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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Test Subject
#101 Old 25th Oct 2010 at 6:18 AM
OK. I've just started this challenge.

My starter rolled Easily Impressed, Charismatic, Workaholic, Natural Cook and Perfectionist. According to the rules, I had to take a cooking LTW, so I chose Celebrated 5-Star Chef.

He's doing fine, but still spends most of his time on community lots. He has a few walls (not four) and a double bed. For doing woohoo!

Saving up for a kitchen and a door.

My starter sim is based on my nephew (who is only 10 months old right now!), but it's fun to imagine what he'll be like when he grows up.

Day 1 score: 0
Test Subject
#102 Old 25th Oct 2010 at 6:38 AM
I had two attempts when this challenge was first posted that failed, but im now planning on doing something similar like this, when the next expansion pack after Late Night comes out, and yes i need all the time in between so i can get some of my stories done before i start this.

But im making a major twist in this, they are going to fullfil all things possible in game,that will say, not only all ltws but all jobs and so on too.
I really hope that we get pets after Late Night, that could be so fun.
The other one
#103 Old 26th Oct 2010 at 9:37 AM
I've never managed a legacy family, I always get bored after about 2 or 3 generations but I'm gonna try keep with this

I started with Kate O'Shanter who drew the following traits:
No sense of humour
Family Orientated

....so not a good start then As per the rules, I gave her the LTW 'Leader of the Free World' to match her charismatic trait.

Life so far: Kate spent the first couple of days (when she wasn't working) running all over Riverview trying to find a single, good looking man to marry. Finally, after a couple of days she befriended a reasonable looking chap called Sherman Bagley and they were married before the end of the week. Sherman brought a much needed $6,000 to the household funds but as luck would have it, Kate was rooting around in Sherman's backpack and found a Margaret Vaguester (car) worth over $100,000. This was promptly sold so they could start to build a home together. Their house currently is a bit plain and is in serious need of a few plants but they've been so busy concentrating on advancing their careers they just haven't gotten round to it. (Sherman's LTW is to be a dynamic DNA Profiler - Police).

Plans for the future: Finish transforming their home into a cosy 3 bed, 2.5 bath family home with garden (They have about $30,000 left from Sherman's car sale). They plan to start trying for a baby very soon but Kate would like to reach higher level of pay before taking time off.

Guys, rules are good! Rules help control the fun. ~ Monica E. Geller
Test Subject
#104 Old 26th Oct 2010 at 9:51 AM

My Sim is doing well at work. Career level 7. He just had a birthday and is an adult. He does have a romantic interest, but no luck with woohoo, try for baby, or marriage yet. She did stay the night.

Oh yeah, he got four walls and a door. And a bathroom. Chicks dig bathrooms with a door and four walls.

Bit of a setback, though. He forgot to buy a burglar alarm, and a naughty, naughty thief came in and stole his sink. He immediately bought a burglar and fire alarm. This won't prevent fires, but is probably still a good idea.

I'm going to fail this challenge soon if I don't produce a blood heir! Oh, and I'm scared to marry, because I'm terrifed I won't be able to fulfill my spouse's LTW, and I'll lose 50 points! I need to conquer my fear.

Day 2: Score: -10 (naughty, naughty thief!)
Test Subject
#105 Old 26th Oct 2010 at 9:58 AM

Your husband is HOT! He definitely needs better clothes, though. Guess that's your new job as wife.

The screenshot of you sitting on the toilet eating made my day. I mean, obviously I've been there, done that (not in real life!), but still, made me laugh.
Test Subject
#106 Old 27th Oct 2010 at 9:15 AM
My sim got married! He met a girl in high school, and kept her on the burner until she hit young adult. More time to fulfill LTW. Besides, I can't tell adults from young adults, so it's kind of helpful to know she's not going to turn into an elder 3 days after I marry her.

Oh, and he knocked her up.

Before they were married, he knew she was young, unflirty, and easily impressed. AFTER they got married, he found out she was an athletic loser who dislikes children. Well. My heir is going to have a rough start in life.

My heir rolled clumsy and hates the outdoors for her first two traits. Wow. But I'm well on the way to fulfilling my sim's LTW, building up the house, and everything is going overall, very well.

Day 3: Score: -5
The other one
#107 Old 27th Oct 2010 at 9:40 AM
Originally Posted by Miss_Peabody

Your husband is HOT! He definitely needs better clothes, though. Guess that's your new job as wife.

Hey, I chose those clothes... He has a maxed-out muscular build which I hate (or I did before this latest patch) because clothes always look weird on those sorts of sims, imo. I thought those clothes where the least weird/bulky on him. If you really like him he's an EA sim (with a serious make-over from me, obviously) and you can find him in one of the farm type houses on the outskirts of Riverview where he lives with his mum and sister. They're the Bagleys.

I didn't think this through. Now I have LN I just wanna play in the city, not out in the sticks....I may have to re-start....or maybe just spruce up Riverview, urgh, I dunno. BTW, are the new LTWs from LN included now? How many is that? Like elleventy million?

Miss Peabody, sounds like you're producing a line a massive dorks!

Guys, rules are good! Rules help control the fun. ~ Monica E. Geller
Test Subject
#108 Old 28th Oct 2010 at 10:59 PM
Sorry about insulting your fashion taste! That was completely unintentional! (and a little funny, thanks for the laugh!)

I'm still with WA. I don't even have Ambitions. Haven't really played in awhile, and was looking at this legacy to get me back into the game.

As for my family of dorks... yeah. They're pretty bad. My girl just aged up to child, and her third trait is.... overly emotional. So she's going to be an emo dork.

They're kind of ugly, too. I mean, my founder sim is gorgeous. Like I said, I based him on how I think my nephew will look at 22 or so. But he married the first available woman in town, without regards to looks. She has very dark skin, and beach blonde hair. I was hoping their daughter would have the dark skin, but inherit the dark hair from her father. No luck. She's got the same ugly fake blonde hair. And not a single positive trait.

In other news.... my founder fulfilled his long term wish!

Day 4 Score: 95
Test Subject
#109 Old 2nd Nov 2010 at 9:11 PM Last edited by Miss_Peabody : 2nd Nov 2010 at 9:12 PM. Reason: Updated score
OK. A few days since I've posted, and a lot has happened.

I have decided to define the rules as follows:

Lvl 10 Skill (not required by LTW) includes skills that are VERY useful for the LTW. For instance, it is difficult to become a 5-Star Chef without maxing cooking, but it's not implicitly required BY the LTW.
Lvl 10 Career (not required by LTW) does NOT include Career LTWs that require only career level 9. For instance, my spouse had the Superstar Athlete Long Term wish, which is level 9 in the Athlete track. I went ahead and got her to level 10, but did not award extra points. However, she did get the point for maxing her athletic skill.

My founder Sim fulfilled his long term wish (as above), and maxed out three skills. With his spouse, he had one baby. There was a burglary early on, so points for him are:

100 - LTW
3 - Skills maxed
5 - Baby
-10 - Burglary

I say this with finality, because, alas, he died. He died while his only child, a daughter, and heir, was exchanging rings with her fiancee. It disrupted the wedding, the guests and the participants halted the wedding to watch the grim reaper take away my founder, Hans N, may he rest in peace.

That wedding day was quite the day. First, the heir got pregnant, then the founder died, then the heir got married (ssshhh, I won't tell those two are out of order if you don't), and finally, her spouse had a birthday. I misjudged. I thought he was a few days YOUNGER than my heir, he was actually a few days older. And he has a unique long term wish. So, I have only his adult/elder years to take this lackluster skill-less twit, and turn him into the most successful businessman in all of Simville.

Oh, and the spouse? She's doing fine. Fulfilled her long-term wish, and maxed out athletics. I had her retire to help out with all the babies I plan on making. I don't usually like playing with full Sim houses. I prefer to have 2 - 4 characters at a time, but this challenge will take FOREVER unless I get some spares going on.

Oh, and money is going fine. What's the easiest way to see family wealth? Do I just add family funds to furnished lot value, or is there an easier way?

Day 5 Score: 206

My founder Sim (Hans N.), having reached the pinnacle of the cooking career, used his free time to garden and fish, and reached level 10 of all three skills (including cooking).
Lab Assistant
#110 Old 10th Nov 2010 at 2:35 AM
Alright. I'm thinking about doing it. I also added the ambitions wishes. And each person born into this legacy will be named after a city/state/country etc.
Lab Assistant
#111 Old 11th Nov 2010 at 7:57 AM
Woot. So far I got 1 ltw achieved. My starter sim Texas Rhodes married Fiona McIrish and adopted her teen daughter River. Fiona's wish was tinkerer - max logic and mechanical skill. She achieved that at age 88 and died the next day. I tried to achieve River's wish to be Leader of the Free World, but didn't work by the time she became an adult and had to move out. River always turns out to be a lesbian in my games. (I don't know why. . .) That's kinda neat. But all her attempts at romance end in failure.

Anyhoo. Texas and Fiona have three kids. My heirs are always the first male, which I got on the first try this time. Milan. Teen now, he already knows that he wants to be a superstar athlete. I encouraged that by getting him a workout bench on his last birthday.
Soon after Milan, they had twins Burma and Virginia. OH MY GOSH it was a pain in the butt taking care of three babies at once. River was an angel with helping out with the little ones. They are also twins now. The entire family is red haired. I don't care much about the twins since they aren't the heirs, but I do want to attempt to get all the spares married off by the time they leave the house.

Oh. And Tex's LTW is to be Descendant of De Vinci. Max inventing, sculpting, and painting. He's done with painting and inventing and is now on to sculpting.

I'm feeling confident about this challenge. I don't even want to sleep or study or go to class.
Test Subject
#112 Old 11th Nov 2010 at 8:47 AM
NickeyElysse a great start and i know how you have it me too :P

Cant wait to see more.
Lab Assistant
#113 Old 11th Nov 2010 at 4:32 PM
Thank you. I'm actually skipping all my classes today to freakin play this. I am so gonna fail out of college
Oh. And I'm not playing it with a score, and I think I may have tweaked a few other rules to suit my needs. I'm guess I just used this as a jumping board on how to get me to actually complete a legacy.
Lab Assistant
#114 Old 11th Nov 2010 at 6:23 PM Last edited by NickeyElysse : 11th Nov 2010 at 8:38 PM.
Okay. So. Milan disappeared. I think he got taken away by the social worker for being out past curfew. Lame. So Virginia is my new heir. Her wish is to be a master of the arts. She's half through the painting skill, and it's still 6 days before she becomes a young adult. This will be too easy. Maybe I'll wait until she's through or nearly through with her wish before I start her to having babies. That way she can give them more attention. Burma wants to be a Master Criminal. I'm sure I won't be able to finish that before I kick her out.

Edit: Milan randomly came back right after Tex's marriage to wife number 2, Tori Kimora. Who immediately fainted from exhaustion right before consummating the marriage. So what do you guys think? Should Milan be reinstated as heir, or should Virginia keep her new title? I think I can finish her goal before she's an adult. Milan will be harder.

Milan wants to be superstar athlete, Virgina - max painting and guitar, and Burma - master criminal, tori - super popular and Tex - max inventing, painting and sculpting (done!).
Lab Assistant
#115 Old 7th Dec 2010 at 4:26 AM
Got the LN EP. Adding those wishes to my goals. This is gonna be a loong legacy. I wonder if my game will get all buggy like I've heard about happening when you stay in one game too long.

Just call me Nickey.

The Godfrey Legacy
Test Subject
#116 Old 11th Dec 2010 at 9:46 AM Last edited by VampireRalts : 12th Dec 2010 at 7:37 AM.
My own Legacy by LTWs is a little unofficial as I don't follow all the rules, but I like the idea! I will try to edit this post with pics later.

I created Aaron Dream(wish => dream) and plopped him in Bridgeport. His traits are Flirty, Good, No Sense of Humor, Eco-Friendly, and Childish. While I could have done Heartbreaker or Master Romancer, I decided on International Super Spy, as it fit his Good nature. (And yes, I got the "I wanna be James Bond!" angle as to why Childish would trigger that LTW.)

He looked around for a wife and stumbled on the Made For TV roomies... and Kirby Wise caught his eye; she was easy to befriend being a Genius and they had compatibility in the Childish trait, so he wooed her, went steady with her, then went home and quickly invited her over and married her on the lot. She only brought in a cruddy Sloppy Jalopy worth $960.

This meant the couple was ALWAYS poor since they advanced slowly in their jobs. I would have made Kirby quit her job but after seeing her LTW(Leader of the Free World), I had to give it to her.

Luckily, they managed to survive and got to Level 5 in their career. Aaron hated having his 'very own police car' - he's Eco-Friendly and cars are evil to him - so I gave it to Kirby so she could always have a ride while Aaron rode his bike.

As time passed and their young adult lives were spent advancing in their careers, they both desired to have their first child, but knew that having a baby would mean taking maternity leave for Kirby, so they decided to adopt a school kid who wouldn't need a babysitter, Abigail.

She was very pretty as a kid and had the Adventurous, Lucky, and Family-Oriented traits. She only got one day of school due to her having only four days of childhood left.

Luckily Aaron tutored her to get those last few points to an A and I gave her the Artistic trait. (Rule #1 broken - but she was a spare and I had a LTW planned for her, Private Museum, one of my fave LTWs!)

Abigail got to Level 6 in Painting quickly then got the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTW while at school when she became a Fame Leecher - Kirby was already a B-List Celebrity; I made her a celeb as she was a politician and they are pretty famous.

I discovered that adoption gave Aaron four days of paternity leave so I gave up and had him and Kirby Try For Baby and played a bit of Kids music while Kirby worked at home. She also became a rabid inventor; I thought she would like inventing as was smart.

She got her baby bump while trying to get friends for her job; the pregnancy went smoothly... and Kirby had triplet boys!

Ace Dream is Excitable and a Heavy Sleeper; Adam Dream is a Couch Potato and Brave; Aeolus Dream is Absent-Minded(I HATE THE TRAIT!) and Neurotic. They've all grown into toddlers and learned all their toddler skills; surprisingly Aaron managed to potty-train Aeolus and Adam with only three potty seatings. Maybe Childish Sims get the same toddler training boost that Family-Oriented Sims do because they have a child's soul?

Abigail grew up to teen the day after the babies were born then took her mom to Al Simhara to hunt relics. She got $1158 in a few relics(she did analyze everything to increase the value); thanks to Kirby doing some endorsements, she got a ton of money and we used it to build a basement where I'll take a photo of each member of the family showing off their LTW success. Abigail's relics will remain there forever; once she gets her LTW and is old enough, she will marry Sebastian Striker(Richie's son, I think) and move in with them...

But NOT until I move out JoAnna Dream, who was the SECOND time-girl made by Kirby and Aaron making babies in the Time Machine. (I jumped the gun and, thinking the TfB failed the first time, did it a second - and right after Casie[a Teen in Maid Marian garb] was 'born', two minutes later JoAnna was thrown out of the machine!

Welp, thank goodness Jo is a young adult who has the LTW to be a One-Sim Band, I will get to work on it right away and then move her to the little cabin by the bridge to spend her life.

JoAnna has the traits of Virtuoso, Athletic, Light Sleeper, Ambitious, and Angler; Casie has the traits of Genius, Couch Potato, Unflirty and Family-Oriented.

EDIT 2: Casie got the LTW I wanted her to have, Chess Legend, she's already reached Rank 3 from defeating several locals in China during Abby's second trip, a girl's trip where Kirby got to Level 8 in Charisma and JoAnna got to Level 8 in Drums. Abby got the Pangu's Axe quest but we couldn't do it because we were almost out of time - I REALLY need to get Prepared Traveler for these Sims.

The triplets are now school kids and are joining Abby and daddy Aaron on a trip to France.

Ace is Excitable, a Heavy Sleeper, and a Snob, so I will work towards having him take the Bottomless Nectar Cellar LTW, if he gets it, he will be heir since it takes forever to do that LTW even with mastered nectar-making.

Adam is a Couch Potato, Brave, and Loves the Outdoors. I thought he would throw the Seasoned Traveler LTW, but no dice. He might have Creature-Robot Crossbreeder, but he'll probably throw Presenting the Private Perfect Aquarium.

Aeolus is Absent-Minded(ARGH! I HATE THAT TRAIT! ), Neurotic and Brave. I need someone to do the Monster Maker LTW since it'll take up a slot in the family or two, though with JoAnna showing up to blow things into the smelly potty by filling up the house, I may just let him decide his own LTW.

"Seriously... what the he**? I'm not going to dig graves for all of you. Okay, now what will I do with all of these corpses? Oh, there's a fire and I've fallen into a hole. Not my problem anymore!" (From MaskedHuzzah's Dragon Warrior III Let's Play)
Test Subject
#117 Old 13th Dec 2010 at 4:46 AM Last edited by VampireRalts : 14th Dec 2010 at 5:42 PM.
Sorry if this is a double-post, I would like to see if anyone is interested... anyways, I've played some more and the triplets are teens now - but not before Error 12 wrecked my first attempt at growing them up. Casie and Abigail are now young adults and I am on the clock to get their Lifetime Wishes, so they went to Egypt a second time - along with Adam, Ace, and Aaron(who is writing up reports like mad).


Aaron is a Triple Agent now and I expect him to get his final promotion and Super Spy gear by the next week, he has the weekend off and needs to write up a ton of reports to get that metric green and assure his final promotion. He's almost mastered Athletics and wishes to do so, so I might have him do that to get another skill point.

Kirby got her second-to-last promotion during the quadruple birthday on Friday evening, so she's a Vice President now. Just one more promotion for her too! She'll have to throw a killer fundraiser. (Oh wait, she has to get two promotions, right? President and then Leader of the Free World? ARGH! )

Abigail managed to score a ton of Dropa Stones in France so she now has her Private Museum up to $6376. I will post pics if you are interested showing her final Private Museum - I plan on robbing the Sanctuary of Horus for all it's worth and its Golden Figurines which should triple the relic collection's worth.

Ace is at Level 6 in Painting and just started to learn the Guitar. Had he used the Xylophone, he would be done sooner, but he will be jamming with JoAnna for the entire vacation and should master guitar by the two weeks in Al Simhara he has - provided my game doesn't get angry and trap him there like it did Dionne Coastal in France with my last legacy attempt. He'll be self-employed as a painter and is the Generation 2 heir. I might have him romance an Egyptian teen if one of his schoolmates doesn't get better traits.

Adam will be fishing up perfect fish in the oases for his perfect private aquarium. He got to Level 6 and now he's an Angler, he should master fishing pretty quickly! I might find him love, I might not.

Aeolus stayed home, he'll be self-employed as an inventor unless he skips school, stupid Absent-Minded trait. He didn't skip school much but he did stop inventing once and also stomped his action to go home after exiting a subway, getting the curfew alert as it was late. I've had Absent-Minded Sims miss school or work and suffer performance loss, ugh!

Casie can't challenge anyone in Bridgeport as her opponent there, Brigit Hemlock, has the "I am at work and don't know if I will ever get off!" message the foreign merchants give if you try to invite them over, so she must be an NPC. UGH! I have to use the Egyptian locals to get her LTW now as I want her to move out with JoAnna when...

JoAnna is close and yet so far - she has gotten to Level 6 in all the instruments but Drums, which is at 9.5, so close! I'll have her jam on the drums until she masters them, then switch to the other instruments.

EDIT: I got my first three LTWs fulfilled - Casie got to Chess Legend in Al Simhara after three days of challenging locals(two were rematches) and she moved out to Crescent Plaza apartments to make room for JoAnna to get engaged to Jett Atkins, who she befriends at the final fundraiser I threw for Kirby, who acheived her Leader of the Free World LTW a few minutes after Aaron acheived his International Super Spy wish. Both got final promotions that day. Once Jo gets those last two skill points, I'm going to have he throw a wedding party and marry Jett, moving in with him, then Abigail will marry Sebastian Striker, who is still a teen when I saw him, but he'll probably grow up soon.

In the meantime, she goes to work at her dad's station in the police and hopefully becomes a Forensics agent before I placed that last relic to get her LTW. A smart raid of Abu Simbel (I had to use Teleport cheat a few times as I was so lazy - I avoid that cheat as it glitches stuff up in my game, but I was lazy and didn't think to have Abby learn to zeneport which is probably what was intended by the makers of this tomb - also, I teleported Casie in to get the Golden Figurines. Poor Abby got beaten up by Red Priest mummy in the tomb, but she didn't get cursed. )

For some reason, the Golden Figurines she got in Egypt didn't register in her inventory abroad, but DID come back when she came home. Anyways, we have a full Golden Figurines set and now her relic collection is around $19500, and we have a lot of relics worth over $500, so I can control when she gets her LTW.

Score: 3 / 54 (Chess Legend, International Super Spy, Leader of the Free World)

"Seriously... what the he**? I'm not going to dig graves for all of you. Okay, now what will I do with all of these corpses? Oh, there's a fire and I've fallen into a hole. Not my problem anymore!" (From MaskedHuzzah's Dragon Warrior III Let's Play)
Test Subject
#118 Old 19th Dec 2010 at 10:02 PM Last edited by alissaya : 22nd Dec 2010 at 2:06 PM. Reason: Tried to add pictures
Just started this about an hour ago. I also suck terribly with computers so hopefully my pictures show up somewhere. Or maybe not because I also don't know how to make the file sizes smaller...

My sim's name is Amelia Dunsworth. She moved into a single bedroom house. After tirelessly walking around the neighborhood and introducing herself, she spotted a man and his child. Her heart stopped and she sprinted as quickly as she possible could to meet him. Their names were Leighton and Sam Sekemoto, respectively. Amelia and Leighton chatted and learned that their signs were compatible, which helped their whirlwind romance end in marriage the day after they met. She moved in with him and they got down to business after the mother of Sam moved out. Days later, they had twin girls! The new bundles of joy were named Hailie and Angelina. An heir has not been chosen yet only because Amelia is preggers again. I guess Leighton loves her and her traits (some of which were quite unappealing) which were family-oriented, childish, coward, artistic and genius. More soon!
Lab Assistant
#119 Old 19th Dec 2010 at 10:42 PM
Oh my goodness! I wonder how long this will take when all the EP's are out...

"I love you, but I've had too many meatballs!"
Test Subject
#120 Old 21st Dec 2010 at 6:29 AM
Quite long - we have 54 ltws yet and we get 6-8 per expansion and if we assume we get at least for expansions more then that number will end near 90-100
Test Subject
#121 Old 21st Dec 2010 at 4:38 PM
I have decided not to keep points because it's too complicated atm. So here's what's been going on. Amelia and Leighton now have 5 children. Three female children, one male teenager, and one male toddler. The heir is going to be the youngest son, Hayden. Sam, the eldest child's LTW is to be a World-Renowed Surgeon. His girlfriend is Sandi French. The three children, Angelina, Hailie, and Emilina, do not have lifetime wishes at the moment. Leighton's mother passed on, yet no one mourned for her. Everyone just went on with their lives, and I have yet to have thrown a funeral. The cranky old woman tried to kick Amelia out when she was just about to propose! She deserves no funeral.
Test Subject
#122 Old 22nd Dec 2010 at 8:18 PM Last edited by VampireRalts : 23rd Dec 2010 at 5:36 PM.
Well, my legacy went into the toilet thanks to me being impatient and violating a rule to change houses briefly and get Odine Perry to marry Adam Dream, and when I got back I found that Aeolus's Monster Maker LTW got reset back to 0/3, so the mummy he summoned is just dead weight. I got sick of this and deleted that slot. I'm sorry but I think changing households bit me on the rump roast. I decided that

Trying again, but this time I will be having Monster Maker be the founder's LTW and hopefully we can get those creatures made. More on a later update. Actually, I'll just put it on Slideshare as this second try violates most of the rules, but I am only keeping score for myself and not for glory or anything like that. :p

EDIT: Rebooted in SV. Created a woman called Create Starcard(named after The Create in Cardcaptor Sakura, all the Sims in this family, even those marrying in who will get their name changed, are named after the Sakura cards from that anime, which I loved to watch as a young man) who has the Flirty, Eccentric, Adventurous, Brave, and Photographer's Eye traits. She asked Pauline Wan(now Sword Starcard, even though she's not related, she will take on the Starcard name) to move in(I had to add her with testingcheats as even as best friends, the option to ask her to move in wasn't available) so we could have her do the Heartbreaker LTW, and she made WooHoo with her fiance Hank and promptly divorced him, then made her social moves on Thorton Wolff, who was visiting the nearby fishing hole with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

I was going to have Create woo and marry Sword, but after meeting Twin(formerly known as Leighton Sekemoto), she seduced him and married him on the lawn. He brought his little son Sam with him for the visit and that was convenient as I didn't have to have Sam teleport in when we moved him in to - This will make Twin's LTW of Surrounded by Family(which I decided to do now since I wasn't assured that a Family-Oriented kid in the future would throw it and I wanted to get the "have XXXX humanoids in the family" out of the way while there was room i the family to hold them as I wanted to take large photos of each person as they complete their Lifetime Wish.

After learning to walk, talk and go potty(which some more cheating) I had Sam read the toddler painting books which Sword bought for her. I thought about having Sam take the Private Museum LTW like Abby did, but I changed my mind as I didn't want to travel yet(I'm still a bit scared of travel glitches) and the sooner I knocked out easy LTWs, the better, so I may just randomize Sam's trait(for a good one since he will grow up well) and leave it at that.

I am going to try to wait a bit to see if I can't get Fertility Treatment for Create so she can throw triplets. I want to get the babies out of the way quickly so there isn't any inconsistencies when Sam grows up but if I have to have Twin Try for Baby right away and get Create pregnant more than once, I will. I'll have him adopt a baby if we get triplets so he can fulfill his LTW. I usually adopt school kids but that won't fulfill his LTW.

LTWs on the Plate: Monster Maker(Create), Heartbreaker(Sword - Pauline), Surrounded by Family(Twin - Leighton)

"Seriously... what the he**? I'm not going to dig graves for all of you. Okay, now what will I do with all of these corpses? Oh, there's a fire and I've fallen into a hole. Not my problem anymore!" (From MaskedHuzzah's Dragon Warrior III Let's Play)
Test Subject
#123 Old 1st Sep 2011 at 9:33 AM
Oh dear. I was so.excited to start this legacy. It works uniquely well with the sims 3 ps3. I'm a little worried now... I created a nice sim: Sammie Loveless. Young Adult. Dressed a little sloppily. He rolled the following wishes: coward... I can live with that. Absent minded. Oh well not too bad. Loser... stsrtingto get a little concerned.... hydrophobic. Okay not a single skilltrait? Aaand... for the kicker... light sleeper. Im not sure if my game is borked or hates me, but that many bad traits is just sad... *sniffles* I chose the jack of all.trades life time wish. Let's hope he's able to hold fown his job for that long... sorry for spelling errors, posting from a cellphone.
Test Subject
#124 Old 8th Sep 2011 at 4:52 AM Last edited by tiffanieljones : 8th Sep 2011 at 5:06 AM.
Good luck feonixis. I am going to try this one also. I have a very odd combination as well, definitely nothing I would have ever chosen on my own: couch potato, shy, green thumb, childish, and ambitious with a LTW of having a perfect garden. Let's see how it goes!
Lab Assistant
#125 Old 8th Sep 2011 at 8:31 PM Last edited by addict12 : 8th Sep 2011 at 8:57 PM.

Founder: Niccole Vindictus
Traits: Excitable, Neat, Kleptomaniac, Athletic and Lucky.
Town: Riverview - 10 Hidden Grove Lane
LTW: Possession is Nine Tenths of The Law
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