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Default Clicking "show all downloads" leads to a "no downloads found" page
Wasn't sure what else to call this thread, but I'm having an issue where clicking "show all downloads" from a creator's page leads to a page saying "no downloads found." Like so:

(Edit to add that this only seems to be an issue in "classic" view. The new theme works just fine.)
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I just came in here to make a post about the exact same thing. Is it a glitch that will be fixed or are we being forced to move to Bootstrap?
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The Classic theme is unsupported now, but you could try changing the URL.

See the Address bar- remove everything after the user number. Like this:

So you just have the URL in the form of:

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That fixed it, thanks! Must be a bug. I know Classic isn't being supported anymore, but it's still easier to read than Bootstrap.
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If the colours are the reason for you that the text appears a bit harder to read you can always change the theme bluefish to just bootstrap at the bottom/footer of any page
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Thanks. I'll try that.
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