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Default Back, again, only about the 4th time!
Hi all

Had a very busy few years. Went through IVF, had a baby that was 3 months early, took 12 months off work, snapped my achilles tendon and was stuck in a cast/moonboot for weeks, had a blood clot from that that gave me a heart attack (no damage, freak thing, baffled the Dr's!), husband started working away again, moved home, and now, finally, 5yrs later, I'm back. Again. I tried to come back a few times to the community but life (as you can see) got in the way. But things are settled and I took advantage of the sale with Origin at Christmas and bought all the TS4 EP's etc. Installed it to my work laptop so I could play downstairs and still be with my daughter rather than being locked away in the spare bedroom(she's 5 now and the devil! She's still wee for her age but she makes up for it in pure tenacity!).

I've bought a new Alienware laptop which is winging its way to Scotland as we speak. So, I now have the job of transferring everything over to that from my old PC and this laptop. I plan on using my TS2 nursery textures in TS4, Just waiting for someone to work out how to repository them like Jonesi's blankets and my life is complete haha!

I'll be uploading on here if anyone wants them and also on my new Tumblr page (everyone seems to be on there? What happened to all the websites?

Anyway, most of you probably won't remember me so Hello and nice to meet you! And hello again! to all the *cough* older *cough* generation!

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Hi @Foxybaby , sure I remember you! Wow, you have been busy!

I hope you have fun with the sims again, nice to see you back!

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Thanks @simsample ! I remember when TS4 was released all vanilla and *clunky*, I called it Sims 1.5! But now there's some lovely CC about and with all the EP's and packs its made it playable for me. I'm actually quite enjoying it. Just miss all my TS2 goodies so trying to download similar ones or make my own haha! My lovely new toy has arrived and obviously the 1st thing I did was make the keys light up pink!

Can't wait to get stuck into things and I'm so happy to be back. Promise to stick around this time

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