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Nysha's New Creators for November - posted on 1st Dec 2017 at 10:00 AM
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Test Subject
#651 Old 19th Jun 2017 at 3:31 AM
Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
What did you do with Mortimer, Dina, Nina, Don, Darren, and the rest? Tell us every little detail of what happened with the Maxis premade characters in Pleasantview in your game.

I've made my Pleasantview, in a way, THE town (as in the central town) of my game. Mainly because it holds the more famous Sims of the entire gaming series. It's the only one of my neighborhoods with a business district (Bluewater Village) and a Downtown in addition to a University. I've also greatly expanded the town itself, adding more houses and businesses along the way. Like my other premade neighborhoods, each family is about 3-4 generations after the start of the game, starting with the youngest gen of that time. The Goths, Dreamers, and Calientes are the only families whose names still survive to this point; the rest, surprisingly, have direct descendants under other surnames. So... to the best of my memory (again), here are my Pleasantview families as of the date of this post:

Lothario - this name no longer exists in my town, but Don has direct descendants. He married Cassandra only for her money. He was kind of evil in my game, and he was involved in a conspiracy with Dina Caliente and her sister Nina (partially, it was mostly Dina's greed) to kill Cassandra, send Alexander away, and raise Anita (Don's daughter with Cassandra). Mortimer had died before Cassandra was offed. If memory serves me right, Don and Dina hired an evil Witch to erase Alexander's memories with 'Tabula Rasa', and having just become a teenager, he was sent out to the outskirts of town to survive on his own (that really tiny lot past the trailer park area where the Brokes lived). Don hoped that this would kill off the Goth line; if Alexander had no memories, let alone to take care of himself, he'd be presumed dead, right? Wrong. Alexander lived on his own without any memories of once being rich, he farmed a small plot of land, worked a job, adopted a stray dog for a companion, and fell in love with Lucy Burb. Long story short, Lucy and Alexander, along with Darren Dreamer, revealed the true intentions of Don and Dina, killing them off as revenge because Darren loved Cassandra, and she was Alexander's sister. Anita, reunited with her uncle, felt horrible that her father was such a greedy person. In this generation, Darren actually lived with Alexander and Lucy when they married and had their child.

Goth - read the above for more. Mortimer died, I had actually brought Bella back briefly. Cassandra married Don and had Anita, and after she was killed, Alexander had his memories erased before being sent out into the wilderness to die; he ended up surviving and learning his true identity. Now, 3 gens later, we have James Goth (Alexander's grandson) with his wife, townie Marisa, and their three children Trista and twins Cassandra and Alexander. They no longer live in the original house; they live in the HUGE Mediterranean mansion near the water. They have about $600,000... they could afford it. Why not?

Caliente - this family name still exists in my Pleasantview. The sisters became wrapped up in a conspiracy with Don Lothario to claim the Goth fortune for themselves. Dina was the worst, she was driven by greed and lust for power. Nina only assisted not just because she was forced, but because she actually loved Don. After Dina and Don were killed by Alexander in his revenge for his family, Nina was actually pardoned by Alexander and went to live her own life. She carried on the line; she had her own house, had a lover, and had two boys if I remember correctly. Currently, Don Caliente heads the family 3 generations later with his wife Jessita, a Witch and member of the Broke family, and their daughter, Tina-Maria. They also have a Servo that lives with them. Don's father actually founded Cali, Inc, a robotics company, and because of this, the Calientes have become one of the wealthiest families in Pleasantview.

Dreamer - the third family name that still exists. I forget who exactly married Dirk (I really think it was Sam Thomas, the Sim State student), but he carried on the line and the family actually split into the Swains (from Erik Swain, the student at Sim State) as well as the Dreamers. The Swains have all since died; the Dreamers are still around. Dirk's son went on to marry Tessa Ramirez; now, the family is headed by their grandson (I forget his name exactly), his wife Moira (a Broke), and they adopted one daughter, who I just sent off to college, and had one biological daughter, who just became a teen.

Broke - this family name lasted for another 2 generations; it more recently died out, as those descended from Dustin and Beau, in particular, married into other families. I broke Dustin and Angela up, and put him with Lilith. They had 2 sons if I remember correctly. I looked into their family tree just a few hours ago, and I saw Beau is the great-grandfather of the Custer brothers (more on them in a bit). Dustin has direct descendants still, but I forget which family. I don't remember what happened to Brandi's third son.

Pleasant - another family name that no longer exists due to marriage into other families. I broke Lilith up from Dirk, and paired her with Dustin. Dirk went with a college Sim. I also broke up Angela from Dustin, and in college, I paired her with Jimmy Phoenix. They had a daughter Sally, who is actually James Goth's mother in the family tree. As for Daniel's affair with Kaylynn, I didn't do much about it. I still treat Kaylynn like an NPC. MAYBE I will pair her with someone if they need a wife.

Burb - died out because Lucy married into the Goths. Lucy married Alexander, and James and his children are their direct descendants in name and blood.

Oldie - I moved them into the Pleasants and killed them off. I didn't have much use for them, really. Which is horrible, yeah, but it's true.

Some other families that have risen to prominence to fill in the gaps left by other families; some I have made, some I have taken from sub-neighborhoods:

Custer - this family name came from a townie, who is in turn descended from the Tricou family. The townie in question will be seen on the Sims Wiki as Orion Teens (his name is randomized, the name of the founding member of this family is Houston Custer, who actually just died of old age). He married the daughter of Anita Lothario-Broke, Cassandra. Their three sons all live in the same house on the wealthier part of town, as the eldest son (who just married a townie named Margaret) is high in the Business career track.

Jacquet - taken from Bluewater Village; consists of an elderly Gilbert, who married Florence Delarosa (also an elder), and given their age at the start and their looks (Florence was not very attractive, Gilbert was, but I wasn't taking a chance), they adopted 3 children, one of which just was sent off to University.

Gieke - created when I moved Chester from the Family bin into Pleasantview. First he was the roommate of the Larsons and worked in Jodie's shop when she had one. Then he married Amelia, a woman from a family I created, and they have two sons, one of whom I just sent to University. Both Amelia and Chester are now elders.

Jones - consists of professor Randy and his wife Marcia, a Witch. Marcia is descended from the Swains and the Dreamers. They have two sons, if memory serves me right.

Larson - consists of Jodie and her partner (I made her a lesbian), Allyn Thomason, and they each adopted a few kids. They live in the original Goth mansion and moved there when Jodie retired and closed her antique shop down, Jodie's Junk and Consignment. When her twin brother died, Jodie took in his children. One is out on his own and is married.

Larson (Sean) - Sean is the adopted eldest son of Jason Larson. He has a wife and they had a baby last I played. They live in the outskirts of town near the woods, where Alexander was left to die all those years ago.
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