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Default Question About Sims 1 Disappearing Objects
Hoping a fellow sims lover can assist! I've had an issue lately in my Sims 1 game where I've noticed that after deleting some CUSTOM content, some of my DEFAULT items are missing. For example, to name some specifics-- the globe light wall sconce is gone, the elephant foot trash can is gone... I can't explain why. I never physically deleted these items-- I didn't think it was even possible to delete maxis content! Can anyone explain this conundrum? I'd like to get my default objects back.

Thank you in advance!
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Hi! I don't really know if I can help you, but let's try...

AFAIK, the game may not distinguish 'normal' objects from custom ones; the first step, though you probably have done it, is reinstalling the custom content that made disappear the 'normal' ones. The second step, is making yourself sure you don't have accidentally deleted an object: some expansion objects create a subfolder in the 'downloads' one, and it may become mixed up with custom contents, specially if some creator has an object that comes inside a folder. The third step, if everything else fails, is reinstalling. It may be a little tedious, but it's the clearest route; just be sure to copy every 'UserData' folder that you've been using for your neighbourhoods, and every folder that has some custom content if you want to preserve it.

In any case, I'm just an average user, and don't have the single idea of how the programming of the game works; another user may be of more help. In any case, could you say wich objects have disappeared, specifically? By what you said, they seem to be Livin' Large ones...
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Hello. I can say one thing is tipycal for all Sims games: once you saved your game at lot, its previous state is missing. I mean if u saved the lot once with some objects was missed, you never will it back.
Second thing is might help you to make it happen no more. Some objects are specific for different add-ons are in .far archives having their own sub folders at theSims/downloads folder. Deleting this folder not causing game corruption but will delete object named by folder (f.e. TableDining2AOL, LampHulaUke etc.) from the game. Try to check your bin for this, try to back all your deleted objects and delete once more but much carefully. All another think will need reistalling.

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I don't know if this helps in this situation or not, but one time when I had done a reinstall, certain items that should have been included in some of the expansion packs were missing. I simply reinstalled on top of the existing install without doing any deleting first or cleaning of the registry and it worked! The missing items showed up. They must not have read off the disk the first time around.

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