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Default making a sims 2 body animation base for teen sims? disable hair joints? how can i do this?
I've learned how to make custom animations with the sims 2, but i'm trying to figure out how to make a body animation base for TEENAGE sims, like these ones created by Dr.Pixel a long time ago: http://modthesims.info/t/239172

I already read the post there and I understand that adult sims and teenage sims use the same animation joints/base BUT the reason why I need to make an animation base for teens is because the animations i'm making for the teens are also meant to go along with some custom accessory meshes I made for teenage sims and I cant use an adult animation base with those because it would be inaccurate (not sure I worded that right but I hope it made sense to everyone reason this)

My main question is: How do I disable the hair joints in the teen sim body mesh?
I already know how to extract the teen sim body meshes using SimPE and I know how to combine them together by regrouping them together in milkshape, but I just don't know how to disable the animations of the hair bones.
Can someone please tell me how to do that?

Please help <3


I figured it out! :D
I now know how to disable the hair bones in the teenskeleton on milkshape:

you have to do this for all 5 hair joints ( c_hair f_hair r_hair l_hair b_hair)
what you have to do is:

-import a teen skeleton into milkshape from the sims 2
-select any of the five hair joints listed above (you have to do this for all of them though)
-click comments
-in the second line add: "NoAnim:" without the quotation marks.

I did this on a teen male skeleton and tested out on a teen female sim in the game, the animation played perfectly fine without her hair flying anywhere
it did work
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