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Default Simlish iPhone app
For all the real Sims fans, there's a new iPhone app called - Simlish.
True fans must know that in the game, the character talk in Simlish, a unique language invented only for the game.
This app teaches Simlish in three ways:
* Dictionary (Simlish to English and vice versa).
* Sing in Simlish - Many artists recorded their famous songs in Simlish. This is a great way to learn a language.
* Talk to a Sims - Find the correct response for a sentence in Simlish.

Click here to download for free:

Hope you'll enjoy the app
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#2 Old 4th Nov 2017 at 10:20 AM
Simlish language was really painful to understand until I installed this iphone app. Very useful thanks a lot for sharing.
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