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Default Meshing/separating jewelry
I'm trying to make separate versions of a custom set of earrings made by memento @GOS, so the earrings can be left and right, but I'm having some trouble trying to find a tutorial on how to do it, I've already made the separated meshes, my problem is, how to get them to work?

I thought it might have something to do with the recolors, so I tested one of them and edited it with WardrobeWrangler and changed it to the opposite option which is right earring option, I also tried to recolor my edited mesh but SimPE does nothing after that, and yes I selected the recolor option.

I also tried to import my mesh and the other resources to the original mesh, but sadly nothing seems to work. I hope someone can help me with this because it's driving me insane!
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You can try this:

For the earrings, you most likely also need to separate the meshes. You may also need to delete the cache files, because these can sometimes make parts of the old edit of the files still show.

Not sure how recoloring regular BV jewelry works, but if the jewelry is originally a regular accessory, you'd have to recolor in Bodyshop. The recolor function in SimPE only works for objects, and works diferently from recoloring in Bodyshop.

Bodyshop can't open up regular BV jewelry, and SimPE can't make new CAS recolor files, so you have to find ways around it. I'm pretty sure that what you need to do is to recategorize the item so it's just a plain accessory, then recolor it in Bodyshop, find the files in SavedSims, and recategorize these back into BV jewelry.
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Thank you!!! I didn't thought about doing them in Body Shop, I hope it works that way.
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