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Default Announcement - Don't Blame Me If You Don't Read It :P
Okay folks a lot of people have been posting new threads along the lines of

"Hi, I like game X. Who else lilkes game X"

This is not a good enough excuse to start a new thread. We have no issues with threads discussing a particular game or system etc but if you start a thread you need to be the first to contribute.

"Hi, I like game X.

I thought it is a great example of genre y. I didn't like the first one but this one is great. The graphics and storyline can't be beat. What do you people think?"

Now that is a good way to start discussion. In short you need to supply conversation points if you are going to ask others for their input.

From now on I'll just be locking any new thread that are just "I like game x".

It may sound like I'm being a tightarse but all it does is ensure that we have real discussion going on in this forum section. Provides for a better experience for all.

Please note this only applies for threads that do nothing more than ask for an opinion of a particular game without providing an opinion of your own.

There is nothing wrong with a thread like.

"I like game x. Can you suggest other games like it I might enjoy?"

And so on.

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And guys don't say a game is 'addicting'. That is a horrible massacre of the English language. The word is 'addictive'. Thank you. :)
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