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Well, I've had Sonic Mania 100%'d since early March (and have cleared it at least seven times now), but am kinda between games at the moment. Still doing Spelunky dailies and having fun with Mania's Mean Bean Machine minigame. Maybe some Tropico 4 is in order.... (EDIT: Turns out that no, it wasn't Tropico 4 up next. Instead, it's Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete Edition and Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition.)

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FreeCol. I love playing as the French and just building up my colonies and stuff. Also like the Master of Orion series. Other favourites of mine were Sim Ant, Sim City, and Jill of the Jungle.
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Still playing Morrowind. I feel like I can genuinely get lost in that blocky world. So many cool things not in newer games.

Speedy boots ftw.

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I've discovered Stardew Valley, which has been around for a while. It's intensely absorbing in the beginning and I tend to play until I get the green house (almost always before winter of the first year) and my character has married Elliot. I also enjoy the multi-player mode.

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