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Guidelines/Rubrics Changes - posted on 16th Jun 2017 at 6:09 PM
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Test Subject
#926 Old 28th Apr 2017 at 2:36 AM Last edited by Twixxx1 : 28th Apr 2017 at 6:54 PM.
I started this challenge because I just love the idea!
I started with a female found Ginny Sterling. Her LTW was to max painting and guitar. She married the school mascot and I had him Max writing. They had, so far, a son name Jake,
Now to save up 27000 to get a bookstore. I started today and Already have a sim with one maxxed skill.

EDIT: I wasn't paying attention and Ginnys husband was an adult and is now an elder. Boo. Still saving for a book store. Ginny is super close to maxing painting which will get me an art gallery. She also aged up into an adult. They have two sons. Jake and Carter. I think i'm going to have Jake max logic since he is already level 8. Carter will max fishing and gardening.

Sterling Household:
Ginny Sterling (A) - 9/10 painting 9/10 Cooking. Im unsure if I will have her open a bistro or cafe yet or an art gallery. She is so close to both.
Venkat Sterling (E) 10/10 Writing He will get the bookstore
Jake Sterling (Te) 8/10 Logic I have no idea what I'm going to have him unlock yet
Carter Sterling (C) 3/10 Fishing He will defiantly be opening a park of some kind.

Maybe jake can do the Police Dept. I think that would be great. Get some jobs around here. I think I may have him be my heir but idk. It depends on whether or not Carter can max fishing and gardening or logic and gardening. He is up there on logic but then again so is Jake and it may be smarter to have him complete the park. So many decisions to make. I am glad I only had 2 kids though. I can't imagine trying to figure this out for more kids. Yicks.

EDIT AGAIN: I forgot all about the Inheirence and both Ginny and Venkat had enough for me to get 60,000. They were able to buy the bookstore YAY! Now we our first official store and job. I am so excited.
I seriously love this challenge. I am kind of just testing it out to see how long the obsession last and if I complete it I may restart another town and document it.

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN : Ginny maxed cooking and painting I had her open a bistro since she could afford it. I've also had Venkat get a job at the Bookstore and Ginny a job at culinary. I am so excited. They both happened so fast and I am glad that I now have jobs in town because I don't have to worry about a mate and when Venkat dies and his book royalties go away I will have some money coming in from somewhere else.
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