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Default Application - Madison Bressant - Organisers

Madison Bressant



Type of visitor (artist/groupie/staff etc):



Junior Events Co-ordinator


Madison hails from an oppressive background. Her family is staunch Presbyterian. Her parents are both successful lawyers – her mother being a judge and her father being a successful defence attorney – and her older brother, Henry, is the Assistant District Attorney of Miami.
There was a lot of pressure on Madison to finish the set.

She couldn’t. Or rather, didn’t want to. Madison always was a bright girl, but confused, because she didn’t have the courage to figure out what she wanted, and so, she never had her heart in everything that she did. Her grades in school, whilst at the upper end, were nothing spectacular and she seemed to never truly shine in anything… she just wasn’t bothered. She partied hard with her friends, but wasn’t the more confident of girls, she had some of her own opinions, but never the valour to truly fight for them. Perhaps that was why she didn’t do anything she wanted to do.

Nevertheless, enough pushing ensured that she got into college, but one semester in, out of sheer dissatisfaction and exhaustion, the then rather demure Madison dropped out, suddenly finding herself under severe scrutiny by the family; they were ashamed, and the sooner she sorted her head out and went back to college to go… fulfil her destiny or whatever and add to the full house of Perry Masons, the better.
It was make or break and Madison realised that she couldn’t do it.

This meant she had to stand on her own feet and being only a high school graduate, things became immensely difficult. She began working odd jobs to make ends meet. Months passed and she started making things work, and her confidence grew and she realised more and more the extent of oppression she was subjected to, and how little she wasn’t allowed to realise herself. She became more outspoken, more sexually infused and far more of a party girl. She rebelled against everything she’d ever been indoctrinated with.

Then came the real opportunity when she’d been charged with the duty of organising a fundraiser at the club she was working at. It was hard work, and pretty intense, not to mention intimidating to work with a few high profile people, but her capability soon caught the eye of a scout from Reimer Services, the well known company in the business of organising music gigs through America and also abroad. She was offered an internship. The internship blossomed into an apprenticeship. This blossomed into a real job and she finally had a career she actually liked.

Madison these days is a vixen very aware of capable of using her own sexuality to get what she wants, however she’s very unsure of herself deep down and often falls into pits of self-guilt when things don’t transpire in the best way possible. She comes across as cold and irreverent, but in fact becomes attached to things very easily, simply masquerading that she does not in order to cause little pain as possible. She constantly feels the need to rebel in order to truly assert to herself that she isn’t simply falling back into the pattern of doing as she has been instructed.

Madison is currently the head Junior Events Co-ordinator at Syrinx. She is the first port of call for the immediate and temporary issues of scheduling and stage props and sequencing and also liaises with security and publicity. She has a casual and open relationship with her boss, and though she’s the primary pusher for this arrangement, she does it out of expectation that if it were anything else, he’d lose interest in her anyway and therefore, she’s better off playing it with no strings.


Anything else you'd like to add:

Has long dark brown/black hair and bright blue eyes. Is about 5’ 9” with a slim build. And a tattoo on her upper right shoulder blade documenting the time and date of the most important moments of her life.

Always open to storylines and connections

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Being the only child that she was, Lavinia had never experienced the feeling of protectiveness people felt towards their siblings, particularly the younger ones. She imagined that if her 18 year old brother or sister wanted to get smashed or hook up with someone at a party, she wouldn't be too concerned; after all, weren't they all things she herself had done as a teenager? That didn't mean she wasn't aware how actual big brothers and sisters felt about it so if she could help it, Danny would be kept out of trouble...for the most part. With a chain of party nights in sight however, Lavinia wouldn't exactly be the fittest babysitter around, and besides, Danny wasn't a kid anymore. He could be allowed to live a little.

Though Dominic didn't seem to suffer too badly from the older brother syndrome (or was really good at hiding it), Lavinia did notice a certain reticence when it came to her and Danny meeting, even buffered as it was by playful banter. Her buoyant personality and unabashed sensuality could be confronting and therefore intimidating to some, yes, but she was also capable of a disarming sort of frankness that tended to click with people and make them realize that the vixen was also just a fun-loving girl who didn't take herself too seriously. Nah, she and Danny were going to get along like a house on fire, but in the meantime, Lavinia was itching to kickstart that night's party: no longer hungry and bustling with energy, she was impatient to get going, but for the moment much amused by the play of emotions emerging on Dominic's features when she casually mentioned Hat Girl's performance. She snorted to herself as he paused with the burger to his lips, letting it sink to the table as the little cogs and wheels in his brain clicked together: ah, boobies, the patented way of distracting a guy. Apparently, even imaginary boobies worked on Nicky...good to know.

Bad, Lavinia!

"Whoa, whoa, stop!", he interjected, "Are you serious? A naked chick in heels, on the demo stage? And I missed it? Aw, dammit!"

A rascally little giggle issued from Lavinia's throat as she positioned her elbows on the table, gazing at him, eyes narrowed in amusement: she remember thinking of him back then, and how he'll hate missing it on top of having to endure a lonely trip to Syrinx, and since then kept the tidbit to herself to be used as teasing material later, as well as adding it to her collection of funny, outrageous and unexpected footage gathered from all the parties and festivals she'd attended lately. They were always fun to look at later, and reminisce on those times with the rest of the guys.

"Got pics?" Dominic inquired, clearly expecting a positive response. Lavinia tilted her head, one eyebrow arching questioningly at him in a "duh" kind of way; she reached inside one of her pockets, extracting a sleek, black phone from within. Reclining on the edge of the table, one leg swaying lazily on top of the other, Lavinia began thumbing the screen, a little slower than she could have, in search of the short movie she'd recorded of Hat Girl's impromptu show. Having found it, she stood to he feet, leaned forward across the table and, supporting herself on both elbows, held the screen right in front of Dominic's eyes.

"Pics or it didn't happen," she winked.

The movie was a minute in when a strident sound informed Lavinia that a text message had just arrived. She snatched back the phone and began fiddling with it again, her entire face lighting up as she read the message.

"It's Rick, with Arnold, Jim, Lorena and some other people, having a blast apparently! They're in the lounge."

Rick, Jim and Arnold were members of Damage, an industrial rock band DEM had toured with twice before and were quite friendly with. Lorena was Jim's girlfriend.

"I dunnow about you, Nicky," Lavinia said and sprung to her feet, "but I'm gonna go check this out!"

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Default Daniel and Lara - arriving at the camp site

As most anyone who knew the brothers de Vere would be able to testify, Daniel and Dominic, despite having their fair share of common denominators, were very different from one another. Especially now that they had gotten a little bit older, more or less on the verge of manhood, and no longer lived under the same roof. Over the years, Dominic had grown into an exuberant and almost numbingly charismatic young man, extroverted and exhibitionistic, with a devilish twinkle always present in his blue eyes. Thrill-seeker and agent provocateur, hell-bent on living life to the fullest. 'It's better to burn out than to fade away', and all that jazz.

Daniel, on the other hand, was in many ways his older brother's very opposite, his antithesis. Somewhat shy and soft-spoken, especially when around people he didn't know, he always came across as calm and down to earth, with no problem whatsoever with not being in the spotlight. In fact, he much preferred things that way, except maybe when he was on the basketball court, in which case he quite enjoyed the thrill of the applause raining down on him for scoring some points during the game, and when a few enthusiastic pats on the back let him know his team mates were happy with him. But, other than that, he was quite content not being the centre of attention. Very much unlike his camera whore of a brother.

With all these differences in their personality, it was bound to happen that they had very different ways of going about things. Dominic, who in a sense seemed to absolutely thrive on chaos, would do a hundred and one things all at the same time, often ending up finishing not a single one of them, whereas if Daniel started on something, he usually focused mainly on that, and saw it through to completion, before starting on the next thing. Dominic often played fast and loose - except when it came to his music, with which he was surprisingly perfectionistic - enjoying the excitement brought by whatever risks he'd be taking, and trying to get where he was going as fast as possible, or at least while having as much fun as possible along the way. His little brother, however, valued safety quite a bit more, and was usually more concerned about getting to where he was going in due time, rather than risk not getting there at all.

A perfect example of this, was each brother's way of operating a car. Dominic would often speed quite a bit, especially if he was alone in the car, round corners with screeching tires, and crank the volume up high enough to almost blow the roof off of the vehicle. Big brother de Vere was all about the thrills, and, while Daniel did idolize him and wanted to be a little more like him, there were ways in which he just wasn't. Daniel kind of valued safety. He stuck to the speed limits, tended to not overtake other vehicles unless it was truly called for, and made good use of both seatbelt and rear-view mirrors. It wasn't that he was in any way insecure behind the wheel, or drove like a senior citizen on a Sunday drive. He didn't go 10 mph with his hands squeezing the wheel so hard they'd turn white. He just simply followed the rules and moved with the general flow of the other traffic.

So, well aware as he was of this, as well as of Dominic's way of driving a car, Daniel knew he was by far a safer driver than his darling brother was. Which was why he dared hope that Lara would let him drive for a little bit, enough to actually ask her about it.
Or well, partly why, anyway. There was also the fact that since he didn't have his own car yet, he didn't get to drive a lot, and so would take any chance he could get to do so. Then there was of course the boyish curiosity in him, about getting to test a new car, as well as the masculinity factor, of being the one in charge, rather than the one sitting in the passenger seat with little else to do than looking pretty. Even if the 'being in charge' part ultimately was just an illusion, considering it was still Lara's car, and she was still the one supposed to be responsible for him.

"Alright", was to be her answer to his request, although it was delivered not without a bit of initial hesitation, and a sigh of joking resignation, almost as though she couldn't resist his angelic smile.

Or as though he'd been systematically wearing her down over time, by nagging. Which he hadn't.

"But shotgun picks the music", she laid down the conditions, while handing him the car keys, as well as the food and drinks she'd just bought. "It's a rule."

A rule that Daniel could most definitely live with. Even if she insisted on blasting Garth Brooks or 50 Cents all the way to the Syrinx festival, he could live with it.

"Yesss!", he beamed as though he'd come out victorious in a battle of some kind, and then, in order to seal the deal before she could change her mind, added; "Deal!"

It wasn't long after that, that the provisions had been stuffed into the car, Lara taken her new place in the passenger seat, and Daniel steered them back onto the road, away from the gas station parking lot. And while barely eighteen years old, he'd had his driver's license only for a little more than a year, and a limited number of opportunities to drive since, it still only did take him a minute or two to get a feel for the car, and get the hang of it's little quirks. The few it had. It was a really new car, and so had yet to develop the true temperament of a vehicle with a little more mileage under it's hood. Like Dominic's first car, which had been bought used, and in which the gas pedal would stick at a certain point if you were trying to accelerate ever so gently. Which might actually help explain why Dominic didn't tend to accelerate ever so gently, but instead would tread on the pedal in a manner that would make you feel as though your stomach left the starting point only several seconds after the car did. Even to this day, despite it now being years ago...

Well, either way, Lara's car donned none such oddities, and ran so very smoothly that the driver - in this case Daniel - would easily end up feeling completely comfortable in manoeuvring it, and so kept doing so until after an hour or so of everything from light-hearted banter to a brief dive into more serious matters, they started nearing the festival area, noticeable if not due to the road signs, then at least due to the massively increased and slowing traffic. It would seem everyone and their mother was on their way to the Syrinx music festival. And with that much traffic - with cars turning off any and everywhere, and others squeezing their way into the line from every side road - it was at that point that the duo in Lara's car decided to switch seats again. Because quirks or no quirks, Lara still knew the car better than Daniel did, and so would have an easier time navigating and manoeuvring at the rather massive, dusty and almost completely packed parking lot.

It wasn't the most pleasant experience, Daniel had to admit. Cars honking and people walking everywhere, dozens of different kinds of music blasting from car stereos, people shouting at one another - some happy and excited, some drunk, and some really p*ssed off - dust filling the air, and all of it happening under a sweltering sun. Talk about chaos...

However, patient and calm young man that he was, and with the equally patient and calm Lara by his side, the two of them made the best of the situation, and simply kept on chatting and drinking in the scenery, commenting on what they saw; on everything from the crazy outfits some people were wearing, to the sometimes downright ridiculous stuff some of them were lugging around on their way to the camp site. All with the intention of standing out in a crowd where... pretty much the majority stood out. Frankly, the ones who stood out the most seemed to be the ones who looked fairly normal, the ones who weren't running around nearly naked, or in thick, long leather coats and spiked boots, or sparkly wings and fairy wands.

"What a crowd...", Daniel commented - probably for the fourth or fifth time in the past half hour - as finally he and Lara had found a parking spot, unloaded the tent and other camping equipment from the car, and were now on their way to the camp site along with the never-ending flow of people.

Looking around himself in slight amazement, he shook his head to himself with an amused and incredibly content smile on his lips - there was no doubt that he was loving every minute of the new experience - before suddenly it turned into a grin, and he turned back to Lara.

"Nicky fits right in, doesn't he?"

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(((Hmm, "Sweltering sun"? This must have happened much earlier than Hat & Shoes Girl`s stint on stage, which I thought was specified as happening very LATE in the day, probably after dark: "On the last night before the official opening of the festival...". ::shrug:: At least that`s when I thought of it as happening. Whatever. It happened whenever it needs to have happened, I guess... )))

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(((OOC: GeneralOperationsDirector - timewarps aren't uncommon in RPs so it doesn't necessarily affect Hat and Shoe's girl's arc as long as, in the general picture of things, everyone agrees what happened when.)))

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((OOC: Guys, I'm going to have to go on hiatus officially. I am so overwhelmed between school and work and its getting hard to keep up in Sweet 16, which, ironically enough, has seemed to be a less cliqueish RP. You know I like all three of you, but I'm uninspired for Julia and ultra busy. I might come back when I'm less stressed))

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Default Dominic and Lavinia arriving at the VIP lounge

When a few minutes earlier, Lavinia had reflected on the order of precedence when it came to a man's need - with the needs of his d*ck ranking just slightly higher than that of his stomach - she'd pretty much had Dominic pegged. At least Dominic the party animal. Dominic the person and artist, that was a different matter, but Dominic de Vere, bona fide party animal, she did indeed have pegged with that particular train of thought. For while fun and thrills might be the generally biggest drive of his, there were other drives that were stronger: If there was one thing that would have him withdraw from a party, whether it was just temporary or for the night, and as long as his frustration had surpassed his level of faithfulness, it was the opportunity to get an own little "party" going in private. He'd been known to slip away for a little while every now and then, along with some random girl that had seemed very interested in his company. Most of those times, he would return within half an hour, other times it took a little longer, and others yet he didn't return at all. All depending on... Well, no one seemed to really know for sure on that one, but if they were to venture a guess, most would probably say something as simple as his mood. Dominic did tend to unapologetically go where his mood took him, after all.

Second on the list of things that might draw him away from partying, or make him postpone it in the first place, was hunger. Partying when hungry kind of sucked, and so if he was starving, he would see to it to find something to eat, even if it meant postponing the partying just a couple of minutes, or downright leaving the party in order to go get something to eat, if there was nothing to be had at the party site itself. In which case he'd usually have a few people tag along, and so still have the party around him anyway, usually resulting in even crazier drunken antics and fonder memories than the original party would have offered. For instance, that time in Kansas City about two weeks ago; if it hadn't been for Dominic and Shane dragging a few members of the crew with them from the show after-party, in search of a burger joint, they would have never ended up having a water fight in that fountain at around 2 in the morning.
Ah, the art of compromise.

However, things like that - leaving a party to go out for food - didn't happen very often, since Dominic had ways of partying that eliminated hunger as a factor in the first place. Those ways being drugs. Cocaine, to be exact. A party drug, and one that tended to wipe away all traces of hunger from his lank frame, and ensure that the only thing to distract him from having a blast with a bunch of friends - regardless of whether they were old or new - was the aforementioned opportunity of having a blast with someone one-on-one. On those occasions when he indulged in the drug, that is. It was still far from a daily habit, although the current tour had seen a bit of an increase, given that pretty much every show the band played was accompanied by an after-party.

This evening, however, Dominic hadn't yet gotten around to even contemplating whether it was one of those 'special' nights or not, and so he'd had nothing to dampen the hunger growing to a rumble in his stomach over the past couple of hours. Except the food on the train, which really hadn't helped much at all, considering the steak had been so tough it had tasted much like meat-flavoured chewing gum, and thus after struggling with his first bite had convinced Dominic not to expose himself to it any further. Consequently, he had arrived at the Syrinx Festival simply famished, and was still making up for it now, even after the first burger he had wolfed down a few minutes ago. He was now halfway through his second one, only this one he had intended to take his time with, and truly enjoy. Which he did get to do, at first. And with dinner entertainment no less!

"Pics or it didn't happen," Lavinia had announced as after retrieving the evidence of the naked performance on the demo stage, she held her cell phone up for Dominic to watch the clip.

And watch it he most certainly did. For roughly a minute, his eyes were practically glued to the small screen in front of his face, with an appreciative smirk curling his lips in between the occasional bite he took from the remaining burger. Though sadly, he didn't get to watch it all the way through to the end, because right in the middle of it all, another short but piercing sound joined that of the movie clip, announcing that a text message had arrived, and without paying any attention whatsoever to Dominic's vehement protests, Lavinia cruelly snatched the phone back, and robbed him of the rest of the clip.

"It's Rick, with Arnold, Jim, Lorena and some other people, having a blast apparently!", she beamed instead, as her eyes skimmed the message, apparently missing the slight but in essence joking glare that Dominic shot her. "They're in the lounge."

And within two second flat, she had stood from the table, and looked as though she was ready to dash on the spot, still eating band mate or not.

"I dunnow about you, Nicky", she said, "but I'm gonna go check this out!"

Just in the process of licking some dressing off his thumb, there first came only a slightly impatient and almost offended semi-grunt from Dominic, before he could speak properly;

"Damn, woman!", he groaned as he started wiping his hands on his paper napkin. "What do you have against letting a guy eat?"

First she'd dragged him off to the demo stage, and in doing so had postponed his much needed meal, and now that he finally was having his meal, she was in such a hurry to leave that he didn't get to finish it in peace.

However, the young man did still come to his feet as well a few seconds later, while taking one last bite from the burger and then discarding it by tossing it in a nearby trash can. After all, he too was in a mood to party, and he had pretty much been done with the burger anyway. It was just that he enjoyed bickering with Lavinia far too much to resist the temptation when the opportunity presented itself. So, after shooting her a glance filled with mischief, and slinging his arm around her neck, the two of them set off again, this time towards the backstage area, and the VIP lounge on it. Though they hadn't gotten very far, when all of a sudden Dominic halted both himself and Lavinia, and started searching for his cell phone.

"Wait wait", he said as he patted his various pockets, both on his pants and his jacket, before finding and retrieving the phone from one of them.

Quickly thumbing the keys, he then slung his arm around Lavinia's neck again and pulled her closer, while holding out the phone in front of them to take a picture of the two of them with the built in camera.

"Look hot", he told Lavinia, seconds before snapping a picture.

Having done that, he then let her go again, to check and make sure that the picture taken was to his liking; something that was confirmed when a satisfied smirk emerged on his lips, and he snapped the phone shut again.

"Need to update my blog", he explained in passing, and then grabbed Lavinia's hand and dragged her with him past the security guards by the gates that separated the public area from the backstage one, merely waving his backstage pass at them in the process.

They entered the VIP lounge only about a minute later, Lavinia stepping inside before Dominic, as he had decided to play gentleman for once, and hold the door open for her. And while things had seemed to be pretty slow around the lounge the first time the duo had passed by, on their way to get something to eat, things had picked up considerably since then. The place was packed with people in the business; aside from the bar staff, there were artists, managers, roadies, other crew members, friends, and last but not least, the typical bunch of 'new acquaintances' to some of the artists; fans who had somehow managed to get their hands on a backstage pass. Most of whom were only just that, but a few of them, mainly girls and young women, with a very specific and very obvious agenda; groupies. To the trained eye - or hell, even to the untrained one - they weren't particularly difficult to spot, as they were either hovering somewhere near the bar, waiting for their artist of choice to make an appearance, or they had already found their target for the night, and glued themselves to his (or her) side.

"Ahhh", Dominic exhaled with a wide smile on his lips, after having taken a deep breath, as if drawing the very atmosphere of the place into his lungs. "Heaven."

Though just about to weave his way into the crowd, once again with Lavinia's hand in a firm grip, to advance towards one of the tables in the back, where he had just spotted Jim and Rick, he ended up halting himself instead, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a familiar figure approaching, and turned to face them; Asher, with his arm around what appeared to be a blonde sample of the aforementioned category of girls.

"Well well well", the singer said with a slight smirk as he and his catch of the day came to a halt as well. "Look who finally decided to show up."

Grinning, Dominic shot Lavinia a brief glance, as if to make sure that she was going to stay true to her word regarding the reason to his missed flight, and not sell him out, and then looked back at Asher.

"You've missed me", he stated as though establishing a fact, rather than asking.

"Yeah", Asher snorted back sarcastically, though with that same amused smirk making it clear that it was all in good fun. "Like a hole in the head."

At that, Dominic merely pursed his lips together in a mockery of a kiss, with the sound to match, before a grin split them wide open again, to let out an amused chuckle.

(((GeneralOperationsDirector - The post covers several hours, as you can see, and the upcoming ones with Lara and Daniel will be covering yet another few, so yeah, that did happen earlier in the day, with the intention of eventually landing me and Alissa at the same time as the rest of the characters. We just had to set things up, and agreed that starting roleplaying these two before they got to the festival, would be best. Within the next couple of posts, they will have caught up, time wise.

Furry - I don't believe this RP is particularly "cliqueish" at all. We've welcomed everyone who's been interested in joining, and tried our best to get them involved. But when characters end up in completely different spots, it's kind of difficult to get them to interact. Hope we'll see you back though. )))

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Default Lara and Danny - Campsite

Lara had learned quite a while ago that Dominic de Vere was a creature like no other. Everyone was unique, but Dominic was something Lara had never been, or possibly would ever get used to. He had the sort of restless energy and charisma in him that had drawn her in, in the first place, and kept her taken in by his charms. He had his flaws too, but she could overlook them.
However, the reality was, Lara and Dominic were very, very different – in the best way, she figured – as were Dominic and Danny, which in essence made Danny and Lara quite similar. It was like the calm and the storm in certain ways, because while Dominic, extroverted and self-confident, lived in the thrill of the moment, Lara and Danny, introverted and introspective, watched calmly from the sidelines before stepping in.

However, the last part was probably just Lara, for Danny and his idolisation of his older brother did mean that while he was perhaps just a little too shy to jump right into it like Dominic, he surely did want to more often than not. That said, emulation of his brother’s behaviour didn’t seep into all of the young and endearing Daniel de Vere’s behaviour – thankfully – because he managed to drive as if he wasn’t actually being hotly pursued by the police. It was a relief. Though, one drawback about letting Danny drive was that it brought home to Lara how much he’d matured – given that he was 11 when they’d first met, it was a bit of a jump to see him turn 18 and drive – from that rather small seemingly tag-along brother to a handsome young man with his own will of individuality. It really was a bit of a jump. It was harder to notice with Louisa – though, Lara (or anyone in the family, for that matter) hadn’t been best pleased when she started wearing really tacky make-up and for a while had her heart set on getting dreads – because she’d been there all along, but it was most obvious with Danny.
All aside, Lara could breathe easy with Danny behind the wheel.

Differences were differences, and for a few moments, Lara wondered how much Danny’s passion for the rock and roll lifestyle had to do with Dominic and how much of it had to do with himself. To be fair, Danny was perfectly free to be interested in what he wanted, regardless of whether or not Dominic was interested in it, but she did wonder how much of it had to do with being in his brother’s shadow and how much of it was to do with himself. Nevertheless, Danny was a bright boy, he’d figure it out at the best time for himself.

Getting closer to the festival site, they decided to swap back and Lara was being the steering wheel again – after having binged on paprika chips, which she’d never really been partial to before – in order to get them a parking space amidst all the other visitors who were clearly pretty intent on nabbing the best – or in some cases, only – spots there, given that of the two of them, she was the more experienced driver. It took a while of waiting and stealthy moves to get them a parking spot, but they managed – team effort and all – and soon they were out into the real atmosphere of the festival, with their tents and all, and regardless of how many times Lara had been, it always knocked her for six, so she could imagine Danny’s take on it. He’d been commenting on the size of the crowd all along, but it’s pretty different when you’re there, amidst it, rather than watching from inside a car.

She cast a few curious glances at him during their walk over to the campsite, and there it was, the look of wonder, and most importantly, utter glee, for the main thing was that Danny had a good time, what with it being his birthday and all, and a full smile overcame her lips as he turned back to deliver his full opinion:
"Nicky fits right in, doesn't he?"

Ha… in so many ways. Lara was of the opinion that Dominic de Vere was made for the fast life, that he’d get bored otherwise, that he most certainly would have gotten bored and restless if their lives had been limited to their home town. Sometimes, it had her a little concerned because of the fact that for all that she was, Lara wasn’t an element of the fast life, and maybe some would even describe her as boring, and that maybe Dominic found her boring in comparison to some – or many – of the girls who coveted his attentions. She didn’t fret about it overly because firstly, they’d lasted all these years and that stood for something, and secondly, if she had to change herself for it, then neither of them would be happy anyway. But her doubts aside, she agreed in every way with Danny that yes, Nicky fit in without a doubt, and knowing him, he was probably the party leader most the time. A smile lit up her eyes as the image ventured into her mind; yup, that was Nicky.

“Oh, I think your brother’s on cloud nine here,” she quipped back in agreement, the hues of her eyes shifting back to excitement and knowing that though Nicky would look out for Danny, he wouldn’t spare him the party lifestyle; “I don’t know how I’ll manage to keep an eye on both of you!”

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Default Lavinia and Dominic - VIP Lounge


Wasn't that the truth? Sparing a brief glance over her shoulder, Lavinia locked yes with Dominic who was jaunting up to her after having held the door open in one of his rare gentlemany moments, a brilliant grin signalling her agreement. She then turned her attention to the view expanding before them, revelling in the smells and sounds and images assailing her senses, feeling the vibration in her chest. If Lavinia could be said to have an element, apart from the stage itself, this would be it: a well-stocked bar, music and a crowd of people who were only interested in enjoying themselves. This is what she'd been waiting for all day, and if Dominic hadn't decided to join her, she would have gone without him; as it was however, Lavinia was glad they'd made their entrance together, sashaying casually and confidently across the room in search of familiar faces, all the while sparing glances and the occasional wink in return for those received.

Lavinia's hips immediately found the beat of the music, swaying languidly as her gaze searched the room, but it was Dominic who spotted Rick and Jim first and found her hand again, ready to pull her with him, when a different presence imposed itself within their field of vision. None other than Asher "The King" was making his way towards them, hauling his latest acquisition with him, a blonde who seemed immensely pleased with the attention.

"Well well well" DEM's lead singer declared, sizing Dominic up "Look who finally decided to show up."

Lavinia felt a nudge in her side and saw Shane the drummer wiggle his brows at her before handing her a glass of whiskey, which she accepted with a wink, giving Dominic her best innocent look when he probed her with his gaze. Oh no, she had no intention of saying anything, this had the potential of being much more amusing on its own: if being a single female among several guys had its challenges, it was impossible to keep certain...rivalries from erupting between the aforementioned young men. It was natural, but Asher and Dominic were known to lock horns a bit more often than the others, both being stubborn and competitive and always in something of a race as to who had most fans, most women, most media coverage....all in good, friendly fun, but neither enjoyed coming up second.

"You've missed me", Dominic stated, rather than asking, earning himself a snort from Asher.

"Yeah" the singer quipped back, "Like a hole in the head."

Lavinia heard Shane emit a soft snort of his own in reaction to their antics, and watched Dominic purse his lips together in an affected kiss, with the smacking sound to match. Her tongue was itching for a retort, and Lavinia wasn't sure she could keep it contained...in fact, she had little intention to.

"Will you two stop posturing and make out already?" she called out at them, lifting the glass to her lips and taking the briefest of sips.

"I could watch", she purred huskily, eyes narrowed to catlike slits; some of those within earshot chuckled, and more than one eyebrow was raised.

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Default Daniel and Lara - campsite

Daniel was happy for his brother's success. He really was. Ever since he was a child, he had watched how the restless Dominic had seemed to find himself a little piece of pure bliss in playing the guitar, channelling all the emotion raging within him that would otherwise threaten to have him bursting at the seams. Joy as well as sorrow, and above all impatience; they all seemed to receive their outlet whenever Dominic had a guitar in his arms, regardless of whether he was rocking out on stage, completely engulfed by the performance itself and pulling his various stage antics, or sitting by himself in some lonely corner, with his acoustic as his only company, playing to himself and looking as though he was perfectly calm and at peace. Particularly the latter would have it occur to Daniel, and most others who knew Dominic and his intense persona, just how much his music meant to him, since anything that had the bustling young man sitting down in peace for more than five minutes, had to be something extraordinary indeed. And just imagine to get paid for doing it? For doing what you so loved, and to have it as your actual career? To make a living off of it.
Indeed, Daniel was really happy for Dominic, for how he had ended up being one of those lucky few who got to do that. And possibly, not to mention understandably, a little jealous. Though only in a good, admiring way.

The sad part of it all was, that with the career in music came more time spent away from the family, which since Dominic didn't even live with them anymore, made the time that Daniel got to spend with him, little more than minimal. If Dominic wasn't busy writing new material, he was busy rehearsing it, and if he wasn't rehearsing it, he was recording it, and if he wasn't recording it, he was promoting it, and if he wasn't promoting it, he was on the road touring with it. And even when he had some time off, he tended to spend most of it making up for lost time with Lara and the friends he had that weren't in the music business. There was little time left for Daniel, other than those fairly regular but lately increasingly sporadic phone calls.

He missed his big brother. A lot. Which was why it was sort of a comfort that among all of the many things that Dominic kept himself busy with, a blog was one of them. And a frequently updated one at that. Every other day there would be a new entry where through his laptop, Dominic informed the world of what he'd been up to; where he and the band had played, how the show had gone, what people he'd met, what bizarre antics had been going on around the band. Often with pictures or video clips attached to illustrate the stories he shared, many of whom were as funny as they were crazy.

That blog had in some small way become somewhat of a substitute, and a way for Daniel to keep up with what was going on in his madcap brother's life. It was sort of comforting to be able to do that. And at the same time, it was also so very... odd. It was such a strange feeling, to be a spectator of how someone he had known his entire life, was now leading one that was worlds apart from the one they had once shared, and in which for the most part, Daniel still remained. There were times when he nearly didn't recognize his own brother in the stories told on that site; not because Dominic was acting out of character, because if anything, he was acting just like his usual dynamic self (even though that part of him had escalated quite a bit over the past couple of years), but because the situations he appeared in where kind of difficult for Daniel - as Dominic's brother - to imagine. It was all just so... crazy and strange. Surreal even. He often had a hard time grasping that it was a life that Dominic was actually leading, simply because he had yet to wrap his head around the fact that Dominic was - or at least was becoming - a celebrity; one of those people who you kept seeing on magazines and on TV, yet rarely had you relating to them, and thinking they were real, actual people. Most of the time, they just became objects representing a part of life with which you would never be familiar, a part of life that in many ways didn't actually seem to be a part of life at all.

However, there was one aspect that permeated pretty much everything that Dominic shared on his blog, and that was his focus on having a good time, on enjoying himself wherever he went. That part, Daniel was very well familiar with. Which was also why he could easily imagine Dominic's take on their current surroundings; something which Lara, who had also known Dominic for a really long time, seemed to be in total agreement of.

"Oh, I think your brother's on cloud nine here", she confirmed as her face lit up with that radiant smile of hers that Daniel had always found to be so very contagious; there was no way that anyone could not smile, when she did. "I don't know how I'll manage to keep an eye on both of you!"

Heh. If anyone could manage, it'd certainly be her. And not because Daniel wasn't likely to give her a headache by running around like a kid on speed and get himself into trouble - because he wasn't; that was Dominic's department - but because... When it came to Dominic, Lara had a way with him like no other. Yes, he was a rascal and an instigator, and yes, he tended to be the life of the party and the one to make sure that there wasn't a dull moment. But Lara, she had always had a bit of a calming effect on him. Perhaps not noticeable straight away, but the effect was definitely there. She had a way of gently reeling him back in when he was getting himself into too deep waters, or too high up in the sky, simply by being there. Dominic enjoyed her company immensely, and so despite the various shenanigans that he would get up to at parties, he tended to eventually end up on some sofa somewhere, with his arms around her and hers around him, resting his head against her shoulder and just enjoying having her close. It was as though her smile wasn't the only thing contagious about her, but her calm as well.
Although, the operative word in all this was still "eventually". Dominic would eventually end up with his arms around her. There tended to be room for many an antic before that happened.
So, in the spirit of all this, Daniel made his proposal;

"How about we both just keep an eye on Nicky?", he suggested, as he and Lara followed the flow of people headed for the nearest entrance to the camp site. "He's the one who gets everyone else into trouble."

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Default Dominic and Lavinia - VIP lounge, backstage area

Dominic didn't back away from a challenge. Thrill-seeker that he was, he had once announced to everyone within earshot that he would try anything at least once, and even if it turned out to be an unpleasant experience, he just might try it again at a different time and place and with different company, since those were all factors that might have rendered the unpleasant result in the first place. Different circumstances = different results. It was only once he'd tried the same challenge a second time around, under at least slightly new circumstances, that he would be willing to accept the possibility that the experience itself simply wasn't for him. Though there were no guarantees.

Consequently, considering the company he kept, he had received his fair share of challenges and dares over the years, and hadn't backed away from a single one (unless, of course, they were downright disgusting or along the fatal lines of "Jump off the Empire State building!", in which case they weren't as much challenges as they were the result of someone being a smart*ss). Among other things, he'd stage dived for the first time, streaked, yelled various things in various public places, dyed his hair dark purple, sung karaoke, done the Macarena on top of a bar, played strip poker, gone 24 hours without talking (which, since this was Dominic, had nearly killed him), gone up to a complete stranger and hugged him, and tried various less than tasty foods and drinks. All on dares, and neither of them being any of all the things he'd been dared to do when actually playing the game Truth or Dare, or the many crazy stunts he himself had instigated, or gotten himself dragged into by others. To list those would take a lifetime.

Though there was one thing, falling into the latter category, that had first happened on one of Asher's whims, but from there had then gone on to actually become somewhat of a reoccurring and much appreciated stage antic between him and Dominic. With the two of them often but subtly competing for the crowd's attention, and Dominic having a tendency to get them going just a little more than Asher did, there had been a point during on of their shows a couple of months ago, where Asher rather than trying to steal the limelight off of Dominic, had decided to simply make himself a part of it instead. 'If you can't beat them, join them', as the saying goes.
Without warning, he's slipped up close behind Dominic during one of his guitar solo's, grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back, to crush his own darkly painted lips against Dominic's, much to the surprise of the rest of the band, but most of all the loud, frenzied appreciation of the crowd. Though Dominic himself, despite his own initial surprise, had needed only moments to melt into the kiss, and enjoy the reaction they'd gotten from the crowd just as much as Asher had.

Needless to say, with the two of them both being self-confessed attention whores, and with the stunt turning out to be such an earth-shattering crowd pleaser - bringing down a thunder of applause and cheers from the audience - it had since that first time that it'd happened become somewhat of a regular feature during Deus Ex Machina's shows. So naturally, when Lavinia made her sly suggestion, about how Asher and Dominic should just "stop posturing and make out already", most everyone familiar with the band knew what was coming.
And those who weren't, would soon learn.

"I could watch", Lavinia added softly, with an unmistakably mischievous glint in her narrowed eyes, and in doing so managed to only further fan the flames of curiosity burning in those standing close enough to have heard the brief banter session.

Of course, those weren't the only flames she fanned with such a statement, which was probably a fact of which she was most certainly aware. A crowd, their attention, and a challenge... It could all only end one way.

A brief look was exchanged between singer and guitarist, a pair of eyebrows wiggled suggestively in silent invitation, and then before anyone knew it, Asher had shoved his hand into Dominic's raven hair and gripped it in a firm fist, yanking him closer with such force that their bodies practically slammed together, while Dominic's arms quickly slipped around the somewhat taller singer's torso. Their bodies pressed together tightly, their lips locked in what seemed to be a violently ravenous kiss that just wouldn't end, as though the two young men suddenly just couldn't get enough of eachother. The hand that Asher hadn't used to seize Dominic by the hair slowly ventured down along his spine instead, following the slight vale to the gentle curve at the small of his back. Though it didn't stop there, but daringly slipped even further down instead, to Dominic's *ss, gripping it firmly and tugging the smaller frame even closer his own, hips rubbing and grinding against one another, bodies writhing together as though in an attempt to become one. In response, Dominic's arm snaked it's way back from Asher's shoulders, for his hand to caress it's way up the singer's chest, his palm rubbing briefly over the nipple felt through the fabric, before his fingers finally clenched around a fistful of it at the collar. All the while with soft, pleasure-filled moans spilling forth from their tangled frames.

Though not that anyone except the ones standing right next to them heard it through the various cheers and appreciative whistles that the display brought down in the crowded lounge, even as the two young men's lips finally parted and their bodies disentangled themselves in order to withdraw.

With the kiss then over, as suddenly as it had begun, Asher wasted little time breaking the spell that had seemed to keep it's fair share of the audience mesmerized.

"You need to brush your teeth", he commented dryly, with a smirk curling the corner of his mouth as he put a hand against Dominic's chest and firmly pushed him away.

Apparently, he was no big fan of the taste of burger dressing on a man's lips. Though as always, Dominic was never stumped for a comeback.

"Well yeah, I do now", he quipped back with a grin, before turning his attention to Lavinia. "So what's the verdict?", he desired to know. "Was the show to Madame's satisfaction?"

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Default Lara and Danny - Campsite

People were meant to change, weren’t they? No-one ever really remained just the same over years and years and definitely not when they’ve had huge changes made to their lives. Like DannyLara sometimes still remembered him as that eleven year old kid brother of the boyfriend she was worried she wouldn’t be good enough for and would eventually end up boring off, but that was only when she compared him to the shy, but charming young man he’d become. She’d been there all through that time and therefore, the change had been significant in total, but gradual as it went along and therefore more… unnoticeable.

It was glaring with Dominic sometimes. They’d meet after quite some time apart and through the separation and brief times spent together to make up for that separation – career or not, she had to admit that he’d always wanted to spend time with her and she’d never felt as if he’d made her last on the list of anything, despite his tendency to be caught up in whatever came along – Lara had begun to notice more and more changes in him and more and more that she’d had to quickly assimilate into her idea of Dominic, rather than it being a gradual change. Sometimes it was thrilling, these new fads and drastic flights of fancy, because of course it was like Dominic to thrill, excite and stimulate his company. At other times, it just felt like he was going further and further away.
But of course, people change, and Lara didn’t want it to be her own insecurities impeding his personal growth – she didn’t want to stifle him and he deserved better than to be stifled.

Hence, she was a little cautious about where and when she played the girlfriend card. She didn’t want to see him in trouble, she’d hate to see him get mixed up in something dangerous and it distressed her to go over the dangers of his lifestyle – not everyone at a party is there to just have a good time and not every fan is capable of just harmless adoration – and where it could lead him. She didn’t want to lose him because she smothered him, but she didn’t want to lose him because… because she hadn’t done enough to keep from losing him. She wanted him to have his fun, but she wanted him to be careful. She wanted him to spread his wings and fly, but selfishly, she didn’t want him to fly away. If he had to fly away, she wanted him to take him with her, but she was cautious about where it’d lead to.
It was tightrope walking.
Lara didn’t mind, doing it but it did worry her to imagine what would happen should she not be able to do it properly, either by doing it too much, or doing it too little. But she was trusting her instincts to tell her when and where she was going wrong so that she could fix it before it got too far.
And it wasn’t like Dominic would be sparing in giving her opportunities to test her skills anyway!

"How about we both just keep an eye on Nicky?" Daniel wisely suggested. He’d always been an astute boy and maybe it stemmed from his reserved nature, watching calmly before taking any action, but Lara figured it also was born of that sharp intelligence he harboured, being able to understand fully those around him as they were. "He's the one who gets everyone else into trouble."

Oh, so very true. At the end of a night out, there was no doubt that there would be at least a handful of incidents that everyone had plastered either willingly or unwillingly to their memory – incidents which had the rather demure and shy Lara doing an excellent impression of a beetroot – and the most likely instigator of this? Dominic! And unashamedly so. She loved him for his daring – everyone who loved Dominic had to have at least some appreciation of his audacious nature. And so, she was with Danny in concurring that yes, Dominic would probably need both their eyes kept onto him, if he already didn’t make sure of that.

Though the idea of Danny keeping a watch over Dominic amused her ever so slightly. Not because it was stupid to consider the idea of the little brother making sure that he kept his older brother from getting up to all sorts of trouble, but because it was true. Changed though he had, Dominic was ever the playful eternal child and Danny… somewhere along the line, he’d managed to overtake his brother in the lane for being a responsible, dependable adult and though she had no real place to be, she was rather proud of him.

“It’s a deal,” she nodded firmly before giving a small laugh as they approached a good enough site to set up camp for their stay during the festival. She gave a slight laugh as a realisation came to her, putting down the materials they’d brought along with them. “In fact, I think your brother would welcome it; he’d love the attention.”
She looked around for a moment, in final decisiveness, but open to Danny’s wishes too.
“…So, how about here? In the atmosphere, but not too much?”
She knew how Danny, like her, eventually preferred some quiet and peace and therefore, she’d picked a spot not too far from the inner circles of the campsite, but still far enough from party central for it to not be too much.

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((OOC: If we are submitting an application for an artist, and their stage name is something that would sound really strange in conversation, should we put their other name in the application? Also can we put a sim picture in our application?))
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(((ooc: TheAppleNinja - The apps should feature mainly the real name, since that's what the person is actually named. If you want to include a stage name/alias, I suggest doing what I did for Dominic; I put "Dominic 'Veritas' de Vere", Veritas being his stage name. Then, depending on whether the person interacting with your character knows their real name or just the stagename, they can be called both. Like a fan would probably call Dominic "Veritas", whereas someone that knows him, like Lara, Danny and Lavinia, call him "Dominic".
And yes, a sim picture is fine.
Hope this helps, I'm glad you're interested in joining! )))

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Default Lavinia and Dominic - VIP Lounge

The world of showbiz existed to dazzle, making shameless use of every trick in the book in order to ensnare the hearts and minds of the millions who were its lifeblood: the audience, the fans. The goal -to entertain. The means – any that were necessary, and every good entertainer knew that illusion played a vital part in it all. The trick was doing it right. From their public images to stage gimmicks and countless publicity stunts, an aspiring rockstar strived to offer something unique to the public, something they hadn't seen before and would associate with them in the future, thus granting them that much-craved moment in the limelight.

Everyone wanted to make a statement, to shout out their name for the world to hear.

Dominic, Lavinia, and the rest of DEM had gone with the flow at first, each bringing their own unique contribution to the band as a whole through their specific talents and personalities, which, as they fine-tuned the art of performing, grew and expanded into more elaborate gimmicks, things the audience expected and welcomed riotously every time. Most of these had been born on the stage itself, sometimes the result of a spur of the moment act that was greeted with enthusiasm and later adopted into the band's repertoire, such as Dominic and Asher's infamous little stunt. It was provocative, it was daring, it challenged social taboos but most of all, it was shameless fanservice.

Those who had witnessed Asher and Dominic kiss on stage before could attest to the fact that it had always felt spontaneous and convincing, part of the reason the crowd loved it so; a stunt that screamed "fake" never did go down well with the fans. It perpetuated the fantasy that at the bottom of the act was a grain of truth, and the chemistry they portrayed so well was not just an act. That impression was not at all lost then in the lounge as the two young men stood grinding against one another in what looked like erotic bliss, oblivious to the hooting and cheering breaking out all around them. Just like she'd said she would, Lavinia watched over the rim of her glass, tracing the path of Asher's hand as it travelled over Dominic's backside as his own chest was being explored tentatively before the guitarist's fingers gripped his collar, pulling him, if possible, even deeper into their passionate kiss. At length, Lavinia passed her tongue over her lips, moistening them: mm, to be the meat in that sandwich! In reality, it would be a disaster of course, but seeing the two of them together certainly fanned the fires of that particular fantasy, and not just her own. All around them those who were not busy cheering and clapping or exchanging opinions stood vaguely transfixed, not quite daring to admit how much they were enjoying the show.

Then, like a thunderclap breaking the silence, the spell was shattered; the two young men disentangled themselves from around each other, Asher giving Dominic a firm shove in the process.

"You need to brush your teeth" he claimed, a comment which drew a couple of guffaws from their captive audience. Dominic, never lacking a retort of his own, aimed a grin and a jibe at the singer.

"Well yeah, I do now" , he said amidst more laughter, then turned to Lavinia, who simply watched in amusement.

"So what's the verdict?", he desired to know. "Was the show to Madame's satisfaction?"

With a contented little snicker, "Madame" drained the last bit of whiskey from her glass, rolling it inside her mouth for a few moments before letting it slide down her throat along with a low and clearly satisfied "Mmmmmm...."

"Absolutely," she admitted coyly, but enjoying this far too much to pass up an opportunity for a little more banter with the two of them. Therefore, she let her gaze travel all the way down to the young men's waists and below, an eyebrow arching suggestively as it settled there. She knew she wasn't the only one venturing a glimpse to see whether it “confirmed” anything – but unlike them she made no secret as to the intention.

“Though don't pretend you didn't love it too,” Lavinia teased, knowing her comment would be interpreted differently by those present, which was part of the fun. Dominic and Asher however knew she was right, because regardless of the sensual appeal present or not, and despite them being right back at swapping barbs, what they really got off on, was attention.

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Default Daniel and Lara - camp site

To the observant outsider, it would probably seem quite ironic how between the brothers de Vere, it was Dominic who was the one who was out and about, living life to the fullest, without much protest from his parents, and how it was Daniel who, when he wanted to go off on his own to just one music festival - compared to all the dozens Dominic had been to - ended up being the target of several serious talks and much admonishing from the same parents, before being allowed to go, as well as the receiver of quite a few check-up phone calls, the first happening only hours after having left home. It was ironic, because of the two of them, it was obvious who the calm and responsible one was, the one who was likely to do the right thing and not get out of control. The one most likely to get home safely, with everything he had brought with him, and probably with quite a bit of money left in his pocket too. As was it equally obvious who the wild and devil-may-care one was, the one most likely to end up broke and having to hitch a ride all the way home, or have to contact the parents to transfer money onto his account, just so he could get there: Dominic; the one who wasn't constantly checked up on, but who'd probably need it a lot more than his little brother.

However, there were still people who, unlike their parents, both knew and recognized this fact. Among which was Lara. Though perhaps in her case it was all made easier by the fact that she didn't see Daniel on a daily basis, like his parents did, and so the change he had undergone in recent years - changing from a curious and somewhat nosey kid that wanted to be just like his older brother, to a sensible and responsible young man with a judgement most parents could only dream of their kids having - was more obvious to her, whereas those who saw it happen gradually over time, might find it harder to notice and thus would see no need to adjust to.

Either way, Lara was one of the people who did recognize Daniel's calm and responsible nature, and so when he made his suggestion - somewhat half-jokingly, but not without a good point - about the two of them teaming up to keep an eye on Dominic together, rather than her keeping an eye on the two brothers, she saw fit to concur.

"It's a deal", she agreed as they came to a halt near a free spot that seemed fairly even, and decent enough for putting up a tent on, and then gave a soft laugh as they set the gear down on the dry, brittle grass. "In fact", she added with a smile, "I think your brother would welcome it; he’d love the attention."

At that, Daniel's lips parted in a grin as well. He could but agree. Dominic just loooved being the centre of attention, and getting to play the part of mischievous imp that had others running around trying to keep him under control. For some reason, things just seemed even more fun to him when people were trying to keep him from doing them. Not that he'd usually refrain from pulling some crazy stunt if there wasn't someone there trying to convince him not to, or just plain physically trying to hold him back, but it just did add to the thrill, to be naughty when someone was actively trying to make him be good. So, while any efforts to try and keep his wild side contained was likely to just encourage his mischievous streak instead, at least together they would have the numbers.

"So", Lara then continued, looking around in assessment of the spot they'd just found, "how about here? In the atmosphere, but not too much?"

Daniel followed her example and looked around, noting that things did indeed seem a little less busy here than it did further down the path, but still not anywhere near desolate. There were plenty of tents set up around them already, but with a fair amount of space in between them, and the people lounging about outside seemed like the slightly more mellow type, as opposed to some of the loudmouths already heard from other parts of the camp site.

It was yet another reason why Daniel really appreciated that he had gotten to come here with Lara, as well as camp out with her; that like him, she wasn't all about seeing who could party the hardest and the longest, she wasn't here just to get drunk and get up to no good. That like him, she too had a grasp of how there really was such a thing as "too much of a good thing", and that not everything needed to be done to the extreme. Heck, she was even likely to let him actually sleep when he needed to, rather than keeping him up with various antics, or waking him up every five minutes by shouting and laughing hysterically outside, or tripping over him on her way in and out of the tent.
Indeed; compared to many of his classmates during the last class camping trip a few months ago - not to mention Dominic, with whom he might not have gone camping lately, but with whom he didn't really need to in order to know what it'd be like - Lara was pure bliss for him to camp with.

"Yeah", he thus agreed with a decisive nod. "Seems like a good spot."

With that, the next hour or so was then spent setting up the tent and getting the rest of the gear into place and organised; all of which was accompanied by much laughter and banter, as it was proving to be quite the classical challenge of getting the tent to look like it wasn't about to crumble over them any minute. Though in their defence, that wasn't the only reason why it took them so long; the sun was still doing it's best to make the outdoors feel like the Sahara, and breaks to recover in the shade of a nearby tree, along with a few sips of water, had to be frequently made. However, Daniel did perhaps have it a little easier than Lara, since as he had the advantage of being a guy, he could strip off his sweat-soaked shirt without drawing too much lewd attention, and continue with the task bare-chested. Though unlike most guys, he did so while remaining completely oblivious to the glances it did still earn him - the rapaciously hungry ones from the girl in the neighbouring tent to the right, who seemed to be several years his senior, as well as the far more innocently longing ones from the blond duo by one of the tents to the left - simply going about his business of getting the tent up, perfectly unaware of their attention, and the apparent appeal of his toned abs, glistening with a thin layer of sweat in the sun.

"There", he said, when at long last the tent was looking fairly safe to live in, the sleeping bags had been rolled out, and everything had been put in place, and he turned to Lara with a grin. "We could do this for a living."

Having set everything up, all that then remained was to wait. They knew Dominic hadn't yet arrived at the festival, because just like he had badgered Lavinia and Shane and various other friends during the day, with text messages and phone calls whining about how he was stuck on a train and bored out of his mind, he'd also texted both his brother and his girlfriend, and even called the latter at one point. Though it didn't seem like he had any clue whatsoever that they were both on their way to see him, for even though he had heard that Lara was in a car, with music playing in the background, she had easily deceived him by telling him she was on her way to the beach with a couple of friends.
Now, they were just waiting to hear from him again, hoping that he'd see fit to shoot either or both of them a message when he arrived. And if not, Lara would just text him in a few hours and ask, "sympathetic" of his hardships as ever. In the meantime, all there was to do was to lounge about, or possibly check out the market place, but since they were supposed to be here for a few days, and had been on the road since early this morning, they decided to save the market place for later, and just kick back and unwind for a while, Lara equipping herself with her sketch pad and pencils and plopping down outside the tent, and Daniel crashing on his sleeping bag, figuring that if he was to try and keep up with Dominic later, he could use a little more sleep first. Otherwise he'd never hear the end of how he was a wuss and a quitter.

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Default Dominic and Lavinia with Asher - VIP lounge

To kiss a guy, in itself, wasn't anything special to Dominic. At least no more so than kissing a girl.
To kiss Asher 'the King' Kingston, was pretty much the same. And at the same time, it really, really wasn't. There might not be any truly romantic or desirous feelings between the two young men - to Dominic's knowledge anyway, but who knew; maybe Asher's bickering was his way of expressing an interest, much like how when boys in kindergarten pulled the girls' pigtails because they liked 'em - but there most definitely was chemistry, and tension, born of that ever so potent rivalry growing and thriving between them, and to both of them, making out with the other was a definite turn-on.
Why, you might ask. Why, if there were no romantic feelings to feed the excitement of doing it?

The answer; because they were both egomaniacs, who got off on having people stare at them, talk about them, and be affected by them. Regardless of what feelings they conjured - whether it was joy, entertainment, sadness, anger, disgust, or best of all; arousal - they simply loved it, and were not above going out of their way to achieve it. The kiss they had just shared, as well as all the previous kisses happening on stage over the past couple of months, was a perfect example, because it illustrated it all quite well. It wasn't the kissing itself that was the purpose, it wasn't the closeness and the intimacy, it wasn't a sign of affection. In fact, to both of them, the whole thing had very little to do with the other young man involved; he was just the means to an end, a prop in their own personal show, a way for them to be the centre of everyone's attention for a while, and be talked about for a long time to come after the moment had passed. If they got turned on, it had nothing to do with the other party involved in the stunt, and everything to do with being watched by others, with knowing that in that instant, they occupied the minds of a whole room, or, as was usually the case, a whole crowd. That all eyes were on them, and that to the audience, everyone else faded into nothingness, became shadows whose existence drifted entirely into oblivion.

Man, what a rush that was! And the best part was, that just like parts of the crowd would venture a glance cast slightly downwards, hoping for some kind of evidence to support that what they had just seen was for real, and thus further fuel the fantasies that the two boys might have just planted in their heads, Dominic and Asher could do the exact same thing with them. They would let their gazes drift over the many faces surrounding them, drinking in the sight of their expressions in various states of shock or glee, and bask in the satisfaction of seeing those occasional waves of lust and eagerness flitting across some of them, the hunger roaring in their eyes, knowing that it was all because of them, that it was all their doing, and that currently, they were the subjects of quite a few naughty ideas.
And so consequently, as Lavinia, and quite a few others with her, went on to inspect the aftermath of the young men's kiss, their gazes wandering below the belts around their narrow hips, Dominic's and Asher's eyes smugly drank in the same, only from a different view.

"Mmmmmm....", came a pleasured purr from Lavinia, voicing with that one simple sound the relish of several people in the crowded lounge. "Absolutely."

And then, with her eyes playfully scouring that very specific part of her two band mates' appearances, cocking an eyebrow as perhaps she did note a slight difference - though imaginary or otherwise, only she and the two boys would know - she went on to add;

"Though don't pretend you didn't love it too."

Words of ambiguity, ensuring a few more and increasingly eager glances among some of the bystanders, as well a couple of stretched necks, in attempts to catch a glimpse of what they figured had to have prompted such a comment. Dominic even noted a young woman pushing her way through the crowd to the front of the small circle surrounding him and the other three, to greedily follow the same path as Lavinia's gaze had travelled. Though only at first, because while Lavinia's eyes had darted from Dominic's crotch to Asher's, this young lady's eyes lingered fixedly at Dominic's, before venturing back up to his face, finding much to her own delight that not only was he looking at her, having noted her apparent interest in his physique, but that he also seemed rather amused by it, and downright welcoming it, judging by the slight smirk curving those kissable lips of his.

However, currently the target of roving eyes or not, far be it from Dominic to not keep the show going, now that they had gotten the crowd's attention, and Lavinia was practically asking for an encore. And to be made part of it.

"Oh, admit it", he thus shot back at her with an impish grin. "You just wanted an excuse to check out my package. Again!"

Though before she could answer, Asher, who wasn't about to retreat back into the shadows, seized the opportunity to use Dominic's comment as a stepping stone;

"We've all already seen it enough times, thank you very much", he stated dryly, familiar as he and the others were with how unfazed Dominic was with running around in various states of undress around them; partly as well as completely, though the latter tended to only happen when he was changing or getting dressed after a shower.

What he really should have realized, however, was that Dominic wasn't at all likely to let such a thing - or anything coming from Asher, really - just slide, and so within mere moments had quipped right back;

"Says the guy who just felt me up!"

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Default Lara and Danny - Campsite

In a way, maybe it made sense.

Lara and Dominic were as different from each other as Danny and Dominic were, and yet the same way Lara and Danny were both in awe of Dominic, he really would go pretty crazy without them. It wasn’t just that he needed an adoring audience, because it felt like he needed them most of the time, and that aside, hero-worship had little to do with how protective Dominic was bound to be. Hence, Lara had fewer worries regarding Danny’s wellbeing on the trip; Dominic would be keeping an eye on him (initially, at least), and therefore, Danny could totally keep an eye on Dominic later on.

But it made sense that people closest to Dominic, who were the ones most different from him, were rather similar to each other. It was pretty elementary, in fact, what with opposites and all. But nevertheless, it all worked out because while Dominic was electrifying to be around, Lara wasn’t capable of non-stop partying, in fact, she wasn’t even capable of that much. She needed to stop and recharge, often. She was hardworking and it wasn’t that she got tired per se, but all in all something about the enrichment of social atmosphere tended to have something of a draining effect on her, and she needed time away from it before she was ready for it again.

All a bit paradoxical really, given that she’d worked with her parents and siblings so long in events organisation of all things – which, funnily enough, involved brining lots of people together and letting them party – but Lara was never the one who was right on the scene, sorting everything out. She worked behind the scenes, she helped have it all planned to detail – allowing for mistakes to happen, of course – so that they didn’t have to run around like headless chickens at the eleventh hour. Adrenaline junkies and Lara Abbott were from different planets.
Well, given that men were from Mars and women were from Venus… it explained her and Dominic, then.

Nevertheless, she really needed to recharge and she’d been to music festivals before and if she’d learned anything, it was not to be in the core of all of it. Hence, her choice in spot for camping, and thankfully – wisely, rather, because the intelligent young man saw the advantages in it too – Danny agreed and it was… a while before they’d set up the tent. During which Lara was subjected yet again to the amusing realisation of how grown up Danny had become, what with him attracting both innocent and lascivious attention from the women (and some men) around him, and more so, not even aware of it. And again, she had to laugh slightly at the realisation that Dominic would have seen it and put on a show, just for them.

After the tent was put up however, Danny decided it was best for a nap and Lara, having been confined in a car for far too long anyway, didn’t want to trade it for a tent, and figured she’d do some drawing instead, sitting out by the tent, her eyes grazing over the moving figures, fingers skilfully sketching a snapshot of the scene before her, all of it in a blurring sense as if to emphasise the transient, ephemeral nature of it all, all of it going well until she felt that queasy feeling rise up at the back of her throat and she had to rush to somewhere appropriate to throw up, losing the binge she’d treated herself up during the drive from the gas station.
For some reason, it suddenly made it real again, and a little scary as tinges of alarm scratched at her heart, because it was getting less and less like a stupid concoction of her head. She was late, she was throwing up, she was craving really weird stuff; what if she was pregnant?
…What were they going to do?

She dispelled the thoughts from whence they came; it was better to address this all when she was sure and that’d… they’d cross that bridge when they came to it. They… oh, wait, she’d have to tell Dominic before they were sure. This’d happened before, and… it’d be fine.
She checked her watch, and hey, it’d be a crime to spare Danny the opening party and after all, what a place to surprise Dominic, right? But she supposed she had a few reservations about waking him up while he was there looking adorably peaceful, resting after the long and taxing journey and so she figured she’d go back to her sketching/food binging.
Then he woke up, looking refreshed despite the sleep that clung to his eyes.

“Nicky will never live it down if you last longer than he does,” she declared with a bit of playfulness, in encouragement of him partying it up; Lara wasn’t his parent, and though she would most definitely keep a watch on his welfare, he was entitled to have his fun, right?

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Default Lavinia, Dominic & the rest of the gang - The Lounge

Among the talents of a true entertainer, alongside their uncanny ability to connect with the public and put on a good show, was the knack for improvisation. Indeed, an impromptu performance had the potential of being more compelling than the best-rehearsed show if it managed to tap right into the crowd's desires and expectations, while maintaining that elusive touch of spontaneity. An artist's public image and their true personality were often different faces of the same coin, but those that overlapped made for a true winning combination. Fans like to believe their idols were no different off stage than they were on it, and that the characteristics they loved were a genuine part of their personality, so those who could pull it off earned faith and appreciation.

When it came to improvisation, no-one did it better than Dominic; his hunger for attention drove him to seek it, and if the opportunity wasn't there, he created it. He had a knack for pinpointing the crowd's mood, engineering it to suit his purposes, and he wasn't afraid to toe the forbidden lines if it meant getting a reaction. The torrid makeout session with Asher was a perfect example of that, and the supremely smug look on Dominic's face in the aftermath showed just how much he enjoyed watching the effect it had on those present.

He wasn't the only one, either; Asher savoured his own time in the spotlight, as for Lavinia, she was thoroughly enjoying it from the sidelines. No stranger to daring stunts either, she wasn't above similar acts of shameless self-promotion, but unlike the two young men before her, she could also be content to let someone else hog the limelight for once. Being only a spectator had an appeal of its own, but that did not mean Lavinia would hesitate to become part of the show if the invitation was there. Or rather the challenge, since few words that spilled off Dominic's lips lacked that trademark impishness of his, and he knew very well she wasn't about to turn it down.

"Oh, admit it" was his reply of choice, "You just wanted an excuse to check out my package. Again!"

A playfully dubious pucker drew Lavinia's lips together in reaction to his comment, but the retort she was preparing was staved off by none other than Asher, who proved quicker:

"We've all already seen it enough times, thank you very much" he commented, drawing the briefest of chuckles from Lavinia in the process: oh yes, that was true. Dominic was notoriously uninhibited, and that included nudity, whether his own or that of others. Lavinia was the same way, and while she tended to at least wear underwear around the guys, they were all familiar with her risqu photographs, some of which displayed her fully nude. At the time, they'd been the subject of much banter and innuendos, and speaking of which, Dominic's comeback did not hesitate to arrive:

"Says the guy who just felt me up!" he immediately quipped back; they still had the attention of several people, but the height of the moment had passed, and the rest were starting to regroup with their own friends, resuming whatever they were doing before Dominic and Asher's little stunt got their attention. Among those who remained figured a young woman whose eyes were practically glued to Dominic and her bodylanguage spoke volumes regarding her intentions, making damn sure he noticed it. In the meantime, Jim and Arnold, two of the guys who'd invited them to the lounge in the first place, had left their table and made their way towards Lavinia, who greeted them with her usual exuberance. As she hugged them, she caught the tangy scent of weed off their hair and clothes, and as soon as they parted, Jim extended the offer to buy the first round of drinks. That sealed the deal for Lavinia.

When you two are done bickering like an old married couple, she shot over her shoulder at Dominic and Asher, feel free to join us for a drink.

One by one, the members of DEM gathered at their friends' table, and thus began a riotous reunion as they caught up with one another's stories and reminisced on past times spent together, or got to know the new faces present within the group. Drinks kept coming and joints were passed around freely, the group growing louder and less restrained with each glass drained: their voices mingled with the surrounding clamour, while bouts of impetuous laughter occasionally rose above it. After a while, Lavinia left the table to dance, at one time ending up among the three girls on top of a central table, amongst the cheers of a raving crowd. In the meantime, Dominic's eager fan from earlier took the opportunity to approach him, and when Lavinia returned to catch her breath and relieve her thirst, the two of them were looking very cosy together.

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Default Daniel and Lara - from camp site to backstage area

If there was one thing Daniel and Dominic had in common, except their bloodline, it was their ability to sleep under pretty much any outer circumstances. If they were agitated or worried, then yes, sleeping might prove difficult even for the de Vere duo, but more often than not, they had no trouble whatsoever falling asleep, regardless of whether they were surrounded by a rowdy party (however unusual it might be in Daniel's case, since he hadn't made a habit of attending them), or the perfect stillness of their bedrooms. If tired, they slept, it was as simple as that.

Though frankly speaking, even in this sense Dominic was still a little bit more extreme than his brother, because Dominic usually didn't fall asleep until he was downright exhausted, and thus could sleep through an earthquake, but when Daniel fell asleep, it was because he was either tired and needing his rest, or simply bored, and there were still things that would easily wake him up, such as sudden loud noises and people grabbing his shoulder and shaking him. He usually didn't need for a marching band to invade his bedroom before he would most reluctantly awake. That was Dominic; exuberant and sprightly, energetic to the core, except when he had just woken up. It would often take him several minutes to shake off the sleepiness, and in the meantime he'd usually be groggy and disoriented, and had even been known to hold an entire, nonsensical and incoherent conversation with someone, before realizing he - along with everyone else present - had no idea what he was talking about.

Daniel on the other hand, because he didn't go to bed only when he was exhausted, usually woke up well rested and ready to start his day. Or, as was the case here, continue it. He'd drifted off to sleep quite easily in the tent here at the Syrinx Music Festival camp site, since despite the constant clamour around him, the sounds had all soon merged together into soft, steady hum, a background noise that due to it's even volume soon offered no sudden and unexpected explosions of sound, and thus allowed him to fall asleep. Despite the partying nearby, despite the unfamiliar surroundings, despite the unusual hardness of his "bed", and despite the heat thickening the air. He was sweaty, and excited both to be here and to get to surprise Dominic, but gosh darn it, he still managed to doze off. And not just for a little while, but for three whole hours, waking up only when a perky sound from his cell phone nearby announced an incoming text message. By then, the tent was somewhat cooler - though far from being actually cool - not to mention darker, and he squinted at the lit up screen of the phone to try and catch the time.

"Christ...", he mumbled to himself when he realized how long he'd slept, and within seconds had started crawling out of the tent, grabbing the cell and a fresh T-shirt from his bag in the process.

Stumbling out into the fresh air, he found Lara sitting outside the tent with her sketch pad and a candy bar, right where he'd left her.

"Nicky will never live it down if you last longer than he does", she announced with a smile as he pulled on the shirt, and then shot her a grin at her comment while straightening it and running his fingers through his hair.

Amen to that. Dominic had never been able to accept being outdone by his little brother - or anyone, for that matter - in anything. Except maybe sports, where it was plain to see that Dominic didn't stand a chance if competing against Daniel. Daniel was both faster and stronger, and had a far better aim, and while Dominic would probably claim otherwise, he hadn't been able to take Daniel in a brotherly wrestling match since Daniel was fourteen years old.
Then again, in Dominic's defence - or so Dominic himself would make sure to point out - he'd never been all that interested in sports, and so naturally hadn't developed a talent for it either. Though that of course only applied to the matters where Dominic was inferior. Where he was superior, it was a matter of just being better, plain and simple.
So indeed, with partying being one of the things he did better than most anyone, to Dominic, crashing before Daniel did was so not an option. It would be a blow to his self esteem that, much like Lara said, he might not be able to take. Which would only make it all the more fun if Daniel really did last longer. Though realist that he was, and knowing from experience the first-class party animal that Dominic was, he doubted it.

"God knows his ego could use the experience", he grinned however, while flipping his cell phone open to see who the text message he'd received was from, though not before adding in a somewhat more serious tone; "Why didn't you wake me? I didn't mean to sleep this long..."

Though Lara didn't get much of a chance to reply, because in the next moment, Daniel's eyes landed on the name of the person who'd sent the text, and his face lit up in another smile as he read the message it contained.

"Dominic's here", he proclaimed. "Finally."

As it turned out, Lara had gotten a similar text message only a couple of minutes earlier, in which Dominic had declared that he now intended to party until he dropped - and knowing him, he meant it, literally - and so since that was all that his girlfriend and brother had been waiting for, it was only minutes until they had equipped themselves with what they might come to need during the evening - money, identification, cell phones, and clothes - and were off to try and locate one of the entrances to the backstage area. With the vastness of the area, as well as the unfamiliarity of it, it took them a little while to catch their bearings, despite the festival area map that Daniel had printed from the Internet before leaving. But eventually, they found a good starting point at the makeshift police headquarters, and from there on, the rest proved a piece of cake. The backstage area itself - sealed off from the curious masses by a tall fence covered by plastic screens in order to provide the artists with some privacy - was easily spotted from there, and the walk to the nearest entrance, heavily guarded by burly security guards, wasn't a very long one. All they had to do was follow along the main road, and voil, there it was.

It was actually getting through, that would turn out to be the tricky part. Without backstage passes, the guards barely even glanced at them - though still somehow managed quite successfully to block their paths, as though thinking Lara and Daniel would suddenly decide to try and force their way through - and so it took a few minutes before they were able to explain that they were the guests of one of the performers, and that backstage passes would have been set aside for them and left with the security staff, for them to collect on arrival. That was followed by a minor debate among the guards, some of whom claimed they'd heard nothing about it, and some claiming they had, but didn't know who had the guest list. Eventually, one of their superiors was summoned over the radio, and arrived upon the scene about fifteen minutes after Lara and Daniel, carrying with him - lo and behold - a copy of the guest list. Lara's and Daniel's names then found on the list, and their ID's checked, they were finally allowed to pass through the gate.

"Geez", Daniel said as he and Lara were beginning to distance themselves from the whole debacle. "One would hope they'll be better organised when the festival really kicks off!"

Though only a second later, he was ready to shake it all off, and so started looking around himself, both in order to take in these new and rather exclusive surroundings, with Lord knows what celebrities waiting around the corner, but also in search of some clue as to where his brother might be found.

"Now how do we find Nicky?"

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Default Dominic with Lavinia, groupie (Lori) and many others - VIP lounge

As any artist who had ever been on the road would have been able to tell you, touring wasn't always just fun and games, an endless line of parties and good times. It often included a lot of waiting, either on the bus or the airplane, as well as the airport, and sometimes even the venues themselves while things were being set up and the sound check run. There were constantly people around you, with little chance of privacy for more than an hour or so, maximum. People that you lived with pretty much twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and all of them with their own traits and quirks that you'd have to accept and adapt to. It got crowded, it got intense, people got irritable and mentally worn, and as the tour progressed, the number of daily fights tended to increase, as everyone was starting to get on everyone else's nerves. Eating and sleeping habits would deteriorate, and almost every night you would find yourself at a different hotel, and you'd wake up in the morning not knowing just where the h*ll you were. Cities got confused, days got mixed up, and to top it all off, it was hard to find the time to stay in touch with the people back home.
And that took it's toll on relationships, particularly between lovers.

So far, Dominic and Lara, as a couple, had survived all of Deus Ex Machina's tours and basically Dominic's whole career - with recordings and promotions and lord knows what else in between tours - because they had done their best to do so. Lara, as the ever supportive and nurturing girlfriend, had sacrificed quite a lot to fly out to wherever the band were playing whenever she could, and there had been occasions when she and Dominic had met halfway, in some town at some hotel, just to get to spend a few hours together.

Still, despite their best efforts, there were times when it just wasn't possible, when both their schedules were too packed or they were too far away from one another to be able to make it, and roughly, they only got to see each other once or twice a month. And to a virile young man like Dominic, with his exuberant sensuality, and the stress he was under often channelling into sexual frustration, not to mention every show leaving him feeling exhilarated, turned on even, the need for outlets would grow strong. Outlets were essential, or he would go crazy. Often he tried to take care of it himself somehow - be it through an intimate phone conversation with Lara, or by simply taking matters completely into his own hands - but with beautiful and enticingly naughty young women throwing themselves at him, the temptation of having a real, warm body close to him, instead of an imaginary one, sometimes got to be too much for him.

Tonight, partying it up with the rest of the band and a bunch of friends in the VIP lounge, was starting to look much like one such occasion. It had been almost two weeks now since he'd seen Lara, and he'd been brimming with pent up frustration for the past couple of days. And last night sure hadn't helped, nor the ordeal he'd had to suffer through earlier today. He needed to blow off steam in a major way. Which was why when he found himself in the crosshairs of that vixen that had made her interest in him blatantly obvious - a darkhaired gothic beauty with blood red lips and an outfit consisting of a mesh top with a black bra underneath it, and a black latex mini skirt, and whose intentions were flashing like neon signs in her hungry eyes - a naughty smirk had emerged on his lips, and even naughtier thoughts in his head.
His mind never did need much incentive to wind up in the gutter.

Though he didn't act on it right away. He'd been complaining all day about being bored, and had harassed pretty much everyone he knew through phone calls and text messages in his desire for some good company, even if it was just electronically, and now that he was finally surrounded by a partying crowd, with plenty of people that he knew, he would make sure to enjoy it. It was as though once he knew release was within reach, he found the peace of mind take his time getting around to it. Sort of. In the case of Lara, she was mostly attacked on sight, but that had as much to do with how horny Dominic was, as it did with how much he'd missed her. Not just sex, but her. And, of course, sex with her.

But, with almost two weeks since he'd last seen her, and a couple of days left to go before he'd get to see her, not to mention his sexual frustration running dangerously high in him already... He was more than a little susceptible to the interest of others, and so when after a while - two drinks and one quick trip to the bathroom to do a starting line of cocaine, to be exact (which, frankly, didn't make it any easier for him to keep it in his pants, since it only made his urge to get laid shoot through the roof) - the person seated next to him in the large booth rose to head for the bar, and the young lady seized the opportunity to slip gracefully in to fill the void, her hand landing on Dominic's thigh before he'd even had time to notice her presence, protesting or rejecting the gesture was the last thing on Dominic's mind. It may be quite the cheap move on her part, but it did tap directly into the flaming river of sexual tension and need for release coursing through his veins, and so it wasn't long before her hands had started freely exploring both this and that of his physique, fingertips running across his chest, nails digging into his thigh and brushing against his groin, lips grazing his neck and ear. The young lady was determined to keep her claws firmly buried in him, and to not let him forget that she was there.

Though it didn't stop Dominic from fully enjoying the party experience as well, joining in the banter and the laughter of the increasingly rowdy gathering around the tables Deus Ex Machina and their friends occupied.

"Oh, that reminds me", Dominic said suddenly during a newly started conversation about song writing, as Lavinia's return to the table - after a much appreciated performance on top of another - got him thinking of the melody he had been working on while on the train, trying to keep his sanity, and that he'd wanted to share with the others; Lavinia and Shane in particular, since along with Dominic, they made up the trio that wrote 99% of the music for the band's songs. "There's something I wanna run by you guys. Hey, Jim, can I?"

Arm outstretched towards Jim, who was standing across the table from him, Dominic flicked his fingers in apparent request for the acoustic guitar Jim had been carrying around, and upon receiving it set it down on his knee and gripped the neck loosely, while he looked around the table to make sure he had the other band member's attention (as well as everyone else's of course, but that was mostly just a bonus).

"I was just messing around on the train, and, you know how we said we need a darker vibe for 'The Dying of the Light'? What if I went something like this, for the bridge?"

While he spoke, his fingers had found their way to the first chord - after so many years of playing, Dominic could play guitar blindfolded and upside down if he had to, and another stage antic of his was to even put the guitar behind his head and play a few notes, just to show off - and with the majority's attention now aimed at him, started practically dancing along the neck of the guitar, while his other hand picked at the strings over the sound hole, calling forth a short but intricately ominous melody.

"Yeah", Shane confirmed once he was done, and gave a slight but enthusiastic nod. "That's perfect."

Dominic grinned contentedly, and lifted the guitar to hand it back to Jim.

"I agree", Asher said, though a little more thoughtfully than Shane. "Though wouldn't it sound better if we both played it?"

The lead guitarist glanced up at him, as he reclined in his seat and placed his arm back around Lori, the young lady who seemed hell-bent on bedding him, and thus kept herself glued to him.

"Yeah", he said. "But don't worry, we'll work out something similar for you, something more basic."

Asher quirked a brow.


"Cuz you can't play this", Dominic stated calmly.

At that, Asher first blinked with surprise, and then gave an indignant scoff;

"The hell I can't!"

"Asher", Dominic said, his voice still calm and casual, with a hint of dismissal, as though he was trying to explain to someone who just wouldn't understand their limitations... which was exactly what he figured he was doing; "You're not good enough. Stick to your power chords, and I'll handle the rest, okay? I'm the better guitarist."

Across the table, Asher's eyes darkened with anger and offense, and it seemed as though had looks been able to kill, Dominic's time on this earth would have been up.

"You're such an *sshole", the singer spat, and then reached for his almost empty drink and left the table in a huff, heading towards the bar.

Dominic on the other hand, merely looked at the others and gave a lopsided smirk and a carefree shrug at the whole thing, as though he was completely innocent and had no idea why Asher had gotten so pissed off.

(((ooc: Sorry for the possibly cheesy title, but... I just needed a random title. I blame Alissa and Dylan Thomas. *nod*)))

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Default Lara and Danny - Campsite to Launch Party

Making Dominic de Vere eat his ego was a truly amusing sight, anyone whose seen it happen would tell you. And it’s truly remarkable, because it happened to rarely. Maybe it was because Dominic just tried so hard to win at what he considered his territory, but mostly, Lara figured it was because he just wouldn’t admit defeat even if that was the situation at hand; he’d just brush it off claiming he just hadn’t been trying hard enough.
It was sort of adorable, really.
But still as funny as hell, and so, she teased the matter a little in instigating Danny to give his brother a run for his money. Or rather try, given that Danny was new to it all, and Dominic had... pretty much garnered enough experience to write a book on how to party hard. Then again, Danny was sensible in pacing himself properly; Dominic was anything but.
This was going to be interesting, that was for sure. Who knew, maybe Danny was a dark horse and the partying thing ran in the family?

"God knows his ego could use the experience,” Danny grinned in spirit of their jovial sibling rivalry and Lara responded with a small laugh, the potential image of Dominic’s reaction to losing flashing in her head, while Danny’s eyes scanned his cellphone. "Why didn't you wake me? I didn't mean to sleep this long..."

Oh. Well... she hadn’t really been sure how long he’d meant to sleep, but really, sleep was good for him, especially since he wasn’t used to it all, and it wasn’t wise to wear himself out on his first night at the festival.

"Dominic's here,” he suddenly announced before Lara could explain, his face bright with enthusiasm that Lara figured had at least a little to do with how much he’d missed his big brother, as well as how much he was looking forward to the festival kicking off. "Finally."

Yeah, he’d texted her too, but she hadn’t brought it up just yet, deciding not rush Danny out of rest following the long journey, but she shared his enthusiasm; she couldn’t wait to see him. More, she couldn’t wait to see what he’d get up to, because especially with his own little brother in the audience, it was just incentive for Dominic to up his tricks to really put on a show. More than usual, that is. She got worried, she made sure she kept an eye on him to stop him going too far and actually do something harmful to himself or someone else – most likely himself – but Lara had to admit that she was a fan of the antics he put on, just as she was a fan of his.

So they wasted no time in getting all the things they needed – including identification given that Lara looked even younger than she already was, and Danny was on the verge of being of acceptable age – and setting off to the entrances to the backstage area in search of the launch party that they could be sure that Dominic was at, even if he hadn’t specified in his text. Thanks to Danny having been organised over it all – again, stark contrast between brothers because not only have Dominic winged it, he’d have flat out refused to stop and ask for directions – they had a map to navigate with and soon enough, found their way to the backstage centre.
There the problems began, and Lara could understand because the guards surely had masses of people to work with, while the performers leaving the guestpasses only did it for a small group of people at most, so she kept patient while they sorted through the situation, knowing that Danny was getting frustrated about it, what with his excitement and enthusiasm slowly turning to frustration as the guards didn’t cooperate, but Lara, as ever kept cool and calm and understanding over it all, and soon enough, it was all sorted. However, and understandably, not soon enough for Danny;

"Geez," he exclaimed as they passed through the double doors leading into the launch party and Lara’s eyes were already scanning the crowd for Dominic’s familiar, fetching and much missed visage. "One would hope they'll be better organised when the festival really kicks off!"
To that, the already preoccupied Lara simply responded with a “mm-hmm”, knowing that she was really here more for the company than the festival itself.
"Now how do we find Nicky?"

“Follow the crowd?” she quipped back with a laugh that lit up her eyes as she locked her gaze onto the person she’d been looking for, only to have it drain painfully and almost instantaneously as she grasped the situation around him, particularly the pretty, young girl that was blanketed around him, her hands and lips invading onto territories that Lara had always claimed as private for herself and Dominic. Her heart slowly sank into her stomach as she watched him make no move to stop it, instead looking like he was used to it all, and the corners of her lush lips dropped down as her breath hitched, eyes fixated and unable to look away, unable to really process or accept her first idea as to what was going on, because she knew it, she’d been thinking it all along and then figuring she was stupid for thinking it, but here it was.
She snapped out of it, drawing too sharp a breath, her delicate hands rubbing roughly against the back of her neck as she looked down, away, pretending it hadn’t happened and she hadn’t seen it, and therefore didn’t have to think about it.

“Maybe you should call him?” she stupidly suggested to Danny – then realising the cellphone wouldn’t be heard anyway, if he bothered to answer – but more worried about how shaky her voice came out sounding, and how the sound scraped against her suddenly dry throat. "I mean... text him...?"

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Default Application: Rio Adams

Name: Rio Adams, alias Rio Vance
Age: 19
Type of visitor: Visitor/other
Occupation: College student, model/actor for adult gay oriented website.

Army brat. Loser. Fag. Freak. Those are just some of the labels Rio Adams has been called over the years, and not a single one of them has managed to define him a single bit better than any the rest have. For while they all contain a grain of truth, there's still so much more to Rio than that, and he would never define himself through terms so simple. Or cheap, for that matter.

Let's start with the "army brat", shall we?
Indeed, that would perhaps be one of the slightly more extensive ones, because while he might be far more than that, he is also just that; a so-called army brat. With his part American, part Italian father working as a training officer in the US Army, Rio grew up on various military bases around the country, him and his mother following his father to live with him wherever he happened to be stationed. East coast, west coast, north, south, he's seen them all. Although many of them remain a blur in his memory, because to a child, it's really not all that important where you live, just that you have your parents with you, and friends to play with. As a child, Rio always did. Having had to go through the process of making new friends all over again as soon as they arrived at a new base, he'd soon grown to become a fairly confident and outgoing boy, and it never took him more than a day or two to find someone to play with. And someone to get up to nothing good with. Despite his parents' strict discipline and high morals - or rather, his father's, as he was the man of the house, and his mother was more of a demure and submissive housewife - Rio just loved causing mischief and go on adventures. Never really anything truly bad or dangerous, but just the usual children's games. Sure, whenever caught it tended to result in lenghty lectures, punishments such as being grounded, and also the occasional spanking or belting, and while especially the latter might have a rather dampening effect on his spirits, it never lasted more than a few days.

Next in line; "loser"?
Well, that one would be among the more debatable ones. It isn't that Rio is in any way dense or unintelligent. That has nothing whatsoever to do with the average (at best) grades he got in school. He was a bright boy, who over the years grew up to be a bright young man. But with the constant moving around and the school hopping that came with it, it was always difficult for him to achieve anything even resembling a consistency in his education. Every teacher had their own way of doing things, every class had their own pace, which in the long-run meant that Rio kept going back and forth between being far ahead of everyone, and being far behind everyone. Only rarely did he manage to fall into the same place of learning as the rest of his class. Though granted, with the rest of the kids in the class also being army brats, sometimes there really wasn't any place to fall into, since the majority were having the same problem.
So, Rio's bad, barely passing grades were never a reflection of his intelligence, but rather a reflection of his outward circumstances, and the resignation and disinterest that eventually came with it; after all, if all his hard work to keep up was only going to turn out to be for nothing the next time they moved, why bother with it?

That brings us to "fag".
Now that one, is true. There's no denying that. Although Rio himself would prefer simply "gay", since "fag" tends to bring with it this huge pile of preconceived notions that he's feminine and acts like a girl, and that when speaking, he sounds like a grade A bimbo on speed. He may be slender and somewhat delicate, but he is still most definitely a guy. A guy that just happens to be attracted to other guys. It's as simple as that.
At least, it is these days. It wasn't always.
By the age of fourteen, he'd had a couple of encounters with girls. Fairly innocent encounters, but no less of a romantic kind because of it. Sort of. At the time he'd thought it'd been romance. There had been a kiss or two exchanged between himself and a couple of girls since the age of twelve, and he'd even "gone steady" with one of them for a few weeks. And all the while, he'd been thinking that even though the feeling of pressing his lips carefully against a girl's was nice, it was just that; nice. Nothing more. The fireworks and all the other hoopla everyone was talking about, just wasn't there for him. Instead, he found himself far more intrigued by the idea of kissing another boy, wondering to himself what'd it be like, and trying to picture himself doing it. There was this boy down the street at the time, Cale, whom Rio hung out with quite a bit, and who had the most inviting pair of lips Rio had ever seen. Though he never acted on it. Boys who kissed other boys just weren't "right in the head", as he'd heard his father say once, and so Rio tried his best to ignore those urges. But, on his fifteenth birthday, it all became painfully clear to him that wrong or not, he didn't like girls. As a birthday present, Vicki, the sixteen year old girl from next door, had dragged him away from his own party and up to his room, and started asking him all kinds of questions about whether he'd ever done this or ever done that to a girl, only to then announce that she wanted to be his first. "Awkward" didn't even begin to describe the situation when despite her best efforts to turn him on, nothing really happened, and Rio eventually managed to escape, his cheeks flushing red in embarrassment, and humiliation.
Six months later, he announced to his parents that he was gay. Shortly after his birthday, with the memories of how flustered and distressed he'd felt with Vicki still haunting him, he'd ventured off the base, and caught the bus into town, and there sought out this club he'd heard of, notorious on the base for the "perversion" that went on in there. Although far too young to enter, he'd hung around outside, watching the people who came and went, and putting himself in the middle of it. It hadn't been long before he'd caught the interest of a young man, and eventually ended up in the alley around the corner, making out. And, with the fireworks and the excitement he'd never felt with girls now surging through him, that's when he knew. He was most definitely gay.
It took him another few months to work up the courage to come out, but despite his mother's crying and wailing, and his father's fit of anger - later to cool to a simmering resentment as soon as the subject came up - he's never regretted it.

And as for "freak"?
Well, that one started occurring right after "fag", and so had more to do with that, than with Rio himself; people so hopped up on prejudice that anything that made you different from them, made you an alien. A freak. Rio's used to it by now, and tries to not let it get to him. And with the fairly recent change of enviroment, that came with starting college a year ago, he's now surrounded by people who are generally a bit more openminded, and less judgemental.


Anything else you'd like to add:

Is a photography major.

Is friends with Lara Abbott. They met as a result of her being made his mentor when he first started college.

A few months into his first year at college, he was approached about doing a bit of modelling/acting for a gay oriented porn site specializing on young emo guys and ad-lib pictures/videos. He eventually accepted, more out of curiousity than anything, but turned out to quite enjoy it. By now, he's one of the site's main features, going by the alias Rio Vance. However, his family doesn't know, nor do most of his friends.

Knows he has an older half-sister somewhere, from one of his father's earlier relationships. He knows her name is Lavinia, and has for various reasons (partly because of the things he's been told by his father, and partly because of his own research) come to suspect that it might be none other than Lavinia Sinclair, of Deus Ex Machina.

His current boyfriend is Brad Dreyer, the 24 y/o bassist in Tears of Andromeda; a somewhat known emo band, who are making their first appearance at the Syrinx Music Festival this year. However, their relationship has yet to make it into the media, since as "just" the bass player of a small band, Brad's lovelife yet isn't of very much interest to the press.

- - - - - - - - - -


Name: Rio Adams
Nickname: none
Instrument: Eh... myself? And others? ;-)
Previous bands: none
Siblings: Remains to be seen
Food of choice: Mexican
Drink of choice: Chai latte. If alcoholic, Long Island Iced Tea
Weapon of choice: I'm part Italian, so I figure I'm expected to say Beretta here?
Accessory of choice: Belts and belt chains. And my camera.
Movie of choice: Memento. And Fight Club. I like movies that mess with my head.
Most inspirational artist (musician or not): Anton Corbijn
Never goes on stage without: I don't go on stage, but if I did, I'd never do it without a crowd!
Lucky charm: Thin leather strap bracelet on my left wrist.
Preferred time of day and why: Every time of day has it's charm, though I tend to like the evening; no classes!
If in an emergency, the one person you'd first think to call, and why: Depends on the situation,
but either my boyfriend or my dad. We're not all that close, but he's good in crisis situations.
Personal quote: "Wait, is that my ass?" (Don't ask!)

(((ooc: Open to plots and storylines, and the part of his boyfriend is up for grabs. )))

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Default Lavinia, Dominic & the rest of the gang - The Lounge

Sooner or later, parties for Lavinia tended to blur into a dizzying swirl of alcohol-soaked memories, leaving her halfway unsure how she'd managed to find her way to the spot where she'd eventually crashed into a stupor-like sleep, or precisely how the party had ended. Sometimes she was guided by whoever was most sober among her fellow revellers, other times she just stumbled along on her own, but she usually managed to find a good, relatively safe spot to sleep it off...usually. Accidents happened, of course. That, however, only happened towards the end of a night's partying, after she'd imbued enough alcohol to fell a horse. Until then, Lavinia maintained an enviable level of self-control, which didn't actually say much considering how few inhibitions she had, but it did allow her to record the event into her memories to later reminisce upon. More than once she'd used it to taunt to other guys who often ended up not knowing what they'd done and with whom, leading to plenty of hilarious banter.

As the hours pressed on and the gathering grew more and more rowdy, Lavinia was beginning to cross the line from sober to pleasantly buzzed, but her energy was still very much intact. In fact, one could say she had too much of it, for she could scarcely keep herself in one place more than fifteen minutes before dashing off to join the dancing crowd. The others came and went too, so it was a while before all of DEM's members were once again congregated around the table, Dominic and his newest “acquisition” included. Lavinia observed them briefly, a lazy smirk tingeing her lips, for she could see very well where this was going. During a couple of dances, she herself had been getting rather frisky with Arnold, who looked just as sexy as she remembered , and was currently contemplating getting to know him even better, in an up-close and personal kind of way. A girl had her needs, and Dominic wasn't the only one feeling the strain of pent-up sexual frustration.

When the conversation turned to the topic of song composition, minds were temporarily dragged out of the gutter by Dominic's mention of a new piece he'd apparently been working on, and wanted to pass it by the rest of the band. No-one argued, and Lavinia in particular straightened in her seat, leaning in closer as to better hear each note, considering the lounge wasn't entirely silent, her expression changing from interested to approving as he skilfully strummed the guitar's chords to produce a haunting melody. That...could definitely work.

"Yeah" Shane declared, much to Dominic's satisfaction, "That's perfect."

Clapping loudly and ostentatiously as to prove her point, Lavinia chimed in. Asher on the other hand seemed thoughtful, and his comment turned out to be somewhat more guarded:

"I agree", he said. "Though wouldn't it sound better if we both played it?"

Lavinia's eyes darted from the singer to Nicky and back, vaguely anticipating some sort of drama, because the two were known to disagree on several things when it came to music, and Asher didn't like the fact that he had little contribution to the band's repertoire. As it turned out, she wasn't wrong:

"Yeah", Dominic said. "But don't worry, we'll work out something similar for you, something more basic."


From there, it all went downhill very fast, and before long Asher was storming off in the general direction of the bar, leaving the rest in the first moment of awkward silence since the night began, somewhere between feeling amused and sorry for the guy. That was certainly how Lavinia felt, so when Dominic shrugged it off with a smirk, she couldn't help but remark:

"Dude, that was about as subtle as a bulldozer on steroids."

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Default Daniel and Lara - tracking down Dominic and the others

"Follow the crowd?"

Having had quite a bit of experience in the arts of locating her party animal of a boyfriend, Lara's suggested method of finding him this time around was delivered almost back-to-back to Daniel's question, as though it was an answer that she didn't have to spend even a second to think about. Almost like a reflex of sorts. And a sensible reflex/suggestion it was, too, because with Dominic finally on site after a much tedious (or, as Dominic himself had put it in one of his text messages, "'Just-kill-me-now' boring") journey by himself, he was bound to be bursting at the seams with a need for attention. He'd be craving it like others would crave water after a long trip through the blistering desert, and so was bound to be found acting the life of the party.

Scanning the backstage area, it wasn't hard to see where that was likely to be; in front of them laid a building from which people were drifting in and out in a steady flow of moving bodies, music and laughter spilling out from inside along with the departees, and making it clear that this was the hot spot of the backstage area; the VIP lounge. If he was not out and about somewhere on the public party area, pulling his antics to keep his audience of adoring fans enthralled, this would definitely be where they'd find Dominic. Most likely pulling his antics to keep his audience of friends and aquaintances enthralled. Or at the very least entertained.

With backstage passes now hanging around their necks to show that they belonged, Daniel and Lara had no trouble whatsoever getting in, apart from maybe having to find the right opportunity to work themselves physically through the crowded doorway. The bouncers outside merely glanced at their passes and then were done with them, and when only seconds later a big, burly man - by the looks of it a roadie - pushed his way out of the lounge, Danny and Lara, who even together were smaller than his imposing frame, used the trail of space he'd left as he'd plowed through, to slip inside, into the crowd, and the music and the faintly smokey air surrounding it.

That, however, was where their attentions briefly parted ways. To Lara, the experience wasn't an entirely new one, since she'd flown out to quite a few of Dominic's shows already, and thus had been around backstage areas before, with all the partying celebrities that came with it. But to young Daniel, it was an entirely new experience, and so while Lara remained focused on finding Dominic, Daniel couldn't help but to start looking around himself in gleeful wonderment, drinking in the atmosphere, but trying not to appear like too much of a greenhorn. As a result, when Lara soon spotted Dominic, Daniel was nowhere near doing the same, since for a brief moment, he'd completely forgotten all about his brother. He didn't even register the way that her mood took a sudden nosedive, from excited and humorous, to quiet and almost shrinking.
Though he did still hear what she said:

"Maybe you should call him? I mean... text him...?"

Daniel's dark brows furrowed slightly in confusion, as he tore his gaze away from the rock'n'roll themed interior of the lounge to look at her. Text Nicky? And get him to reveal his position how exactly? Daniel and Lara being here was supposed to be a surprise, and Daniel wasn't going to ruin the blast it would be to see Dominic's face when he saw them, by asking for details on where Dominic was hanging out, and give him cause to grown suspicious.

"We can't do that", he pointed out, and with Lara's face at an angle that he couldn't properly see it, still didn't pick up on her sudden mood swing. "He'll figure it o-... Wait, I think I see him!"

While he was speaking, he had started scanning the crowd much like Lara had just a little while ago, and just like her, it didn't take him many seconds to spot Dominic. Though unlike her, he didn't notice the young woman clinging to him.

"Yeah, there he is!", he added excitedly when a longer glimpse had confirmed that it was indeed Dominic, pointing with one hand, and grabbing Lara's wrist with the other. "C'mon!"

Thus began their journey across the crowded floor of the lounge, Daniel dragging Lara with him and slipping in between people wherever a temporary pathway opened up. And with people constantly blocking a clear view, it wasn't until he pushed himself and Lara through the last human barrier separating the two of them from the table where Dominic, the band, and their friends were sitting, that his eyes finally locked on the darkhaired vixen who had her hands all over Dominic, and his arm around her shoulder.

"Hey N-...", he started, but his voice died at the very same moment, while a shadow of confusion flitted across his features, closely followed by shock as it dawned on him what he was seeing.


(((ooc: Dominic coming tomorrow, hopefully, to tie it all together and give something to actually reply to. I have most of his post written up, but I just don't have it in me to finish it tonight. )))

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