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Default The PlumbBob Keep -- March 2nd, 2015
-- Happy 4th Anniversary PBK --

For the months of March until the end of April, we invite you all to peruse some of the creations made celebrating the Anniversary of the Keep. Thanks for your support over the years.

Wawa's The Plain Jane Suite

Sun&Moon's Tree of Life

Davinaojeda's TSM Blacksmith Clothes for TF-AF and TM-AM

Fractured Moonlight's Becks PS Item Recolors

Fractured Moonlight's Don't Bite The Hand

Fractured Moonlight's Twisted Rocks

Fractured Moonlight's Bathing Instincts

Cindy Sim's Thief inspired Pregnancy Objects

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Brilliant! Love everything! Thank you for sharing!

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Originally Posted by Sugah Sim
Brilliant! Love everything! Thank you for sharing!
Thanks Sugah! It's always lovely having a compliment from our friends at Sugah's Place. :P

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21st Apr 2015 at 5:41 PM
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Default Updates for August, 2016
I didn't want anyone to miss some of the great uploads the various creators at the Keep have been making for our game. So, I present the updates published during the month of August, 2016. I shall strive to do this on a monthly basis from this point onwards. Thanks Everyone and Enjoy!

Sincerely, Wawa.

Sun and Moon's Fantasy Flavor: The Sims Medieval Wild Herbs

Amroth's TunicArmorSet LBB, SBB, BB and HBB

Medieval Investment Certificates

More Rounded Algae

oblivio’s Simlish Victorian Shop Signs

Sun&Moon's The Giving Tree

Korea's Joseon dynasty King attire
by Mayadevi

Mayadevi’s Korean Joseon Dynasty Royal Guard Attire

Unemployed in Greenland
Default Replacements by Xia

TSM Tents Re-Converted As Requested by HB
Made Recolourable -- by VampireKiss6661

The Armory- Tourney Deco Objects
by ocelotekatl

Set of clothing - Joseon Era Kids
by Mayadevi

Korea's Joseon era nobleman outfit
New hanbok mesh by Mayadevi

Brace Yourselves, Aprons are coming (CF)
by Fire_flower

[img width=472 height=800][/img]

Anti-freeze, 7 Fur coats for AF & TF
by Fire_flower

It's Teatime in Korea! Get y'er Hats!
Meshes by Wawa. Pictures by Mayadevi

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