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There are many things I would have it look like, but because I'm on my phone and don't have much time left in my lunch, I'll keep it short (for now).

I would have variable wall height. But not like it is in The Sims 4, wall height that would allow for split-level houses. In order to get this to work in a consistent manner, I would actually bind wall height to the vertical measurements of stairs. There are quite a few more nuances I'd like to go into detail with later.
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Now that we have actual Basketball with city living, I think there should be actual Baseball, and I am not talking about a ball and a glove and just playing catch, but actual games with teams, batters, pitchers, 1st baseman, 2nd, 3rd, catcher, umpire, left, center, and right field. It doesn't have to be detailed like MLB or anything but just enough to get the ball rolling, Sims playing baseball would be a great addition to the game and a breath of fresh air. Or maybe EA can make a baseball game/expansion pack for the sims 4 to see how it goes.
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I've been thinking about what I'd do so I'll just lay my plans out as so:

- Jerry Martin is to return as the game's soundtrack composer, ever since after the first sims game the music hasn't been as great. If anything, the music should be the same style that Martin did for simcity 4, that game has the best gaming soundtrack I've ever heard
- Improved loading times, a lot of people don't seem to have noted this but all sims games have awful load times. Even playing the sims 3 as a base game with no mods or anything was still a hassle. Nobody wants to wait 5-10 minutes for their game to load
- Better control, I think that the sims themselves should be controlled through WASD movements. This gameplay feature should take after GTA 5 and RDR2's way of control, players can switch between third and first person. At the same time, players can switch between God mode and control movements. The reason why this is important is because the game should be more immersive, we should have better control rather than pointing and clicking. This would also make good use for the future of VR gaming
- No expansion packs, no one is going to spend over £100 for a game anytime soon
- A society system, when I mean this, sims should have a role in each world. There should be impactful changes constantly occurring to build a better story progression. For example, if the player made a bunch of sims in a neighborhood who have the criminal career and in this same world the criminals outweigh the amount of law abiding citizens, then there should be an impact on the ways that they live due to higher crime rates. This would function similar to Simcity's way of dealing with societal issues. This not only includes criminal issues impacting the nature of the world but perhaps environmental issues too, if waste is being dumped in the wrong areas then rubbish should fill the streets. If many robotic servos are being made there should be a moral panic on robots, etc.
- A quest system, the player should be more involved with the gameplay and if they choose a sim to have a specific career, they should have objectives and tasks to play through
- A region system based on simcity 4, worlds should be interconnected to each other and placed in one big region exactly the same way that simcity 4 deals with this. However, instead of giving the player a massive plot of flatlands, the player should first construct a world and then be asked whether they'd like to construct a region. Each neighborhood/world forms the region. This would be done to allow for any sims experiencing societal issues to move away from the world to another for a better life. Such regions should also have a diplomatic connection of some sort. If this connection is broken then both regions will hate each other
- Better world tools, the sims 2 had the best neighborhood constructor because it was easy and user friendly. The sims 3, despite having a really creative create a world application, was not user friendly. If anything the way to create a world should be based on the sims 2's way of doing it just more updated
- Open world returns, this one really doesn't need much of an explanation. However, rabbit holes should no longer exist because:
- Better gameplay towards roles, you should be able to follow your child sims to school and sims who have work to work. You should be given quests and tasks to perform while at these places. Therefore, rabbit holes should be non-existent as it is now up to the player on what their sim does
- A proper multi-tasking system, this means that animations should be made through motion capture devices but also no more sims waiting to talk to people because they are currently occupied.
- Graphics: In terms of graphics, I'd say there would be a need for the type of style Blizzard went with overwatch which is a mix of realism and cartoonish style at the same time. I wouldn't go for ultra realism because that wouldn't look as nice

I could list more but that'll take more of my time, this is how I'd make the game. I'd focus more on the gameplay more than anything
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Originally Posted by JDacapo
If I had a hand in designing TS5, I would ask that they include several different eras, which would slowly advance while played (ranging from like bronze-age to space age) and certain items would be locked or unlocked as the eras advance.

As long it's optional, (grinding stuff and sticking only to future/medieval), I would welcome the addition
Otherwise, that would sort of repeat the TS4 of the absence of sandbox game. Not really good to gain reputation... I would just keep that in another spin off game, or better yet - leave it to players imagination to create ruleset and alias leave it as a 'challenge'

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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Originally Posted by HarVee
Fursuits are part of the charm of TS4. Just a way of distancing itself from reality. Which is the point of playing video games. If you think otherwise than turn off your computer and go outside because your ideas ruin the point of video gaming and are unwelcome.

so defensive... would you perhaps be..... and actual..... *gulp* FURRY??????!?!??!?!?!

Naw but they were in 3 too and it was worse in 3 because there was little to NO outfit regulation and i would have so many sims running around with the dumb shoes n shit mixed in
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Originally Posted by Naus Allien
I'm not sure you can have an 18+ add-on for a T-rated base game. Maybe you can, I'm not sure.

I don't believe it's necessary though. I know some people want this type of gameplay, but if I were making the game I would spend time developing a good Creation toolset like Skryim's Creation Kit with a built-in animation tool so modders could create this type of gameplay if they want. I believe having ONE adult-themed explicit EP is kinda weird for a game that a lot of kids play.

yeah i suppose you might be right on that one, but still WHAT IF THEY HAD SWORDS AND COULD MURDER PEOPLE!!?!?!??!
This why i can't do vanilla. Thank you Mods XD
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Originally Posted by ericapoe
so defensive... would you perhaps be..... and actual..... *gulp* FURRY??????!?!??!?!?!

And would you perhaps be able to go an entire sentence without excessively using periods, question marks, exclamation marks, and capital letters? Have some respect for English.

"Towards the end of any culture, you have the second or third generation that steps into the culture, which is so far from the origination, it's the impression of what's real, but it's not the full definition of what's real. It's just cheesy." - Lyle Owerko
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