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Default Many Mods showing confliction
Hi..I just downloaded Mod Conflict Detector [Updated 03/03/2018] and ran it. This shows that most of my mods are conflicting, yet they all work. Theres also some CC like hair and jewelry, but they work as well. Is this possible? I mean, many of the mods are from MTS. Thanks!
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I just checked. So you have mods for Sims 4 that are conflicting with each other. There is not really a definite answer to fixing the conflicts. I suggest posting your question there:

Someone might help you in that thread because that's where you can find answers for what you want to know.
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That mod has not been updated since march, and the creator states in the description hen will not be able to. Mods has to be kept updated and many people in the comment section says it doesn't work.

You have to read the description and comments on mods, each modder is responsible for their own creation.

MTS does not have any responsibility for uploaded mods, it's all up to the creator.
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