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Default Chimney link to fireplace - Numenor's Enhanced Templates
I'm working on a fireplace at the moment, using Numenor's 1-tile template with chimney - it's all gone well, working fine, even managed to fiddle with the CRES to move the effect slots, but I've come to an impasse. I'm trying to link the fireplace to the pot belly stove chimney (chimneyFireplaceStovePotBelly) instead of the default (chimneyHearthValue) that comes with the template. At first I thought that the only connection between the two was in the script file, so I edited my fireplace script and copied the chimney values from the basegame fireplaces.txt, where it lists the names for the pot belly stove chimney. No dice. I found a reference to the chimney names in the "model-names" text list entry, so I changed those, but still nothing.

I compared his chimneyless templates to the one I am using and all I can tell from that is that the template without a chimney has custom BHAVs that reference chimneys, but that's above my level of knowledge when it comes to TS2 modding. I'm thinking maybe I'd have to link my fireplace to the pot belly stove BHAVs but not sure how to go about that. And I'm hoping that there is a simpler connection between fireplace and chimney, if anyone has any idea where the connection might be? I just need a little poke in the right direction, I'm frustrated because it seems like it's something simple that I'm just missing.

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