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Default Parsimonious Witch Potions not showing
So, a few years ago I discovered the Parasimonious Panacea. I loved how easy it made for making someone start out as a supernatural. But, today I was finally putting together the apothecary/drug store for my neighborhood, and I found that the four potions for creating/removing witchyness where missing. They should be turning up under Pluming/misc, but nothing.

I deleted and redownloaded the packages, but they didn't show back up. Then I deleted all the Panacea potions and redownloaded the entire Panacea package. Still nothing.

All my other CC is working, so I have no idea what's up with these potions. Here is the link to the downloads - its the last 4 potions.

Edit: I figured it out! Turns out that the potions only show up in the residental lot editor. They don't show up when editing a community lot!
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