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After reading through this thread i realllllllly want to play a megahood! Does anyone know where i can get one with just the orginal pleasantview, strangetown, vernonville and riverblossom hills?
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You can make your own using these subhood templates:

Download and install the clean version of whichever one you want to be your primary hood and the subhood versions of all of the rest. Then, go into the game and attach the subhoods.
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Thank you soo much! There goes my weekend plans lol.
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I had Olive Subject walk to one of the parks and socialize with a few people, then first the high evil witch appeared, and then later on the high good witch appeared... then while Olive was socializing with her, the same evil witch appeared again. Luckily, she flew away before either witch had the chance to start a fight. Then, Olive went home to re-energize, then went to buy a few things, like some clothes for herself and her dad, magazines, games and two cellphones. After socializing with a few people again, Olive went home, and when it was light outside, she called the high good witch, and even invited her over later on. Soon, after a bit of hanging out, chatting and playing, their relationship was high enough that she could ask to be taught the ways of light. Since she's a secondary knowledge sim, she so far hasn't rolled any wants to be cured. Her father also has knowledge as a secondary aspiration and wants to become a warlock. He's talked with the high witch a little, and I'll have to get him to call her a few times. He and Olive both also got a genie lamp and both wished for wealth, and Olive wished for peace of mind as well. Once another lamp is delivered, I'll have Nervous wish for peace of mind too. At least now they don't have as many money worries, and I was able to build a greenhouse for their garden. Nervous has a silver gardening badge, and Olive is working on hers as well as the basic skills like mechanics.

I also played a little Riverblossom Hills, using a couple plantsim mods(the just a little growth default replacement and no leafy plantsim hair). Rose and Daisy still have their leafy hair, but gorgeous dark skin with leafy decorations. Rose converted Jason to plantsimism very quickly using the pollon prank hack, and he looks like he always did - same hair and clothes - but he has a few nice leaf tattoos. And once Daisy grew up, I did an experiment using the lot debugger. I used the pre-uni sim updater and it WORKED! She do the school cheer and everything! Daisy didn't even have the 'never went to college' memory despite growing from toddler directly to adult. She now works in business, and I'm thinking of having her spawn a plantbaby to see how the default replacement ideal plantsim will work for it. Rose spawned a second plantbaby, a boy named Bambie(I'm a sucker for that movie and despite the name being rather feminine, it just sounded right). He's now an adult too, and upgraded. Rose is a secondary knowledge sim, to soften any blows for the weirdness that can occur with aliens, wolves and witchcraft. Jason summoned aliens and came back knocked up. Rose is kinda weird - wanting to become a witch but fearing jason being abducted. Of course I guess it's kinda variable, but she might change her mind - since Nervous rolled the want for Pascal to meet aliens.

Anyhoo, Olive went to the Palace of Eternal Light to recharge on the throne, and she's gonna come back home nice and refreshed. Being a witch is so cool! She was even able to gain a couple charisma skill points while visiting. Rather nice place. I'm hoping to make her powerful enough to turn Nervous into a warlock, so they can both chill and recharge on the magic thrones. That would be hella awesome! Also, Nervous almost lost his newspaper to Olive Specter. I had him chat with her, then moved the newspaper into the house where she couldn't reach it. Wasn't going to allow his relationship with her to go bad.

Been trying to adjust his personality little by little with the juice keg hack, but so far he hasn't shown any change. Might hafta just get him to drink from it several times a day. His personality is way too blank, and he needs some love, poor guy. Hopefully it'll make him less of a grouch someday.

As for Olive, I'm thinking of having Nervous encourage a little seriousness, and possibly changing her hair to one of the custom styles I downloaded. Her hair twists look okay, but they don't fit her dress that well, and I'm not much for the witch hats heheh.
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It may not be what you want, but if you have testingcheats on and shift click on the lotdebugger, there's an option to fix personality restore to original. Nervous had an excellent original personality--from my perspective.
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Originally Posted by Sunbee
It may not be what you want, but if you have testingcheats on and shift click on the lotdebugger, there's an option to fix personality restore to original. Nervous had an excellent original personality--from my perspective.

True... though would he be nice enough to do things like hugging without a fuss? It does sound tempting... he seems to have the same genetic personality as his mum. Wonder if it'd make him get along better with Vidcund though lol.

Also, Olive learned enough magic to turn her daddy into a warlock. Neither of them have rolled cure wants so that's cool. She's reached maximum virtuousness and power!

Edit: I restored Nervous' personality. Man that lot debugger is versatile... I think about the only thing it can't do is make the round glasses unisex, so Pascal Curious won't lose those cute glasses whenever I allow him to age to elder XD
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Looking through my pics: The LFT sorority got tanned, fit, and threw lots of parties. Jessie got her first kiss with Mickey--she was using him for the aspiration points but not like he cared. DJ got to know her aunt Wanda, uncle Stephan, and cousin Melody.
Over to Veronaville, where the Montys bought a couple dogs and got their house extensively remodeled. Not really happy with it--too big--but all the Montys live there. I tried to find potential dates for the single household members--Bianca thinks Pascal is cute but has trouble talking to him. Mercutio drew Jules and Violet as possibilities, as well as Juliet. He's not thrilled about any of them.
Alexandra Tetherton washed up on the shore of Pleasantview, where she's set up in the ruins of an old temple with her parrot. She's adopted a wolf named John. She's dating both Don and Gilbert Jacquet, and the Roths fell out of love in the background of one of her dates. She's also the sim I was playing when Johnny attacked Lillith. Looks like Ophelia was there, so Johnny will be getting dumped. I can't see Olive Specter's niece tolerating a guy who beats up a girl for rejecting his advances. Olive, according to the pictures, was also on the lot at the time. (Usually I like Johnny, but this particular iteration is apparently a jerk.) I love the lot I built for Alexandra. (I can't say house as there are neither walls nor roofs.) It's only playable from the ocean view, though, as there are so many trees on the street side. I'm not a great builder or landscaper, but it just looks pretty.
Then I went to the Brokes. Beau got trained up, the house got remodeled, a kitten was adopted. Dustin got a dream date with Angie, including a first kiss. He wants to head the SCIA so changed jobs, and Brandi took a job at the local public school. Beau grew up cutely, Dustin took him down to the beach to play. Baby Bethie, another blond, came right on schedule, in the bathroom. The headmaster let them in on the strengths of Brandi's turkey cooking. Dustin became an overachiever. Brandi went to the arts and crafts lot in hopes of meeting someone, but ended up just making lots of plates and getting a ton of aspiration points for selling a masterpiece the hobby leader painted. Dustin brought Sandra Roth home from school and wanted to flirt with her but she shot him down.
Next came the Dreamers. Darren got a job in architecture, Dirk in medicine. Darleen scared them both, which was aspirationally beneficial. Darren swoons over Meadow Thayer, quite disturbing, but his only three-bolter is Jenny Smith, which likely won't happen. He likes blonds. Maybe I'll let Heather Huffington break his heart. Dirk really wanted to get into private school, so purchased a lobster thermodor at J'Adore, which did the trick. The Dreamers went downtown and played pool for a while, but nothing interesting happened except for one of the Bluewater townies getting her first kiss from Komei (who isn't called Komei). Lillith gave Dirk a big stereo as a date reward. Darren maxed creativity and painted a pic of his son. Dirk repaired a car. I also tried something new--Dirk wanted a creativity point so I had Darren share knowledge with him. Dirk brought Tybalt home from school, Ty stepped of the bus and into a lightening bolt. Darren hired a maid and got Kaylynn, but no great chemistry there. Dirk became an overachiever and spent Saturday hanging out downtown with Tybalt, Lillith, and David Ottomas.
Then I went to the Pleasant house. Lil and Angie went off to school--an artifact of how the megahood works breaks the prescripted scenarios, Mary Sue went off to work, Daniel got fit, and then he rolled the want to talk to someone. Kaylynn was there. Then he wanted to flirt with Kaylynn, make-out with Kaylynn, and hit the sheets with Kaylynn. Which he did, right as Mary Sue got home at three and Lil left for the bakery. Drama ensued. What they don't know (yet) and I do is that Kaylynn got knocked up.
Much slapping and arguing continued at the Pleasants. Daniel maxed his career. Angie got a job in Athletics. Lillith ran away and was brought back by the cops. Mary Sue and Daniel rolled the want to apologize to Lillith, and she rolled the wants to apologize to them, so that fixed those relationships. So Mary Sue was talking to Angie and Lil, Daniel was talking to Angie and Lil, but the adults weren't talking to each other and the teens weren't talking to each other. Daniel rolled a want to buy a vacation home then. So he bought the Villa di Simolean in Three Lakes. And then he took the family on vacation for a week. Mary Sue had 'drink Daniel' stuck in her want panel for the first half of the week, while Daniel had 'fall in love with Mary Sue' in his. Eventually they made up. The girls, well, Angie kept attacking Lil, and getting beat up. They managed to do all the vacation things one can do in Three Lakes, though it took a little while for Angie to get the vacation greeting because Lil was the one who was greeted and Angie refused to learn it from her, so Mary Sue had to master it first.
Mary Sue has a little vacation souvenir on the way now, (or two, actually), just past first bump. She hired a butler and fired the maid. She threw a really great party with everyone smustling on the front lawn after I had them turn the stereo off, both girls had dream dates during the party, and is at level five in her career, where she's stuck at until someone else gets promoted out of the way (harder jobs hack). Daniel is working on restoring a car because, I guess, Dirk told him about his cool car during the party, and Daniel's hobby is tinkering. I don't always see everything that goes on during a party--especially not one with thirty-odd guests. I know Beau Broke and Lucy Burb met, I saw them playing tag together in front of the bathroom door and causing much foot-stompage. The twins now have a good enough relationship they can civilly talk about Three Lakes, nature, or sports, or if they chat and stay to the topic of culture, friends, enemies, fighting, cheating, or grades, they can do okay, or throw water balloons, but other than that they still don't really like each other. Kaylynn is sitting in the sim bin. The secret to keeping the cops away seems to be to turn off the big stereo.
Now I have to decide where to play next. I'm pretty irked at Johnny Smith, so I might be going to the Specter house. I'd play the Capps but I'm not in the mood for another vacation and I like to take the kids on a vacation so I have a little chance to play Ty before college. So maybe SSU or ALT is in order. College is always lots of drama with few consequences, and I'm sure I have some romance sims who'd like another date or three. There's something in those kegs . . .
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Okay. A ton of stuff has happened and generation-wise I'm still not that far in. Here we go....


Mortimer and Dina were dating seriously. She was looking for an intelligent, mature, stable man, and Mortimer felt like the guy for her. Also, he was rich. Cassandra was less than thrilled about her 60-something dad dating a girl in her late 20's, but she managed to be civil to her. The couple slept together, Mortimer planning on popping the question as soon as possible. But lo and behold, Bella turned up back home, alive and well, if shaken. He was still madly in love with her and never really got over her disappearance, and decided to break things off with Dina. She was sad, naturally, but tried to be as understanding as she could. But what she didn't know at first is that was pregnant.

Mortimer may be eccentric, but he really is a good guy. He saw no reason to be ashamed of the baby and vowed to be as involved as he could be. Not long after he and Bella renewed their vows, little Ava Caliente-Goth was born. He came over to their house every day to spend time with her, and when she became a toddler to help teach her skills. Bella, Cassandra, and Alexander bonded with her too (not to mention Nina).

Meanwhile, Cassandra dumped the cheating Don Lothario. Her dad never liked the guy, so he was over the moon. IIRC he tried to beat him up a few times. Anyway, she was miserable- Don made her feel special, and even though she's proud to be eccentric like the rest of her family, she still wants to be accepted. After she grieved a little, she met a cute young scientist named Pascal Curious. It was a little awkward at first, but they clicked pretty soon, with three bolts and everything. She was surprised when he told her that he was pregnant with an alien baby, but ended up being cool with it.

She eventually brought him over to meet her family, and they loved him. After he gave birth, Pascal and Cassandra got engaged, married, and moved into a quirky little house in Pleasantview.

Alexander is now a teen and still dresses like he's from another century. He's dating childhood buddy Beatrice Montecchi, and is good buddies with his cat Baudelaire. Something Mortimer found out recently, though, is that Alexander may have to move to another country.... Long story short, Mortimer's grandfather Victor Goth was from a noble family in his home country of Pottsdorf (a.k.a. "the Old Country"). Recently, the last of the royal line died, and the Goths are next in line for the throne. Mortimer's in his mid-sixties and has no desire to become king, so Alexander would be next in line. It's his choice, but Mortimer's holding off on telling him until he's a little older. You're only young once, after all.


Ava is a child now, and very girly. She's super-close with her mom and the two enjoy dancing together. Dina's doing well as an interior designer, and they've adopted a puppy. Nina's a dancer, but isn't sure if she wants to keep doing it her whole life. Anyway, as much as she loves her sister and niece, a house with a young child isn't ideal for a single young Romance sim. She met a nice guy named Julien Cooke, who fell in love with her pretty much right off the bat. After they dated a while, she moved in with him in a house Downtown.

She was afraid of commiting to marriage, but after realizing how much it would mean to Julien (who's a secondary Family) she tied the knot with him. He's saving up to buy the One-Twenty-Five Cafe, but it'll take a while. She was afraid of having kids, also, but ended up having twin girls, Colette and Marisela. When they turned into toddlers Nina fell in love with them. She rolled all their teaching and "grow up well" wants. He was thrilled that she had become a good mom, and stepped back a little, letting her teach the girls as much as she wants.

Dina went on a couple dates with Gabriel Green and Jason Larson, but neither guy was quite what she was looking for. Then she met Connor Weir. Finally, a mature, stable, success-oriented guy- and he was even in her age range! The two got together, and after he became close enough to Ava they got married. They moved into a house that came with Glamour Life Stuff- the really big one with the fence around it. I fixed it up some so the second floor is more of an actual... floor. It's in Pleasantview as opposed to Belladonna Cove- Ava needs to stay close to her dad.


Brandi had her baby, a little girl named Libby after her grandma Betty (both nicknames for Elizabeth). She was able to scrape enough money together to send Dustin to La Fiesta Tech. The game automatically broke Dustin and Angela up when they went to college, but I would've done that if it hadn't. I really don't see that relationship as lasting. He's joined the frat, and went on a dream date with Brittany Upsnott- if he can marry a hoity-toity girl like that, he'll really feel like he's made it! Who knows how that'll turn out, though... she's dating a few other guys besides him.

Beau's a child now, and a little bit of a mama's boy. He's good buddies with Isaiah Gavigan who should've grown up by now, but I'm waiting so he and Beau can age up together. He also seems to have a little crush on Ava Caliente-Goth... they argue a lot and loudly deny that they like each other.

Libby's a child too, and she's on good terms with Beau. Just don't make him acknowledge her in public. When she grows up she wants to be a police officer. She didn't know it until they were robbed and she watched the fight between the cop and the burglar cheering and clapping. She also tried to play Cops and Robbers with Beau right after.

Oh, and when Libby was a toddler she was given a genie lamp. Brandi used it to wish for money, and is determined to pay her back once she's grown up.


I decided that Daniel's affair with Kaylynn was more emotional than anything. He confided in her about his relationship with his parents, his fighting daughters, and his deteriorating marriage to Mary-Sue. Neither one of them (Daniel or Kaylynn) knew it had become a problem until they ended up kissing when no one else was home. They both freaked out, and she ran home. The day the game starts, she came to their house as usual, but with the intention of quitting. Daniel had the same idea, and they broke up amicably, with Kaylynn wishing him well and hoping he could make it work with Mary-Sue.

He sat Mary-Sue down later and told her how much he hated the distance between them and proposed they visit a marriage counselor. It took a while, but they're closer now and communicate much better. He hasn't ever thought about straying since, and she's learned to put her work second to her family.

I don't see Angela as being the Mean Girl that lots of people see her as. I see her as a shy, smart, nature-loving girl who's under a lot of parental pressure. Yes, she does take it out on Lilith, but Lilith isn't the easiest person to live with. I see her as the type of kid who hates the smart kids because they get better grades than she does, whines constantly, and writes bad self-insert fic.

Ahem. Anyway, Dirk broke up with her, since he didn't like the angry, bitter person she'd become. She was also cheating on him with Justin Cleveland ("I'm just trying to find myself!" ) but he didn't know that. Angela and Lilith are both in college- Angie at Sim State and Lilith at La Fiesta Tech. They're doing better away from each other and their parents (especially Mary-Sue).

Angela befriended Tank in high school, and started dating once they were YAs. He understands about being a Popularity sim without many friends and having parents who drive you too hard. They've got three bolts and are engaged. She's a member of the sorority and is good buddies with Tiffany Sampson.

Lilith is still in the dorms because I haven't played her much. She'll probably end up joining the sorority there, too. I get a less bratty vibe from her now... hopefully she'll prove me right!

Later: the Dreamers and the Lotharios.
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Originally Posted by Macaroodle

I don't see Angela as being the Mean Girl that lots of people see her as. I see her as a shy, smart, nature-loving girl who's under a lot of parental pressure. Yes, she does take it out on Lilith, but Lilith isn't the easiest person to live with. I see her as the type of kid who hates the smart kids because they get better grades than she does, whines constantly, and writes bad self-insert fic.

Ahem. Anyway, Dirk broke up with her, since he didn't like the angry, bitter person she'd become. She was also cheating on him with Justin Cleveland ("I'm just trying to find myself!" ) but he didn't know that. Angela and Lilith are both in college- Angie at Sim State and Lilith at La Fiesta Tech. They're doing better away from each other and their parents (especially Mary-Sue).

Angela befriended Tank in high school, and started dating once they were YAs. He understands about being a Popularity sim without many friends and having parents who drive you too hard. They've got three bolts and are engaged. She's a member of the sorority and is good buddies with Tiffany Sampson.

Lilith is still in the dorms because I haven't played her much. She'll probably end up joining the sorority there, too. I get a less bratty vibe from her now... hopefully she'll prove me right!

Later: the Dreamers and the Lotharios.

I see Lilith as the one who tried and tried, but never could make it. But either way, I wanted to make life as good for her as possible, so I had her apologise to her her sister. It didn't matter who started it, the only way to finish it and settle the dispute would be to stop fighting and start making nice. I also set the secondary aspirations of both of them to grilled cheese, after grilling their dad and turning their mum into a family sim. Both sisters are on top of the world, and Lilith shares a room with their little brother, Wally, who is into scary stuff like aliens and may just end up with a bump someday XD

Edit: Sorry for the laziness.
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You really don't need to quote an entire long post, especially when it is the post immediately before yours.
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Originally Posted by Mootilda
You really don't need to quote an entire long post, especially when it is the post immediately before yours.

I'm sorry... was lazy *fixes*
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I played through Downtown where pretty much the majority of the sims in the simbin ended up.

I put Rainelle Neengia, Alexandra O'Macky and AJ Loner all in one apartment complex. Rainelle has to be one of my favorite Sims, she's a popularity Sim but pretty much hates everyone. She started her round by poking and annoying both AJ and Alexandra. But soon she got over that, as her and AJ had two bolts, so she spent a good deal of time flirting with him. She also eventually became friends with Alexandra. Then she rolled a want to go on a date, so she called up Kiernan Tricou and invited him over. One thing led to another, and she ended up pregnant. Then next day, the townie apartment neighbor walked up to her and started to annoy her for reasons I'm still not sure about. Well I figure Rainelle's not the type to take that, so I had her throw a drink in his face, then that just started a lot of shoving and poking and slapping until I got bored and sent her in her apartment.

Alexandra decided she was also attracted to AJ, I think they have 3 bolts, and she started a fling with him. Then she was invited on an outing by Geoff Rutherford, who she also has 3 bolts with. Those two are obsessed with each other. After the outing Geoff went back to her place and stayed there until like 3 am, then Alexandra woke up at 6 am and made a booty call to Geoff. She is now pregnant. She spent the rest of her round being pregnant and flirting with AJ.

As for AJ, I don't think it bothered him that he had two girls he could hook up with all within walking distance. Although he seemed to get bored with Rainelle, as she tried to flirt with him many times while I was playing him and he kept rejecting her. Apparently, he just likes Alexandra better. The last day I was playing AJ, he was in his underwear trying to make flowers on the flowermaking bench, pregnant Alexandra walked in to try and flirt with him, Rainelle and the townie neighbor were having a full out brawl in his entrance way, and his landlord was chasing him around his aparment annoying him. Good times.

Then it was on to Chester Gieke. It started off like playing single Knowledge Sims always start off (for me anyway), find a job, get some skill points, try to avoid the social bunny. I sent Chester out to a couple of places to see if he could meet some people, and he met Kent Capp, and it turns out they have 2 bolts. So they talked for a little bit, but Chester seems a bit shy, so it didn't turn into anything much. He went home and decided to adopt a little kitten he named Azure. On the last day of the round imagine my surprise when the socially awkward and shy Chester makes a booty call, to Kent Capp of course! Anyway, same sex pregnancy mod + ACR = pregnant Chester Gieke

Julien Cooke was next and was super boring. The only interesting thing that happened was he met Rainelle, actually liked her, and she moved in with him. Though she hasn't told him yet she's knocked up with her married lover's child.

Then Cyd Roseland, who was also super boring. He adopted a female dog, and she is going to have puppies.

The Larson twins were your typical fortune Sims, they worked a lot and got promotions. But it wasn't all work for them, Jason tried to learn how to break dance and roller skate, he could do neither. I never thought I could see a Sim as clumsy and uncoordinated, but he just seems to be. He met Kristen Loste, they have great chemistry, and went on a few dates. While Jodie met Malcolm Landgraab, and he swept her off her feet. She also made friends with their neighbors, the crazy Tricous.

The crazy Tricous are Nylissit, Kiernan and Gvaudoin. The rest of the family lives in another house. But in this family Gvaudoin hates Kiernan for reasons I'm still not sure about (does anybody know? I'm just curious) so she spends most of her free time slapping him and making him cry. Kiernan does spend most of his time crying and Nylissit just ignores it all and hangs out with Jodie in the front lawn. Anyway, one night there was a fire, which Gvaudoin started, but I'm fully convinced she did it on purpose, since her and her mother ran out of the apartment and Kiernan ran straight toward the fire. Then Gvaudoin went into massive aspiration failure and started fighting with EVERYONE she met. Since she's a fortune Sim she kept rolling wants to get into private school, so I thought why not? It'll get her aspiration up. No, not so much. I failed at getting her in! So much fail. So that sent her into deeper aspiration failure. So even though I wanted to wait one more round until I sent her to university, I sent her at the end of this round, because girl needed some aspiration points (and I was getting sick of watching her making her dad cry)

The Gavigans were rather calm. Except the welcome wagon included Rainelle, so that meant someone was getting in a fight with her. Indeed, it held true, and Nathan and Rainelle started arguing, which made Isaiah run out of the room crying. Poor kid.

I also played the Ramaswamis and Travellers. Nothing really excited happened, except Priya is pregnant, and the Travellers are very poor. Apparently I overestimated how far 60, 000 simoleons could go.

Last but not least, the OTHER Tricou clan (Finally!) They are not so crazy. Jennicor and Jonathan spent the whole round flirting with each other. Jennail started her own business and ended up pregnant. Fircorth brought Angela Pleasant home from school one day, apparently she has a thing for rebellious, blonde haired boys, because they had lots of chemistry and Fircorth had his first kiss with her. They got a dog name Alia, who is a little dog, and likes to pick fights with the neighborhood strays (Alia usually wins). At the end of the round Jennail had her baby, another boy, named Hyperion.
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I think Gvaudoin knows her dad's cheating on her mom, and she's on Nylissit's side.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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Ah, that makes sense. Thanks :-)
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I got through with Don Lothario--he's half done with his ten woohoo LTW already. He's got two batches of babies on the way--won't find out til Nina gives birth if triplets and quads will kick in random, but I know Kaylynn will have twins again. She's living in that little tiny shack on the edge of Pleasantview. She's already got no room for Daniel's two kids.

Now I'm looking at the Goths. And thinking. Dina is, after all, Cassandra and Alex's aunt, which it seems to me most simmers prefer to ignore, as her husband and their uncle is inconveniently dead. (Two pregnant sims at the Caliente household=very inconvenient ghost.) Bella's alive and will be moving back in. So . . . where does that leave everyone, anyway? Dina is pregnant by Michael Bachelor because I am mean/curious or what-have-you. Is Dina's little crush on Mortimer one of those things she knows she's not going to do anything about no matter what because he's her brother-in-law? Or what? Cassandra is blissfully oblivious to what Don's been up to, but Dina's not. (She's two of those ten, after all, and her sister was good for two of them.) What sort of auntie lets her niece marry that sort of guy? Or does Dina figure that Cassandra's aware of what Don's like and doesn't care? Mmm, motivations. Also, who's coming to the wedding? (As in, besides Aunt Dina and Aunt Nina, are any of Don's lady friends going to be present, and how badly is this going to blow up?)

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
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*And a voice suddenly sounds in the desert...*

(Warning: Desiderata Valley families)

Natasha Una

She was involved briefly with Geoff Rutherford who dumped her, naturally. After that she started dating Gilbert Jacquet, she must have a penchant for romance sims... Despite all her misgivings, she moved in with him and they started a family (Gilbert didn't want to, but his mother insisted). After his mother died one day Gilbert finally stopped being under her shoe, but old habits die hard so he came under Natasha's shoe instead! She convinced him that grilled cheese is the best thing in the world and he changed his aspiration to grilled cheese. After that they developed triple bolts and couldn't be happier together, so Gilbert doesn't mind being under her shoe.

Natasha topped an artist career track and became a famous celebrity. Gilbert is a restauranteur. They go to their business together, which has been renamed to Grilled Cheese Bar and features a hacked buffet table serving only grilled cheese. Natasha stands painting grilled cheese and this bar is simultaneously a grilled cheese bar and Una's gallery. They've accumulted around 300.000 already and have a teen daughter who takes after Natasha and is also a fan of art, but absolutely hates grilled cheese and thinks that her parents are stupid.

John Mole

He became a very high level assassin in my game, using a custom career. Sharon Wirth moved in with him because she was curious what mystery there was to this unshaved hair-ruffled man. They had small chemistry, but Sharon didn't care as soon as she discovered that John earns insane money (yeah... custom career with its custom wages). But Sharon was seeing many men while John was working and eventually he caught her with Geoff Rutherford. In anger he broke up with her and now I haven't decided what will happen next. John is a killer and he wants to do something nasty to both Geoff and Sharon.


Elizabeth got fed up with her husband wanting kids and moved out in search of better pastures. Victor was searching for a more traditional match endlessly and finally found it in Wanda Tinker (lol)! Wanda was already broken up with Stephen, so she married Victor and they had a girl. Everything is pretty dull, expect that their elder Luis Aspir moved in Chastity Gere from Belladonna Cove who is after his genie lamp.


Isaac Bell met Trisha Traveler and moved out to live with her. Hannah was super angry and dated Geoff Rutherford (well, everybody dates him in my game!) for a while out of revenge, but soon realized that Isaac didn't care anyway and stopped. She married Checo Ramirez and moved in with him, living her son behind in the Bell house. After that Hannah had twins with Checo, but I realized that the house was too small for two cribs, so Checo conveniently cheated on Hannah. She was broken-hearted and moved out. By that time she already met Mortimer Goth and, to my surprise, she had trible bolts with him, so they unexpectedly moved in together into a separate house across the road of the Goth mansion. Mortimer was happy, because he was recently dumped by Dina who actually managed to fall in love and didn't care for his money anymore! Hannah didn't become a ballet star as she wanted to, but Mortimer opened a nice studio for her where sims do yoga and tai chi (hacked objects).

Jocques and Contrary I haven't played. Rick looks like he's going to run away, so I plan to have him run away (move out) and his friend Violet to join. But I hate that their parents are so young and have their full life ahead of them, it's not realistic according to sim ages and I have no idea what to do with them yet.
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You can always hack their ages, Babs. The grilled cheese bar and gallery is hilarious!

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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I can hack ages, but then they're stuck with low-level jobs and it's unknown where they got such houses. Maybe I'll move out their children and pretend that they're at the beginning of their lives and will have these children in future (saves the need to raise sim kids, too!). Even then they're going to accumulate too much money.

Sims like Armand DeBateau and Gabe O'Mackey drive me crazy for the same reason. Yeah Armand is already a business tycoon with a marriage past his shoulders, all that being at the beginning of his lifetime! I sort of can see why everything is set up this way, but for example Pleasants weren't very young and nobody complained.

There's a hat in the form of cheese over at simwardrobe, it's nice for employees to wear
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You can hack the jobs, too; or move them into more reasonable houses and leave them in low level jobs so they're not starting so far ahead in the game.

It seems to me perfectly justifiable to use the testingcheats to adjust the initial set-up of a neighborhood to make sense to you.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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My UberMegaHood is the most fun I've had since The Sims. It is going very swimmingly, matching the 24(I think) available jobs to the most appropriate candidates and making everyone else contribute to an organic and sustainable black economy. The MegaHood allows my businesses to do better, my parties are far better and ACR keeps me in open-mouthed wonder most of the time.

However, in trying to satisfy the pesky wants of the Tinkers for another baby before it was too late I aged her down to a teen, got her pregnant, ate lots of cheesecake (not Me) and now she is an F- high school student with two new babies and a husband!!! Can the social worker take her away from her husband? I know I should have aged her up to adult at some point but, frankly, I am intrigued by how Mr. Tinker and a teen-aged wife will work out.

She is younger than her daughter, is this a VBT?
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Originally Posted by janeknisely
She is younger than her daughter, is this a VBT?
No, I don't believe that causes any problems with the game. Whether it causes problems with your story is another issue.
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Originally Posted by janeknisely
However, in trying to satisfy the pesky wants of the Tinkers for another baby before it was too late I aged her down to a teen, got her pregnant, ate lots of cheesecake (not Me) and now she is an F- high school student with two new babies and a husband!!! Can the social worker take her away from her husband? I know I should have aged her up to adult at some point but, frankly, I am intrigued by how Mr. Tinker and a teen-aged wife will work out.

A few comments:
- Teens cannot be taken be social services, so the F grade is not a problem
- Elixer of Life might be a better/safer option for giving Wanda more time for baby making
- "lots of cheesecake" isn't necessary; just one bite will do the trick.
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Thanks, Moot. Thanks Darby, I'll remember the Elixer of Life tip in future. And "one bite is enough" is priceless! Knowing she can just be an F- student and a good mom without fear of "the Man" I can go play the family and enjoy the story, if I can figure one out.
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I enjoyed creating 6 (or 5, since my Downtown is a subset of Belladonna Cove) distinct subhoods for my megahood. My intent became to see how lives would unfold in each distinct region, so I'm including lots of details about those here. I'm not a picture taker, but I have included sparing links to cc (mostly lots) that I used in specific subhoods in case anyone feels that would help them get a feel for my megahood.

I use Cyjon's Bigger Bills (at level 4, his default), Pescado's no20Khandouts, and a mod from someone else on MATY that causes no inheritances at all, ever. So after moving everyone around that seemed no longer to belong in their original subhoods, the next phase became dealing with families that were not moving out of their subhoods but still had to move to smaller quarters within their subhoods, simply to deal with the bills. Desiderata was the worst there, as I recall. Belladonna Cove families tended to have more funds. And some households I intended to start out and have stay fairly poor to just barely comfortable, like Leod McGreggor's.

But after all the dust settled, there were some interesting happenings. Cynthia Kim accepted kisses from pretty much everyone, it seemed, who tried, including a hobby instructor, Julien Cooke, Sanjay Ramiswami, and a couple others I don't remember. I gave her a Romance secondary as a result, and she lived up to it, getting caught cheating by her husband on a community lot. They're still married, though when she spun up a want to win a fight with him, I let her work out until she could, even raised her body-skill limits from what I'd previously set them to. (I have Pescado's fightclub, which makes fight outcomes predictable with the right stats.) So she got her win...and promptly spun up another. Enough! You already cuckolded him, for goodness sakes. Wiping the floor with him just once in addition is plenty.

General Buzz Grunt wouldn't stop making the moves on married Priya Ramiswami, who kept rejecting him until their once-friendship was no longer. He still hasn't paired up with anyone (and maybe I should get on that). His youngest son, Buck, heads to college in another day or so; perhaps it's time for the General to get comfortable with lots of Downtown excursions, even if he refuses to move from his comfortable house with the perfect lawn in Desiderata.

John Mole ended up with Patricia Wan, and they are quite cute together. Patricia's roomie Cleo ended up with Ajay Loner, and they balance each other well. Cleo had to be jailed for a few years though (her LTW is Crime), so let's see how their relationship is now that she's out! All four of those folks lived Downtown while looking for mates, and then Cleo and Ajay moved to Belladonna to reflect their ambitions, and Patricia and John moved instead to Desiderata, where John can tinker on junk cars in the driveway all he wants.

Ramir Patel startled me by autonomously sleeping with Cynthia Kim (yes, her again!) on a community lot. Oh, boy. Here I'd been thinking Ramir was going to be a real family fellow, but nope. I was controlling opportunistic Nina Caliente at the time, though, and she saw that and figured, "How could it get worse?" and got her 2 woohoos from Ramir (public and private; she has that "woohoo with 20 different sims" LTW) by asking him out on 2 dates, one after another. (Nina is very appreciative of the dream-date motives refresh, lol.)
My plan for the Patels, though, is to have Ana turn a blind eye. Because they live in Pleasantview, where the facade is maintained by force of will where necessary. And she wants to have 6 grandkids, and they've only had 2 kids so far. No incentive on her part to break up a home arrangement that's working, for now.

Lisa Ramirez and Darren Dreamer have 3 bolts, and when the Ramirezes and Dreamers lived next door to one another at Dynamite Duplex (placed in Riverblossom; it's the only apartment unit there), they autonomously woohooed. Checo, who really loves his wife, responded by moving them to Pleasantview. Neither Lisa nor Darren has ever rolled another want for the other, and she and Checo have been as affectionate as if nothing ever happened.

Chastity Gere (oh, such an ironic name) and Leod McGreggor went on a date, fell in love, and both rolled wants to get engaged, with no corresponding fears. Wow, really? They only have a bolt, but I let them. Leod seems blissfully happy. Chastity...autonomously made out with a vacation local. While on her honeymoon, on Twikki. (To which I exclaimed, "Seriously? You've been woohooing with Leod four times a day! Still not enough?") But she helps him run the farm just fine. However, Mercutio Monty, who became friends with Leod while still in college, just was expelled and has now come to live with them. (Leod wanted Mercutio's help, since Mercutio has a gold gardening badge now too, thanks to also having a Nature OTH...and access to his dorm's greenhouse.) Mercutio has a Romance secondary, so I wonder just how much longer the McGreggor marriage is going to last.

The Roths, Tinkers, Aspirs, Clevelands, and Burbs...have rock-solid marriages. Yay.
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I have recently restarted my megahood and I just finished my first rotation after a month of playing. First I started with Pleasantview.

Angela and Lilith are fighting even more than before. After I loaded the family the twins got into a fight which Lilith won.The next day Lilith brought Dirk home from school, Angela was still furious about the fight so she started flirting with Dirk in front of her sister (now Dirk is in love with her but she doesn't really care about him). Lilith broke up with him and now she is dating Tank Grunt. Mary-Sue caught Daniel with the maid but they are working on fixing their marriage and they fired the maid. Mary-Sue is still more focused on her career and thanks to her relationship with the Goth family and the arrangement they have (Angela has to marry Alexander when he becomes an adult) she is almost at the top of her career. Unfortunately Angela got pregnant while still a teen (Dustin is the father but he doesn't even know Angela is pregnant) and Mary-Sue send her into a "private school" until she gives birth.
Herb and Coral are living peacefully so far but that's because Coral still hasn't found out about Herb's affair with Cleo Shikibu.

Although Jennifer didn't want more kids until the family is financially stable John somehow convinced her to have another child(she gave birth to a boy). John is still unemployed while Jennifer works as Executive but she is really annoyed by how lazy and irresponsible John is. Lucy grew up(popularity aspiration) and became really close with Lilith.

Don married Cassandra and they have a son together. Cassandra is pregnant once again but Don still cheats on her a lot. He has another son with Samantha Cordial and Circe Beaker is currently pregnant with his child. Beside that he has at least 10 more affairs.

After giving birth to her 3rd child Brandi married Darren. Dirk and Dustin are really annoyed by this marriage and although they didn't like each other at first they both have the same goal which is to divorce their parents and they are slowly becoming friends (probably Angela will ruin that when she comes back). Beau is really close to Darren because they both have the same passion for drawing.

Dina married Mortimer and is currently pregnant. She moved in into the Goth manor and became really close to Alexander(teen with fortune aspiration) and he is slowly becoming a clone of Dina. Nina is still single and she is living on her own. She joined the athletic career where she met Daniel Pleasant whom she finds really attractive.


Loki did tons of experiments on Nervous and Nervous ended up pregnant by one of the ghosts (Hugh Thanasia) on Olives lot. After her affair with Don, Circe is now pregnant and Loki has no idea that the child is not his. Nervous moved out when Circe became pregnant because she wanted the house to be safe for her child.Loki wasn't really happy that his guinea pig and scientific equipment were thrown away from his house but he can't wait to become a dad. Erin married John Mole and is currently pregnant.

Pascal gave birth to his alien baby. Lazlo moved to Desiderata Valley where she met newly divorced Hannah Bell and they are now planing their wedding. Vidcund married Kimberly Cordial and moved to Belladonna Cove.

Ajay married Lola and they want to start a business together. Chloe married Gabriel Green and moved to Belladonna Cove. He caught her cheating a few times but they fixed their marriage or at least that's what Gabriel thinks. Kristen is still single.

Tank is dating Lilith Pleasant. Ripp has a few affairs but he wants to be in a relationship with Miranda Capp the most. Btw they both want to go steady which amuses me a lot since they both have romance aspiration. Buck is now a teen and is seeing Jill Smith.
PT9 and Jenny had another daughter. Johnny is now in college with Ophelia and Jill is teen with popularity aspiration.
Ophelia is also in college and she is still in a relationship with Johnny. Olive died a day before Nervous gave birth to her grandson.


Juliette is pregnant by Romeo (both are still teens). Tybalt is in college.Hermia dates Puck. Consort was feeling lonely so he decided it was time for him to date someone again. He began dating Natasha Una briefly before he found out she is crazy.She is now pregnant by Consort.
Regan and Cornwall are expecting their second child. Kent married Titania Summerdream but has an affair with Bianca Gossamer (Monty). Both Titania and Bianca are pregnant by him.
Goneril and Albany had one more child. Miranda is dating almost everything that moves but she want a serious relationship with Ripp Grunt.Desdemona grew up and became just like her big sister but she is dating less more people than her. Ariel is a child now and Hall has a crush on Jill Smith.

Mercutio is in college now.He has affairs with Miranda Capp,Hermia Capp and Bottom Summerdream. Romeo has many affairs.Bianca married Oberon Gossamer but is pregnant with Kent's child. Antonio is struggling to provide for his family but he is to proud to ask for help from his parents. Beatrice and Benedick are now teens and Benedick is dating Bottom Summerdream.

Bottom grew up (romance aspiration) and is dating every male teen she knows. Puck is dating Hermia but also has an affair with Miranda. Titania and Oberon are still in love but the fact they can't have biological kids together broken them up.

Desiderata Valley

Victor and Elizabeth had a son.He wants more kids but Elizabeth wants to focus on her career.Pauline is currently a child.Luis has an affair with Sharon Wirth. Natasha Una is pregnant by Consort Capp.

After Daniel became teen his parents divorced since they didn't love each other anymore and were fighting all the time. Hannah is currently engaged to Lazlo Curious and Issac lives on his own. Daniel is dating Bottom Summerdream. Sharon is currently pregnant by someone (I have no idea who the father is) but she has affairs with Carlos Contender, Issac Bell, Luis Aspir, Remington Harris, Don Lothario and a few townies.

Edward and Opal Contrary had a daughter. Rick is still a rebel but his baby sister brought him closer to his family.
Marcel and Sophia Joque had a son but their marriage is at risk because they have financial problems. Violet became best friends with Alexander Goth and she has a little crush on him but she is too shy to admit it.
John Mole married Erin Beaker and they are expecting their first child. Erin made him quit his job because she thought it was too dangerous but he still wants to find out what happened to his ancestors.

Julien Cooke is still single.He opened a restaurant and spends most of his time working there.
Matthew and Jessica Picaso had a son and yes I named him Pablo. They are both working in the military and are close friends with the Grunts.

Riverblossom Hills

Gabe proposed to Patricia Wan 2 times and both times she rejected him. He decided it was time for him to move on although he still loves her and now he is dating Catherine Viejo. Jules wasn't happy when her father was dating Patricia but now when he is dating a woman who can be her grandmother she would give anything for her father and Patricia to start dating again. Jules has a crush on Dirk Dreamer but she still hopes Jacob will be hers again.
Andrew Martin married Alexandra O'Mackey which was Jules's biggest nightmare. Now her ex-boyfriend is her step brother.
Betty Goldstein moved out and started a business on her own. She also adopted a toddler boy.

The Roths had another daughter. Sandra is still dating Jacob although their relationship isn't as it used to be. She has a crush on Rick Contrary. Xander became teen and is dating Tessa Ramirez.
Patricia Wan is pregnant by Gabe but doesn't want to settle down yet. Cleo Shikibu purchased a community lot and is focused on achieving level 10 business. She has an affair with Herb Oldie.

Sanjay Ramaswami wants kids so bad but Priya is focused on her career and doesn't have time for this right now.
The Ottomas had the twins and Samantha is pregnant again (she wants to have 10 kids).Peter doesn't spend time with his kids since he has to work almost all day or at least that's what he tells Samantha.He actually has a few secret affairs. Sharla and David are also working and trying to help the family. Dora quit her job and spends her last days with her grandchildren

McGreggor/ Greenman
Leod became plantsim and became close to Rose which resulted an affair and now she is pregnant by him. Jason is still trying to become a plantsim.

Belladonna Cove

Armand has lots of money and he always wants to do something good so he adopted 2 more kids a boy and a girl. But after he adopted the boy the 2 girls started feeling left out. Eventually Armand met Vivian Cho and they are now engaged. Vivian doesn't really love him but she has no money to take care for her daughter and by marrying Armand she would assure Etsu has nice life. Tara is dating Melody Tinker but keeps it a secret from her family.The only one who knows is Justin Cleveland. Armand's kids don't like Vivian and Etsu at all.

Carlos Contender is having affairs with every woman he knows. He even managed to ruin the marriage of Ramir and Anna Patel and by doing so he brings shame to the family name. Isabel tries to cover up for her uncle as much as she can and protect the family name but while she does this she ignores her family.Benjamin felt lonely and started an affair with Chasity Gere which ended up with pregnancy. Now Chasity lives next door to the Baldwins and gets what she wants for keeping Benjamin's secret affair a secret. Gabriel Green married Chloe Curious and she cheats on him every time she can. Although he has caught her multiple times they are still together and they are expecting their first child. He hopes that after they have a child she would take their marriage more seriously. The Patels had a son and after that divorced because Ramir found out about Anna's affair with Carlos.

Marissa and Jason had another son. Marissa wanted Justin to be overachiever so she found him a job. He actually loved working and he quit school. Marissa was not happy with that decision but Justin didn't change his mind so she kicked him out form their home. She has forbidden the whole family to see or talk to Justin but Jason secretly visits him and helps him with the bills.
Geoff has many affairs. Connor Wier felt in love with Florence Delarosa and proposed to her only to find out a few hours later she was having and affair with Geoff so the wedding was off but Florence was pregnant by Connor and gave birth to a girl which he still hasn't met. Connor is now married to Samantha Cordial but once again Geoff is having an affair with his bestfriend's wife.

Samantha had an affair with Don Lothario which resulted a baby boy. She is now married to Connor Wier but she has affairs with Geoff Rutherford and Carlos Contender.
Kimberly is married to Vidcund Curious and they are expecting their first child.
Timonthy Riley is currently dating Lisa Ramirez and Sally just became a teen.
Jessica saved enough money to buy herself a little house.She is focused on her career and doesn't think about creating family anytime soon.

Bluewater Village

Tessa grew up (fortune apiration) and started dating Xander Roth. After she became teen her parents divorced. Lisa is dating Timonthy Riley and Checo has a crush on Jennifer Burb.
Florance is making her business bigger and better while trying to raise the little girl she gave birth to.

Malcolm Landgraab married Jodie Larson and they have a daughter. Jodie is pregnant again since Malcolm want a male heir to his fortune.
Jason Larson is still single and he is trying to save enough money to start his own business instead of working for his sister and her husband.

Denise wanted grandchildren so she forced Gilbert to marry Trina Dalton. Trina wants many kids which made Denise really happy and Gilbert really miserable but no one asks him what he is thinking. Trina and Gilbert had their first son and she is pregnant once again.
After the death of Stephan,Wanda sold the family business so she could pay the bills and send Melody to college. It doesn't help her that she remarried to Joe Graham (form the garden club) who is an elder,has no job and moved in with only 1 simoleon. They had a daughter together and Wanda wants more kids. Melody is dating Tara DeBateau.
Chester Gieke opened a home business and is trying to save enough money to buy the Tinker's toy store.

Although Mary had an affair with Cyd Roseland, the Gavigans managed to fix their marriage and are expecting their second child.Isaiah is dating Bottom Summerdream.
Cyd Roseland is still single. He had a few affairs but nothing serious.He opened a pet store and is trying himself to adopt as many pets as he can.

The Goodies adopted a toddler boy(now a child). But they are very strict and their son will probably rebel against them once he becomes a teen.
Gavin and Ginger Newson are now in college. Nothing major happened to this family. Whenever someone became a teen they started working so they could pay their bills.
Trent and Trisha Traveller tried having another child but so far unsuccessfully.They are thinking of adopting.Tina is now a teen.

Cynthia and Robert had another son and are expecting their 3rd kid. Justin is obsessed with aliens and wants to get abducted. He is also dating Bottom Summerdream.
Tara Kat has a crush on Cyd Roseland but she is too busy with her cats to think about dating

Oookay...that was long
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