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MTS Bob Ross Paint-Along Night - posted on 4th Sep 2017 at 10:54 PM
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#9501 Old Yesterday at 10:47 PM
Originally Posted by maxon
I think so - it's ages since I did it.

I send the teacher/headteacher off to the owned community lot in the morning and any kids he/she has go off by bus. The kids go off at 8am as usual, the teacher usually goes off at 8.30-ish. When school starts, it drags his/her kid in along with all the rest ('cos their kids have a token). I'm fine with it that way.
And that's the set up I'm looking for! I just needed to be sure. Thank you!

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#9502 Old Yesterday at 11:59 PM
Does anyone else have any problems with Create-a-Sim showing the wrong thumbnails? I'll be creating a female adult, and it'll show thumbnails of male children. Shift+Click fixes the thumbnails temporarily but they keep getting messed up.

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#9503 Old Today at 12:38 AM
Yes, happens to me all the time. No idea what triggers it, or how to prevent it.

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