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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Default Cinderella V.2: Retold
ENJOY! I know there's a lot of stories you've probably already read with a more modern twist to Cindy's story, but let's begin.
A ten-year old girl named Ella lived with her father in the kingdom; he had a job there and soon they had grown rich and royal enough to live there their entire lives. Ella's mother, Abbey, supposedly died from an illness, a rare illness, that no doctor in the kingdom offered to cure. Even after all those dollars they paid, nothing could be done to help poor Abbey.
But, of course now, Abbey was gone.
Ella's father soon fell in love with a blonde woman (rare in this kingdom, exception for Ella, who was also a blondie), but he never got to marrying her or even engaging. Soon after Ella's dad died from, yet another illness, Ella was taken care of by the castle.. well, make that some mean old lady who used to clean the castle.
"I am so sick of cleaning up this castle, I'm not even a MAID! But you, Ella, you! You were destined to be a maid for me," Madame Lacie said a few days after Ella's dad's death, "and my beautiful, young-looking daughters! But you'll never be close to their.. beauty, Ella. Now, go clean Anna's room. After that, Daisy requires you clean her entire closet."
That was the first horrible day Ella was forced to do chores she didn't want to do. But, being a good soul and knowing what was good for herself, she stayed in the castle and cleaned and did all the errands Lacie, Anna, and Daisy forced her to do. Ella became depressed, but one day changed her life for the better.
Ella was cleaning up the cinders in one of the fireplaces, and she looked so bored cleaning them that Anna and Daisy made fun of her and called her, "Cinderella." It wasn't nasty like the other names they gave her, but Ella was used to it already. Suddenly they heard a trumpet outside and the big, royal door was knocked on. The royal mail man had rode from his loyal steed to deliver an important message to the maidens living in that castle! He unrolled the scroll and read out loud.
"Prince Erik is looking for a bride! He is inviting all the maidens of the kingdom to come to his castle for a night ball! He will dance with any girls he wants until he finds his love," The messenger declared, "Oh, and here's the information. Take this invitation and read the date, time, and all that good stuff." With that said, the mail man left and Lacie, who had received the letter, slammed the doors shut.
"Girls, girls! Daisy and Anna, come here! The prince is inviting you two to dance with him! And you DO know what that means!"
"Yeah, o-m-g, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ERIK! I MET HIM OUTSIDE HIS CASTLE! Well, actually, I just saw him riding his horse, Dreamy, and he didn't notice me. But I talked to him! I said, 'HI, ERIK! I'M ANNA!' But he ignored me. SO CUTE!" Anna shouted out excitedly.
Daisy looked over at a curious Ella, and then looked back at Lacie.
"Erik will LOVE me! Love me! He will like me better than any other girl who THINKS they can do better than me!"
"Oh, shut up, Daisy! You KNOW he'll love me!"
"No, I will be a real PRINCESS!"
"What? Oh, forget you, Anna! You're soooo annoying!"
Ella stood up happily and exclaimed, "Oh! That's so neat, I'd love to dance with him! Can I go with you all?"
Lacie gave Ella a crazy look and responded, "Heavens, no! Erik wouldn't want to DANCE with a servant, would he?"
Anna and Daisy snickered, and said 'no' selfishly. Lacie looked back at Ella and gave a cold-hearted, fake smile. This was not fair!
It was the day of the ball, but Lacie had assigned Ella so many chores she'd never finish in time to go to the ball. Plus, the only dress she had, Anna and Daisy had ripped up. Lacie didn't care; in fact, she only said, "That's enough, girls," after Ella's pink dress was all ruined! Ella was so depressed when the evil trio left, that she ran outside to the horse stable and garden and cried on a hay stack. She'd never be free, would she?
Suddenly she sensed a bright glow behind her, and with tear-stained cheeks, she looked behind her. There was an old, cheerful looking woman with a wand. She looked magical.
"Why, hello there! You're Ella, right?"
Ella sniffed, and choked out, "Yes," Ella looked at the woman confused. "Who are you?"
"I'm your fairy godmother! I'm here to help you get to the ball safely!" With a flick of her wand, Ella (Cinderella) was wearing a huge blue dress. The woman also fixed her hair and everything else. She looked G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Soon a pumpkin next to her became a carriage, and she had horses and all to transport her to the ball. "Oh, thank you!" Cinderella said, and hugged the godmother.
"You're very welcome, and I will see you again. But don't forget; the magic wears off at midnight! You must be back at midnight, or else!"
Cinderella nodded and rushed into her carriage.
Prince Erik stared at the gorgeous, young woman looking around nervously in a dark hall. He stepped off his high throne and ran for her, and he finally reached her. She looked nervous. "Hi, I'm Prince Erik," He greeted. "Would you like to dance with me?"
Cinderella happily but calmly said, "Yes, let's dance!"
The two danced for a long time, and they went outside. Prince Erik was about to ask for her name and where she lived when she noticed the grand clock was about to hit midnight. She said, "Oh! I have to go now, sorry!" She ran off but her glass slipper accidentally fell off. Erik chased after her, but couldn't catch her. Once Cinderella was out of sight, she hid in a bush and the magic began wearing off. Erik's soldiers and horses rushed by, frantically searching for her. But they did not find her at all.
Soldiers and workers for Prince Erik went looking around for the maiden who fit the glass slipper. Nobody did, but they finally reached the castle where Cinderella lived. Anna's foot was too big; Daisy's foot was too small, yet too wide. Daisy said her feet were swollen, and she remembered the shoe. But her foot didn't look swollen at all, plus she looked nothing like the maiden Erik danced with.
Cinderella, meanwhile, was locked in her room. She managed to pick the door lock with a bobby pin and flew down the stairs. The soldiers looked at her and requested they try her foot. Lacie replied, "No, Cinderella didn't go to the ball. She couldn't, she was too BUSY." Lacie looked at Cinderella suspiciously. Did Ella really think she could fit the shoe? The shoefitter accidentally dropped the shoe, but it broke. But Cinderella knew what to do.
"Don't worry, I have the other slipper." Cinderella happily pulled out the other slipper and the soldiers were surprised. They put it on her foot, and her foot slid in easily; it fit! This was the girl! Lacie exclaimed, "Nonsense! It can't be, you can't take her!"
Cinderella looked at Lacie and said, "I might bring you flowers. Or not." And with that said, the soldiers escorted Ella out and she lived happily ever after with Erik...
but a few days later, she found out Daisy got ran over by a kingdom carriage. Oh well; plus, Anna was nice now, and Lacie was forced to be far from the kingdom.
Then Daisy's gravestone got smashed by another carriage. Wow.

I wrote that 'cuz I was bored, mind me. I might end up deleting this later. Thanks for reading!

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