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Default Saturenorn - a new alien world - updated June 26th.
"Cool Saturenorn!" That's our NEW motto. We now WELCOME those who wish to share our icy paradise. Enjoy our rainbow-sorbet landscape and colorful, crystal architecture. View our huge bubble moon from gemstone strewn Beryl Beach or our glamorous Moon Tower Lounge. Show off your skateboarding skills at The Glacio with icy mountains as a backdrop. Whether you like HOT nightclubs or vast, unusual museums, comic book collecting, gemstone shopping or flame fruit wine making, there is always something to do in Saturenorn. Should you decide to resettle here you will find that there are still plenty of jobs in our traditional work sector of Coercive Acquisitions.

Please find all information on our blog at!
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Default Welcome to Saturenorn!

World size: 1024 x 1024 (medium)
World type: Base
Number of lots (total): 47
Number of residental lots: 14
Number of commercial lots: 34 (of which 12 are empty)
Required expansion packs: World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Seasons, University Life, Into the Future. Optional: Island Paradise (for decorations and additional pool fun)
Not populated
World file size: ca. 43 MB
Built on patch level:

Requires store content and cc

All information and download

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