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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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Field Researcher
#51 Old 21st Jul 2007 at 3:10 PM
If I have trouble thinking of names I pick the names of places or objects, occasionally food, books and I combine the names of other sims to make an original name.

Usually these days I simply go to a website of names a look at names. I favor sites that have names from all over the world, so then I will end up with a very interesting neighborhood. :D
#52 Old 21st Jul 2007 at 7:17 PM
The names I choose, it depends what mood I'm in sometimes, .

A couple of times I've used names from books - Emerahl, from AUM, is from "The Age of Five" trilogy, and Bannor, from the Two Hearts contest, is a name from the books of "Thomas Covenant."

I had one family that has a few normal flower names - Rose, Daisy. That kind of thing. If I have an alien Sim I tend to use either made-up names that sound "out there" or space-y type of names.

Another family, every offsprings name in the first gen began with a D. One of their daughters continued on a "same letter" tradition, but they all began with B, another A, etc.

Others, it depends on whether my Sim is Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, etc. Then I'll use names from those cultures, to stay true to them.

Another, with the characters from a roleplay, whenever they have a child, their kids have names that reflect their parents'. For example:

Mother: Xeia
Father: Mikal
Child: Kaleia

It makes the names unique, because they're original; and it shows automatically what family they come from.
#53 Old 21st Jul 2007 at 11:31 PM
i have so many named it not funny!!

Last Names:

Lucario (yes the pokemon =])

Female Names:


Male Names:


Thats all i could think of right now but there are so much more lol!!
#54 Old 22nd Jul 2007 at 2:04 AM
Favourites: (used many times)





(It's really difficult since the names in my game aren't always names I personally like. I think about what kind of style my sims will like. I wouldn't have named the child of the Curious brothers "Jane" and I wouldn't have named Daniel and Mary-Sue's child "Arcturus Orion").
Test Subject
#55 Old 22nd Jul 2007 at 8:06 AM
I have always liked the name LIESEL and THOMAS. I love the last name Wentworth and Wellington
#56 Old 23rd Jul 2007 at 4:36 AM
Hmmm. Mayhaps you'd like the list of names in my alien neighborhood. :D

I haven't had a lot of time to play so lately when I have it's been there. I just fixed my regular game so I can play in it for a while. I need some green for a while--the space hood has lunar terrain. :P

The neighborhood is Quadrant 3. There are humanoid type aliens in Quadrant 3 that have come from some very strange places. One entire group was on their way to an important conference when they crashed there. They found themselves an old bunker-type building and have been holed up until they can figure out a way to get off the planet. They're a rather backward race and are afraid to explore much to see what's happening around them and aren't even aware there are quite a few other beings already living on the planet. They stay in their bunker all the time. Their names are Zork, Zula, Faylma, Feldar, Cron and Crayel Starza.

Zephraim Zui was sent to this planet for therapeutic reasons. He's severely agoraphobic and won't leave his house for anything, either. Occasionally he walks out the front door and looks at the weather and he collects his mail and pays his bills. He doesn't even want to go and get the newspaper. His therapist works with him through his computer.

The Thanas, Camb and Klaa families came to Quadrant 3 from a far off place because of the potential wealth on the planet. Their goal is to try to take over financially, and so far they're on the right track. Rand Camb is only a teenager yet he owns the only privately-owned business on the planet. Vardok Klaa just married a smuggler by the name of Androicia.

There are many Townies as well: Cuz Cosmi, Franesse Beeblebrox, Gal'Lax, I'Aysha, Igyo, Jellendria, Jennail, Kalesta, Keval, Landreth, La'Larea, Magnas, Mandolin, Maylor, Oria, Plagenet, Renthoreth, Rokobo, Sifer, Stel'Lar, Tagmeth, Tarah, Trillian, Xuaraguan, Yesmeth, Zaphod, Zephyr, Zham, Zoren, and Zuider.

There are more names to be sure--I'm just too lazy to type all of them right now.
Test Subject
#57 Old 30th Jul 2007 at 4:02 PM
I usually use the following names for my sims:

- Elisa
- Lily
- Lisa
- Rocky
- Ricky
- Lana
- Sam
- Max
- Sarah

I remember yesterday I created a family with Rroog as their last name. I can never think of good last (and first?) names. So I found this site: http://www.xtra-rant.com/gennames/. Might be helpful to others as well!
#58 Old 31st Jul 2007 at 1:20 PM
i get really stuck for names after a bit, a lot of my sims are named for characters in books, or authors. Once i looked at the names of all the game designers in one of our PC games for ideas. there i found the name Jirka Dell'Oro-Friedl, which i just thought was fab, and throught breeding i now have loads of Dell'Oro-Friedls. I'm in love with Japanese culture, so a lot of my sim families seem to be Japanese (stole many of those names from battle royale). I have a thing for giving girls a name which is often reserved for boys, or naming boys with a name which often would be a surname. also, sometimes i name them after whatever day of the week they were born, or maybe if they were the third child they'd be called Trinity or similar. One of my sims had a baby in mid-winter and i called the child Winter Snow. other than that i tend to use these names a lot:

Test Subject
#59 Old 31st Jul 2007 at 5:22 PM
They all have similar names like Phillip,Anne,Elizabeth,etc. I really need to buy a baby name book for some new ideas for names. Last names are usually after objects like Moon,Tree,Flower and colors
#60 Old 7th Aug 2007 at 12:40 AM
the most common name i use for last name is Heap and Deleaf. i have a hard tme with male names im still looking for good ones but the one female name i use a lot is AzAriel because it has part of of my name in it
Test Subject
#61 Old 8th Aug 2007 at 9:08 PM
I can neverever think of last names.
My 3 favorite families are Simmons, Parker, and Cameron. Creative, eh?

Girl Names: I love naming girls
Sayre (NOT say-ree. it rhymes with pear)
Rynne (rhymes with pin)

Guys? Not so much.
Kendam (don't ask)
Test Subject
#62 Old 8th Aug 2007 at 9:33 PM
I use behindthename.com if I'm stuck for a name, or else I just use something I like/means something that usually relates to the Sim. Some of my favorites:

-Naomi (Naomi and Thanatos are names for more morbid sims - or in this case, pets - who are paired together in some way.)
-Illia (Not really my style, but meh)
-Mazini (Last name)
-Minali (Last name - meaning fish, I believe)
-Royce (Cantina and Royce are always paired together!)

I have lots of other names, but those are the very main ones I use.
#63 Old 8th Aug 2007 at 10:28 PM
Harrison (Harry)
Theodore (Theo)
Leonardo (Leo)
Finley (Fin)

Sophie (Soph)
Becca (Rebecca)


I always like to name them after cities or flowers or something like that. However some are also names I would really like to call my children like "Everlyn" and "Finley". Surnames are normally quite random, they are just four I have.
Test Subject
#64 Old 10th Aug 2007 at 3:45 AM
Default My Favourite Names
I usually just stick to everyday English names, occasionally something with a deffinite Welsh, Gael or even Manx flavour, sometimes Scandanavian (my mothers people are all English and Scottish, my Dads are Scottish for the last couple of hundred years, but for centuries before that, all his people were Vikings: Hence my Viking surname).

But some times the random computer generated Sims give to me, through CAS or as Townies/Hoodies/Students will be so screwed up, that I just have to make them progenitor of a legacy of degenerates.

Like I have the 'Snortch-Blarrrpz' family.

Originated from a Sim lady who moved into my Sims college Dorm.

Lucy. She would always make the worst choices of social interactions, thus always get rejected, she was anoying, and was always teased, would often try to pick on other Sims, in desperation for attention, only to have them slap her til she cried, kick her butt or just laugh in her face. She was fat, ugly and stupid, she was lazy, she stank, she worried all the time, any object that could break, blow up, or start a fire would do so when she used it (dont know how she didnt die), would ofetn spoend her time randomly bursting into tears over some issue she had.

All in all she was a pathetic loser who made me laugh, and allowed me to indulge my most evil dark side, if I ever wanted to traumatised abuse or endanger a Sim for some experimental purpose, it was Lucy.

The Up side was she didnt care about living in a messy house, money (she wanted romance), object quality having fun etc etc (she just waated to whoohoo and be loved, by anyone, her gender bias was pretty even, but even with both genders to chose from she always got shot down HAHA!)

So I created a Husband for her, Glorpk, also a pathetic loser.

They had five children, and they all now have families of their own, full of horrid little scumbags just like their grandparents.

They have names like

Spankums Grubbyminge Zronky and her husband Fungus "Like Cousins" Zronky

Mollype Pollyp Mouldsweat, and his two sisters, Loopy Stains, and Heffer 'McStumbles'

There is also the Bimblesquiggies: Namfoodle, Blympootin, their children Ehllibomptin Leakydress, Lungfish, and Garbadge Day (Twin boys, one looked like a Lung Fish, the other did too, but they were born on Garbage day as well).

Get the picture, when ever I get a Random PC generated Sim that is the diamtric opposite to this, I also of course have to give them befitting names, like Allegra, Jet or Paris, but that craps easy, just pick up a copy of Soapie Magazine, or Dolly, you know.

Much harder to come up with loser name that truely encapsulate just how much of a pathetic degenerate my useless, Borat would say 'Big Retardt' Sims are.

...yeah so the hit me like a ton of bricks..... cos it was a ton bricks, it bloody hurt... stay away from condemnd buildings.....
Lab Assistant
#65 Old 10th Aug 2007 at 10:35 PM
I go with whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, and usually I try to go for names that aren't common. Sometimes I get caught up in themes, especially if the Sim or Sim parents are, say, very trendy, or nerdy.

For example, Briar Rose Clearcalm named her first daughter Aurora. And Briar Rose's brother, Linus, named his son Rerun

Other names I've used:


Last names I've used:

#66 Old 15th Aug 2007 at 6:06 PM
For some bizarre reason I use Bob alot!
#67 Old 17th Aug 2007 at 6:52 AM
I use fairly normal names, though I'm not sure how generic they are (I usually do British and American names although I'm a Finn).

Some of my favourite sims:
Kati Matos
Cressida Carr
Siobhan O'Flanaghan
Liam Tinderdale
Rory Carr
Michael Wilkes.

My longest lived legacy was founded by by Morris Lockheart, who had Darcy and Dali with Marylena Hamilton. Darcy married a blonde cheerleader and had Charles, Cecil and Cherry. He also had, umm, three illegitimate children me thinks. Cecil had three children with Kaylynn Langerak and two with Lauren the pizzagirl, but I cannot remember what their names were, except the one that became the heir, she was Echo, and her daughter, the heir was Fiona. Darcy, Cecil and his eldest son were all romance sims, even though their aspirations were of course decided by dice.

My current legacy founder is called Fiona Maple, she married Joel Jefferson and they have twins, Echo and Eden.
#68 Old 19th Aug 2007 at 6:48 PM
I'm a terrible last-namer, I usually go to a census page and pick a number, and just use that one. And it's not that I'm bad at giving my Sims first names, I just take an incredibly long time to decide on one. I can have the game paused for 2 or 3 hours while I look for a name. :err:

Favorite names:

Sersia (sur-sha)

In my new neighbourhood, I'm going to include middle names when I name my Sims.
Test Subject
#69 Old 19th Aug 2007 at 11:58 PM
Well, I have so many good first names, and I have an unhealthy amount of sims which I have successfully given all different names. Last names are harder to contrive.

Right now my favorites (last names) are:

Le Tallec

Hmm, there are so many more, but I can't think of them when I am away from my game.
Test Subject
#70 Old 20th Aug 2007 at 3:23 PM
i just think of something random like....

i have the Buy U A Drank (song by the amazing TPain) family :P

The grizzly family with a girl named Mexican Nightmare (shes white tho, lol)

The Masta family (cuz the main guy in it is named Pimp, get it? Pimp Masta. :P) it includes a "pimp" and 3... female workers, and Pimp's daughter Margarita

Then theres the Bloo family, with Niceman (guy), Train (woman), Wayne (Train's daughter), and Plane (niceman's daughter) :P
#71 Old 20th Aug 2007 at 4:11 PM
I choose pretty normal names.

For my self sims children I generally use:

Sims I have in game:
Donovon Family; Trey(Dad), Isla(Mum), Kylie, Joanne, Patrick, Craig (Trey's brother).
Hewson-Dinello Family; Seamus(Dad), Paul(Dad), Elise, Sienna, Leon, Kit, Eliana, Kara, Geoff
Karen Britch,Jack Grey, James Green (Roommates)
Simon Crostley
Jaques (I forgot his last name)
Marc Williams, Anderson Cooper (Roommates)
Casper-Jase Taylor
Marcus De Monte

There are more but they are the main sims I play
Top Secret Researcher
#72 Old 20th Aug 2007 at 4:16 PM
Male names
- Felix
- Olive
- Gabrielle
- Sean
- Noel
- Alex

Female names
- Olivia
- Noelle
- Alex
- Adelle
#73 Old 24th Aug 2007 at 11:29 AM
Some of my sims' names:

Top Hat Eric Larsen
A celeb chef who, you guess it, wears the top hat. He's a Lothario who's bedded half the 'hood women. He is also responsible for the very first pair of twins I had in the game - from an illicit affair with ChaeYun Kim-Gunn, the exotic wife of soldier boy Tommy Gunn.

Preacher Bob Priestly
Another playboy, responsible for woohooing the other half.

My very first family ever; the very first time I played The Sims 2; was the Leung family. Daddy Tony, Mommy Esther, son Jackie and daughter Jenny. Tony made Mayor and Esther reached the top of the Business career. Together they cheated Landgraab off a trucking deal, haha.

All of them got wiped out when my PC's harddisks crashed. In my current hood, the Leungs and the Gunns (now the Bradleys) have been recreated. The resident Casanova is now a certain Don Bronson, robot manufacturer and brother of robot selling proprietor James Bronson. Their brand 'Bronson Bots' dominate the hood.
#74 Old 25th Aug 2007 at 4:21 PM
I use alot of names such as O'Connor, Birch, Copeland etc...
#75 Old 25th Aug 2007 at 4:38 PM
I just take characters out of books, on the TV, celebs that have been on the news alot or i mix two names together, or spell the name differntly
Aliice etc etc
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