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Field Researcher
#626 Old 29th Aug 2016 at 10:28 PM
The best (and only I think) iteration of Pleasantville I've ever played went like this:

Bella and Mortimer reunited. Bella got pregnant with quads, and Mortimer died LITERALLY as she was giving birth.

Cassandra married Daren Dreamer and was pregnant wit her own set of twins at the time, so she was no help. She and Daren had adopted a kitten as well, and were very happy, while Dirk liked his step mum well enough, and went happily off to Uni, where he lived with a bunch of random townie kids and his girlfriend Lilith.

Alexander grew up the main caregiver for his four screaming toddler siblings that I nicknamed the "Gothtuplets". He left for uni eventually (with no friends) leaving his dog Max behind with his bedraggled, unhappy mother. He made no friends at uni either, and severely creeped out a townie girl he had a thing for. (It was genuinely sad. His only friends were two of his little brothers and his dog...)

The Gothtuplets made it to childhood squabbling and vaguely disliking one another while Bella hauled bottles until they all grew up and then ignored them to go find herself a series of new lovers. I was going to have her eventually abandon her children, forcing Alexander to leave Uni to return home to take care of them.

Angela and Lilith meanwhile, fought like feral cats. Lilith fought with everyone at home but never ran away. She made it into uni and happily moved into a messy off-campus house with Dirk.

Angela wound up being the real screw-up of the family: she was living in a dormitory on campus but managed to fall pregnant for her wrong-side-of-the-tracks boyfriend Dustin. They had a daughter and wound up moving into a house off campus. I did manage to have them go home to visit Dustin's mum because she rolled a want to meet her grandchild, but they never went to Angela's parents' house. As far as I know, Daniel and Marysue never even knew they had a grandchild.

Don Lothario dumped Cassandra at the alter (it took her a bit to get over that) but he got played when he went after Kaylynn Langerak. She talked him into letting her move in and she promptly fell pregnant with his first child. This put a serious damper on things because Don was realising slowly but surely that the love of his life was none other than Dina Calliente. He couldn't get her over because of the screaming toddler in his front-room, and he hated the 'settled' life (despite being a wonderful father to his son). He never did manage to get Dina's attention again.

After giving birth Kaylynn realised she didn't love Don at all really, so she started sleeping with Daniel Pleasant while MarySue was out at work. She wound up pregnant with her second child for him, and gave birth to a little ginger son that she named Daniel II (I called him Danny for short). She took the kids and tried moving in with the Pleasants, but MarySue caught them at it one day and finally saw through her husbands story of "charity, and a poor homeless woman with two children". She was suspicious of little Danny from the beginning, but I like to think the thought of another child was legitimately too much for her to bare and she decided to ignore the obvious.

In the end, Daniel turned on Kaylynn for breaking up his marriage and kicked her and her children out, vowing never to reconcile and swearing he didn't care what happened to his son (I interpreted all this from the foot stamping and trashcan kicking). So Kaylynn moved her boys to the seedier part of the city (all she could afford) and was bringing them up alone.

She fell on proper hard times (despite having stolen a TV and several small items from the Pleasant's house before she left). She wound up leaning heavily on Don and fell for him again, rolling the constant want to get engaged to him. Don proved to be a great father, parenting both boys and finally proposing to Kaylynn even though his heart wasn't in it because she wanted it so badly and was the mother of his son.

Kaylynn wound up pregnant again at the end of the round and unfortunately, I did something stupid and managed to lose the hood - but man, it was great. I have plans to recreate it bigger and better very soon.
Test Subject
#627 Old 15th Sep 2016 at 3:13 PM
Hey guys, and I am very excited to tell you what I did with Pleasantview.
Mortimer & Dina : Mortimer and Dina got married and had a child named Camilla who just had her teen birthday. I made Mortimer live a little longer than he is supposed to due to elixir of life, but in the last round I let him die, and gave the house to Alexander, Dina and Camilla move to Nina and Don's house.
Cassandra & Darren : Cassandra got pregnant with Don's baby, which I named Isabella (after Bella) who is now a teen, but later Cassandra married Darren before she even knew she was pregnant with ISABELLA, and she also had a boy with Darren named Coleman ( Now a kid).
Alexander & Lucy : Went to uni together, and they just got married but still have no children, the minute Mortimer died Alexander kicked Dina and Camilla out.
Don & Nina : Don got Cassandra pregnant and broke up with her, Don also got Nina pregnant as well and she had twins named Jeanette and John (Now teens) but Nina never told him until they were kids, Don meanwhile married Kaylynn Landgreak and had a daughter Kate with her ( Now a kid ). but dumped her later and moved in with Nina after he found out he had kids with her, Don then turned into a werewolf (Storyline-wise he was cursed for his womanizing ways.) He built a house with Nina for his kids with her and Kate , which also had space for Dina and Camilla, Don and Nina are now engaged but not married, Don was cured of Lycantheropy due to him giving up his womanizing ways.
Kaylynn Landgreak: Married Don Lothario, and had Kate with him and also had twins with Daniel Pleasant named Kendra and Kale, but died shortly after Don broke up with her, causing the social worker to take the twins.
Daniel & Mary-Sue : (Now elders), they adopted Daniel's kids with Kaylynn after her death, and are using to elixir of life to live at least until the twins are teens, which now they are toddlers, but little does Mary-Sue know those twins are Daniel's biological children with Kaylynn.
John & Jennifer: They had another Daughter named Lux, and they have a nicely decorated house and success in their careers, but in the final round John died by flies.
Angela & DIRK : Angela and Dirk got married , and they had twins Edward & Ellie (Now babies).
Lilith & DUSTIN : Married, and have a daughter Victoria ( Now a baby)
Brandi Broke : ( Now an elder) Had her third son Skip Jr. and remarried to a townie Ethan.
Beau Broke : Not dating anyone, but focusing on his studies. ( Halfway through being a teen)
Skip Jr. Broke : Dating a college girl who I aged down to a teen. ( Just aged to a teen)
Mad Poster
#628 Old 15th Sep 2016 at 4:55 PM
After losing every thing on my computer and my 6 external hard drives I had to restart every thing. I lost over 6 years of work on the Sims 2 but hey new start new ideas.

I have restarted my "The Beginning of Pleasantview" hood using it to do this challenge "Pleasantview Epic Challenge" and all pics will go there. http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=582636

Victor and Gretle Goth along with Simon and Prudence Crumplebottom have now aged to elder and Gunther, Frida, Cornelia and Agnes have just went to collage with there boy/girl friend plus other.
For more info and all pics please see "Pleasantview Epic Challenge" http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=582636

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS. http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=7749491
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=523417
MooVille, a tribute to Mootilda and her fabulous lots http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=534158
Test Subject
#629 Old 15th Sep 2016 at 8:57 PM Last edited by BlueAlien : 15th Sep 2016 at 8:58 PM. Reason: Typo
I've only played Pleasantview once, and it was years ago. One thing I do remember is that I tried to change Nina's Aspiration (she's far too Serious to be a Romance Sim) and something went wrong. After that, she could not interact with male Sims at all: if one was on her lot, she froze until he left; if she went downtown, everything froze as soon as a male Sim showed up. If she ran out of food, she had to buy a new fridge because she couldn't go downtown or call the male clerk to order by phone.

I gave her a couple of cats, gave the cats jobs, and let Nina max out her skills at home. It was totally weird, but actually quite fun.
Test Subject
#630 Old 18th Sep 2016 at 8:17 PM
Goth: Mortimer invited Dina and Nina to the wedding of Cassandra and Don. Cassandra caught Don cheating with Nina, broke up with him. Mortimer and Dina got married instead. Dina moved in, got knocked up, had a baby boy named Bart (he's a child now). Mortimer died of old age while Bart was still a baby. Alexander is now a teenager. Dina is in Law career.

Dreamer: Cassandra rebounded on Darren, eventually married and moved in. Dirk went to college, joined a fraternity, studying to become a doctor. Cassandra and Darren had a baby girl (Dendra now a teen), and then had a set of baby girl Twins (Deyna and Deidra). Cass is still a scientist, Darren is a stay-at-home dad and painter. They traded rooms so the girls get the bigger room on the second floor, and Cass and Darren have converted Dirk's room into their room.

Caliente: Dina married Mortimer, he died of old age, and produced an heir. Nina got pregnant by Don, they have a girl (child now) named Mara. Nina is in the military, though she was already discharged/fired once.

Lothario: Haven't played him much. He's going to go on vacation and try to sleep with all the tourists.

Pleasant: Mary-Sue is now a Judge or Senator or whatever. Daniel is a top of the athlete track. Not only did he have an affair with the maid, but he also had an affair with their gardener, and Heather Huffington from University. Mary Sue is also having an affair, but with the Rich Male Sim from Night Life. Neither of them actually "caught" each other, until one day Mary-Sue caught him with the gardener. Daniel moved out into a trailer by the Brokes. Mary-Sue still has the house. Now every time the gardener shows up when Mary-Sue is home, she creeps around like a burglar. Maybe she's stealing things now.

Her boy toy moved in. Turns out he's a professional party guest, brought in $70k, and Day 1 of Adult. Mary-Sue is about to transition to Elder. Angela and Lilith still hate each other. Went to college with Dustin Broke, Dirk Dreamer, David Ottomas (I moved the Ottomases from O4B into Pleasantview), and three Townie teens. Angela joined a sorority, one of her sorority sisters is sleeping with her dad. Lilith is still dating Dirk.

Burb: John is a doctor. Jennifer is a thief. Lucy is a teenager. She's into athletics and mechanics. Nothing really going on there yet.

Oldie: Moved in, never really played much.

Broke: Brandi named her new son Brandon. Dustin got his life together, helped teach Brandon the basics as a toddler. Beau was stuck as the neglected middle child again. Brandi started making flowers after selling the recliner and something else to make enough money for the florist station, a table, display table, counter, and register. Dustin helped run the register or sell while Brandi made flowers. They weren't open every day, but it was enough to get by. Brandi met a customer, a townie named Kennedy Cox. They fell in love at first sight, and they got married rather quickly since Brandi ended up pregnant again. Kennedy added some funds to the house. I forget what career Kennedy is, but he's got a silver florist badge and a bronze register badge so that was pretty cool! Brandon just grew up to a teenager, Dustin is in college, Beau is about to go to college. Brandi and Kennedy had a son, his name is Frank Cox. They still live in the trailer, but was able to buy some better stuff. They don't make a lot from the florist stand yet, but it's enough to pay the bills and save for better items.

I also moved in the Ottomases and Ramaswarmi and Traveler families from the EPs I have:

Ottomases: The father is in the journalist field. They have a girl child Sharla, a teen boy David, and a toddler named Tommy. Samantha is pregnant, and her Elder mother lives with them. Samantha is a teacher, Elder mother is substitute teacher. I moved them into a larger house, so they were pretty much house rich and cash poor. Cheap furniture for everyone! Anyway, Samantha of course had twins, a boy and a girl (Renly and Reinla). By the time the twins and Tommy grew up to children (the twins and Tommy are only a day apart, so they're in the same life cycles), Elder mother died of old age. But David was old enough to baby sit after school, and so was Sharla. David went to college, Sharla took over babysitting duties until the parents get home. She's a teen now and trying to date.

Ramaswarmi: Sanjay is at top of music career, Priya is top of media. They have a teenaged daughter who is a creative prodigy also (thanks to musical instruments and Dad being a Rock God). Also top of Logic and pretty high in Charisma. All this kid did was play chess and play piano for fun, and play with that damned rabbit as a toddler. They're doing pretty well. Everyone wants to be their friends. My local celebrity family.

Traveler: Mom is a chef, Dad is... uh... I forgot. An Adventurer, maybe? Tina is a teenager now. She and Lucy Burb are besties. Nothing really exciting there.
Test Subject
#631 Old 20th Sep 2016 at 11:22 PM
Goth: I can't remember how I did it, but I avoided the jilting disaster for Cassandra and had her marry someone else. Mortimer married a Sim I'd created for another neighbourhood, but hadn't fit in there so I'd moved her to Pleasantview. They had a baby together, but Mortimer died either during or right after the birth, and never got to hold his second son. Alexander lived with his stepmother even after she remarried (to a townie whose name I forget).

Lothario: Don married a townie, Andrea something, and flirted with every female in town. There was a lot of fighting, and she eventually kicked him out and found someone better.

Caliente: Dina married Darren Dreamer and had two gorgeous children, Tariq and Nighat (named for Dina's grandparents). Nina had a bizarre glitch when I changed her aspiration to Knowledge, and thereafter could not interact with any male Sim, or even move when a male Sim was on the lot -- I call it the "Vow of Chastity Glitch". She became a recluse with just her two cats for company, and this Glitched Nina remains one of my favourite Sims.

Broke: Dustin married Meadow Thayer, got a great job, and had a whole bunch of children. The two younger boys did okay for themselves, too, but Brandi never remarried.

Pleasant: Lilith ran away and came home just in time to grow up. I forget who she married (it's been years since I played them). Angela married Orlando Centowski and had a ten-day pregnancy, which on the bright side reduced the number of kids she would otherwise have had (but is also a major reason why I've never replayed Pleasantview -- I seem to have a very glitchy version).

Burbs: The poor Burbs; it was so tragic and completely unintended. They were so proud when Lucy was the first Pleasantvillian to attend university...and then she and her friend Tosha were both killed, in their Sophomore year, by a freak fire caused by a lightning strike. (They'd also previously lost custody of her and her little sister when I answered the door and was kept talking by some Jehovah's Witnesses: I hadn't paused the game and free will was turned off, so I got back to starving parents and no children -- but the cat was fine, because cats always have free will so it could demand to be fed! Since leaving them running without free will for 20 minutes wasn't part of game play, I exited without saving, but it seems they were destined to lose Lucy eventually.)

Edited to add: Oops -- forgot I'd already posted once in here! Oh well, more detail on the other families! :D
Lab Assistant
#632 Old 21st Sep 2016 at 4:51 AM Last edited by lilyeverlasting : 21st Sep 2016 at 2:58 PM.
I've replayed it so often.

Hmm. Some of my most memorable highlights with my favorites:

Don Lothario was once scorned and hated by nearly every female sim he ever had good times with after going downtown with all his lovers and fiancee at once. He got dumped by Cassandra and cried and cried. He got abducted by aliens soon after and had a son named Sasha (haha). His home was notorious for roaches considering all the trash tippings, but Don, Sasha, and the Nanny lived a decent life. Don grappled with being a Romance sim who was hated by all the ladies and learning how to raise a child. He liked being a father, and had a good relationship with Sasha, until I accidentally deleted everything.

Cassandra I've had break up with Don at least three times. Once, she got pregnant with him and never went through with it, despite her being a family sim. She'd moved in with Don before they decided to marry and they realized how incompatible they were after lots of arguing. Cassandra took a morning after pill after a risky woohoo. Don threw a house party since the wedding date was getting closer, and then caught Cassandra romantically hugging Darren outside. Needless to say, they broke up. I can't remember if the drama helped the party score. Funnily enough, Don had stayed faithful to her that plathrough, I believe.

Cassandra was also jilted another playthrough. Don had tried to remain faithful, but in the end his feet were too cold, and he had a one night stand with Nina, who he had three bolts with. The next morning at the wedding he ran, leaving Cassandra. She was heartbroken, and pregnant, as I later learned. She eventually moved out of her family's home into a small apartment after giving birth to triplets :O Being very family oriented, Mortimer and Alex visited often, crowded though it was. She was a very hard worker. The nanny and Don were always at the apartment looking after the triplets while Cassandra worked during the day-Don, because he loved the kids. He had high relationships with all of them and endured all of Cassandra's arguing when she got home-he still loved her, after all, strangely enough. He also had a daughter with Nina, but they never officially got together, and he moved out of her house (after moving in with her because he got kicked out of the Goth manor and had nowhere to go) after their daughter, Aviva, was born, because he could finally stand on his own two feet financially. They both preferred a casual romantic relationship and their single statuses. Cassandra later started woohoo'ing with Vidcund. In another memorable playthrough, she left Don after finding him in bed with Nina, and met a custom sim named Johnny Winters. Don, despite his fault in their break-up, was still not over her, and at Cassie's wedding he got into a fight with Johnny! It really upped the party score! Later, Cassandra and Johnny, who were very happy together, had surprise quadruplets they named January, Belle, Valentine, and Edmund They were one of my favorite families for Cassie, besides the time she and Don had triplets and she lived in that puny apartment.

Alexander was once very into ballet and his one true hobby was music and dance. His best friend was the family cat named Alegra. He had an unrequited three-bolt love for Tara DeBeteau.

Mortimer once started up a bug collection and aspired to have a museum. Another time Bella actually returned and he placed her into an institute instead of welcoming her back as his wife.

As for the Calientes, Dina has married Mortimer almost every single time. The first two times I played her as snobby. As soon as Mortimer died she was out fishing for new beaus and leaving her son Simon to be cared for by Alexander and the butler. She had diaper changing fears, after all and she wasn't getting any younger! She didn't get along with Cassandra and they disliked each other immensely. Dina also had no time for Don's affections. He didn't have enough simoleons to his name to be on her radar. So she friend-zoned him and told Nina to go crazy. Later, I played her as more sincere. She fell in love with Mortimer, wanted to go on dream dates with him, and worked to have good relationships with Cassie and Alexander. She and Mortimer had two daughters named Priscilla and Lydia, and they were some of the most adorable sim children I've ever had. I'm sad I never extracted them.

Nina once had a daughter with Don, Aviva, in that playthrough also had another daughter with Cornwall Capp who she named Nighat after her mother. She also hopped into bed with Daniel Pleasant after he followed her around at the grocery store-at his sister's new house, in her bed no less, the day after Daniel had left Mary Sue. She worked in a custom Model career another playthrough. That's about it for Nina. I haven't done much with her, except for that one playthrough where she had two daughters.

Brandi tried opening a salon in her home once. It didn't go so well her opening day and she made someone look like a clown. Another time, a genie lamp was left on her doorstep not long after Beau aged up, and Skip was wished back to life. Brandi gave birth to triplets. Skip came back not really interested in being with Brandi, or his children, tragically.

Mary Sue and Daniel almost always get divorced. One time Lilith and Angela actually repaired their relationship, and that was great. Another time Angela died in a kitchen fire making breakfast and Lillith just kept smustling in the bathroom. Mary Sue tried to work on her relationship with her daughters, especially Lilith, since that relationship was the most estranged. She kicked Daniel out and met Reagan Capp, who'd also recently divorced after she met her husband's love child with Nina Caliente. They became BFFs, then girlfriends. A real power couple, those two.
Lab Assistant
#633 Old 29th Sep 2016 at 10:40 PM
@lilyeverlasting, I wanted to say how much I like your playstyle and writing! I read all the post of yours that I could find in the "What happening in your game" thread. Keep on keeping on!

~Gaming Let's Plays served up with a soupçon of silly and a whole lot of story.~


#634 Old 29th Sep 2016 at 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by lilyeverlasting
Another time Bella actually returned and he placed her into an institute instead of welcoming her back as his wife.

That's cruel.


Thank you, crippling anxiety, for not letting me check my messages.
Lab Assistant
#635 Old 2nd Oct 2016 at 7:21 PM
Originally Posted by TheJessaChannel
@lilyeverlasting, I wanted to say how much I like your playstyle and writing! I read all the post of yours that I could find in the "What happening in your game" thread. Keep on keeping on!


Oh wow, thank you, Jessa! I love your channel!! I've always been a bit too self conscious to post in my empty simblr, but you've given me some confidence today! Thank you! *_*
#636 Old 3rd Oct 2016 at 2:08 AM
Originally Posted by MHS0501
Through multiple days of editing with SimPE I created a version where every character is LGBT and dating their respective men and women. Mortimer Goth is engaged to Don Lothario who is pining for longtime friend Darren and The Caliente sisters are in a messy love square with Cassandra Goth and Brandi Broke. I also changed Kaylynn to Kyle Langerak and he's between Don and Daniel. I haven't played it that much but will soon enough!

Thank boolprop of Genetic Merger cheats.

This sounds interesting

Peace, Harmony & Balance... Libra is Love..
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