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Upload a s4 residential lot based on another modder's s3 lot
Reposting this from the modding discussion because I realize I posted to the wrong section of Q&A.

Hi I'm unsure where to post this, so if you know a better thread I should go, please reply to this post. So far I have not seen a post that addresses my problem.

I have a favorite residential build in sims 3 made by someone else. For the past week, I had been making a similar build. I made my version on Oakenstead (Willow Creek), which is significantly smaller than the original mod. There are both minor and major differences across the renovated Oakenstead due to different game mechanism, but the idea of the original is there. I send a PM to the original modder two days ago (8/31/18, in case you are wondering), but there seems to be no response thus far. The last time the modder was active is back in November 2017. How long should I wait before the account is considered inactive/dead? Is it alright to upload the lot cc as long as I credit it?

The original mod in s3 is called Sophisticated Victorian .

Thank you to anyone who can help me get out of this dilemma.
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Hi @araynah !

A thing we do when it comes to inactive tuning mods, but I think this should apply to this as well, is if the creator hasn't been actively posting for 1 month at least (Although I would count on at least 3 months to be super sure about their inactive states ) Then of course it's always good to check their TOU as well if they have one.


So in your case I'd say you can indeed recreate it
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If you have done several changes, you could probably call it inspired by instead, or something like that. It depends on how close it looks of course, but something to consider.
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Many thanks to you both! There is no TOU as far as I can see on the user page. The last post goes back to 2016 though it does confirm my belief that the modder was playing S4 at the time. My mod is about 60% identical to the original mod when it comes to the floor plan and the gazebo outside the house. But I altered the outside space to include a medium-size garden bed, graveyard, pool, play area, and planters. Since there is no actual car in S4, there is no parking lot for the sims' cars either.
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