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#551 Old 3rd Jan 2015 at 5:33 PM
Ooo. It would appear I haven't wrote about my mega-hood on here yet:

Pleasants: After Daniel tried to woohoo Kaylynn, but she refused - he gave up for a bit. Angela got Romance as her secondary aspiration and boy did she suit it. She soon woohooed Dustin, Dirk (causing Lilith and him to break up), Peter Ottomas, Rick Contrary and Don Lothario - resulting in a pregnancy. Lilith got upset and ran away from home, and that's when things really did get ugly for Angela. Her parents realized she wasn't the special snowflake they thought she was. Mary-Sue found out she was pregnant too, so she told Angela to get out of the house before the baby was born. Angela moved in with her fiancé Rick Contrary in a half-way house in DV and gave birth to little Bea ("Be pleasant") - who turned out to be Dustins. Daniel went to a bar one night downtown and ended up woohooing Kaylynn - resulting in a pregnancy. Lilith went to college and got engaged to Tybalt Capp, who graduated a few years before her. She's currently in her 3rd year. Mary-Sue had baby Geoff Pleasant - She was pretty upset when neither of his sister's wanted to visit him, not even on his first birthday. Kaylynn gave birth too - I can't remember what gender the baby was, but I remember planning on calling it 'Kyle' for a boy.

Goths: Cassandra caught Don cheating when he autonomously kissed Dina before the wedding. She dated Darren for 1 rotation, but that didn't work out so they decided to just be friends. I set her up with Timothy Riley - which luckily she accepted. I only set them up because my names Cassandra and my boyfriend is named Timothy. They live in Belladonna Cove and recently had a son together named Harvey. Mortimer married Dina and had a daughter with her named Martha Goth - though Dina is thinking of leaving him for Malcolm Landgraab IV (his marriage to Daisy Greenman is falling apart). Alexander is going to college soon, he recently went on a blind date with... fake Bella Goth, and they enjoyed it. So I decided to rename her, and give her a makeover - the story behind it is that fake Bella (now named 'Isabella Gough') was impersonating Bella for attention, being that she had a bad life growing up in Strangetown. Alexander saw through that and loved her for who she was, so she went back to how she looked before she was pretending to be Bella. If that makes sense. Real Bella Goth went to Strangetown in search of the 'fake Bella' and ended up falling in love with Vidcund Curious. Who had an alien daughter (Nova) a day before she gave birth to his twins (can't remember their names), and he then got alien pregnant again.

Dreamer/Broke: Being that Darren and Dirk didn't really do much that wasn't already said in the Goth's/Pleasant's paragraph, its easier to just put the Brokes and Dreamer stories together. Brandi gave birth to baby Mark. She and Darren started dating during her pregnancy, and were living together by the time Mark was a 3 days from becoming a child. They live in a rather large house in Pleasantview. Darren continues to paint to make money. Both Dirk and Dustin work - Dirk in Law and Dustin in the music career. I think Beau is either 1 rotation away from becoming a teenager, or did so this rotation - but I can't remember. Brandi and Darren had a son together named David Dreamer, born shortly after their wedding. Dirk and Dustin don't know each other are romantically involved with Angela, but both decided to break it off with her on the same day. Dirk is now seeing Melody Tinker and after Dustin started to do better at school and became very ambitious - Sandra Roth is very interested in him. They only have a crush on each other at the moment, but that's okay. Sandra went off to college and Dustin plans on following the year after. Brandi is currently pregnant again, and with 4 sons and 1 step-son, she's really hoping this one will be a girl, but yknow - as long as its healthy. Dustin is still completely unaware that he has a daughter.

Lothario: Don's LTW is to have 20 simultaneous lovers. So far he has: Kaylynn, Chloe Curious, Dina, Nina, Real Bella Goth, Angela Pleasant, Roxie Sharp, Sharon Wirth - and maybe a few more but I can't remember (I know he has 11 overall). He isn't aware that he has a son, Abacus, by Chloe Curious, but knows that Sharon Wirth is currently pregnant with his child. He's a family secondary, and is currently rolling constant wants to get engaged to one of his many lovers. I think he's finally ready to settle down but I really want to get him his lifetime want first and I'm not fully sure who exactly he's going to settle down with - seeing as even when he's on dates he rolls multiple wants to get engaged at once. Most of the time all 4 want slots are taken up by "get engaged to X". Chloe Curious has family as a secondary too BUT it wouldn't work out with those two together because she's an alien and aliens don't leave strangetown, and Don has no interest in moving out of Pleasantview.

Caliente: Dina married Mortimer and live in the Goth mansion. Nina started an 'open relationship' with Ashley Pitts. They ended up having a child together - Valentíne Caliente. After Ashley Graduated he moved in and they moved into a slightly bigger house I built on an empty lot a street down from the condo. (Don't worry, I moved the urn to a community lot first). Their relationship is still open, and Nina is also woohooing Carlos Contender and Don Lothario on the side, but Ashley stopped seeing Heather Huffington and Brittany Upsnot on the side as soon as he found out Nina was pregnant.

Burbs: The Burbs decided it was cheaper for them to move downtown for a little bit. Jennifer Burb became a business woman, and soon after having son Adam she decided family life wasn't really for her and that it was ruining her career. She broke up with John and left him to raise Lucy and Adam in a tiny house. She then moved into a flashy apartment in Belladonna Cove and lives with a random room-mate she is somewhat interested in. She's had a few flings with Carlos Contender, and I think she's one of Don's lovers but I'm not 100% sure. John adopted 2 cats - toothless and Booties for the kids. Him and Mary Gavigan have been dating a while and are thinking of moving in together, though they would need quite a large house seeing as Mary has custody of her and Nathan's twins. Lacy became a teenager, and I think Adam is a either a child, or will become one this rotation.

Oldies: They own a cat named 'Sweets'. There isn't really that much going on right now with them. They live in one of the condos and life is pretty simple for them. I'm thinking of sending them on a vacation soon with the money they were originally saving up to afford a little store in Bluewater village (They decided they wanted to spend their golden years having fun, instead of working).

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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#552 Old 25th Jan 2015 at 11:46 PM
Brandi had her third son and named him Gabriel. She sometimes woohoo with Nina Caliente but now that she is an elder I might marry her to someone.
Dustin went to college, graduated and is now married to Angela with a son, Liam. He is working his way up to the top of the medical career (his LTW).
Beau just graduated from college, having maxed Creativity there. His LTW is to woohoo 20 sims and I only have 3/4 left ...
Gabriel will leave for college the next round.

(I can't remember the English name, but it's Julian from FT.) Elder, one step from reaching the top of the Culinary track. He married a premade woman named Maya and had a daughter named Victoria, now a teen.

Dina married Mortimer Goth, but didn't have any children by him. When he died she remarried another rich fellow named Stellan Selander (an elder) and ~10 days before becoming an elder she gave birth to their son, Emmanuel. She began an affair with the now grown up Alexander Goth. The Selander family moved into a mansion thanks to Stellans money and Dina's hard work in the Gamer Career. Stellan died and Emmanuel is now a teenager. Neither Dina nor Stellan liked teaching toddler skills and would automnously cancel it every time :/
Nina Caliente had a son by Don Lothario and named him Armani. They are still living in the condo and Nina is an elder, Armani is a teen. She will soon reach the top of the slacker career.

Don has so far woohooed ~12 women and has reached the top of Medical career. He maintains a good relationship with his teen son Armani and is also in love with all his wonderful ladies, including Cassandra, Kaylynn, Nina & Dina. He is an elder.

Darren recieved the genie lamp and decided to bring back Danielle while Dirk still was a teenager. Everything went well and soon after Dirk went to college the two parents transitioned into elders. They are now dead.
Dirk graduated with 5.0 and married Lilith, who soon gave birth to Theo Dreamer. On his birthday to become a child, Lilith gave birth to twin girls Ramona and Imogene.
Dirk is on good way to become The Law.

Mortimer married Dina and died two hours before the wedding of his daughter.
Cassandra ditched Don and soon after fell in love with Benjamin Long. They married just hours after her father's death and had a baby girl, Isobel, just before Alexander left for college. They then moved out and since Cassandra wanted another baby I went along with it. Turned out to be three of them :/ Connor, Emily and Olivia Long entered this world while Isobel still was a toddler ... I kept Cassandra and Benjamin both home for a week so they could teach everyone their toddler skills etc. I managed! Isobel will be leaving for college soon, just a day younger than Gabriel Broke aka her future husband.
Alexander was really pissed that step mother Dina remarried so quickly. He patched things up with her while in college. He started dating Lucy Burb while they were teens and it carried through ... They are now newlyweds with newborn twins, Gillian and Henry Goth. He is having an affair with his descesed father's second wife, Dina.

Jennifer dances, John was in Law Enforcement but has since becoming an elder retired. Jennifer is and elder but she keps working for that money. They have adopted to dogs and intend to have lots and lots of puppies.
Lucy is a knowledge sim and is trying to find her perfect job (journalism, her LTW) but while waiting works as an actress. Now Lucy Goth, she takes on the role of being the First Lady of Pleasantview.

Daniel hit it on with Kaylynn Langerak but managed to keep Mary-Sue in the dark for a time. Kaylynn even moved in and started working in the Education career. She adopted a girl by her self, Claire (now teen), and after moving out, became pregnant (by the tombstone of L & D and a pretty walk-by sim) and gave birth to girls Alexandra and Hayley (toddlers).
Mary-Sue switched career from Politics to Athlete in order to achieve LTW but fell short on just one day, because she died before she could go to work and be promoted :/
Daniel died one or two days after her, leaving the big house empty.
Angela married Dustin and have a son named Liam (child). They will take over the house as soon as they have the money. She wants to become a Media Magnate (journalism).
Lilith married Dirk and have Theo (child), Ramona & Imogene (babies). They live on 210 Wright Way thanks to inheritance and work money. She is working to be Captian Hero.

Long gone baby. And darn boring too.
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#553 Old 29th Jan 2015 at 7:45 PM
I started playing The Sims 2 as super collection came out on Mac and Pleasantview is all I've been playing! So far...

Cassandra married Winston Locksley (a sim I made) and had a son: Lord William Locksley. I've taken aspects of legacy and royalty challenges into my game which means Pleasantivew has a rather rigid class society system in place. Cassandra cut ties with both Don and Darren, and concentrated on her life as a lady of the Locksley house, making friends with high society. She's now an elder, her husband died and left her and her adult son in their (quite grand) house. Lord William is engaged to a Lady Mary Berkshire. Mortimer lived with Alexander till his death. Alexander now lives in the Goth house alone and will probably marry Lady Helene Berkshire, as she is the only sim of his class eligible to marry him. Lord William is Alexander's nephew and they're most likely marrying a set of sisters! (A side note: lady Mary Berkshire has just had an affair with a baron Vladimirovich and is pregnant. She still lives with her family, so she'll probably leave the baby with her parents before marrying Locksley and having a legitimate child).

Dreamer & Broke
I didn't realize so many people thought Darren belonged to Cassandra! Brandi Broke and Darren Dreamer met and hit it off well in my game, so they got married and raised their children together. I loved playing this house because there was so much going on all the time! The Broke brothers Dustin, Beau and Carl (Brandi's 3rd son) have just moved out into an old converted garage and are dating a few girls from the neighborhood. Dustin is hitting it off with Victoria Caliente, Beau is in love with Lilith Pleasant and Carl is having a sort of slow friendship/ crush on Lucy Burb.

Dina got engaged to Don Lothario and they had twins Victor and Victoria, who are now adults. Dina and Don are elders now and they rolled the want to get engaged but not to get married, so I don't think they will marry. Victor and Victoria have Dina's last name.
Nina initially lived with Dina and Don, but she was so miserable I moved her out and made a sim for her: Peyton Proudlock. They too are engaged but not married and had a child Veronica, who is now an adult. Veronica is likely to end up with Dirk Dreamer.

Mary-Sue and Daniel are elders and married. Mary-Sue fired the maid and the marriage was saved. Lilith and Angela spent a lot of time apologising and hanging out and they eventually became friends. Lilith wants to get engaged to Beau Broke however Beau doesn't have enough money (an aspect of the class system: Lilith is of higher class so either Beau has to work his way up or they can have a child out of wedlock but then that child will have the lower class status and consecutively a harder life). Angela and Victor Caliente were shortly in love as teenagers, so we'll see if that rekindles as adults(they are of different class as well).

Jennifer and John are happily married and Lucy lives with them. They live on a small plot with a little house, a pond for fishing and they grow a lot of food. Jennifer and John are elders and Lucy is an adult. All three max out their fun meters whenever they garden but I think that's just what plants do to sims?

After Winston Locksley died, I moved the Oldies in with Cassandra and her son to raise the boy. They lived quietly and didn't have massive ambitions for changing their situation, so they just kind of lived day to day until their natural deaths. Carol Oldie and Cassandra fell in love, but Carol died immediately after their first kiss. Cassandra just seems to be a bit cursed in her love life I don't kill off sims so they usually just die of old age.

I can't remember if this family was in the base game or not, but I plopped them in the hood and they're advancing in their careers. Priya is very beautiful and I think they'll want to have babies soon. They're the same class as the Pleasants so they could produce offspring eligible to marry Angela or Lilith, but we'll see. I might just time their children with the next generation.

This was an interesting thread to read through!
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#554 Old 29th Jan 2015 at 9:51 PM
i deleted them :/
#555 Old 29th Jan 2015 at 10:59 PM
I hope you aren't playing the hood with your own sims, because that hood is now thoroughly borked. I don't know if there's a version of Pleasantview available for download with the lots intact but no Sims but you should look for one if you want to play Pleasantview without the premades.
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#556 Old 29th Jan 2015 at 11:05 PM
Jawusa is working on one. http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=544800

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . My most recent book is Sullivan, That Summer. Widespot and Widespot RFD: The Subhood are both available here. In case you care.)
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#557 Old 30th Jan 2015 at 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by Andygal
I hope you aren't playing the hood with your own sims, because that hood is now thoroughly borked. I don't know if there's a version of Pleasantview available for download with the lots intact but no Sims but you should look for one if you want to play Pleasantview without the premades.

Eh? Was this in response to my post?
#558 Old 30th Jan 2015 at 12:31 AM
No that was in response to youcrAzy.
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