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Hi folks,
sorry to bump the thread, I know its not allowed in the rules, but I couldn't find another thread that was really relevant to this topic.
I am wondering if some kind soul could help me sort out my wonky bump map importing on this object. I've been poking around with it for so long that I'm just not seeing the missing reference.

I imported the MATD from a different object which had a bump map, changed the base texture references to point to the existing texture, added the bump map image, its previewing in SimPE but flashing blue in game which is a little depressing.

Its a small silver vase, price $40 in decorative sculptures! Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist!
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I split your post away from the other thread since that one really wasn't primarily about bump maps. You can always start a new thread if there isn't an existing discussion going on about it. Starting a new thread is actually preferable since the post is easier to locate and answering questions is clearer when there is only one problem being dealt with . Alternatively, you can post problem packages in the Object Creation Workshop and Repair Center thread.
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You wrote TXMT name differently in MMAT - k8-parsdecovase3-092106_design - and in TXMT - k8-parsdecovase3-092106-design - therefore that texture is not found. SimPE preview likely succeeds because it tried to apply default texture - the one listed in SHPE - and you had put correct name there.

Also, you seem to not follow the general -/_ rules in naming - I'm not sure if it may cause problems, never risked to If correcting MMAT will not help, try to make names follow rules.
In TXMT it is customary to have underscore between object name and subset name, and everywhere after - like it is written in your MMAT, k8-parsdecovase3-092106_design.
In TXTR it is customary to have underscore only before the ending txtr suffix, and only minuses before - so your bumpmap texture should've been named k8-parsdecovase3-092106-design-bump.
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