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#26 Old 25th Aug 2013 at 2:01 AM
In my game he was only dating Cassandra because he wanted to marry money. When he lucked out on chance cards, he became well-off and happily became a serial romancer. Eventually he knocked up one of the Calientes (possibly both) and married one of them. (Not both, the game doesn't allow for it.)
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#27 Old 25th Aug 2013 at 6:07 AM
Version 101 of Pleasantview has Don being 'classic' Don. His LTW is to Woo Hoo w/ 20 Sims. ( Of course I kept rolling until I got what I wanted.) He is following my plan nicely. My plan was to play him until he had Woo-Hooed with 11 Sims and then marry the one with the highest score. After that he still has to stack up the Woo-Hoo partners, but this time with a wife around. I thought that would make it a tad more difficult. To my surprise, at 11 Woo-Hoos, his highest score is with Cassandra! He had been trying to win her back after dumping her at the altar early on in the game.So he had a rooftop wedding with only his best (and only) male friend in attendance. Mortimer & Alex came over, but had to leave because Alex is still a child. A twist to this whole situation is that Cassandra is pregnant with Darren's child. He 'consoled' her after Don dumped her the first time. So, I guess Don will be raising Darren's child and carrying on with whoever he can find!!!
#28 Old 25th Aug 2013 at 6:48 AM
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#29 Old 27th Aug 2013 at 1:19 AM
- Cassandra caught him in all her lifetimes and either stayed with him (never had children) or called it off and moved on to raising cats
- He shared Dina and Nina with Mortimer (mid-life crisis kicked in)
- Hooked up with Darren and stopped womanizing
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#30 Old 27th Aug 2013 at 7:13 AM
So in Pangea, Don's turning out to be.. quite the family man. Though he only has children with the Caliente sisters currently, he's calling and visiting regularly. I mean like, once a day or every other day and calling all hours of the night. In the girls' thought bubbles pacifiers are almost always present. It's a happy coincidence, so I'm going to act like Don L has always been on the run, starting in Pleasantview and ending in Lost River Valley (this, though a Downtown, actually serves as my mainhood.) During his runs he'll have met, fallen in love with and knocked up several women, but things will never work out and he'll get hurt as much as he hurts other women. He'll probably marry into my legacy when it gets going. I'm excited, it's a whole new road for Don in my world!

Still loving what I'm reading here!

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#31 Old 9th Sep 2013 at 3:55 PM Last edited by omglo : 9th Sep 2013 at 5:05 PM.
I'm surprised your Don has been dropping in and calling so much. My Sims don't seem to think about their babies unless they are in the same home.

Originally Posted by omglo
In another game, he married Cassandra, had a kid, got divorced and had a kid with Dina. Once he reached the top of the medical career, he opened a gym. Now he's dating, developing a complex, because he has wrinkles now and he and Dina are fighting over their kid.
This story is still playing out. Now that Eli is a teen, Don and Dina have relaxed and ended the custody fight. Don wanted to get to know the romance townie Jill Smith. He invited her over and i made her selectable, because i wanted to see her memories. One thing lead to another and, you know how ACR has the "Sim can't get pregnant" option? I thought that when you choose that for a male Sim, it means they can't get anyone pregnant. Well, it doesn't. There were chimes. So, I moved her in, used Sim blender to accelerate things and made sure Jill had a baby with the same skin and eyes as Don. Jill hired a nanny, since the Lotharios had left for the day, then I used the teleporter to make her a townie again and she left the lot. The in game story is that Don has no idea who left the baby since he's had a lot of one night stands and the baby currently looks like a standard baby with his coloring.

So Don paid for a DNA test, then sighed and bought some baby gear and semi named the kid after his father. I think the next step will have him reevaluate his habit of having one night stands with strangers. If the mystery woman never returns, he'll have to tell Nicolas why he doesn't know who his mother is. This unplanned arc works out, because ACR was making it really easy to achieve the romance goals.
#32 Old 9th Sep 2013 at 11:03 PM
Well, one time, he married Cassandra, they moved into a nice house and had a son together. However, he cheated on her with Nina, having a daughter with her.

Every other time, however, he broke Cassie's heart and ended being the town player, knocking up Nina every time and Dina a few times
#33 Old 9th Sep 2013 at 11:12 PM
I've never had Don quit being a womanizer, but I have had Dina and Nina refuse to see him any more. After all, Cassandra's Dina's niece. I don't see those two as home wreckers, I think Dina's always had a little (unacted upon) crush on Mortimer. Don's kids are okay, I guess, but I don't seem to get the stunning beauties everyone else describes out of him.

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#34 Old 11th Sep 2013 at 3:31 AM
In my current game he is in an open marriage with Chasity Gere. They have a newborn son together named Giovanni, and both are very wonderful parents.
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#35 Old 11th Sep 2013 at 6:19 AM
Originally Posted by DJ.

"I'm not your vegetable. Now go away for me."

I love. That quote.

But on topic:

I'm also mashing all the hoods up, then putting them all on a little island I downloaded, and then rewinding the clock about "1 week" for some sims its a little more, and some a little less, and a few I either left alone or changed drastically. Also, for various reasons I had to use clones of everyone, remaking them, so they may behave a little differently.

So anyways, Don is Freshman in college going for a medical degree, and he just met another Freshman: Cassandra! Basically everything that happens leading up to the normal start of game play will happen, but will be expanded upon. However his current "Romance Buddy" is Sharon Wirth, Hannah Bell's sister, but he still is trying to woo-hoo every sim in sight.

Just take each day 24 minutes at a time... Unless you hit pause, then you could be there for hours!

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#36 Old 11th Sep 2013 at 1:23 PM Last edited by Lady Scarlet : 11th Sep 2013 at 6:34 PM.
Back when I played with the Pleasantview characters, I married him to Nina Caliente and ... surprise >.> He stayed faithful to her XD Me moved in with her in the 170 Main Street. They had a daughter, Adora and later, Nina gave birth to twin boys, Alejandro and Alberto. And ... they lived a happily ever after kind of life, with grandchildren, family reunions, jobs and so on.

#37 Old 11th Sep 2013 at 4:38 PM
Usually Don ends up with Cassandra in my game (except the last time around...she ended up with a vacationer and he with Nina), but I just started my neighborhood completely over and want to do something different this time.

Reading all of these tales of Don's life has given me the idea to make him the town sperm bank (for those that have the money to pay for the product of course). Once payment is sent to Don, SimBlender's 'make me pregnant by' feature will take it from there.

This should get interesting, as I also have Monique's child support mod...so Don's funds will surely start to dwindle; which is probably not fair, but that's life sometimes.

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#38 Old 11th Sep 2013 at 6:00 PM
Lady Scarlet, please put your pictures inside of spoiler tags, so that you don't slow down the thread for everyone.
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#39 Old 3rd Oct 2013 at 8:41 PM
in my current game I married Don to Cassie and changed his personality... 'cause he wasn't being faithful enough before, he wanted to cheat on his wife and I don't like that. they have twin girls and a boy. Cassie owns a business and he's a stay-at-home dad.

in a different game I had him move in with the Caliente sisters and he had 2 children with each of them... he also had a child with Cassie, but she was married to Darren and he didn't get to see his child.
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#40 Old 3rd Oct 2013 at 9:27 PM
First time in 2005, I started with the Goth family and in the wedding scenario let Cassandra want to marry him. As he dumped her, she had a breakdown and I was totally mad at Don. Didn't save the game so that Cassandra would dump him to be with Darren. I left Don totally alone.

This time I didn't change him at all. Let him have five romances at a time. It can be really fun but also stress. He flirted with a townie when Kaylinn arrived in her car for work. Totally forgot about her

He got to know one premade townie who always wears her jogging outfit (in German she's called Geraldine Bongartz, not sure about the original name, maybe Christy) and asked her to move in so that she'd get a makeover (she looks great with long hair). Turned out she's in the medical career as well. Don being Don, they've had an affair resulting in the birth of their twins Damian and Donna (yes, how original ). They all still live together. He stopped seeing other women (for now?) and makes a good dad
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#41 Old 1st Feb 2014 at 2:16 PM
I love playing Don, there are so many possibilities! In my game, he did marry Cassandra, and completely changed his ways (personality/aspiration change!) After this, he had a son, Nikolai and a big Newfoundland dog, Sasha. But here's the best part - Cassandra has changed too! She's now giving Don a taste of his own medicine by cheating on him at every available opportunity! Justice for his past, I feel! Don is still in medicine, Cassandra is in showbiz as a commercial actress, and Nikolai is a child still.
#42 Old 1st Feb 2014 at 2:37 PM
I had no idea playing Don Lothario could be this much fun...

First, I set up a storyline where Kaylynn Langerak tricks him into letting her move in with him. She promply gets pregnant, and gives birth to his very first child (a boy). Meanwhile, I had him continue his relationship with Nina Caliente. Cassandra dumps him just before the wedding, and gets married to Darren, so he's stuck at home with Kaylynn and the baby. Then Kaylynn gets pregnant again - only not for him, for Daniel Pleasant! He has no idea at the moment, and Kaylynn has no idea that he's been having Nina round... I think I'm going to have one of them catch the other.

I have to say though, his little boy (who's now a toddler) is absolutely adorable! I want Don to have more children in my game, and I'm hoping that he'll ultimately end up married to Nina...
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#43 Old 1st Feb 2014 at 4:28 PM
I've yet to let Cassandra and Don marry, because I like Cassandra and Don is a hound. In my head-canon, Don had intended to marry Cassandra for wealth, but after a few chance cards saw his career rocket upwards, he realized he didn't need marriage to be a success so he's comfortable being a hound. In my current game, I've made him very cautious/paranoid about his reputation; he let Cassandra lose interest in the marriage because he didn't want to be entangled in any family politics. He also began avoiding the Caliente twins, so he has yet to go to bed with anyone. Now that Mortimer is dead and Nina needs a new beau, I think I'll marry them up.
#44 Old 1st Feb 2014 at 4:44 PM
Well, currently, he's gotten married to Cassandra and Cassandra is pregnant with a child. However, shortly before the wedding, he'd also gotten Nina and Dina pregnant, so he has three on the way. He's still the Casanova of Pleasantview, but now he'll need to figure out how to do it without alerting Cassie....but, she'll find out eventually
#45 Old 1st Feb 2014 at 4:54 PM
In my merged Pleasantview/Strangetown, Don got sick with the plague and was dying a slow, painful death. Jenny Smith and Don worked at the hospital together for a long time, and when PT#9 died and she found out Don was sick, she left her home and moved into his condo (Johnny was grown and Jill was in college). Over 4 sim days, she nursed him back to health and took care of things around the condo, and when Don got better, his gratitude toward Jenny turned into love. He asked her to marry him, but she has yet to give him an answer.
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#46 Old 2nd Feb 2014 at 4:29 AM
If he wasn't trying to goose and smooch Cassandra all the damn time, she wouldn't be so repulsed, leading me to identify her as a lesbian and hook her up with her father's fiancee.

Wash the slipcover, ladies; he'll never know.

Who knows how Don'll turn out.
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#47 Old 2nd Feb 2014 at 4:30 AM
Let's see...it's been awhile, but as I remember, I wanted to see what the Caliente girls' Lothario offspring looked like. I believe Dina had twin girls and Nina had a son with him, which they are raising all together as one big happy family. I did have Don marry Cassandra after that, and they were actually quite happy together. They had a daughter named Annemarie right before they got married because I wanted her to keep the Goth name, and then Cassandra got electrocuted while trying to repair a trash compacter and died all of a sudden. I was actually quite stunned, but I decided to let it go. Meanwhile, Alexander had gotten married and started having kids, and he didn't like Don at all, so I moved him and Annemarie into another house with a lot of Goth money. He's actually a pretty good dad, to Annemarie at least. I don't think he's ever met the other ones.
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#48 Old 2nd Feb 2014 at 5:55 AM
In one of my hoods, Don became bi-sexual and had affairs with Daniel Pleasant and Mortimer Goth. They were both in love with Don, and his cheating on them broke their hearts. Of course it came to pass that Don reverted back to being straight and they couldn't quite believe that they'd been had by the master Lothario of all time.

But of course they were all still friends. After all, what's love got to do with it?
#49 Old 2nd Feb 2014 at 10:44 AM
I haven't played him very much, but so far Cassandra caught him cheating, so she called the wedding off. He fell for Dina, but caught her with her new boyfriend and they fell out. Now he only has Nina left, but she is considering her other options before she settles for him.
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#50 Old 2nd Feb 2014 at 12:04 PM
In all my versions of Pleasantview, I have come to notice this pattern. Don and Nina always find their way to back to one another. I have started to treat them as this conflicted, commitment-phobic two lonely people, who will always be there for each other. I know it's stupid and hopelessly romantic, but Don's actions give indications of him being a complex man, and not a garden-variety manwhore. He makes a wonderful father for one, and constantly hovers over his children, always makes an effort to play with them. Also, in every version of Pleasantview, both him and Nina constantly stalks each other's house. It's almost a tragic love story, if you allow it to be. They want to be together, but they can't because of their own issues. Nina and Don just make sense.
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