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Community Spirit contest! - posted on 11th Apr 2017 at 6:33 PM
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Field Researcher
#651 Old 26th Mar 2017 at 11:15 AM
I very unexpectedly became quite fond of the Oldies. I've never really played them out before but they are in my current play through and they have become one of my fav houses to play! It's like a nice little holiday amongst all the drama lol.

Herb had a breif affair with Dina which coral was devastated to discover. They stayed living together in a very stony atmosphere untill Coral let Lilith move in. Lillith was in a very bad place and couldn't live at home anymore with her fathers continued cheating on her mother and Angela falling pregnant at 16, Lillith had dreams of Uni and couldn't stand being in that house anymore! She was pretty bummed out to discover her granparents where on the brink of divorce as well.

However, Lilith grew very close with her grandfather, she helped him garden and in turn her granparents become close again. They become quite the little family unit those three, and Lilith managed to get her grades up enough to get into uni. However uni cost £8000 and the Oldies simply didn't have it. This forced Lilith to make amends with her mother who had the money set aside intially to send Angela to uni but that was out of the question with baby Asher now born. She let Lilith have it on the condition she stayed in contact with her.

It was a sad day when Lilith moved out to Uni, Coral and Herb missed her very very much. However she frequently came home for visits and they ventured over to Sim State to see her a few times. They where getting old now and keeeping up with the gardening was becoming a chore. Pleasantview had one of the worst winters and the Oldies suffered and their beautiful garden produced no fruit or veg

One night Angela randomly turnt up at the door. She hasn't had much of a relasionship with her granparents but something made her stop by. She spent the day catching up with them in front of the TV telling them about baby Asher and her hopes to get a part time job once he's old enough for school. Coral cooked a lovely roast dinner for them all and Angela went home feeling content, but sad that she had failed to have a relasionship with them untill now.

That night, Herb woke up at 3am and wondered in to the kitchen for a glass of water. Coral found him later that morning passed away from old age. Coral was devastated. And even more devasated that he left some money to Dina Caliente, his old flame.

Luckily, despite her greif Lilith managed to graduate with honours and has moved back in with Coral.

I was so upset when Herb died!!! No idea what Corals going to do with herself now!

-and in that moment, i was infinate.
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