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#526 Old 18th Oct 2013 at 11:12 PM
Gave them all makeovers.

Grusel/Goth - Traumtänzer/Dreamer - Caliente
Cassandra fell in love with Darren so she dumped Don and married Darren.
Mortimer married Dina who is pregnant now. Her sister lives alone.

Don had several affairs at the same time which was fun for a while. But then he met a premade townie (Geraldine Bongartz) who is always wearing her tracksuit. They fell in love and he asked her to move in. She is a family sim (looks much better with makeup and longer hair!) and wants to marry him but Don is not ready for marriage yet. He fulfilled her other wish, though, to have a baby. She gave birth to twins, Damian and Donna. Don is very caring and makes a good father.

Babsi/Brandi had twin sons, Fabian and Florian. Dustin is still in criminal career and moved out when he became an adult. Brandi married a rich family CAS sim

Hübsch/Pleasant - Alteisen/?
The family becomes closer but there are still problems to be solved like Angela's relationship with her sister.
Marie Claire's parents have adopted a teenage girl so she has a sister now who is younger than her daughters. Guess the family tree will look interesting after a while

still thinking about a possible storyline
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The Burbs
John, Jennifer, and little Lucy moved into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom single-family starter house in Pleasantview. It's the only starter house that has a double-story window. Lucy did well in school. John couldn't seem to find a job, so he just acted as a stay-at-home dad. Jennifer now works full-time in the business career, I think. She wants to become a business tycoon, IIRC. Life is going peacefully and well for the Burbs.

The Brokes
Brandi taught Beau how to walk. Dustin went to school, while Brandi taught Beau how to walk. As soon as Dustin returned home, Brandi scolded him for bringing home poor grades. Dustin felt a little ashamed of himself and retired to his bedroom, where he had his stereo and pinball machine sold. They were too distracting for him. He also decided to quit his job in the Criminal career and had enough of his life of crime. Dustin taught Beau how to talk and use the potty. Dustin tried to ask his mother for permission to get out, but his mother refused, unwilling to let her son go and suspicious that Dustin would get into more trouble. When Angela called, Dustin picked it up and answered that he would wait for Angelia's ride. They had fun, until Dustin came home arrested and tired. Later, Beau grew up, while Brandi's tummy was growing bigger and bigger as the woman would be expecting a new little one into the family.

The Dreamers
While Dirk was at school, Darren busied himself in front of the easel and painted himself a miniature replica of the Mona Lisa. Dirk came home, used the toilet, and had a snack. At this time, Darren came down too from the upstairs arts studio, and both of them ate snacks. Darren helped out Dirk with his homework assignments so that Dirk could do homework faster next time. Dirk invited Lilith over for a hot and heavy makeout session before Lilith said that she had to go home. Dirk was then called upstairs by his father to be painted. Darren made a portrait of his son Dirk. They washed and went to sleep. The next day, Dirk went to school, and Darren went to work.

The Calientes
Dina Caliente invited Mortimer over. She proposed engagement to Mortimer, and Mortimer accepted. Mortimer accepted the deal to move in and gave the family a little more than $50,000. Then, Mortimer and Dina moved out for a little place of their own. Nina stayed behind and bought some clothes at the boutique in town. Afterwards, she went to bed, and in the middle night, she heard her burglar alarm go off - a telling sign that a burglar was captured! Jessica Ebadi was the burglar, and the police arrested the criminal woman and locked her up in jail. The next morning, Nina went to work in Level 1 of the Politics career track.

Don Lothario
Don Lothario tried to invite Nina over, but Nina was at work. So, he picked up trash around the house, and that cued him to hire a maid, which turned out to be Kaylynn Langerak, his love. While his maid cleaned up his house, Don studied for skills. Nina was invited over late at night, with her friend, Dina Caliente. Don invited both girls to use the hot tub with him but only tried to flirt with Nina, which turned out to be a bloody mess of a family feud. Dina attacked Don, but Don won the fight. Dina attacked Nina, but Nina won the fight. The loser decided to fight no more and went home. Don asked Nina to live with him, and they became roommates. Nina moved in. Don and Nina shared a bed and did woohoo (really a Try for Baby). Nina got pregnant as a result unexpectedly.

The Goths
Cassandra attempted to marry Don at the wedding arch, but Don rejected the marriage proposal. Afraid of commitment, he ran away and left Cassandra at the altar. Cassandra was heartbroken and met the therapist who tried to cure her up. The next day, Alexander went to school. Cassandra was about to go to work, but someone was in the staircase, so she stomped her foot, shrugged, and painted in the attic. She didn't discontinue until she was quite low in her hunger and bladder needs, and just had to be taken off the painting easel in the attic. Meanwhile, Mortimer celebrated his wedding to his second wife, Dina Caliente, now Dina Goth.

The Pleasants
Mary-Sue went to work, while her daughters went to school. Daniel stayed at home, because it was his day off and saw that the maid Kaylynn Langerak looked hot and tried to seduce the woman to bed with him. He asked her to become his live-in maid and moved her in. Kaylynn brought a grand total of $16000 to the familyfunds, got a job in the Law Enforcement career, and moved out to settle down in Pleasantview. Angela came home with an A+ report card and showed it off to everyone before she asked her mother Mary Sue - who got demoted from work - to help her with her homework. Lilith was doing her homework on the first floor, next to the steps. She didn't come up, because someone was at the staircase. Herb and Coral moved into the family and brought, if I remember correctly, $20000 to the familyfunds.

Kaylynn Langerak
Kaylynn moved into one of the trailer homes in Pleasantview. She greeted the neighbors and did yoga.
#528 Old 18th Nov 2013 at 11:52 PM
Don Lothario dies a very old, but poor, man. He fathered LOTS of kids (most of whom he's never met) by mostly townies and crazies from my Asylum challenge. He was having trouble getting any of the younger townies to "come around", so he tried some men. He invited a new lover over who brought a friend; a threesome, wow! He had sex with both, and a great date with ... wait for it...

yep, that's Goopy. I moved him in, and as soon as the old Don died, Goopy (not exactly grief stricken) kissed his friend (ACR).

ignorance is not stupididity
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#529 Old 2nd Dec 2013 at 10:15 PM

Mortimer decided to tell Dina Caliente that he'd love to be her boyfriend, but would not allow her to move in or marry her. She accepted, but unfortunately got pregnant a few days later - Who'd have guessed. Mortimer did the right thing, and Dina gave birth to a young daugther, Vanessa Goth. Alexander has a nagging suspision about her gold-digging ways, but left for College shortly after turning into a teen. We'll see how it goes when he returns to the Goth mansion with a degree and a grudge, as Morty will most likely have passed when that happens.

Cassandra hesitated to marry Don after hearing all the rumors of his philandering ways, and after some thought she moved in with Darren while contemplating what to do.


Darren was thrilled with Cassandra moving in, and spent quite a few uncomfortable nights on the sofa. He passed no opportunity in to show her kindness and love, and after a while she fell in love with him too. She then caught Don cheating red-handed (an accident on my part), and the scene was set. She became Cassandra Dreamer and they moved into a nice house along with Dirk. They now have a toddler Son, Dylan Dreamer, and an infant daughter called Darleen. Dirk went to college after a while as a teen. He's still with Lilith, but in college he finds himself acting as the middle man in the constant fighting between her and Angela. Angela will always come to him a cry after having a fight with Lilith, and he finds it quite awkward.


Mary-Sue kicked out Daniel after catching him with Kaylynn. He moved into one of the starter homes beside Dina and Nina, completely broken-hearted, but determined to make the most of his single life. Didn't go that well though, he is CONSTANTLY moping about Mary-Sue. In turn, she kept kicking over the trash-can, stealing his newspapers and stalking him on dates. Daniel then found some much needed distraction with Nina Caliente. They've been on quite a few dream dates, and he tells himself that he is over Mary-Sue and ready to commit. Too bad Nina is Nina - and pregnant.

Mary-Sue had her parents move in when Angela and Lilith left for College. She is pursuing her career goals while trying to find a suitable mate (keeping up appearances, you know). She went on an okay date with Peter Sims, a man with nice priorities, but realized that the true spark was missing. She's still SO sad about Daniel, and keep rolling wants to play with him, and fears of getting rejected from him. Meanwhile, Herb and Coral kept the house and goofed around. Although Coral wanted a pet, she was less than amused when Herb adopted a small stray pet he found in the garden. He loves that thing more than anything, and Coral feels left out and wanting attention from him. Mary-Sue dreads the small thing as well. Herb hasn't noticed.

Lilith and Angela chose the same major in college, and constant rivalry ensues.

Brandi decided to take matters into her own hands, and made a small buisness in her backyard. She spent her pregnancy learning how to sew, and taking care of her children. She now sells teddy-bears and other homemade stuff a couple of hours a day. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford to send Dustin to college along with the other kids in the neighborhood. Beau will go though, and Dustin is pretty broken-heated and bitter. Mostly because it means Angela will be very, very far away for quite some time.

Spent most of their time struggling financially and raising Lucy. John wanted another child, and although Jennifer didn't, they had little Martin. They are both unhappy in the marriage though. Lucy went to college.

Don slowly felt as if he was running out of luck when both Cassandra, Nina and Dina dumped him one by one. Fearing that he may have lost his way with the ladies, he settled for Kaylynn Langerak and proposed to her. She is now his live-in cook, maid and so forth, and she loves him unconditionally while he woos random townies whenever the chance arise. I would love for Jennifer Burb to be smarter than to fall for Don's charms, but they've been wanting to get together for some time now. We'll see if I let them.
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#530 Old 16th Dec 2013 at 4:01 AM
I play a combined hood, so I have a lot of fun trying to hook up characters across neighborhood lines.

Goths: Cassandra married Don Lothario and got pregnant on her wedding night. Dina and Mortimer got married on the same day. The next morning, when Cassandra was working and Morty was asleep, Don and Dina cheated on their spouses together. Cassandra came home to find them together in her bed, and her angry shouting alerted Mortimer, who was also upset. Cassandra immediately divorced Don and sent him packing. Dina stayed a few more days, but had to move back in with her sister eventually. She too was pregnant with Don's child. Cassandra gave birth to twins, Mortimer and Melanie, on the same day that Alexander aged into a teen. Darren Dreamer called her repeatedly and tried to win her affections, but Cassandra always seemed annoyed by him. One day Alexander brought home Tara Debateau (from Belladonna Cove) from school, and she became friends with the whole family. The next day she came back and brought her father, Armand DeBateau. Cassandra and Armand had chemistry with one another immediately, and found they had a lot in common. They dated for a little while, and soon enough, Armand proposed. Cassandra was thrilled, and they had a small private wedding and an awesome honeymoon. Armand adopted both of Cassandra's twins, who are toddlers, and now they are expecting a child of their own together. Alexander is dating Jill Smith from Strangetown.

Pleasants: Mary Sue divorced Daniel, who moved out. Kaylynn Langerak moved in with him shortly, even though she, like every woman in Pleasantview other than Mary Sue, was pregnant with Don Lothario's child. I then used InSim to make Daniel pregnant too, with Kaylynn's baby, so that I could say she had twins with two different fathers (for storyline/drama purposes). Kaylynn and Daniel aren't married and have no plans to become married. They have two boys, Don Jr. and Daniel Jr. (okay, I was out of creativity for names). Lilith became so upset that she took it out on Dirk, and he broke up with her. She went to the park to clear her head, and ran into Ripp Grunt from Strangetown, whom she developed a bit of a crush on. They went on a date and had a great time. Ripp, Angela, and Lilith all went to college together eventually, and finished with decent grades. Angela and Lilith finally grew up and developed a friendship, and Angela was the maid of honor in Ripp and Lilith's wedding. Angela married Dustin Broke and moved back in with Mary Sue, while Ripp and Lilith have a place of their own in Belladonna Cove. Mary Sue met General Buzz Grunt at the wedding, and they're kind of dating. I don't know how long that one will last, but...

Dreamers: Darren never got his girl. He was depressed, and never could look Cassandra in the eye again. He eventually met a CAS sim I made specifically for him and they married. While he still thinks about Cassandra from time to time, he seems happy with Deirdre. Dirk ditched Lilith, and met Ophelia Nigmos in college. They have really great genetics together and have the cutest little toddler girl.

Calientes: Both managed to get pregnant by Don within a day of one another. One had a son, Blake, and the other had a daughter, Mina. I would have to look up the family tree to remember who's the mother of which. Dina was kicked out of Mortimer's house after her affair with Don, and neither one was happy about being pregnant. Their children learned none of their toddler skills, and have pretty rough relationships with their mothers...I plan to do a story about them.
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#531 Old 26th Dec 2013 at 5:38 AM
Bella came back, (I made her in CAS) but Mortimer wasn't too fond of her return. Cassandra and Don got married, but Don moved out and woohooed with Nina Caliente. He and Cassandra are still married. Dina hates everyone. I also gave the Pleasant twins makeovers.

This is all I got around to.

On my aunt's computer, I made my own sim, and she married Darren Dreamer, and made enemies with the Calientes. :D


After reading a few stories (okay ONE) I'm gonna play around in Pleasantview some more.

If you want me to make a Sim for you, please PM me a picture of what you want, or give me a detailed description. Because specific hair and clothes can be tough to find, these requests will take longer. Links to CC you want me to use would be fantastic! (TS2 only please, it's just easier for me)
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#532 Old 13th Jan 2014 at 8:03 AM
Goth/Dreamer/Caliente: Cassandra knew Don was cheating on her all along so when Don had left, she invited Darren over and they Woohooed but Cassandra's fun wasn't over yet, So the next day she invited Don and Darren and Kissed Darren right infront of him and Cassandra and Darren Got married. Mortimer got closer to Dina and asked her to move in with him.

Pleasant: Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating on her and kicked Daniel out of the house and got a new lover named Josh( A sim i made ) and now she is pregnant with his child.

Burb/Pleasant/Langgerak: Daniel had no place to live so his lovely sister Jennifer allowed him to live with her family in their new double story house little did they know that Daniel got Kaylnn to move in with them and he got her pregnant and now they have a baby girl named Aria.

Broke: I moved Bandi in a new 4 Story house because she needed a new one. She was pregnant with her deceased husbands child and when he was born, She named him Jai. Dustin on the other hand went steady with Angela.

Lathorio: Don had nobody until a sim i made named Nikole i think moved in with him and now they're together.

Caliente: Nina was sad without Dina so she went all out and now she is in a relationship with a girl named Kristine.

Oldie: I didn't play much with them, infact the only thing i did was make then a new house.

Thanks For Reading
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#533 Old 16th Jan 2014 at 6:17 PM
Pleasants - mary sue caught daniel cheating with the maid and broke up with him. shortly after, he died in an 'accidental' fire. mary sue then got married to a townie named kennedy cox and they became elders and eventually died of old age. angela and lilith both had make overs, became best friends and went to college together. lilith is now working in the fashion design career whilst married to dirk dreamer and they have one child together. angela is working in the medical career and is married to dustin broke and they also have a child together.

Goths - Cassandra did woohoo with Don, just before they were supposed to get married, but he ditched her at the alter anyway. After this, mortimer got married to Dina caliente and moved in with her but mysteriously died shortly after. Cassandra then decided to have a complete make over, get a new job as a teacher and eventually fell in love with darren dreamer and they have two children called samson and amelia who are twins. Alexandra also had a make over,went to college and is now married to lucy burb and they have a daughter and son called max and ruby.

Lothario - Don ditched cassandra at the alter and continued a friends with benefits relationship with nina caliente for a while. Eventually, he settled down with kaylynn langerak and ended all his other relationships. They now have a baby daughter called Victoria and are happy together

Caliente - Dina married mortimer for his money but he died soon after. She then got married to the maid called remington harris and they have two children called thomas and isabelle/ Dina works as a successful model and remington works in the athletic career. Nina had a whole new make over, moved out, became a hairdresser and got married to a rich guy and they now live in a big house and expecting their first child together.

Dreamer - Darren works in the artist career and is happily married to cassandra and they have two children. Dirk went to college and now works in the politics career and is married to lilith dreamer and they have a daughter together called Ashlee.

Broke - Brandi gave birth to her son called dylan.and carried on being a single mum for a while. Dustin moved to college, got a job in the athletic career and then got married to angela pleasant and lives with her and their son jake. Eventually brandi got married to a man i created specifically for her called simon, but by this time beau and dylan were teenagers and eventually went to college themselves. brandi and simon now live together with their 3 daughters, (a teenager called stephanie, a child called Lauren and a toddler called ella) and 3 sons (a teenager called Joshua, a child called ben and a toddler called harry). They both have successful jobs, brandi is a wedding planner and simon is a business man and they have a nice big house. Beau completed college and fell in love with marissa benett (a townie) and they got married and have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Dylan also completed college and got married to a townie called tosha go (although i changed her name to natasha) and now they are expecting their second child together.

Burb - John and jennifer are still happily married, lucy moved to college and is now married to alexander goth. Jennifer got pregnant and gave birth to identical twin girls called sophie and bethany who are now teenagers. Jennifer works as a fashion designer and john works in the culinary career.

Oldies - Didn't really do much with them, moved them into a small house and just left them to it
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#534 Old 19th Jan 2014 at 3:19 PM
I've just started playing Sims 2 again and it's so much fun I try to play all households equally (playing a Sim week each) and I'm now into the 2nd week of playing.

GOTH: Cassandra married Don, took his last name and moved out with him. Mortimer raised Alexander alone. Alexander grew up into a knowledge teen and got a job in Criminal career (as his lifetime want is to get to the top of Criminal career track). Soon after Alexander grew up to a teen, Mortimer died, leaving Alexander alone in the Goth house.

LOTHARIO: Don and Cassandra married and moved into a big house. So far, Don is still faithful. They had one child, William who is now a toddler and Cassandra is pregnant again.

PLEASANT/OLDIE: I moved Oldies in with the Pleasants (it's too boring playing Oldies on their own, haha). Daniel is going to become an elder very soon, and both he and Mary-Sue are progressing in their careers. Angela and Lilith got part time jobs and are still teens.

BROKE/TELLERMAN: Brandi had another son, Chace. Beau grew up into a child. Soon after giving birth, Brandi got a job in Slacker career and met a co-worker, Komei whom she fell in love with and they married (Brandi took his last name, I believe it's Tellerman or something?) Brandi is now pregnant again and they moved into a better house.

DREAMER: Darren got into Medical career and met Dina Caliente as a co-worker. They had a huge attraction so they fell in love and married. They had a baby girl, Dora. Dirk got a part time job in Athletic career.

CALIENTE: After Dina moved out, Nina met a postman (postwoman?) called Dagmar something. They were very attracted to each other (who knew Nina was into girls?) and also ended up getting married. They also both got jobs in the Slacker career. They adopted a baby boy (I forgot his name) who is now a toddler, but they're too busy Woohooing and aren't really taking good care of him.

BURB: I moved the Burbs into a nice house and got them jobs. They had another child, Luke who is now a toddler. Lucy grew up into a teen, she has family aspiration and takes good care of her younger brother.
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#535 Old 12th Feb 2014 at 7:56 PM
Has anyone ever gotten Darren/Cassandra to three bolts of attraction? Is it possible with their signs? It seems like he and Brandi always have three in my games (I've only played three or four times, though). I'll probably soon be starting over Pleasantview again, and thought I might take a non Darren/Cassandra path this time - I'd want him to fall out of love with Cassandra first, of course (but stay friends) and Dirk and Dustin could be stepbrothers. Still want Cassandra to catch Don cheating and kick his butt, though. Guess I'd have to find a townie for Cassandra - I like all my non-romance sims (and some of the romance ones) to reproduce. I think I want to make Kaylynn playable somehow, but haven't decided by what method yet. I don't know what mindset I want for her. I mean, she's got 7 nice points, but look what she's doing! Maybe she really is a gullible little fool who falls madly in love with any guy who feeds her line? Or maybe she wants a husband so badly that she just doesn't care who she hurts?
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27th Feb 2014 at 10:26 AM
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5th Mar 2014 at 6:20 PM
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#536 Old 8th Mar 2014 at 4:31 AM
I've restarted Pleasantview like 20 times and everytime I play different story.
This time I decided my main family will be the Pleasant/Burb Family and my story develops mainly around them.

First I played with Mortimer,Cassandra,Alexander and Bella (I didn't mention I have the megahood and Bella is still there).It was the wedding night of Cassandra and Don.They were supposed to get married.The food should have been made by Bella but a fire started in the kitchen and both Bella and Alexander were killed by it.Cassandra was left at the altar by Don,she hasn't even spoken to him since then.Their wedding party was a disaster.Mortimer married Dina an hour after the death of Bella and Alexander and Cassandra's failed wedding.Cassandra wasn't happy with her father's decision and she got in a figth with both Mortimer and Dina.After losing both fights she left the Goth's Manor and moved with the Oldies.Mortimer died the same day he got married to Dina,leaving her all his fortune.

John wanted a big family but Jennifer's main focus was in her career.Their marriage was falling apart and nothing could be done.John was really lazy,he never had a job,he never supported the family although he wanted even bigger family and he never helped Jennifer and Lucy,he even barely spoke to them.Jennifer couldn't stand his laziness and she decided that they were going to break up after Lucy ages up to teen.After Lucy became teen Jennifer broke up with John.Soon after that she began dating Loki Beaker (he was still married to Circe).Loki fell in love with Jennifer quickly and broke up with Circe.He than moved with his sister Erin to Pleasantwiev so he could be closer to Jennifer.Loki and Erin bought big house and immediately Loki got married to Jennifer.Erin lived for a while with Loki,Jennifer and Lucy but after finding a boyfriend she moved out of the house.Jennifer and Loki have one daughter (amazingly she is really pretty,she looks exactly like Jennifer).Jennifer is now pregnent again with Loki's second child.John is dating both Samantha Cordial and Patricia Wan (he is more likely to get married to Samantha).Lucy is doing great,she has a lot of friends (she has popularity aspiration).I think this is the first time I really enjoy playing with the Burb Family.

After Dustin found out Angela was cheating on him with Dirk,he broke up with her and focused on his career,work and getting himself in college.Beau grew up.Brandi tried dating Darren Dreamer for a while but it didn't work out because he cheated with Cassandra Goth.With a third child on the way and no money Brandi knew she had to do something so she started dating 4 different men only for money but dumped them after she met Malcolm Landgraab.She doesn't really like him but she has no other choise if she wants a good life.Brandi and Malcolm got married and the whole Broke Family moved in in the mansion of Malcolm Landgraad.Brandi is now pregnent with Malcolm's child.The Broke Family now has a good life and are probably never going back to Pleasantview.

Dirk was left after Lilith cought him cheating on her with Angela.Darren had an affair with Brandi but dumped her for Cassandra.But it turned out that Cassandra was at a low point and acted stupid so she left Darren.The Dreamer Family decided to move out of Pleasentview.

Mary-Sue put her family aside for her career which costed her her family.The twins were fighting constantly.Daniel was having an affair with Kaylynn behind Mary-Sue's back.After she got fired from her job Mary-Sue started focusing on the family more but she was searching for a new job.When she was unemployed her relationship with Daniel became stronger and that led to a third child (Alexis,now in child stage).Daniel left Kaylynn because he tought Mary-Sue's workaholism was over.After giving birth to Alexis,Mary-Sue immediately started a new job and the problems began again.The twins had problems in school and were constantly fighting.Lilith aways won and that's way Angela decided she was going to flirt with Dirk infront of Lilith.That thing happened but Dustin was also there which led to Angela being dumped.Daniel had a new affair this time with Dina Caliente.After Mortimer died and Dina was single again they decided they are going to get married.Daniel was fed up with Mary-Sue's way of life and broke up with her.Dina and Daniel got married and the family became united.The twins became best friends.Dina tought them how to study and got them into a private school.She became pregnant and had a boy (Cameron).Daniel got on top of his career.Lilith is now dating Rick Contrary and Angela is dating Tank Grunt. Just before Lilith and Angela went to college Dina gave birth to twin boys (Maxwell and Casper).Mary-Sue moved to her parents' house.

Herb and Coral bought a small house.After Mary-Sue and Cassandra moved in with them they had enough money (thanks to Cassandra) to move to a bigger house.Mary-Sue only focused on her career until she became elder.Herb had an affair with Cassandra and they had a baby (Dexter Goth).Coral found out but they are still together although they don't really love each other.Cassandra wants to marry Herb and have more kids but Herb is in the end of his life and being romance sim,he really doesn't care about Cassandra but lies to her that he'll leave Coral and marry her.Cassandra is madly in love with him and rejects every men that tries to flirt with her.

Dina married Mortimer and shortly after their marriage Mortimer died leaving her all the money he had.Than she had an affair with married Daniel Pleasant who left his wife for her.They married after that and had 3 boys.Her new goal is having 5 top businesses.Nina is still living in the Caliente house with Kimberly Cordial as a roommate.They are both hooking up with different men.

After leaving Cassandra at the altar Don decided that he should stop his affairs and become more family orientated.He was searching for the love of his life until he met Erin Beaker. They are now married and Erin is pregnent with his first child.
#537 Old 10th Mar 2014 at 1:49 AM
Since I have both Lilith and Dustin (clones of them, actually) in my penal colony in Riverblossom Hills I played around with Pleasantview a little... Really warming up to the premades here after years of favouring of CAS sims.

Burb family:
I decided to ignore things like OTH and LTW in favour of the characters´ actual bios and build on that. John was described as havin fond memories of gardening with his parents, so a professional farmer he will become. He started small with several tomatoe plots, bought new work clothes and really seems pleased with his new life.
Jennifer quickly followed suit and remembered her childhood wish to become a professional soccer player. She impressed the coach in the very first tryout and is in the sports career now. The next day one of the Ottomas-twins walked by (I aged up most of the simbin toddlers and unborns). He talked to Jennifer about sports and didn´t seem so convinced that she could be the next star. Sucker!
Absorbed in their new lifes the adults neglect little Lucy, who doesn´t seem to mind. She´s a very independant child who made a friend in Tessa Ramirez.

Pleasant family:
I have yet to play them, but I noticed that Lilith is supposed to be into goth and the mental wheel started spinning. Why not hook her up with Alexander? They both come from well-to-do familys, so they might get sent to the same college or private school and meet there. I can´t picture Lilith/Dustin at all. She´s at odds with her parents, withdrawn and likes mystery stuff, while he sacrifices everything, his freetime, reputation, honor and probably even freedom if he isn´t careful, to provide for his family. Though they are both kinda rebellious, so I can see them as friends.

Oldie family:
Herb and Coral have went through a little "what is the meaning of life" crisis and probably got their hands at some Dawkins along the way. After being loving parents to Mary-Sue they are now desperate to make a a copy of their biological bodys before they have to give them back. They volunteered for an experiment with anti-aging-hormones and so far it worked well: Herb was aged down to the first day of elderhood and Coral even further. She´s now 8 days or so away from elderhood and pregnant with her first child. The hormones work a little too well on Herb, who starts chasing after every skirt in sight just like in his distant youth. So far Coral hasn´t noticed.

Broke family:
Dustin is the powerhouse here. He lost his "job", but being a fortune sim he redeemed the financial advice perk and makes money from blogging (lots of ads and donations I suppose). Since he is very poor his advice on pocket-money is sound and even deemed educational.
Dustin got himself arrestet three times (once running away with Angela and twice due to a chance card). He has to wear an electronic tag/wristband monitor - this is my explanation to a glitch that makes Dustin wear the manacles from his first arrest all the time. His biggest wish is that his father figure Gordon King could become his father for real and he tries to hook him up with his mom. The adults have no objection and Gordon even helps with Dustin´s brothers. I plan to have them evolve into Pleasantview´s major crime lords.
As I did before I got Brandi a job (stage singer) before her pregnancy started to show. She cannot bring herself to sell the more expensive items in her bedroom as those are mementos (gifts or heirlooms) from her parents. Also I decided to go with Brandi´s memories about Skip dying before Beau was born. That means her third child´s father is unknown. Some guy in the bar where she sings took advantage of the desperate widow, pretended to love her, made love to her and was never seen again.
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I love Pleasantview and play it exclusively right now. I'm mostly playing the Maxis families that were already in Pleasantview and/or in the Family Bin when you first load the game. This may be long - I play in 5 day rotations and I've been playing this particular incarnation of Pleasantview since November of 2013.


Dina married Mortimer Goth, took over the Goth Legacy and is now focused on making the Goth fortune as big as possible. More on her below, since she's now a Goth.

Sister Nina stayed behind in the sisters' condo when Dina moved out and she spent the first few years focusing on work and woohooing with her colleagues. Then she got pregnant by Don Goth and had twins. Using Pescado's money order hack I had Nina extort $300,000 from the Goths in exchange for her silence. The Goths certainly don't want Don's indiscretions to get out and possibly ruin the Goth family name, so they paid the money to Nina and she promptly bought herself and her twins a huge, expensive house and hired a butler. Nina is now at the top of the Athletic career track and occasionally hooks up with various lovers that she's known for years.


Mary-Sue and Daniel stayed married until Daniel died at age 60 something. Daniel had his affairs but he kept them well hidden, even sometimes sleeping with the family's maid, Kaylynn Langerak. Mary-Sue is not quite at the top of the Politic career track, if I remember correctly, but she'll probably get it during the next rotation. Mary-Sue is now an Elder and enjoys entertaining her friends at the house and being a grandmother to Lilith's daughter Nile.

Lilith got pregnant at age 17 with her and Dirks' first child. She gave birth to a daughter that she named Nile. Dirk went away to college and has missed most of Nile's childhood and teenage years. Nile and her mother share a room in the Pleasant house, the original one that they're living in when you first load the game. I'm going to move them out next rotation - they need a bigger place and poor old Mary-Sue is close to death, anyway. The old house holds too many bad memories for Lilith and Angela.

Angela is now an Adult, opting to skip college and immediately getting a job in the Culinary career track. Her dream is to own her own chain of bakeries one day. Angela and Dustin Broke are no longer a couple, having gone their separate ways when they were teens (I don't really like them together - I just don't think they fit each other). Angela is still single but hopes to marry and have a child one day.

Daniel became a better husband and father once he became an Elder, but he still slept around a lot. He died of old age in his kitchen, surrounded by his family.


My favorite Sims 2 family. Mortimer married Dina Caliente, much to his daughter Cassandra's dismay. Cassandra doesn't like Dina and thinks that Dina only wants the Goth fortune (she is correct). Dina and Morty never had children and Morty died of old age one night while preparing dinner for his family, leaving the Goth fortune and estate to his "grieving" wife.

Cassandra ended up marrying Don Lothario, making him Don Goth. Cassie hoped she could change Don, transform him with her love, but that never works. Don cheats on Cassie almost constantly - he even cheated on Cassie while the couple were honeymooning on Twikkii Island! Don has kids all over the place. He and Cassie have two kids -a son that they named Mortimer Jr and a daughter that they named Bella, after the long lost Goth matriarch. Morty Jr is really good looking and is now a Teen with the Pleasure aspiration. He looks a lot like his Dad. Bella is a child and so far looks strikingly like the elder Bella. I may play that up as Bella gets older, I haven't decided yet.

Alexander is currently away at college, choosing to attend the elite Academié Le Tour ivy league University. Alex is at school along with his high school sweetheart Starla Pearson, a Townie who cleans up surprisingly well. Alex plans to propose to Starla right after the two of them finish college and then marry her once he has moved back home to Goth Manor.


They were boring, but I played them because I had to have them be apart of my game rotation. Herb and Coral died within a day of each other of old age and I used Pescado's money order hack to send all of their cash to the Pleasants and just pretended that they got a nice inheritance when Mary-Sue's parents died.

The Burbs:

John Burb is in the SCIA, about to reach the top level. Jennifer Burb is in the Business career track and has already reached the top spot. Their daughter Lucy is an Adult and has opted to skip college. Lucy has a job in the Gamer career track and has recently gotten pregnant by Townie Ricky Cormier. Ricky is a Romance Sim and has no interest in marrying Lucy, so she's faced with raising the baby on her own. John and Jennifer are disappointed that their daughter is having a child out of wedlock but they're excited to meet their first grandchild.

John and Jennifer also had fraternal boy/girl twins that they named Emma and Noah. Emma and Noah have recently become Teens during this current rotation and they are both Romance Sims. Emma has already woohooed with Matthew Picaso, Jr (oldest son of Picaso family) and Bryan Traveller.

The Broke family:

Dustin Broke is away at Sim State University, about to graduate. His mother, Brandi Broke, wasn't sure if Dustin would make it out of his Teens all in one piece but he did and he'll be getting his diploma this rotation, much to Brandi's delight. Dustin plans to move back home and take over the household once he has completed his studies.

Brandi eventually remarried, to a Townie whose name I am blanking on. She was just a few days away from her Elder birthday when they married so she and the new husband have no children. Brandi works in the Military career track - she's not at the top spot yet, but she may get that in the next couple of rotations. She hopes to move to a larger house once Dustin moves back home and begins contributing to the family funds.

Brandi's pregnancy that is revealed at the beginning of the game resulted in a son (surprise!) that she named Robert. Robert is now a great looking Teen. Brandi's middle son Beau has recently had his Adult birthday, skipped college and he got a job but I can't remember what it is right now. Beau is going to marry his high school sweetheart, a Townie whose name I can't remember.

Lothario family:

Don married Cassandra Goth and became Don Goth. The end

ETA: I forgot about the Dreamer family! Darren is now an Elder and Dirk is away at Sim State University, living in the same dorm as his best friend Dustin Broke. Before Dirk left for school Darren married Tiffany Zarubin, the head of the Garden Club. Tiffany had to give up her Garden Club membership in order to marry Darren but that didn't matter to her. Tiffany and Darren lived together for several years before Tiffany died from old age.
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First I revamped their trailer to look nicer, as I can't stand how it looks at the start. I split brandies room almost in half to add room for a tiny tiny nursery. And made room for beau in Dustin's room. Dustin didn't sneak out the first night, because I hate answering the phone. 😏 But he got fired from his criminal job, and decided it was time to step up his game. So he started doing his homework after school to raise his grades, and he would help Beau with his homework. He would also babysit his little brothers whenever his mom was at work. I got Brandi a job in culinary, because I feel it fits her best. At the beginning she gave birth to her son, and named him Skip. How original! The boys also got put in private school. (Dustin and Beau cause Skip is still a tot.) I also decided that Brandi is going to stay a single mother until death and provide for her boys alone.

Caliente - Lothario
Dina moved out right away to be with her new husband Mortimer. Nina stayed in her revamped condo with her new beau, Don. They just had a little girl together who I named Isabella. There's not much to say about them because all they do is woo hoo.

At the beginning Cassandra became pregnant with Dons first baby. She broke up with him though due to his cheating ways. She lives at home with her dad, Alexander, and Dina. She had a baby girl named Donna. Morty knocked up Dina at the same time as Cassie and they had a boy named Mason. Dina is currently pregnant again. Alex doesn't do much because I don't like him.

Darren resurrected his wife Darleen and she's pregnant with his second child (which ended up being QUADS, 3 girls and a boy. Dorie, Diana, Darla and Drake). He got a genie lamp and wished for money to pay off his debt. Dirk spends most his days with his girlfriend Lilith and is going to be sent to college soon.

Daniel had an affair with the maid, and Mary-Sue moved out with her parents after the divorce. Daniel married Kaylynn Langerak and she is now pregnant with his kid. Angela and Lilith still hate each other, and Lilith ran away for a few hours and came back, and she can't wait to go to college and leave her family once and for all.

John is a stay at home dad, and Jennifer is the only one to provide for him and Lucy. They adopted a dog named Tuck, and Jennifer is pregnant with their second child. Lucy grew into a pretty teen and is a popularity sim. Jennifer gave birth to a boy named Lucas.

After Mary-sue moved in with her adoptive parents, they all died in a fire. The end.
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Cass married Don and was full of joy when she fell pregnant. However, early into her pregnancy, she came home from work to find Don sleeping with Nina. In a flurry of rage and tears, she order him out of the house and filed for divorce, which spun her into aspiration failure, and she had a miscarriage from the stress of it all (or so I like to think). She started rolling wants to spend time with Darren Dreamer, and soon she fell in love with him. They married and she moved out to be with him. Meanwhile, Mortimer was smitten with Dina. She proposed and they married, with Dina joining the Goth household. Alex grew up and took on the knowledge aspiration. Dina fell pregnant with Mortimer but he passed away from old age just as she entered her first trimester. Unfortunately, she spontaneously miscarried and so it's just her, Alex and the ghosts in the mansion now.
Future plans: Alex will go to uni and Dina will live in the Goth house as a "placeholder" until Alex returns. Then she'll either move into that gorgeous mansion behind the Pleasant's house (210 Wright Way) or move onto her next prey, Malcom Landgraab...

After breaking up with Cassandra, Don got a nice slice of the Goth money pie (~$50,000) and moved back into his condo. He has continued with his womanizing ways.
Future plans: More women; perhaps he'll accidentally knock one up. I'm thinking Nina, as he's her "go-to gal" for booty calls and they have a 3-bolt attraction. His divorce money will probably go towards some vacations and upgrading his condo. And maybe eventually some child support.

Darren managed to scrape by and pay all the bills, maxing the painting skill in the process. When Cass became available, they started seeing each other, but this served to greatly anger the ghost of his late wife Darleen. Darren deserved another shot at happiness, so her grave was promptly moved to the cemetery downtown. Darren married Cass and she moved in, bringing a large sum of Goth money with her, alleviating any financial fears Darren once had. Cass fell pregnant and a section of Darren's studio was walled off to make room for a baby room. She gave birth to a baby boy, Dean, and they're already trying again as Darren is getting close to being an elder (~7 days). Meanwhile, Dirk went off to Sim State Uni after the birth of Dean, where he is currently a freshman.
Future plans: Make Cass have another child.

Nina is most usually seen downtown and on the prowl for fresh male meat. She doesn't have a job yet, but will probably take one in either slacker or culinary.
Future plans: She might accidentally fall pregnant to a child with Don or Malcom Landgraab, just to generate a bit more interest in the household. Probably Don.

Brandi managed to teach Beau his toddler skills and he grew into a happy child. Dustin was always stirring trouble, sneaking out with Angela, flunking school and hanging out with local criminals, which caused pregnant Brandi a lot of stress. However, she still managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy, who she named Skip in namesake of her late husband. Due to their lack of funds, Dustin couldn't go to university (which didn't really phase him) and he grew into an adult. He moved into a house downtown with his friend, the NPC thief Gordon King, where they are both pursuing the criminal career. Brandi has taken back her job in the culinary career, in the hopes that she can save some money and create a better life for Beau and Skip, that may include college.
Future plans: Eventually send Beau to college, but I'm not sure about Skip yet... Brandi may also find a boyfriend, as she keeps rolling up the wants to fall in love, but we'll see.

My original intention was for Daniel to be caught cheating on Mary-Sue with the maid. He and the maid woo-hoo'd and woo-hoo'd as I awaited Mary-Sue's rigged chance card, but oddly enough it never came up. By the time Mary-Sue arrived home (promotion in hand), Daniel and Kayleen were too spent for any more lovin'. I took that as a sign that Daniel wasn't going to be caught. Ironically, Daniel was fired a few days later due to a dodgy chance card, whereas Mary-Sue has continued to climb the Political career ladder. In terms of Angela and Lilith, the two were constantly at odds with each other and often physically fighting. Towards the end of her teen years, Angela found herself teen pregnant. This was due to: a) Angela wishing to maintain her "good girl" façade and not organising with her mother to go on the pill, and b) Dustin's blasé attitude towards condoms (at least, this is the story in my head). Dustin tried to man up as the father, but Angela's parents hated him, and he was (fittingly) too broke to pay child support. The two broke up not long after little Bianca was born. Although the pregnancy devastated her (now elder) parents, they agreed to support Angela (as their favourite daughter) in further education and look after Bianca while she was at university. Angela and Lilith left for Sim State a day after Bianca's birth, where they are now sophomores. Angela is living at the Tri Var sorority and is seeing Jimmy Phoenix, while Lilith is seeing a tough-looking guy who lives in the same dorm as her. She broke up with Dirk not long after moving to uni.
Future plans: Mary-Sue will continue to scale the Political career. Lilith will have some casual relationships with a few guys around campus, and move into an apartment downtown once uni's finished. Angela will move into the Oldie's house in Pleasantview with Bianca once uni is complete.

The Burbs are probably the happiest picture-perfect family in Pleasantview. Jen works in the business career, while John is in law enforcement. Lucy grew into a teenager and took on the family aspiration. She had two bolts for Alexander and they went out a few times, and are now officially seeing each other. Jennifer fell pregnant once her career was on track and gave birth to a little girl, Sally, and John took paternity leave to look after her.
Future plans: John and Jen might have another baby once Lucy goes to Uni and frees up some space in the house, depending on their wants.

The Oldies lived out their sunset years relatively quietly. Coral spent her days improving her culinary skills and watching the cooking channel, while Herb spent it out in the garden. He didn't get the chance to have any affairs before passing away, although he oddly had a lot of wants related to Lucy Burb (befriending her, interacting with her, becoming best friends with her)... I was almost tempted to play out a story as if he had ulterior motives or something (given he was a romance sim)... but then he passed away.
Future plans: Coral will give the house to Angela and Bianca once she passes away.
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Dina married Mortimer for his money, and had a son, Xavier, with him. He died the night his son was born, so Dina and Nina had to raise Xavier and Alexander on their own. Dina started up a string of marrying rich men and divorcing them; she used all of the money on...um, wallpaper? And a nice car. Alexander developed a huge crush on Nina in his teen years, but after an accidental drunk hookup, Nina felt incredibly awkward about the whole situation. To deal with it, she moved out with some waiter guy and started a restaurant. They have a daughter, Bianca Caliente, who is currently a sex worker.
Alexander, after attempting University and failing spectacularly, moved in with Nina and the waiter. She finally fell for him, too, and now the OT3 run a restaurant. Alexander and Nina have a son, Ringo.
After making upwards of $100,000 off of her rich husbands, Dina decided it was time to find "real love." She hunted for a partner at the local nightclubs, where she discovered Brandi Broke. They have three bolts of chemistry (woah!!!). She and Xavier moved in with the Brokes. Everything was going smoothly, when Brandi autonomously wished for love at the wishing well. This really cute Uni student (Kimberly what's-her-butt) flew out of the sky and promptly ruined Dina and Brandi's relationship. Dina, devastated by losing the only real love she'd ever had, drowned herself in the pool.
Her son, Xavier, was too busy sleeping with Brandi's son, Cale, to notice.


Mary Sue came home to find Daniel hurmpaderphing with the hired help, and nearly divorced him on the spot. He managed to calm her down, though, and they decided to stay together to maintain their image. They eventually reconciled, though, and fell in love again during their twilight years.
Lilith and Angela started to make amends when they ended up being placed in the same dorm room at Sim State University. Their relationship was still rocky, but had improved even more when the twins and Lilith's girlfriend, CAS Sim Nadia, moved into a small home on campus together. However, things turned sour when Angela began sleeping with her professor. She'd grown tired of being "the good twin." Lilith discovered the two in bed, and lectured Angela on her life choices. The professor, though, was terrified of losing his job over the scandal. He snuck into their home late one night, and started a fire in the stove. Half of the house, and Angela, burned down in the process.
After Angela's death, Mary Sue and Daniel adopted a girl, Lakshmi. They died before she graduated high school, though. She's currently living with her boyfriend, Beau Broke.

Lilith and Nadia couldn't find any evidence to incriminate the professor, so they have dedicated their lives to reviving her, in order put the murderer behind bars. They were close to finding a good lead when Dirk moved in with them, and Mary Sue AND Daniel died of old age. Lilith, grieving the loss of her family and desperate for some semblance of her old life, started sleeping with him shortly after her engagement to Nadia.


Don married Cassandra, where they had a son, Henry Goth. Cassandra caught him in bed with Dina, though, and kicked him out of the house before Henry had grown out of his infancy. Stumbling back to his condo, Don was hit by a car. He woke up on a stranger's couch with a bandage around his head. This stranger turned out to be CAS Sim Grace Sway. He fell in love with his savior, but was furious when she became engaged with Brandi Broke. He sabotaged their relationship by inviting Brandi over while Grace was hooking up with Dina Caliente (she had many lovers alongside her rich husbands). Grace was pissed at Don, and would've left him had their angry hate sex not gotten her pregnant. She had a son, Kite, and then joined the adventurer career, in order to get out of the house and save up for a bigger home. She and Don married, much to Don's chagrin, and eventually bought the cutest goddamn house in Pleasantview. They had another child, a daughter named Donna. They both are open about their multiple affairs, the best of which is Don and Goopy Gilscarbo. Maybe they'll have a kid together.


Cassandra married Darren on the rebound from Don. They planned to have children quickly, but then Darren got sucked into a spaceship and came back pregnant. Disturbed by his "condition," Cassandra became cold and distant. Darren found solace with Henry's live-in governess, Kaylynn Langerak. Unfortunately, she'd also fallen in love with his son, Dirk. Darren found out about their affair, and sent her away. He then delivered martian twins, Wash and Vera.
After he gave birth, Cassandra warmed up to the babies and to him. They tried for weeks to have children together, and towards the cusp of elderdom, it finally worked. Cassandra delivered another set of twins, Reiner and Levi. She immediately focused all of her attention on them. Darren, feeling lonely, began flirting with the maid, Lucy Hanby. Again, though, his stepson, Henry, had got to her first. He now despises Henry and Lucy, and is passive aggressively demanding that Henry leave the house and is calling him "Cassandra's bastard child."
Alexander Goth is currently in love with both Nina and a prostitute. He wants to live with the prostitute, but doesn't want to raise his son, Ringo, in a brothel environment.
Dirk Dreamer left for college after being caught with Kaylynn, where he's currently pursuing a business degree and Lilith Pleasant.

Brandi became pregnant with her third son, Cale, moments after I loaded up her household. She wanted to go back to work, but couldn't because of her two young children at home. Dustin became the sole provider, but lost his job after failing out of high school. He struggled to get his grades up. Ultimately, though, he just wasn't smart enough to manage anything over a D. He grew up and joined the military as a last resort, then married Kaylynn Langerak. He now lives in a trailer with her, her lovechild (Booker Langerak) with Darren that he still doesn't know about, and their daughter, Eva.
After Dustin moved out, Brandi married a townie doctor, Allyn something something. They had a daughter, Marina.
Using Allyn's money, the Brokes moved into the old Dreamer house. Darleen's ghost still hangs around, and sometimes waves her hands around shouting about Dirk and sometimes Brandi's love affairs. A real American Horror Story. On one of Brandi and Allyn's weekend dates, Brandi met Dina at the club. She fell in love at first sight, and quickly divorced Allyn. Dina and Brandi were living the life until a wishing well showed up on their property. Brandi autonomously wished for romance, Kimberly something something dropped from the clouds, and devastated Dina killed herself. Brandi aged up horribly, despite her new marriage to Kimberly something something, and now spends her days raising Dina's son, Xavier, and her own children, Marina and Cale.
Beau Broke moved out, attempted to become an organic farmer, failed horribly, and is now bumming off his girlfriend, Lakshmi Pleasant.
Cale Broke is currently dating Dina's son, Xavier. They're going to University together.

TL;DR: This town is like the worst soap opera combined with like a bazillion children.
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I have three CAS, Nathaniel Wolfe, Griffin Heights and Gabrielle Duval. Nathaniel is basically Don's rival, he's made to be a playboy. Griffin was made for Jennifer and Gabrielle is pretty much a female version of Nathaniel.

Goth: Mortimer and Dina got married, then moved to another house. While they were married Dina had her first child named Reginald, whose father was actually Don. Her second child was with Mortimer, making it his third child, named Arnold. Mortimer died shortly after the birth of Arnold. Cassandra married Don and they moved into a new house. She then caught Don cheating with Kaylyn and they broke up. She then moved again, gave birth to twin girls, Penelope and Astrid, and starting dating Darren. They're now engaged and her twins are in the child stage. Alexander became a teen, fell in love with Trisha Traveller, then split her and her husband up. They now live in the old Goth mansion together.

Pleasants: Lilith ran away and came back pregnant, dropped out of school and moved out to live with the Dreamer's. She gave birth to twins Elizabeth and Arabella. She's now an adult and is planning to move out with Dirk and their children. Daniel got caught with Kaylyn and was kicked out. He met Nina and got her pregnant. He's now an elder and lives with Kaylyn. Mary-Sue broke up with Daniel, got engaged to Julien Cooke, moved in with her parents, broke up with Julien and gave birth to a third child with Daniel, named Briarna. She's now an elder, lives in a separate house on the same lot as her parents and left the raising of Briarna to them. Angela kept dating Dustin and they snuck out a few times, then she broke up with him after she got into private school. When she moved in with the Oldies with Mary-Sue, she gave birth to a boy, whose father is Dustin, named Richard. After that she moved out, leaving Richard with her grandparents, became an adult and now dates Benjamin Long.

Broke: Brandi got engaged to Nathaniel Wolfe, she gave birth to her third child with Skip, Mickey, and then got married to Nathaniel. After that she had twins with Nathaniel named Spencer and Raymond. Dustin got Angela pregnant when they snuck out, she dumped him, he quit his part-time job in the criminal track and went into politics. He became an adult, moved out, reached the top of the politics track and now lives in mansion with a secret basement filled with money trees. Beau is now a teen.

Burb: Jennifer and John had twins after Lucy, named Melissa and Hayden. John had an affair with Gabrielle Duval. John got caught with Gabrielle, was kicked out and now he's married to her and they have two boys, named Christopher and Nikolai. Gabrielle is cheating on John with Nathaniel and she's currently pregnant with his kid. Jennifer is now engaged to Griffin Heights. Lucy became lovers with Don while she was a teen and now lives with him as an adult.

Dreamer: Darren is engaged to Cassandra. Lilith moved in with Dirk and they have twins, Elizabeth and Arabella. He's now an adult and plans to move out with Lilith and their kids soon.

Caliente: Dina married Mortimer, had a child with Don, Reginald, and then a second child with Mortimer, Arnold. After Mortimer died she married Malcolm Landgraab. Nina had a child with Daniel, Ryan, but he was taken by a social worker. Her lovers are currently Daniel and Nathaniel, but not Don cause he caught her with Nathaniel. Nina is interested in Cyd.

Lothario: Don married Cassandra, got her pregnant, got caught cheating and was kicked out. Moved back into his old house, then later Lucy moved in with him. He is currently lovers with Dina, Kaylyn, Lucy, two other service sims and a townie. He's also enemies with Nathaniel. He has never met any of his children, Reginald, Astrid and Penelope.

Oldies: Mary-Sue and Angela moved in with them. Mary-Sue still lives on the same household, but in a separate house on her own. They raise Briarna and Richard, but are close to dying of old age.
Cooke/Roseland: Julien was engaged to Mary-Sue but she broke it off. Cyd moved in with him and then they got married. They adopted Nina's son, Ryan. Cyd is best friends with Griffin and Nina.
Traveller: Trisha was caught cheating by Trent. He kicked her out and now Trent lives with just Tina, who is a teen, and Bigfoot. They all frequently go on vacations together.

I've done quite a bit with the Pleasantview characters so far, but I haven't finished yet ^^/
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Default RE:Pleasantview Sims
Originally Posted by HystericalParoxysm
What did you do with Mortimer, Dina, Nina, Don, Darren, and the rest? Tell us every little detail of what happened with the Maxis premade characters in Pleasantview in your game.

Goth:Mortimer Is Gonna Die Really Soon, Cassandra is married To Don Thus Becoming Cassandra Lothario and they Live In Goth Mansion and Alex will become Teen Really Soon
Caliente: Dina and Morty are No Longer Together and She Got married to One of The Sims I created and Nina is Still Longing for Love
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Im still constructing Pleasantview and its regions so Ive played little of the main premade families but here goes:

Pleasant: Daniel is working as a captain for Sim Air while Mary Sue is currently the mayor of Pleasantivew. He is still secretly having his affair with Kaylynn as Mary Sue is too preoccupied with work to notice. Angela is queen bee wanna be and is basically a huge prep and dumped Dustin cause he 'wasnt good enough for her'. Lilith is doing well in school and is a member of my teen clique with my self sim and other cas teens (They are an awesome combination). So she has a great group of friends unlike her sister which makes Angela furious I never was a fan of Dirk and Lilith so they split and are basically strangers now. The girls each have a cat, Angela's is named Andy and Lilith has a little black kitten but i cant recall the name.
Burb: They are quite weathy and live in that huge white house. Lucy is talented at the violin and in private school. John is still working in law enforcement and Jennifer has a highly profiting career in accoutancy. Their house is always perfect and maintained and live a pretty expensive and luxurious lifestyle. Jennifer is currently pregnant with their seccond child.They have a cat named Cymmi
Oldie: Herb and Coral moved into a small home together and adopted a pair of Labs which they will breed together. They are really just a lovely old couple who are very sweet to everyone they meet. Coral owns and runs a cafe and they love to garden and things.
Goth: Not a whole lot here. Cassandra and Don are still engaged but are about to go on vacation together to Takemizu Village. Mortimer has been turning Dina down on her advances thnaks in part to his son Alex and the memory of Bella.
Dreamer: Dirk and Lilith split. Dirk is now working and searching for a new partner. Darren, though he does have feelings for Cass, knows she is engaged but his attention is turning to townie Ivy Copur who he met at Coral Oldie's cafe. He still works as a painter from home. They adopted the Crittur family and Sarah delivered her litter of puppies.
Broke: They are still struggling with finances. Brandi had twins Blake and Skip Jr. Dustin ended up leaving his work with Gordon King and found work at a grocery store to help support the family. Brandi is set to start working at a daycare centre.
Lothario: Don... well.. he has been sleeping around with several women. His fiance Cassandra, Nina, Dina and Kaylynn. Not much else has been hapening with him.
Caliente: Dina's get rich quick scheme to marry Mortimier failed and she is searching for a replacement to marry herself off to to gain her wealth. Nina caught her sleeping with Don in their condo and after a huge fight kicked her out. Nina isnt tlaking to Don or Dina and Dina is temporarily living in an apartment Downtown.
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Ok, here we go. Cassandra caught Don cheating on her with Nina and she broke up with him. Mortimer married Nina and currently they have a beautiful baby girl. Alexander graduated with honors and came back to his family's manor along with Lucy Burb. Alex and Lucy are married now and Lucy is pregnant.

John cheated on Jennifer with Brandi Broke, Jennifer broke up with him and left the house with Lucy. Then, the whole Brandi's family moved in the Burb house and Dustin and Beau went to college. Brandi was pregnant with Skip's 3rd child Roger, but John didn't mind. They married and had twins, a boy and a girl. The girl's name is Chelsea, but I forgot the boy's.

When Cassandra broke up with Don, Jennifer and Lucy Burb moved in Don's condo. Lucy went to college, leaving Don and Jennifer alone. They got married and they have a baby girl who looks just like her father.

After Cassandra Goth left the Goth manor, she moved in with Darren. Dirk went to college and Cassandra and Darren married. Darleen wasn't OK with the marriage so she scared Cassandra and Cass almost died!! Luckily, her needs were full before Darleen came. Darren and Cassandra had 2 children: Fiona (who's currently on college) and a boy (I always forgot their names ) and Cassandra is currently pregnant with twins. Also, Cass became Mad Scientist.

After Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating on her with maid, she dumped him and Daniel left. The twins became best friends and left teen years as overachivers. I moved the Oldie couple here and Angela and Lilith went on college. Mary-Sue became Mayor, and she wanted love, so she went on a blind date and met a guy named Sullivan. They got married and Mary-Sue almost was an elder so she adopted a child, a boy named Conrad. Mary-Sue then found an Elixir of Life and gave birth to a beautiful girl who looked just like her mother. Conrad went to college, and Angela and Dustin graduated and moved in Angela's house. They're married now and Angela is pregnant. Oh, the Oldies died too.

After Mary-Sue broke up with him, Daniel Pleasant found a nice home at Dina Caliente's home. Dina and Daniel fell in love, and Dina gave birth to a baby girl Tina. They never got married.

I resurrected this clan, and Beau Broke fell in love with Gvaudoin Tricou. Also, the whole Tricou clan became vampires. Gvaudoin and Fricorith went to college.

Extra families:
- I resurrected Rainelle Neengia and she got married with John Smith Tricou's descendant Patrick Teens.
- Julien Cooke got married with John Smith Tricou's descendant Swan Teens.
- Chester Gieke married John Smith Tricou's descendant Kestrel Teens.
- I've put all premade families from Family Bin into their own house.

Btw, I'm still playing this
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My favorite Pleasantview family. The first thing I do every time I reinstall The Sims 2 is bring Bella back using the Tombstone of Life and Death, and SimPe. I change her aspiration, and get her and Mortimer back together happily ever after. After Bella ages up I turn off aging at Goth manor after the kids move out. They get a sweet doberman (female) named Zero for a sense of safety living in their big house all alone.

I let Cassandra catch Don cheating so she can dump his sorry butt. And of course I just let her be with Darren Dreamer. They have a son named Michael, after Cassandra's deceased uncle. Since I don't ever want to get Bella and Morty to die, I leave Cassandra a couple of days from elderhood, while Darren is still halfway in being old.

I've made Alexander gay. Beau Broke was his first romance as a teenager. (I made Beau bi.) After Alexander went to college, a random dormie named Anthony just started calling him all the time, so of course Alexander loved the attention and they ended up getting married after graduating. After enjoying their alone time, they decide to adopt a daughter named Victoria, and they get a kitten for her named Salem.


I named Brandi's third son, Kevin. She was having trouble being a single mom and was lonely, so I hooked her up with Julian Cooke since they both had the "Become Celebrity Chef" LTW. She took his last name and hey had a son of their own, who I named Bobby after her dad Bob from Sims 1. Brandi and Julian become very rich and are able to move out the trailer into a fancy house with a pond and indoor pool!

I let Dustin and Angela stay together through college, but Dustin cheats on her with Meadow Thayer. Angela never finds out. They move in to the trailer across Brandi's, they get married, and have a daughter named Betty. Well, Dustin continues his affair with Meadow and ends up getting her pregnant, too. Angela finds out and kicks him to the curb. By the time this all happens, Betty is heading to college. So Angela decides to move back in with her mom. Dustin recently made it to old age with Meadow. Their daughter just went off to college.

I loved little Beau. Made him a knowledge sim, which is what he had in common with Alexander for them to hook up. (Plus honestly I was thinking I didn't want Beau to carry his unfortunate last name of 'Broke"). But during college he starts to get close to Ellen Frost, and they end up together happy with him taking her last name. They have a daughter named Violet, who I really adore.

Kevin ended up with Nina Caliente's and Brandon Lillard's daughter, Nadia. They have a daughter of their own named Natalie. They all currently live with the elderly Brandon after Nina passed.

Bobby ended up with Daniel Pleasant and Kaylyn the maid's first daughter, Diana. Being the youngest of Brandi's sons, I had them living together with her and Julian Cooke. Diana was getting a couple of lightning bolts with her father-in-law and they had a brief affair that no one found out about. Julian and Brandi died of old age leaving their fancy Celebrity Chef money-bought house to Bobby and Diana.


I let Daniel carry on his affair with the maid without getting caught for a while. Of course he convinced Mary-Sue to make Kaylyn a live-in maid since they needed more help around the house while she moved up her political career. Kaylyn fell pregnant shortly afterwards, and Mary-Sue was suspicious until they were confirmed. I had Mary-Sue moved out solo, and the twins followed her for a bit until they moved away for college. Daniel and Kaylyn had two daughters, Diana and Zelda. Daniel died recently leaving Kaylyn with their now teenager Zelda, at the old Pleasant house.

Mary-Sue didn't want to be alone, so she moved in with her parents. The Oldies died of old age after the twins graduated from uni. And the twins move back with her for a short time until they moved on with their own families. Mary-Sue gets a dog to fight off the loneliness.

Much later when Angela and Dustin divorce, Angela moves back in with her mom and inherits her house when Mary-Sue dies of old age. Angela is currently eying Matthew Picasso. He seems to like the older ladies!

Lillith stays with Dirk to adulthood and have a daughter named Dalilah. Dalilah Dreamer and Betty Broke grow up close as cousins and go to college together. They marry Mitch Indie, and Max Flexor, respectively.


Dina gets caught cheating with Don by Mortimer. And Mortimer is seen back with Bella, so Dina hates him now, too. Dina ends up with Don Lothario. They have two kids, a girl and a boy.

After having her share of men around town, Nina falls pregnant with townie Brandon Lillard. Despite also being a romance sim, Brandon steps up and is a great father to their twins Nathan and Nadia. Nina being older than Brandon, dies of old age with her LTW of being a Criminal Mastermind fulfilled. Nathan and Nadia grow up to be a great looking couple of twins! I mentioned Nadia already with Kevin Broke.

Nathan marries a CAS sim named Madeline, and they have a daughter named Marina. Marina is great friends with Beau's daughter Violet.


Don gets caught cheating by Kaylyn and Nina, so he settles for Dina. They expanded his former bachelor pad for their two kids. He wasn't too thrilled, so he kept getting with some college girls on the side without getting caught.


They kind of bore me, so I didn't do much with them. John just wants another kid, so Jennifer has a son named Luke.

Lucy grows up to marry her high school sweetheart, they have a kid, and let's her elderly parents live with them.

Luke ends up taking a bit longer to find his one true love, remaining a tattooed bachelor well after college. He finally finds his soulmate in a fellow tattooed dormie sim named Gretchen.
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Previous Incarnation:

Brandi Broke had a third son, Travis, then married Darren Dreamer just after Dustin and Dirk went off to college. They had another son together, Dale. Beau (popularity) was at college, Travis was a romance teen, and Dale still a child when my computer died and the 'hood disappeared with it. Beau was going to carry on the Broke name with his girlfriend, Lilly Burb.

John Burb wanted to marry off six kids, but Jennifer would only agree to one more pregnancy because she wanted to work on her career, so after she got pregnant they adopted a toddler. Her name was Lilly, so when Jennifer gave birth to twins I named them Laney and Lacey. John had an alien son named Larry, they adopted another child and named him Lonnie, and John had just given birth to a second alien baby when the 'hood went poof (so I don't remember his name). Lilly rolled romance, and hooked up with Beau Broke. The twins were popularity and knowledge respectively, and Larry was knowledge. Lonnie was still a child.

Don Lothario slept around a lot, became an athlete, and had an alien son named Juan, who was dating one of the Burb twins. Juan was a popularity sim with no outgoing or nice points... not very good at being popular.

The Caliente sisters both stayed in the house. Dina took on a boytoy in Dustin Broke, and they were married when he graduated. Nina got accidentally knocked up by Daniel Pleasant and had Tina, Dustin had an alien son named Dean, but Dina kept trying to get pregnant without success. I had given up on it ever happening when she finally did get pregnant, but the baby wasn't born yet when the 'hood was lost.

The Pleasants broke up after Mary-Sue caught Daniel cheating. He moved out to a new place with Kaylynn, got her pregnant, and then she caught him cheating. After that he lived alone in an apartment and had multiple lovers, including Mary-Sue, Nina, and Heather Huffington. Kaylynn had her son by Daniel, then married Martin Ruben and had a son with him. The Oldies moved in with Mary-Sue after she and Daniel split and the girls went to college. Lilith moved back home after graduating, and Dirk came with her. Dirk was carrying on with Lilith, Mary-Sue, and Coral (after Herb died) all at the same time, and even tried to hit on Angela when she came over to visit. Lilith got pregnant, and gave birth to triplets - a boy named Bogarde and two girls named Tanith and... something else mythological. Coral died.

Mortimer found Bella again, and she moved back in. He was very happy, until he caught her cheating on him. After that he spent all his time skilling, and died permaplat after maxing all his skills. Bella carried on affairs with Daniel and Don at least, maybe others that I can't remember. Cassandra married Castor Nova, and they had two daughters, Cassiopeia and Cassidy. Alexander married Angela, they had a son named Aloysius, and Angela was pregnant again.

Jared Starchild and Joshua Ruben married. Jared wanted to marry off six kids, so they started adopting - three daughters - and then Jared got alien pregnant.

Lucy Burb (pleasure seeker) and Ashley Pitts were living together, engaged, and expecting a baby. He was permaplat after woohooing 20 sims at college. Lucy was an actress or artist or something.

Current Incarnation:

Brandi Broke had a son named Cody. Then she married Cyd Roseland, they had twin sons Aston and Cayden, and he had an alien son, Edison - the three of them are almost the same age. They also have dogs, of course, so it's a pretty crowded house. Cody is a fortune teen, Beau is a pleasure seeker at college and dating Sharla Ottomas (also pleasure), and Dustin has just graduated and is living with his fiancée Ginger Newson.

The Pleasants are still married, and Daniel has managed to woohoo 20 sims without Mary-Sue ever catching him. They're both elders. She's in the Business career, which is her LTW. Angela moved back home after uni, and married David Ottomas. They just had twin daughters. Lilith moved into her grandparents' house with her boyfriend Gavin Newson. The Oldies are both dead now, Lilith is very very pregnant, and Gavin is alien pregnant.

Mortimer Goth married Dina Caliente when she got pregnant. They had twin daughters, Cordelia and Delilah, then immediately got pregnant again. Matilda was born after Mortimer's death. Dina is working in Entertainment. Alexander (knowledge) just graduated from uni, where he fell in love with a professor - not his professor - and he plans to marry her. Cassandra is married to the blond downtownie guy with the sunglasses, here named Tazama Goss, so she is now Cassandra Goss. They have twin sons, Charlton and Chester. I think she's pregnant again, or maybe she just keeps trying. Cordelia (romance) and Delilah (family) are now teens, and Delilah has a crush on Cody Broke.

Darren Dreamer married Dora Ottomas. After she died, he married AL townie Meadow Pedersen (taking her name) and now that Dirk has come home from uni with his fiancée Lucy Burb, Darren and Meadow are planning to get their own place and start a family, even though he's an elder.

Don Lothario is single, and very happy that way. He wants to have 20 lovers, and is currently at about 15, plus a couple of crushes. He may get married afterwards, or he may not.

Nina Caliente is more focused on her knowledge secondary than on being a romance sim, and works very hard towards becoming a Mad Scientist. She had twin daughters by Don, Albertina and Caterina, but is not happy with him after catching him with someone else, so she's all about work and her daughters.

The Burbs had twins, Kate and Kyle. Lucy (fortune) is engaged to Dirk Dreamer and living with him. Jennifer wants to Have Six Pets Reach Top of Career, so the Critturs are living with them.

All the bin sim families (except Kat and Kim) are also living in this 'hood, so there are a lot of options for dating.
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I've just recently re-installed my game so not much has happened in Pleasantview....yet.

I sent Dustin to college after the first sim day, so I wouldn't need to rearrange the house much, along with Angela, Lilith and Dirk. Brandi had her third child and called him Humbert. (I'm not great at thinking up names). Beau got an A+. Brandi got married to a townie. In fact it's Russ Bear(e?) the burglar who tried to rob the Caliente sisters, who are friends with Brandi. Brandi doesn't know, and Russ doesn't want her finding out. He's bribed Nina and Dina into secrecy, but they still don't trust him, and turn up to help around the house when Brandi's sleeping. Russ' LTW is to be top of Law Enforcement ironically, so I think he's a sim that's had some hard times.

While Mary Sue was work, Daniel woohoo'd with the maid. Mary Sue got demoted and came home early. She didn't catch them, but Daniel decided to be cruel and pretended to be nice to her. Then he called the maid outside and kissed her in front of Mary-Sue! Daniel told Mary Sue to leave, because he was fed up of her choosing work over family (and romance). The twins were watching the whole thing and were distraught, but they went to college. I plan on leaving Daniel unmarried since he's had children, and he'll live in the Pleasant house romancing any woman he meets.

Darren sold enough paintings (and Mr Humble's computer) to get a blind date so he could get over Cassandra. It wasn't a great one since Nina Caliente dropped down. He quickly ended the date just as the phone rang. Cassandra invited Darren downtown. His hopes were dashed because she brought along Don Lothario, but she brought the recently divorced Mary-Sue with her. (Out of sympathy I'm guessing). It turns out Darren and Mary-Sue had a couple of bolts so they hooked up. They're not married yet, Mary-Sue is still living with her parents for now. (I don't think I've ever paired they two together before. But I thought his thing for Cassandra was just sad since she doesn't have any feelings towards him).

Cassandra wanted to wait a bit before she got married, which was fine with Don. Mortimer had seen him flirting with Dina, so he'd fallen out with both of them. However he felt lonely, and realised that Cassandra would move out, and Alexander would grow up and go to college. Luckily Dina was walking by the house and he spent a lot of time talking to her. They hadn't fully made up, but when I played the Caliente household I would say they'd made up. I noticed Alexander doesn't know anyone outside his family, so Cassandra invited Darren and Dirk over. Alexander became friends with Dirk, so he felt less left out.

Nina doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship, but she wants a baby, so she was chatting up a random townie who walked past. Jihoon Hsu, he had blond hair, so she a bolt or two with him. Dina had made up completely with Mortimer and was about to seal the deal (Nina was about to seal it with Jihoon) when a burglar appeared. It was Russ Bear(e?). Luckily Nina managed to phone the police and he was arrested. However he was released due to insufficient evidence. The Caliente's aren't too happy about Brandi marrying him, but they won't say anything for now.

Don woohoo'd Nina on his last day of being unmarried. Then he invited Cassandra and Mortimer over. They got married, and woohoo'd. The bells chimed so Cassandra should start showing soon. Cassandra got a makeover since she isn't a Goth anymore. Don likes her new look, but he still wants 20 lovers. He quit his job, and Cassandra will keep working for the time being.

Mary-Sue invited Darren over and they woohoo'd in her parents' bed. (She only has a single bed). The bells chimed so she'll start showing too. Coral wants more kids, so she phoned the adoption agency. She missed the deadline for the child to arrive that day, so she needs to wait. Coral was invited downtown, and when she came back Marylena Hamilton offered Herb a job in the Slacker career. He accepted the offer.

Jennifer couldn't get a job in her dream career track (Intelligence), so she slept all day. John convinced her to try for another baby, since he wants 6 grandchildren. (I try to spread it evenly, so hopefully they'll have 3 children overall, and they'll have two children each. I'm not a control freak!)

I've only been playing the University premades that are already in houses, i.e. the sorority, the fraternity and the Bright household. As well as Dustin, Angela, Dirk and Lilith. I'm going to make Dustin and Angela break up soon, since Dustin only has 1 bolt for her, and 2 bolts with a dorm townie called Christie. Dirk and Lilith will stay together.

Uni Couples (Premades)
Brittany Upsnott + Ashley Pitts
Tiffany Sampson + Kevin Beare (my favourite uni premade)
Allegra Gorey + Castor Nova

I think Joshua and Martin Ruben and Jane Stacks will marry townies after they graduate. And Heather will be an independent woman like Nina.
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