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#601 Old 13th Mar 2016 at 11:21 PM
Pleasant: Not much going on, Daniel and Mary-Sue are just enjoying their retirement. As they both grew up well, it looks like they have a long life ahead of them.

Broke/Kalson: Brandi's relationship with all her children is quickly dissolving. She wants to have more, but that worries me because she's not caring enough for the 4 children she already has. I don't think I'll give her more, but it depends. She still has a while before reaching her elder years. Shane is not getting on well with Beau, he disapproves of him. I feel like he only really cares about Sophia and is biased because she's his only biological child, the rest are his step children. Beau is no longer the A+ student he used to be, in fact, he's becoming one of the worst students in the school. Beau is now a teenager, but when he was a child he was nearly taken by the social worker for not doing his homework. Now that he's too old to get taken, he doesn't bother anymore. Gabe is a child, and he's doing okay. There's not actually much to say about him, he's got average grades and there's nothing that interesting about him...sorry Sophia is a toddler, nearly a child. She's also doing okay, but she doesn't seem to be close with any of her brothers. I'm currently trying to earn them enough money to finally move out of the trailer house and into a proper home...I think once I do that, they might get on better as they won't be in a confined space. At least, that's what I think :P

Broke 2: Dustin is working his way up into the Criminal career field, getting lots of promotions. Angela is pregnant with her second child, much to Carlie's disappointment. Carlie is now a child and very academic, taking after her mother. She's not excited about the arrival of her new brother or sister as she likes being an only child. She feels like she won't receive the same amount of attention with the new baby crying all of the time, especially as they live in a 2 bedroom house. She's been told that she'll have to make room for the baby and share, but Carlie is worried about this. As Angela was used to her parents showering her with attention instead of her twin sister, I don't think she'll know how to cope with two children instead of one.

Goth/Dreamer: Firstly, Cassandra sadly died. It happened unexpectedly, she was going to bed late at night, but before she got there, one of the ghosts of her ancestors spooked her, causing her to die. I quickly tried to wake Darren up to try and save her from the Grim Reaper, but it was too late. I feel sorry for Darren as this also happened to his first wife. At the moment, he's not seeing anyone and he's not interested in re-marrying a third time as he feels like he's out of luck. He only has a few days before becoming an elder. After learning of his wife's death, he's now extremely protective over Siouxsie and Florence, making sure they're in bed by a certain time so that they don't encounter any ghosts. The reason I love playing this family so much now is because so much is happening, and also, Siouxsie Goth is definitely my favourite sim. Siouxsie is now a teenager and she's going through a difficult time. Not knowing who her real parents are, the sudden death of her sister, feeling like her freedom is restricted, struggling to make friends at school; it's all getting too much for her. She still goes to private school, but is starting to become rebellious; dying her hair bright pink, not doing her homework, sneaking out with boys. She doesn't have a boyfriend currently, but I'm thinking of setting her up with Beau Broke. I just feel like they would be the perfect couple! She still loves Darren, but doesn't listen to him when he's warning her. Florence is a toddler with one day to becoming a child. She's doing okay, but misses her mother so much.

Goth 2: Alexander and Lucy got married, and they have their first child on the way. Alexander is struggling to cope after losing Cassandra, and Lucy doesn't have much contact with her family anymore. They seem to be very private people.

Dreamer 2: This family is so adorable! Dirk and Lilith are doing really well in their careers, but they aren't letting it get in the way of their family life. I think Lilith may be pregnant, but it's hard to tell at the moment. Cameron is now a toddler, nearly a child, and he's very close to his parents. Lilith didn't have a great childhood, but it's taught her how to be a good parent and to care for her son. They want to have more children, but Lilith doesn't want Cameron to be affected. She worries about her niece, Carlie Broke, as she is struggling with becoming an older sister. She doesn't want the same thing to happen to Cameron.

Lothario: Don hasn't impregnated any more women since the last time, but he's now up to 13 girlfriends. It's hard work for him, trying to make sure that none of them meet each other.

Caliente/Johnson: Dina and Ira got married and have a baby on the way. Despite being a player, Ira's very committed to his new wife and a good stepfather to Coco. He is also really excited for the new baby. Coco is a child and is happy. She gets on well with her parents and thinks that Ira is her biological father. I don't think she'll ever meet Don Lothario.

Caliente 2: Feeling like the third wheel and jealous of her sister's marriage, Nina ended up moving out with her daughter Sylvia. They now live next door, in another condo. Nina is still single (with the exception of Don) and wants to meet someone quickly. She's thinking of splitting up with Don soon; he always seems to be busy and she feels like he doesn't have time for her anymore. Sylvia is a child and is doing well in school, although she isn't that close to her mother.

Burb: I'm not gonna lie, but they are currently the most boring family in Pleasantview. Elise and Erin are now children...and that's pretty much it for this family! :P

Oldie: They both died of old age.

I'll update again soon!
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#602 Old 20th Mar 2016 at 3:51 PM
Originally Posted by MHS0501
About that huge family free you got... or made. How did you get/make that? I'm curious and want to attempt the same thing! Is there like a game file for it or something?

I made screenshots in-game and put it all together in Paint... xD Such a pain to do that, took me like 3 hours. But worth it!
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#603 Old 27th Mar 2016 at 5:58 PM
Broke: Still have a lot to do with them but so far Brandi had her 3rd son (i named him Breck) and now him and Beau are children. Dustin is still a teenager working on his career as a criminal, im pretty sure him and Angela broke up while she was in collage because she cheated on him multiple times -oops:/ anyway, Brandi has been working on her career in the culinary track while maintaining a bakery in her home.

Don: Has about 5 loves at the moment including Nina and Kaylynn. Dina broke it off with him when she found out about him and Nina. Hes been working pretty hard in the medical career. He got one my sims (Lenox) pregnant as a teenager and she gave birth to a girl named Mona. Don invites the two over all the time and has been trying to get serious with Lenox but who knows. Don and Mona have a pretty close relationship and spend a lot of time together.

Caliente: Dina and Mortimer got married and Mortimer moved into the Caliente home and kicked Nina out. Nina lives nearby. Dina was mainly faithful but cheated every now and then. Dina also got pregnant with Mortimer's child and had a baby boy named Stiles. One night when Dina was working (in the entertainment career) Mortimer was watching their newborn son and while feeding him the grim reaper came and he died right in front of Stiles. Stiles was laying on the floor crying next to Mortimer's ashes for about 4 hours until Dina got home and found mortimer dead and her baby crying. Dina is now being a single mother and is planning to get closer to her sister and inviting her to move back in for some extra help.

Peasant: I really liked playing this family, their was a lot of drama. Daniel woohooed with kaylynn a couple times and also had a relationship with one of my sims named Daniella. Daniel left mary-sue for her. Angela, Lilth, and Mary-sue all got very close from this. Daniel tried to get his children to meet Daniellas children Sarai, Brooke and Lenox (Dons baby momma) they weren't interested. Mary-sue got engaged to Phil Hurt. When she threw her engagement party/ graduation party for angela and lilth, she and Daniel got flirty. When the twins went off to collage Mary-sure broke off her engagement to Phil because she still had feelings for Daniel. One night she invited Daniel over and they woohooed, she got pregnant and Daniel decided to leave Daniella for Mary-sue. Later on they had a boy named Nathan, they plan to have a wedding when the twins come back from collage. btw they now have their own greek home and are very popular, they both have multiple boyfriends and even some girlfriends. Right now they're seniors. Also Daniella got pregnant from Daniel to and had a set of girl twins named Stella and Liana Daniel dosent know about them yet and they're toddlers so..

Goth: Cass ended up breaking off her engagement with don when she finally realized hes a player so her and Daren got engaged and actually plan on going through with the wedding. Cass also got pregnant with Darens child but sadly had a miscarriage but now she's pregnant again and is very healthy and happy. Alex is now a teen and is in private school, hes maintaing good grades and thats about it.

I havent played with the burbs or oldies yet but i plan on doing so.
The dreamers are pretty boring so i dont play with them.
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#604 Old 28th Mar 2016 at 11:34 AM
Most of my Sims are in college now, as when the Sim children have aged into teenagers, I've been sending them into college.

Pleasant/Broke 2: Daniel and Mary-Sue died of old age, leaving the Pleasantview Manor in the hands of Angela and her family. They had decided to inherit the house as Angela was their favourite child, much to Lilith's disappointment. Things are pretty much the same for Dustin, Angela and Carlie. Angela gave birth to her second child, another girl named Kristen, who is nearly a child. Carlie hated Kristen at first, but she's beginning to like her now. Carlie is good friends with her cousin, Cameron Dreamer, Lilith's son. Angela doesn't approve of this as she hates Lilith and her family. She is trying to separate her family from the Dreamers as much as possible.

Broke/Kalson: Beau moved to University. Then, with Shane earning enough money from his Military career, he managed to move his family out into a bigger house. Brandi is 1 day from becoming an elder. Gabe and Sophia are now teenagers, meaning that they have also moved to University. As Brandi loves being a mother, I'm not sure how she's gonna cope without any children to look after.

Goth/Dreamer: Siouxsie moved to University and Darren became an elder. Unfortunately, he had a very low aspiration so I don't think he has long left. Despite her childhood, Florence grew up really well, going to private school and getting good grades. She is now a teenager and has moved to University, meaning that Darren is alone.

Goth 2: Lucy gave birth to her son, Stefan, who is now a child. Alexander is a very strict father and is trying to get his son into private school and wants to prepare him for a good future. Him and Lucy are planning on having more children.

Dreamer 2: Cameron moved to University. There was a complication with Lilith's pregnancy at first; she had the symptons of being pregnant (nausea, etc), but nothing actually happened, almost as if it was a miscarriage. However, she got pregnant again and gave birth to a girl named Darla (as a tribute to Dirk's mother, Darleen), who is now a toddler. As for Dirk and Lilith, things are pretty much normal. However, Lilith's still bitter that Angela got to live in the Pleasantview Manor and she didn't, as their house is very small.

Lothario: Don has 20 girlfriends, meaning he achieved his lifetime want, and way before his elder years. He's currently trying to make sure that they are all kept happy and that none of them meet each other. Dina stormed into his house and dumped him, which was a shock. She never found out that he was with Nina, or anyone else, but it was because he never called her anymore. Also, she seemed much more happy with Ira, anyway. Don's quickly moved on and replaced her with so many other women. Nina was close to breaking up with him for the same reason, but after learning what happened with her sister, he quickly rekindled their relationship. But I don't think it will last long...

Caliente/Johnson: Coco moved to University. Ira and Dina had twins; a boy named Michael and a girl named Mariella. They are both children...and enemies. They are always fighting and I can't get them to stop. Ira and Dina are actually quite a sweet couple, but Ira is secretly being haunted by the ghost of Michael Bachelor. His urn is still in their house, and on the nights when his spirit is awoken, he only ever plans to scare Ira. He leaves Dina and her kids alone, but he's extremely jealous of her new husband and seeks revenge. Ira is unsure whether to tell Dina about this, because he worries she'll think he's crazy.

Caliente 2: Sylvia moved to University. Nina is very miserable compared to her twin sister. She's jealous as Dina is happily married with 3 children, whereas Nina has a boyfriend who rarely makes the effort to spend time with her and a daughter who never listens to her. She is also very poor, as she's not earning a lot of money from her job. She's still hoping to meet someone who can turn all of that around.

Burb: Elise and Erin moved to University. Just like Michael and Mariella Johnson, they are also enemies. (What is it with twins and being enemies in this game?) John became an elder. That's pretty much it for this family.

(I'll also regularly update the University Sims!)

Dorm 1:
Beau Broke
Siouxsie Goth

Beau and Siouxsie are in their Sophomore year, Beau is studying Business and Siouxsie is studying Art. They are now a happy couple and plan to get married once they graduate. They are inseparable, and as Siouxsie is very shy and Beau is very antisocial, they don't get on well with the other roommates in their dorm. They plan to move to a small rented accommodation just so they can be with each other and no one else. They are personally my favourite couple!

Dorm 2:
Gabe Broke
Sophia Kalson
Florence Dreamer
Cameron Dreamer
Coco Caliente
Sylvia Caliente
Elise Burb
Erin Burb

They are all in their Freshman year. I have only just started this Dorm as there are so many of them and it can be hard to keep track. None of them have chosen their Majors yet, so I'm still working on that. Some of them have been paired up already. Cameron and Sylvia were sort of childhood sweethearts, so they have been reunited. Gabe also has feelings for Erin, and I think she has feelings for him too, so maybe something will happen between them. As for everyone else, I'm still trying to find them partners...and Majors.

I'll update soon!
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#605 Old 7th Apr 2016 at 4:48 AM
Nothing much, as I'm still in the beginning stages of yet another uberhood remake.

This time around I'm using mara's premade archive, so I can easily put all sims in one hood. Fortunately this also breaks all their relationships (between houses), which means there is more freedom with the premade story-lines which I always felt were a bit forced.
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#606 Old 13th Jun 2016 at 4:39 PM Last edited by LiliLiliLili : 13th Jun 2016 at 4:53 PM.
I read instructions on the web, because I had no idea what to do. So, Don hired a maid and had romance with the Caliente sisters. The blonde Caliente married Mortimer Goth. I moved the red haired Caliente to a pre-made lot similar to their house. You know, those white flat houses with palm trees. I always forget which Caliente is which, that is why I don't call them by their names here.

I don't know what to do with the Dreamers, because they can't seem to move to certain places in the kitchen.. Something invisible object is in their way.. It must be a glitch, but I was never really interested in that family, so I don't mind it.

Don always accepted the marriage with Cassandra, so I made Don's relationship with Cassandra low with insimenator, so he left her at the altar like he does in many person's games.

I made Lilith and Angela friends. I could have used insimenator, but I wanted to be traditional. I made Daniel woohoo with the maid (as suggested in the web), so Mary-Sue had a fight with the maid if I remember good. Then they divorced. Daniel is in the family bin right now. And I made Mary Sue wear chinese clothes, because she seems Chinese to me. I changed Lilith's makeup, now she wears heavy eyeshadow and Angela wears a different outfit, but it is still green to keep her iconic look. Lilith wanted to get a puppy so I adopted one. Here is a picture...

For some weird reason Mary Sue's name is spelled Mar Sue ingame, but not in her bio and the family's description. I don't know, is it like this in your game too?? Because my game is not English.

It was so difficult to play the Broke family. I could have used insimenator to max their needs, but I wanted to play traditional. Brandi's needs always dropped while I wanted another need to get full. But she made it! She teached Beau to talk and walk. Potty training was never achieved through my years of playing sims. But then I learned about the smart milk... how could I have forgotten that? Beau grew into a child, so i bought a bed and put it in his brother's room. Brandi gave birth to her third son, I named him Skip, because another people commented here that, and I liked this idea.

I moved the Oldies and the Burb family in the houses that are close to Brandi's... I also made 8 CAS family... And i put the Kim's and Kat's houses in Pleasantview, but I did not do anything with them, just look around their house and read their bios..

I played the most with the Broke and the Pleasant family. And some of my CAS families. Now I am playing in Strangetown..

In previous games I always did different things to them, often weird. For example I flooded the Goth's house with Cats and I called a cat Hitler. That cat gave birth to many cats. And Mortimer died. I was 13 then, but I played sims too when I was 7-12. :o So, I did weird things, because I was a child, but I'm still not really matured yet. I still remember when something happened to my counsin's computer, so when he visited us he played PC games, and Sims 2 too. I was interested in it, and i remember that her Neighborhood was Pleasantview and mine is Veronaville, and he told me to never enter to Pleasantview and edit his families and I listened to him. Later this changed, because he was no longer played at us.
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#607 Old 26th Jun 2016 at 4:14 AM Last edited by ariel-stuart : 27th Jun 2016 at 4:04 AM.
The last time I played it was pretty fun. Here's what happened:

Pleasants: I always have Mary-sue catch Daniel cheating. She comes home and catches him and throws him out. Daniel moves next door to the calientes with kaylynn. They get married and have a son, Carter langerak. They are pretty poor because Mary- sue took all of the money in the divorce but they were able to slowly upgrade the house from a 1bd/1ba to a 2bd/2ba with a nice kitchen and such. Daniel turns into an elder and a few days later carter ages up into a teen. Carter is really attractive. He has red hair and pale skin and looks a lot like Daniel but even more handsome. Kaylynn decides to have another baby, immediately before Daniel gets any older. They try for baby that night and are successful. They have a daughter, clarissa pleasant. She also has red hair and looks just like Carter. Daniel ends up dying right after she ages up to a child. Even with his good job and kaylynns ok level 5 one they had less than 1k in the bank. I guess they were living beyond their means idk. I only played them for a few more days after that. Kaylynn was super depressed and missed work. They are probably going to have to sell the tv to pay bills.

The oldies: they moved in with their daughter, Mary-sue, as soon as Daniel moved out. I closed in the awkward space behind the stairs and made a bedroom for them. I always felt that lilith was very misunderstood and really it was Angela who was the mean one. Angela turned her mom against lilith and got them fighting until lilith ran away. She moved to a cute little townhouse in belladonna cove, got a job in the paranormal career track, married Gabriel green and had 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. Angela meanwhile graduated and moved Dustin broke Into the pleasant house. He got a job in the military career and they quickly married. Angela decided to be a stay at home mom and she quickly became pregnant and gave birth to twin boys. Gma and gpa oldie died while the twins were still infants. Currently the twins are toddlers and Angela is already picking favorites and pushing them to fight with each other. Mary-sue has just retired and is making everyone's lives miserable as an overbearing mother in law.

Broke: Brandi gave birth to a boy and worked hard in her career to get her family a better home. By the time he was a toddler things were looking a lot better financially and the family was able to move into the "cape cod classic" Things were rough again for awhile as the family had hardly any furniture. Brandi soon fell in love again though, with a townie. They got married and he moved in, bringing his excellent job as a high school football coach with him. They had another child together, a girl. Dustin moved in with Angela and beau went to make his fortune in the big city ( aka belladonna cove)

Goths: Cassandra married Don lothario and quickly got pregnant with him. Mortimer fell in love with Dina and married her and got her pregnant too. The 2 women gave birth about a day apart. Dina had been furious with Don after seeing him with Cassandra but the 2 reconciled after she gave birth and started up an affair. Her and Don were discovered woohooing by Mortimer a few days later and were both kicked out, leaving dinas toddler son behind. Cassandra, devistated by the events, called Darren up and invited him over. She cried on his shoulder for a while and then the two ended up woohooing and Darren and Dirk moved in. The 7 of them live happily for a while and then Cassandra and Darren decide that they want to have a family and house of their own so they get married and move to the house of fallen trees downtown along with Dirk, and Don and cassandras child, Michael. Darren becomes a very successful artist and Cassandra becomes a cat breeder. They have one child together, a daughter. Dirk grows up and moves to belladonna cove. He wants to become a rapper and is living with chastity gere. He was sad for years after lilith left town without even saying goodbye and never spoke to him again. But I think he's doing better now.
Back at the goth mansion Mortimer died a few days after Cassandra moved out. Lightening caught a tree in the cemetary on fire and Mortimer got trapped and burned to death trying to save his ancestors. Teenager Alexander had to take care of his kid half brother by himself. The two became the best of friends. Unfortunately, Alex's little brother grew to like him too much and formed an obsession with him. Alexander grew up into an adult and his brother a teen. So far Alex has had 2 girlfriends and a wife mysteriously die on him. The police are beginning to think that Alexander must be the culprit. No one suspects his brother yet.

Caliente: Don and Dina moved back in with Nina. Dina was glad to finally get away from all the bratty kids at the goth house. Her and Don kept their relationship casual and Dina started woohooing with the ghost of her dead husband, Michael. She got pregnant and had a son. She named him Michael also, not realizing that Cassandra and Don's son had the same name. Dina was scared to raise her child alone so she married Don who now has 2 sons named Michael. Dina got pregnant right away and had another son named Carlos goth. Her and Don made horrible parents. They acted like the kids didn't exist and never cleaned up. Poor Nina had to do all the work. Nina was fed up so she waited until the youngest was a child and could fend for itself and then moved out and became a doctor. Don and Dina kept having affairs and being crappy patents.

Burb: worked really hard and saved and was able to move from a tiny house into the big craftsman from the bin. They had twin boys, Owen and Lucus. They were pretty boring but a nice break from the drama of the other households lol.
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#608 Old 26th Jun 2016 at 9:58 AM
All hell broke loose in the Goth house today. It happened like this.

Cassandra had married Don Lothario, but very soon realised her mistake, and divorced him in favour of Darren Dreamer. She then gave birth to Cressida, the daughter of Don, though the baby now bore the surname Dreamer. Darren too turned out to be untrustworthy, and Cassandra eloped with John Burb, leaving Cressida in the care of Mortimer. He meanwhile had been disappointed in his trust of Dina Caliente, and had struck up a relationship with a blonde pigtailed policewoman called Demi Love, moved her in and made her pregnant. Alexander then went off to college, but found that absence made Demi grow dearer to him.

Mortimer invited his son over for dinner, and set about cooking the pork chops. Meanwhile, in the garden, Alexander and Demi found they could not resist each other. Soon they were in a close embrace. Their passion dragged them upstairs to bed, and that was where Mortimer discovered his son and his mistress in flagrante. He ranted and raged, and slapped Demi. Then he went off to mutter in the garden while Alexander went back to college. Half an hour later, Demi gave birth to twins, Emily and Harold.

At eight o'clock the police car called for Demi, and she went off to work, leaving Mortimer to care for two children and one grandchild. He is 68, and the slice of life left to him is getting very slim. I wonder how he will use that precious time?
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#609 Old 27th Jun 2016 at 12:19 AM Last edited by DezzyBoo : 27th Jun 2016 at 1:25 AM.

Originally Posted by ariel-stuart
Caliente: Don and Dina moved back in with Nina. Dina was glad to finally get away from all the bratty kids at the goth house. Her and Don kept their relationship casual and Dina started woohooing with the ghost of her dead husband, Michael. She got pregnant and had a son. She named him Michael also, not realizing that Cassandra and Don's son had the same name. Dina was scared to raise her child alone so she married Don who now has 2 sons named Michael. Dina got pregnant right away and had another son named Carlos goth. Her and Don made horrible parents. They acted like the kids didn't exist and never cleaned up. Poor Nina had to do all the work. Nina was fed up so she waited until the youngest was a child and could fend for itself and then moved out and became a doctor. Don and Dina kept having affairs and being crappy patents.

Okay...how do you woohoo with a ghost? This ain't Sims 3...or 4...

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
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#610 Old 27th Jun 2016 at 1:26 AM
Originally Posted by DezzyBoo
Okay...how do you woohoo with a ghost? This ain't Sims 3...or 4...

The night Dina moved back Michaels ghost appeared and scared her. He came back a few days later and I used my imagination and cheats to make her pregnant.
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#611 Old 27th Jun 2016 at 2:19 AM
ohhhhh okay...that makes more sense. Cuz I was like "whoa, what amazing mod can get that done I MUST HAVE IT," lol

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
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#612 Old 27th Jun 2016 at 3:38 AM
@DezzyBoo Chris Hatch has a ghost mod that will do that for you. Its on the adult site BackAlleySims.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS. http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=7749491
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=523417
MooVille, a tribute to Mootilda and her fabulous lots http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=534158
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27th Jun 2016 at 11:36 PM
This message has been deleted by DezzyBoo.
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#613 Old 27th Jun 2016 at 11:53 PM
@marka93 The only thing I see this mod do is make ghosts get naked lol

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
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#614 Old 28th Jun 2016 at 12:07 AM
He had one that use to be able to play as ghost but it been a long time since I have been there so it could be gone now.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS. http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=7749491
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=523417
MooVille, a tribute to Mootilda and her fabulous lots http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=534158
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#615 Old 5th Jul 2016 at 5:26 PM
Through multiple days of editing with SimPE I created a version where every character is LGBT and dating their respective men and women. Mortimer Goth is engaged to Don Lothario who is pining for longtime friend Darren and The Caliente sisters are in a messy love square with Cassandra Goth and Brandi Broke. I also changed Kaylynn to Kyle Langerak and he's between Don and Daniel. I haven't played it that much but will soon enough!

Thank boolprop of Genetic Merger cheats.
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#616 Old 13th Jul 2016 at 6:20 PM

Sorry for my English, I only learned it from the internet and music videos.

"Why worry? If you've done the very best you can, worrying won't make it any better." -Walt Disney
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#617 Old 16th Jul 2016 at 3:25 PM
I've only played the Goth household and the Pleasants so far.

Goth - Cassandra and Don got married and are expecting their first child. Mortimer is working on his LTW of Maxing 7 Skills and Alex is just being Alex. Cassandra took the name Lothorio. Cassy and Don have no chemistry in my game, and she has none with Darren as well, so we'll have to see how long the marriage lasts.

Pleasant - Mostly ran this house on freewill. Mary Sue went to work but didn't get the chance card, nor did Katlynn stay after so Daniel hasn't yet cheated on Mary Sue. He had a want to woohoo with Mary Sue, so I filled it. Lilith snuck out with Dirk and Angela played video games and was generally boring. Mary Sue and Daniel both naturally started improving their relationship with Lilith, so we'll see what happens next.
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#618 Old 25th Jul 2016 at 5:31 PM
Played a few more households in Pleasantview.

Dreamer - Darren got a job in Science for now, til his LTW job of Journalism pops up. All the bills got paid, but they don't have much money left. Dirk got a job in Medicine, his LTW and also got into private school cause he wanted to. Darren has two bolts with Brandi, so I may go that way, we'll have to see.

Burb - I moved them into a house. John and Jennifer immediately TFB and it took - now I need to figure out whether I can fit a baby into their house or if I need to move them again. John wants to Graduate Three Kids from college and Jennifer wants 5 Top Level Businesses. They only have a bolt, so we'll have to see how their marriage goes. Lucy seems to be following in her mother's footsteps as she immediately wanted to buy a lemonade stand and then sell lemonade. Jennifer got a job in Business - she's going to need the money if she wants to top 5 businesses! They had a little girl named Linette
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#619 Old 26th Jul 2016 at 2:06 AM
Right now I'm playing a "megahood" with my favourites sims from the Maxis and also some of the custom neighborhoods from here (like subhoods), so actually the only families that I played from the Pleasantview are the Broke Family, I love Brandi so much, so I went with her to a lot of Community Lots, and she meets a lot of people from Riverside and Bitville, so after a couple of dates she married to Maximillion Oglethorpe, and she went with all her family to the big Mansion on the main hood, right now they are in honeymoon, and Brandi get a beautiful makeover...

The Dreamer are just surviving, like Dirk is working a lot, and his father is painting, I'm thinking on make Darren a Employee in some of the Owned businesses,because went he got a job, he got a want to quit xD The Oldies are also on my game, they are living on Bluewater Village and having a great time with many dates between them....

I still need to play the Caliente, Burb, Lothario and Pleasant families, but the Caliente Sisters and Don already have a lot of dates with many of my others sims, so I'm very curious about how many loves they have...
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Oooohohohohoho man. I've done quite a bit with these guys over the years. Aside from giving almost everyone a CC makeover....

- Don knocked up Cassandra and then left her at the altar. She had a son that she named Mortimer (Mort, for short) after her father. Since then, she's moved on with her life, gotten a much needed makeover to rebuild her confidence, reached the top of the science career, and married Darren Dreamer. Together, they had a daughter named Bella, in honor of the still missing Bella Goth. Mort is now a teenager and doesn't really have much of a relationship with Don. He considers Darren to be his real father and thinks of Don as a glorified sperm donor. Cassandra has long since forgiven Don for leaving her but she'd also rather not have to associate with him again. So part of her is happy that he's not in Mort's life. She doesn't even make him pay child support. As far as she's concerned, the less she has to deal with him, the better.

- There was no saving the Pleasant household. I know a relationship that's run its course when I see one and Daniel and Mary-Sue's had run about five marathons (thanks, in part, to his affair with their maid, Kaylynn). The two split. Daniel married Kaylynn and the couple just had their third child. Mary-Sue is single, but happy. She's too preoccupied with her career to worry about finding love. Unfortunately, Angela and Lilith never did learned to get along, and haven't spoken to each other since becoming adults. Angela went to college and earned a degree in Journalism. After graduating, she moved back in with her mother. Dustin Broke dumped her while she was pregnant. She's hoping the child will be enough to get together but he's already moved on to....several women. As for Lilith, she didn't go to college and she's living paycheck to paycheck as a record store clerk. But she's never been happier. She's out on her own with no fighting parents or annoying sister to make her life hell. And best of all, she's engaged to her high school sweetheart, Dirk Dreamer.

- Dina and Nina Caliente are still living together. Mortimer broke up with Dina after catching her with his son. She's currently single and secretly raising her and Alexander's child (who may or may not be the heir to the Goth fortune, depending on how Mortimer feels about Cassandra and her children not carrying on the Goth name). She figures Mortimer's deathbed will be the perfect time to drop the secret child bombshell on everyone. And it was at this point that I realized that this town was starting to have a trend of single mothers with absent dads. So I made sure Nina didn't fall into that category like her sister. Instead she's been given the difficult task of helping Don Lothario change for the better. With her help, he's gone back to med school and is now on the fast track to becoming a doctor. He'd like to try being a father to Mort, but he lost touch with him and Cassandra years ago and no longer knows where they are.

The Receptacle still lives!
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