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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 8:38 PM
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#1 Old 3rd Dec 2015 at 1:58 PM
Default Newbie to Sims 2 and Sims2Pack Clean Installer
Hi All,

Despite owning all of Sims 3 and some of Sims 4 I have decided that as I have never played Sims 2 to give it a go and have started started to look around for similar mods and CC I have used in sims 3 and came across the Sims2pack installer and am wondering if this helps identify bad/corrupt/ CC and incompatible mods etc?

I was originally looking for a sims 2 version of Delphi's dashboard but after looking around cannot find anything and the Clean Installer appears to be the closest?

I am aware from the info Clean Installer it will require a different version of Net.Framework as my current latest version is V4 and I read that I can download and install different version of Net.Framework to accommodate but I am wondering how that works ie if I would require to change from one version to another somehow before the Clean Installer will work? or between changing game play between sims 3 and sims 2 for example as both will be on my system.

As I did not own Sims 2 before I am hoping all this will work with windows 7 home premium, 64 bit, service pack 1 as I have just paid for all the discs and am waiting for them to arrive-)
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#2 Old 3rd Dec 2015 at 2:13 PM
Hi sparky, Clean Installer is for adding sims and lots to your game and any cc that come with it. It allows you to see exactly what is coming with the file and lets you keep or toss things. Other standalone CC normally comes as a rar or zip file. You will also want SimPE, all essential mods (to stop your game blowing itself up) Since corruption is the big thing with sims 2. If you are getting disks you also need all the patches, one for each disk or pack-although after Sims 3 that may seem a very small amount.

There are other programs such as Wardrobe Wrangler although it's never worked on my 64bit win 7 PC. I get buy with Clean Installer, Simpe, Hood Checker, WinRAR and The Hack Conflict utility from Simwardrobe.

I'm unsure about the net framework, I don't recall changing it.

For starters I suggest you play vanilla and add in mods and cc gradually.
http://modthesims.info/t/532696 (there are non essentials in the Directors cut)

I would suggest you ask a mod to move this to sims 2 help since this is modding help, as in you learning how to create mods not adding mods to your game.

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#3 Old 3rd Dec 2015 at 3:36 PM
Hi joandsarah77,

First apologies for the posting error I had not realized I was in the wrong place. Thanks for all the great info I had not heard of SimPE or that corruptions were so bad in Sims 2 so will read up on the links you provided, I just hope I haven't made an error in judgement wanting to learn to play 2 LOL
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#4 Old 3rd Dec 2015 at 9:40 PM
If you come to love Sims 2 like the rest of us on here you learn how to keep your game as clean from corruption as possible. Most of us on the sims 2 board consider it the best sims game ever made, that's why we are still here, many of us after 10 years of playing.

"I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives." - Unknown
~Call me Jo~
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