures
Mayang's Free Texture LibraryPhotographs of real life materials, textures
TexturemateTexture photographs, seamless patterns, Photoshop brushes
Subtle PatternsDigital patterns, textures
The Fat StrawberryTextures, patterns, Photoshop brushes
The Pattern LibrarySeamless digital patterns, textures
DinPatternSeamless digital patterns
Lost and TakenTexture photographsRegistration required
TextureGenTexture photographs
Cloud BlenderTexture photographs

Pattern and Texture Generators
Name and linkKind of resourceSpecial notes
Pattern CoolerCustomizable patterns, diverse collection
Colour LoversColour palettes, customizable patterns
PatternninjaHighly customizable patterns including lots of fun shapes
PatternicoHighly customizable, lots of shapes
PatternizerStripes and plaids
Background Image GeneratorTextures and patterns with customizable colours
Tartan MakerTartans
GR Sites Texture MakerGradients, digital patterns, stripes, text patterns
Wood WorkshopGenerates seamless, custom wood grain patternsSoftware requires download
Hero PatternsCustomizable colours
GeoPatternGenerates super interesting patterns based on whatever text you enter

Important notes
While we have done our best to ensure that the sites listed offer free content, we cannot guarantee that everything on each website is free to use. We strongly encourage you to check each site's terms of use for yourself. If items from these sites are found to have restrictive terms of use, they may not be allowed in MTS uploads.

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