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Default Can't Extract Texture Files From One Specific CC 'Hood Deco Tree?
I am trying to recolour (by cloning, as they are 'hood deco and hence can't be recoloured normally) a few of Quinndominion's seasonal 'hood deco trees, which can be found here. I have managed to extract the textures for her 'hood deco versions of Raynuss' oak tree with orange autumnal foliage and ash tree, but when I try to extract the textures from the horse chestnut tree SimPE gives me an error message and won't extract and save the textures.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is it an issue with SimPE generally, with my installation of SimPE, with that particular piece of 'hood deco, with something else? Is there any way I can get the texture files from the package so that I can make recolours?
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