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Mad Poster
#401 Old 17th Sep 2017 at 11:54 PM
PM'd you, but the same answer-it appears to be that way-I've got the entire set and all the kids grow up autonomously without any cake shenanigans.

Receptacle Refugee & Resident Polar Bear
"Get out of my way, young'un, I'm a ninja!"
Test Subject
#402 Old 17th Nov 2017 at 11:22 PM
What I always do is that i create a neighborhood. That neighborhood lives in harmony and all sims like each other. I create some families, some families i take from the pre-created neighborhoods such as pleasantview etc. and build them houses. Let them live here and enjoy every moment of their life. And then I play with 1 or 2 families and you know just that typical boring playing but after a while I create like 2 mysterious families with witches and vampires that take the dominion of my neighborhood and completely change it to mysterious dark town with vampires, witches, werewolfs.. It's so fun when you have perfect family and one sim decides to be a witch and kills every sim that he didnt like :dd
Also when I play my family and I meet someone who is really rude or just silly as hell I go to my test household, spawn this bi*** and throw a satelite on them ) it feels so satisfiyng :d
I was in college and my chef was always burning the food so i decided to burn the college along with this chef )
When i'm going to college i mostly play as girl sim. But the first date is always a girl too, idk if its just me but i always do that :dd and after graduating etc. they stay friends and both of them start to create a family :dd
But I also do same gender couples in my game. In the moment one of my fav sim's sons is dating with one guy and its hella cool finally dont have this boring woman man xd.
And I downloaded a mod that teen can date an adult and i totaly love it.. that two guys couple is also teen x adult and it feels so nice when the adult one, the smarter one who owns a flat can offer a place to this teen whenever they want too <3(lifegoalsxdd)
That reminds me of a girl that can act like a boy.. crafts robots, repairs cars etc. - and run a workshop bussines ^^
Yayy, that's all and im ready for that hate:--):D

Boooo 🎃
#403 Old 22nd Nov 2017 at 2:37 PM
I was playing a vacation hood when I thought "what if the tourists/vacation goers get trapped and never got home, would they be able to survive in an unknown land???"
families with vacation homes could have a comfortable life, but what of those who pay for night, or those who camp? What about those who left their family and friends back home in the main hood? It's pretty interesting so I'm working on a new set of rules to play by :3c

I gave up my dream to earn a living.
Mad Poster
#404 Old Yesterday at 12:08 AM
Here's an idea sparked by the Squinge "College" hack set:

So all those kids are going to college! What's a uneducated adult to do?

Go back to college, using the career (available from here) "Adults go to College", which even pays them a minor fee to do it. No more uneducated adults in the neighborhood, and it's ideal for those unemployed, or retired.Adult College Students

It also keeps them actively gaining skills to pass their courses and to stay out of trouble-plus the added bonus of having more career choices when they graduate. I'm going to be using their hobby preference to set the final degree.

Receptacle Refugee & Resident Polar Bear
"Get out of my way, young'un, I'm a ninja!"
Test Subject
#405 Old Yesterday at 11:27 AM
Thanks for all these great ideas that will make my game even more interesting :D
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