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Test Subject
#226 Old 25th Jan 2015 at 5:49 PM
Default problems with downloading
I am having a problem downloading can someone help
Field Researcher
#227 Old 27th Jan 2015 at 3:16 AM
Originally Posted by lysser0211
I am having a problem downloading can someone help

What download manager are you using to attempt to download with? What browser are you using? What problems are you experiencing that you cannot download? One must explain the troubles one is receiving when requesting help, or how can anyone help when they do not know what problems are occurring?

To Delphy, I Haven't read through the mucho multiple responses to this quite older thread you wrote about your Height Mod, as you might understand, I might never be able to reply if I did.
But I want you to know in case it has not been discussed in this thread about your Sim height mod, which I am using in my Sims Medieval/Pirates and Nobles game, is that the slider works on children sims.
I recently tested it on a male child of my monarch, grew him to the max of the slider, and it works perfectly, no over stretched neck or body parts whatsoever. My monarch also has the mod applied to him, and he is also not only hot and fine, he is perfect and divine, and a bit taller than all in my latest kingdom.

I was shocked to see the mod work on a child though, as a lot of modders seem to acknowledge that children sims cannot be edited in much if any ways, physically especially. Modders have said flatly to me that they cannot due that Maxis didn't spend any real time in developing the children of TSMP&N, like they did for Sims 3 etc. However, I also recently discovered that a new skin for females made by Samko2223 affects children sims, too. The skin made the same changes to children as the adult females it was intended.

This tells me that much more is possible in editing the defaults of sims children at least, than a good deal of modders have discovered, which in my estimation, means more development and breakthroughs are possible. And I, Xeny, an obsessed Watcher of the Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles game, and of my monarch Xylan Darksword, have great hopes, and desires that you, and other modders would seek out these undiscovered possibilities, and henceforth create better, greater mods for the continued enjoyment of the game for all, but more so to help in keeping the game like new, fresh, and exciting so that the game itself has the possibility to last forever as one of the greatest.....or at least until the end of my days....LOL

Thanks Delphy....Xeny and Xylan think Ye are one of the best modders around!

TC, Xeny

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live.
Lab Assistant
#228 Old 10th Jan 2019 at 3:55 AM
does this still work?
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