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#776 Old 23rd Jul 2014 at 11:55 PM
That sounds good, Mammal. I like spicy stuff. Not only do I like spicy stuff, I like (LOVE!!) chicken. Spicy fried chicken? Right up my alley, lol. I haven't fried chicken in a long time.. might have to make some tomorrow. *checks freezer- yep, 2 packages of chicken in there!*

We didn't have anything too exciting- cheddar brats and whatever one could find in the fridge. I had planned on making potato salad but thought there was only 2 potatoes left. It wasn't until the brats were about done that I remembered I bought some potatoes last week. It honestly never occurred to me to actually LOOK IN THE VEGGIE BASKET!! (I've got one of those 3 tiered wire baskets hanging from the ceiling.) Silly me. Ah well, if I'm going to plan on fried chicken for tomorrow I can make potato salad to go with that!

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#777 Old Yesterday at 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by Mammal
Dredging... Panko ...

Mmmm. My whole attitude toward breading-and-frying changed when I discovered panko crumbs.

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#778 Old Yesterday at 12:29 AM Last edited by Mammal : Yesterday at 12:58 AM.
Well, the chicken was delicious. It had a nice, lingering heat, but I didn't think it was spicy enough. I'd put a lot more pepper in next time, but at least the rest of the fam was willing to eat it. Those goons are way too particular when it comes to spicy stuff.

EDIT: This is the 777th post in this thread! Do I get an award, or just bragging rights?

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#779 Old Yesterday at 1:53 PM
Here you go:

I'm making black olive bread right now, I hope it turns out good. I've mad bread quite often lately, and I'm trying to add a few ingredients to make it more interesting (hence the black olives).

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#780 Old Yesterday at 2:43 PM
Got some plain and boring cheese'n'ham sandwiches in the oven. Other than that I've got a fruit and berry ice cream cooling in the freezer (frozen smoothie, really).

Also ate the dessert before the sandwiches. A couple of marshmallows with hazelnut chocolate spread and strawberry sprinkles, which is extremely sweet but very yummy.
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Originally Posted by Gabrymato
I'm making black olive bread right now, I hope it turns out good. I've mad bread quite often lately, and I'm trying to add a few ingredients to make it more interesting (hence the black olives).

That sounds wonderful!

I made rice pudding from left-over rice. It really didn't turn out too well this time. The rice was cooked with too much water because I read the wrong set of directions when I was making it (it was for the rice in excess water - pooh!). I cut back on the amount of total liquid and, instead of using all whole milk (the only kind I had on hand), I used almond milk for part. Almond milk is runnier and doesn't mix as well with the egg. Overall, the rice pudding is very light, as if it has no texture whatsoever. This is a fail in my opinion. It tastes ok, but it could be better. Next time I try this recipe, I'll make rice using the correct proportions of water/rice and use just milk for the pudding.

I'm working hard at trying to keep up with the farm share. With last week's distribution, I made cole slaw, boiled up the beets, and steamed pea pods, baby carrots, and green beans over the boiling beets. I have a couple of zucchini and thought I'd do a fritata, but the recipe efolger shared for chips is still calling me. I know I'm getting more zucchini next week, so maybe I'll try it then. Or not, because we're also getting eggplant. Eggplant and zucchini usually means ratatouille.

* Update: Tonight's dinner was salmon chowder and a spicy shrimp & cabbage salad.

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