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Default Uploading recolors of a dead site pay item
Hi there!

I hope I found the right place to post this - this was the best category I could find. My question is regarding whether or not I can upload something here.

I have read all the rules and guidelines, and there is just one issue of possibly conflicting information that I am questioning.

I have recolored a vase of flowers that had originated at the Peggyzone website, which by all accounts has been dead now for years. I remember reading "dead since 2012" somewhere but now I can't find it again to post a link. There are forum posts out there from as far back as 2013 saying the site is inaccessible, rumor has it the owner is quitting, and general confusion over the missing items/site. Nothing in my research has suggested that the site or its creations have moved to a new *official* location. There are only third party sites hosting some content due to a combination of it being dead and also having had some special items for paid subscribers.

*Important note* The screenshots of the living room set that the vase of flowers came from has a "Donation" icon in the corner.

First, I read on this Creator Guidelines page that:

Everything required or recommended for an upload must be freely available, without having to pay.

No uploads requiring pay content: We do not host content (for example, recolours of a pay hair or object mesh) that absolutely require pay content to function in-game.

And it seemed obvious to me that no, I can't upload my recolors to MTS because the mesh is a 'donation' item.

However, this piqued my curiosity:

No content from sites that are repositories of unmodified content when it is still available from the original creator, whether these items are pay or free (no Booty or Simscave, torrents, sites full of stolen content or similar, but the Graveyard and sites that offer recolours or modifications with the mesh are okay).

And reading further, this page specifically for Object Recolours states, under the Custom Mesh section, that:

If your creation does require a custom mesh, you may wish to include it in your upload so that downloaders can just get what you've uploaded and not have to go anywhere else.

Once you've identified what mesh it is, you need to check back with the original creator on their site or forum and see what they say about that - look for a FAQ or policies page to see what they have to say about including their meshes.

Do not include meshes that the creator says not to include. If you get special permission to include a mesh that normally cannot be included (or the creator's policies don't say anything) please say in the text of your upload post that you have permission - we can't read your mind! If the creator's site is permanently offline, you can assume they don't mind.

And here is where my question was born.

Yes, the object was once a pay item, when the set was created 10 years ago in 2008. However, the site has been offline since approximately 2013, and has not relocated. At this point, the creator has no way to earn money from the item, or even offer it for download in any way. It is archived on third party sites for (free) download.

Does this make it a pirated item currently, or a salvaged item from a dead site "permanently offline"? Does 'pay item' trump 'dead site and all downloads gone'?
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Hi @TofuSnorlax !

First of all, that's a freaking adorable avatar!

Secondly, basically how we moderate these things is with the mindset of: Don't include things if there is an existing source you can give.
When it comes to paid content: If the existing source still exists and you have to pay for it to use it, then it's a no no.

So in your case, Since there is no source nor can you pay for the hairstyle since there is no site to begin with... We can say it should be good to upload In fact, you're not the first one to do so.

Also we really appreciate you reading the guidelines!
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Thank you! That really simplifies things. Now I'm excited to share my first real recolor set of pretty flowers!
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