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Default Deformed stuffed toys and joint assignment?
Right, so I'm sure this question has been answered somewhere, but I can't find it anywhere and I've been searching for nearly two weeks now. So.. I've FINALLY got a hold of the whole modelling and meshing thing.. I've thought vertices and faces were baddies.. but now I've come across the evil mastermind! JOINTS. I have no idea how to assign them.

So my first try was a new teddy bear mesh (some of you might remember it, Mr Bear from the old sitcom Full House), it's basically a teddy wearing a hat and a trenchcoat. So I took the maxis male trenchcoat mesh and sized it down to fit the durable plush teddy mesh, found a hat, put it onto the teddy mesh as well and it was all nice. Then in the game, the coat and the hat didn't show up, just the basic teddy bear mesh. I know now that it was because the new mesh parts weren't assigned to any joints.. so I did just that and... It turned out a deformed mess. Then I tried a hand at a pillow doll (also from Full House). The meshing turned out well and I just edited the teddy mesh this time, making sure I didn't move the vertex thingies too far away from their original position (although I did remove the ears, but I don't think that'd mess up the joints?), since they were already assigned to their original joints. I saved and went into the game and...It was deformed all over again. I just can't get it right and I have so many ideas for playable toys for our simmie tots and kids so can anyone tell me how to assign joints? Or point me to a tutorial that properly explains it?

I apologise in advance for every stupid question I'll ask. Actually sharing my creations instead of just making them for my own game is a whole new area for me ^.^
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